I won the ticket of the early screening of “The Documentary of Haikyuu Stage” and the talk event as well! ;w; 💗

The documentary DVD will be released this month on 14th and the early screening is this Saturday!!

The actors that will come to the talk event are:

  1. Suga Kenta
  2. Kimura Tatsunari
  3. Kosaka Ryoutarou
  4. Miura Kairi

I might write a report about the talk event & the DVD as well so please look forward to it!! 💕☺️

kairii  asked:

Hallo my dear, I hope you won't find this frightening, but how old might you be? I am really surprised because you look so young! Perhaps, 14 at my oldest guess! You have some lovely coordinates too, dear ^u^

Why thank you! But, your question is pretty amusing to me since I’m actually nineteen, hehe~! <3