Hate-girl / Miku Hatsune

Kairiki Bear / April 12, 2017


Disappearance Addiction
Kairiki Bear x MARETU ft. Miku Hatsune


anonymous asked:

I'm loving your vocaloid playlists! How about one with like a "fuck you" feel?


there’s a lil metal in there cuz well i mean…that’s ‘fuck you’ in music form if i’ve ever heard it, but yeah! enjoy!

(For this event I’ll be playing male and not female joshuu and nut king!

Natto Higashikata, a quiet shutin engineering student who mysteriously has lost both arms, and his stand, A Fake Fake Psychotropic (AF2P) that can nullify any material item’s usefulness!

Natto Higashikata
- has two artificial limbs, both arms
- likes to tinker and build things
- likes bad puns
- is very antisocial

- A rather odd stand in that it performs better when praised, and doesnt when not
- namesake is the Kairiki Bear song
- basically can turn any material item into trash by taking away its usefulness (eg. Melding a door to the wall so it can’t open)

anonymous asked:

just depression things™ for the playlist thing


hoo boy this is a lengthy one
obvious warnings for depression, self-harm, and death/suicide.

there are many, many Vocaloid songs that center around ‘emotionally heavy’ themes so i tried to stick to topics of ‘depression’ or ‘melancholy’ rather than others like ‘breakup’ or ‘loss.’

producer Nashimoto-P is like the king of Vocaloid songs about depression, so check out more of his work.

i would also like to share THIS song here…it is a piano cover by koma’n of sasakure.uk’s GUMI song Campanella. i listen to it when i feel like shit and it really helps me get some peace of mind again. i hope by sharing it i can help someone too.


rusted joints || a corruptedgameplays mix

blue lips - regina spektor // artificial heart - jonathan coulton // my name is human - highly suspect // gasoline - halsey // wisdom - mother mother // i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds // pale machine - bo en // evolution - ghost town // a fake, fake, psychotropic - kairiki bear ft. gumi


Pokken Tournament is look great!!!

ポッ拳 By omi on Pixiv

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