Young Kairi

I didn’t have any picture of Kairi in her KHI looks… WHY??? Fortunately, that can be fixed, hehehe! (✿◠‿◠)

I hope you like it and thanks for your patience!! I have tons of work lately but I managed for updating something decent, yay!. 

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“Not a puppet” (X)

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I won the ticket of the early screening of “The Documentary of Haikyuu Stage” and the talk event as well! ;w; 💗

The documentary DVD will be released this month on 14th and the early screening is this Saturday!!

The actors that will come to the talk event are:

  1. Suga Kenta
  2. Kimura Tatsunari
  3. Kosaka Ryoutarou
  4. Miura Kairi

I might write a report about the talk event & the DVD as well so please look forward to it!! 💕☺️

kairii  asked:

Hallo my dear, I hope you won't find this frightening, but how old might you be? I am really surprised because you look so young! Perhaps, 14 at my oldest guess! You have some lovely coordinates too, dear ^u^

Why thank you! But, your question is pretty amusing to me since I’m actually nineteen, hehe~! <3

KAIRI E3 FEST - 2016 (June 14-16th)

Well, last year’s E3 fest was such a huge success, and I figure, well, doing it one year and then never again will get us Absolutely Nowhere, so we’re gonna do it again this year!!

E3′s a busy time of year, so you probably want to start planning your posts in advance, and, even use tumblr’s schedule feature to schedule the posts so you don’t have to worry about them in, uh, two months.

What’s the goal? Blog a lot about Kairi. Post fanart, post gifs, graphics, edits, amvs, fic—post whatever you want, so long as it’s about Kairi!! I’ll have a couple prompts below, but the main thing is we make noise about Kairi and about how much we want her in KH3.

“Hey but she’s gonna be in KH3!!” Well, yeah, I know signs are pointing that direction!! But I’m not gonna stop this movement until KH3 is out or until we have Kairi confirmed (not hinted!) to have a part in KH3.

Be sure to tag all your posts:

  • #Kairi4KH3
  • #KairiE3Fest2016
  • #E3 2016 / #E32016 - I don’t know which one is the “official” one, but! It doesn’t matter much. Tag whichever. All that matters is if we put it in E3 tags it and the movement will get more attention.
  • You don’t have to tag #kairineedslove2k16. I’ll be tracking Kairi4KH3 / KairiE3Fest2016 and so I’ll see your post either way! Conserve your tag space.
  • Consider tagging “#positivity for kairi”, if you have room!

Also, tweet about Kairi on twitter with #Kairi4KH3 and #E32016 hashtags! If you have room in your tweet, you can also hashtag #KairiE3Fest but, you’ve only got 140 characters, so.


  • Why you want Kairi4KH3
  • What you want Kairi4KH3 to look like
  • Why Kairi deserves it
  • Why you love Kairi

I know that’s four prompts for three days, but, pick any three you’d like. It doesn’t matter what day you post them on, either! It’s gonna be super loose this year.

That’s it! Mark your calendars, reblog, spread the word, and maybe start on whatever it is you’re gonna do in advance! Thanks!