kaio michiru

In this healed heart lies only you
And now it’s time to go face to face

~ “Destined Couple” from Sera Myu Musicals

Fighting Patriarchy by Moonlight Cosplay Duo

Haruka Tenoh - Tino
Michiru Kaioh - Pers

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon @ Naoko Takeuchi

We decided to start a tumblr ask blog about HaruMichi!
It’s here:
TUMBLR: http://askharumichi.tumblr.com/
Feel free to ask Haruka & Michiru or Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune anything you want and we will answer you with a self-made gif, photo or even a short video!

You can also find us at
IG: http://instagram.com/FPbMCosplay
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MAIL: fightingpatriarchy@gmail.com


Outer Planet Guardian hi-res (click) screenshots from classic Sailor Stars (Super forms)

Unlike the inner Sailor Team, who were powered up by Pegasus, the Guardians of the Outer Planets were given increased power (and slightly altered uniforms) by the infant Hotaru, who was beginning to re-awaken as Saturn.