Ayyyy I’m finally doing commissions!!

Here’s the deal kiddos

What will I do?????????

  • Fan art
  • Ponies
  • Furries
  • OCs
  • Monsters
  • Gore 
  • Provocative content (cursing,injuries, nudity ect.)
  • Pretty much anything unless it makes me uncomfortable, in which case i will tell you pick something else
  • kinks/nsfw (you MUST be 18+)

What I will NOT do????????:

  • More than 3 Characters 

I can only accept payment through PayPal!! I will NOT accept art trades. My e-mail is Kai_Rax@aol.com you can send me your request/references there! I dont trust messaged on tumblr because they get eaten sometimes. Payment is sent when I begin the commission and show you a preview and let you give me things to correct or change. The finished product will be e-mailed to you and with your permission, posted on tumblr as well! (All gore/nsfw work will be posted on my sideblog here —> @kai-gore)
See more of my work here —–> Kai-rax.tumblr.com/tagged/kairaxart