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Y’all realize they’re both gonna suck to a degree at first and Kairi being automatically powerful and magically good at combat from the start wouldn’t make her a rounded and developed character, right

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Okay Kingdom Hearts fandom, I’m here to talk about a thing. 

So it’s pretty obvious after playing Ventus that his fighting style is the most similar to Sora’s. it’s faster, of course, but he does all these little jumps and spins while smacking things around with his keyblade and firing magic off. The fighting style of both Sora and Ventus kinda come off as a fairly relaxed, fun style. While they’re fighting things, it’s not hard to believe that they’re having fun. Both Ven and Sora can use light-based moves such as Salvation and Faith. It should be noted that, along with Roxas, Sora and Ventus are the only characters that use glide/superglide outside of Neverland.

While Riku shares many abilities with Terra, such as Meteor, Zantetsuken, Sacrifice, and Meteor Crash, I find his fighting style itself is far more similar to Aqua. His “hand spring” resembles Aqua’s cartwheel, for starters. Riku’s fighting style seems to be very structured, with quick strikes and prominent magic, extremely similar to Aqua. In Dream Drop Distance he learns abilities such as (Dark) Barrier and Double Flight, moves exclusive to Aqua. He also develops Link Styles that are similar to Command Styles in Birth by Sleep, such as Blade Charge which is a command style used by Terra and Aqua, and Rising Wing, which bears similarities to Sky Climber, a command used by Aqua and Ventus. Later on he obtains a Dual Link Style called Ghost Drive which correlates directly to a Level 2 Command Style, also called Ghost Drive, which can only be used by Aqua.

With all of that in mind, I absolutely, sincerely hope that Kairi will just BE TOTALLY DEVASTATING.  Basically what we would get from Kairi is these flowery cute keyblades THAT ARE COMPLETELY OVERPOWERED. And y’know, I’m kinda sick of the “girl is good at magic” I mean, I’m cool with it, but to me Kairi just doesn’t seem the type to rely on magic all that much. So I feel like she’d totally be the most like Terra when it comes to fighting. She’s always been the slowest, ever since KH1, and though we haven’t seen her use a keyblade very often, when she does they way she holds it seems to be a good way to make powerful and effective blows. Furthermore, in concept art from Nomura we see her “fighting” a heartless with a branch. Yeah, a FULL BRANCH. Not a flimsy little Roxas stick or wooden baby play sword. A BIG TREE BRANCH. And she just whacks a fricken heartless like a piñata . In KH2 we see her fighting heartless and the way she swings doesn’t exactly hint at a dainty little magic user. Basically, I just want kairi to be this super cute girl who is a princess and has an adorable flower keyblade and a pink dress and JUST TOTALLY DESTROY HER ENEMIES. WITH A SWING OF HER CUTESY KEYBLADE HEARTLESS FALL TO HER FEET IN DEFEAT (haha). That’s the Kairi I want. The Kairi that wants to be trained by Terra because DAMN SON YOU’RE SO STRONG TRAIN ME no not you Aqua like you’re cool BUT TERRA I WANNA KICK BUTT LIKE THAT.

And poor Terra has no idea what to do because he’s afraid he’d corrupt her even though she’s incorruptible and he’s not sure she could handle his training regimen aND THEN HE WATCHES HER SPAR and Aqua’s like “oh” and he’s like “OH. OH OH OH THAT’S WHY SHE WANTED ME” and he’d be down for it and teach her to swing like a pro and kick butt like there’s no consequences.