I just watched the secret ending of DDD(im still new to KH). So Kairi’s going to be a guardian of light? Part of me is happy about this because I didn’t want Aqua to be the only girl on the team. Also, it’s about time Kairi shows that she’s not weak and needs Sora and Riku to keep saving her. I want to see her become badass like all the other keyblade wielders.

But another part of me is hesitant. Kairi, imo, hasn’t earned such an important title. She was basically a side character in all the games, only serving as Sora’s motivation. If there are only 7 spots, i rather her place go to someone we know and like better. Like Lea for example. Idk, I’m conflicted. I’m 90% sure she’s going to be a GoL, anyway. I just them to show why she deserves it.