one thing i will always love about the kingdom hearts series is that at the beginning we’re introduced to Sora, Riku and Kairi

Riku wants to explore other worlds to find some kind of purpose and meaning in his existence

Kairi wants to try and find the world she came from, the past she can’t remember

Sora wants to go on vacation

like he is literally the universe’s biggest tourist


More KH3 Kairi! and of course KH3 Riku!!!!!!
1. Kairi with a magic gun, because why not?
2. Who says parasols are girly? They can be deadly too lol
3. a keyblade that can turn to wings and fly haha and of course leaves a trail of paopu shaped glitter dust
4. and BAM KH3 Riku with a keyblade turned sniper (key-per? get it? Keyblade and sniper? okay…) changed the design a little bit though… might change the design later on… hahaha

I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing. 


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Whether you're a hero or a villain,
one shall always perish.

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