kairii  asked:

Hallo my dear, I hope you won't find this frightening, but how old might you be? I am really surprised because you look so young! Perhaps, 14 at my oldest guess! You have some lovely coordinates too, dear ^u^

Why thank you! But, your question is pretty amusing to me since I’m actually nineteen, hehe~! <3

Hairbow: Malaysia. 
Collar: Zipia, Korea. 
Stole: Valleygirl, Australia. 
Dress: Sportsgirl, Australia. 
Cardigan: Barkins, Australia. 

A kind of Cult Party influenced, but more casual flowy outfit I put together for fun. I most certainly did not wear it out considering the weather lately, hoho! The dress, I bought early (?) last year and haven’t gotten around to wearing. Lovely lacey top and pastel peach bottom. Although, I think I’m too short for the maxi length dress.