kairi fan art

Guildies wanted me do Kairi over Fran. ;__;

Anyways we got top 50 in ranks for Unicornis for the Taurus Crown with a half filled guild. Yay team! Did this to celebrate.
(We are accepting applications for the guild. #10454 in game to look us up.)

Kept having Rockabye by Clean Bandit, and Dark Horse/E.T. Mashup by Jonathan Young on repeat. Took under an hour. Used a .7mm Pentel mech.

I had this one lost in my PC for months because I´m not very happy with the face, at least I´ve finished it.

I´m kind of neutral about Kairi, I want to like her more but the games tends to forget that she exist or that she can be more than “The girl that Sora likes”.

Anyway I hope she gets more spotlight in the next game, not only because the character needs development but because the overall story needs it because the main trio feels very unbalanced with their story arcs. Well… even if it´s just a part of the new outfit it looks way better than the KH2 one, like if she is going to be more active so it´s a step in the right direction

Here’s my finish version of Kairi with her hoodie. This concept is from the Kingdom Hearts X chi 3rd anniversay artwork and I feel in love with her cute hoodie so I wanted to draw her ^_^ This will be on my store soon at redbubble.

Store: http://www.redbubble.com/people/xarinart/shop?asc=u

Lineart speedpaint video is up, here’s the link: 

Color speedpaint coming soon.

Hope you’ll enjoy. I’m going to stream my own kh character if anyone wants to join. www.twitch.tv/xarinart