Preorder for ‘VERSUS’ is open!

This is an unofficial fanbook for the lovers of sports series.

Book can be purchased -> here@Space Lawyer <-

- A5 / 5.8 x 8.3 in
- Perfect-bound
- Full-colour
- 52 pages of illustrations and 4komas drawn by 29 artists:
Akizora / banwa / Billies / Chan / Cherriuki / Cie / Curryuku / Cymria / Ezro / fi / Geckguga / Hollee / Ichigo / Kaipy / Melly / Mints / Miyukiko / Nuri / palmtreehero / Rrup / ruuto / Shimun / Shiu / toko / toumin / Uviski / yui / Zoltruke / はちみる-saigu-

Series in the book include: Daiya no A, Eyeshield 21, Free!, Haikyuu!!, Inazuma Eleven, Kuroko no Basuke, Prince of Tennis, Slam Dunk and Yowamushi Pedal.

Previews can found under the tag “VERSUSsportsab”.

Preorder comes with the following bonuses:
1 x Sticker Sheet
3 x Postcards

Preorder ends on 29th March, 2015. Items will be shipped within a fortnight following the preorder close date.

Please note - Only PayPal is accepted.


Preorders for “Voice of Swords” is open!

Book can be purchased at Miyukiko @ storenvy
- Touken Ranbu illustration fanbook
- 32 pg, A4 full colour
- All characters

Airi - Bok - C.G. - Cezaria - Hakoot - Haku
Hisame - Iopiu - Kaipy - Kaiya - Kinu - Kira - Hollee  
Lian-ne - Lulu - Miyukiko - Moo - Namie - Ryo
Shiu - Snakey - TAKUMI - Toko

Preorders will end on 31 May 2015, and will be shipped in July/early August.
This fanbook can also be purchased at SMASH 2015 and CWHK40!
Regular orders will be available after the date, with limited copies.


SMASH! would like to introduce the first member of the SMASH! 2013 Artist Circle. Kai-Cherry is a pair of shoujo artists from Melbourne. With their colourful and bold work, check them out! 

Cherriuki can be found here at Deviantart. She loves drawing, cosplay, photography, collecting artbooks and Final Fantasy (VII, X, XIII if you want to be specific).

Kaipy can be found on tumblr. She’s a member of many, many fandoms including Hatoful Boyfriend.



This is an unofficial fanbook for the Ace Attorney / Gyakuten Saiban game series with illustrations and 4komas.

Illustrations by artists: blue, dii, Ezro, gisu, Kaipy, Klen, Leanne, Rrup, Ryo and toko.
4komas by artist: Chan.

- A4 / 8.3"x11.7"
- Saddle stitched
- Full colour
- 28 pages

First 5 preorders will receive a 57mm / 2.25" Clay & Apollo badge ^q^

To order, please visit SpaceLawyer@Storenvy

Preorders will close on 12th August 2014 7am AEST.

Fanbook will also be available at Sydney Smash 2014 under the table name Kaipy.