kainde amedha

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■▪ Da'dtou-di’s stance was poised as she held the combistick to her hip, her left arm outstretched in her defense. Sliding her left foot back, her upper body twists as she impails the xenomorph from behind, and spins around to blast the one in front with her plasma cannon.

Her eyes widened as the floor began to rumble and a horde of xenomorphs crawl through the vents and roof of the ship. Her gaze hardened to the only exit in the room as she pivoted towards it. She took out her shurikens and began throwing them precisely towards the nearest one’s that closed in on her. The cries of the queen kainde amedha roaring her grief shaking the foundation right to it’s core.

She nearly lost her footing before being surrounded by them. The mother crawling her way through her children.

❝ C'jit. ❞


Part 1 of AvP Redemption, directed by Alex Popov


Feel free to discuss with me or ask me questions. While this video does get a very few small things wrong (like the black goo), they get a large amount of it right.