Just to show that I’m still alive :) even after my one week(that turned out as one month lol) hiatus

So… there is a guy where I work that asked me to draw this girl… she is a friend of his and she is going back to their hometown soon.
She told him that she wanted to be drawn the same as the photo…

So he wanted to give her a drawing of her but he did not have time to do it himself so he asked me if I could. He gave me this crapy quality photo as reference and I somehow managed to do this… Poor girl… will be so disappointed LOL I feel bad for her.

Anyways… it was fun because I dont usually do this and thanks to this… now I remember why hahahah poor giiirl

Your Inktober is evolving…

(Insert evolution music here)

Inktober has evolved into Colorful Inktober!

Just gave myself this because why not? :3 ahaha

Yesterday I was just too tired due to university stuff and lack of sleep so today I have 2 Inktober entries hohoho sorry :( you’ll have to see two updates from me today…

See ya lateer ~ o/

#Inktober #promarker #colors #kaiozus

Yo o/

It’s been a long time since I last updated this place, right? Life is not giving me any rest hahahah but it’s okay :3

So, I came to announce that I’ll participate on Inktober for the first time \o/

I’m both excited and nervous about it haha I’m not used to inking so I have no idea how it’s going to be

It’ll be a good experience and I guess I’ll learn a lot of stuff from it ^-^ hehe

I’ll upload stuff here, on deviantArt and Instagram and twitter, so stay tuned for more info hohoho :3

Well, this is it :3
Thanks for reading
Sorry for engrish mistakes

Have a nice Inktober \o/


Today I saw a woman wear a shirt with a pattern like this… or something like this OTL I wish I had the courage to simply take a photo of her cloths or ask her if I could do so LOL but that would be so creepy, and I was working so I guess it wouldn’t be possible…

So… I tried to reproduce the pattern ‘cuz I loved it D: those butterflies and color scheme… so good *-*


I’m dying… OTL

I sat here… for a couple hours and couldn’t do anything… and I swear I wasn’t even procrastinating… I just tried and tried to draw but absolutely nothing came out… it’s so frustrating :(

in the end (I don’t even know how) I managed to do something like this…

bye bye ._.