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Teen Mom 2 - S08E07
“Mothertrucker” - Aired 8/21/17
Babs talking to Jace about his mother and David getting married. Not to compare, but Cole asked Aubree if he could marry her mom before purposing, as did Javi with Isaac. Jenelle doesn’t care about how her kids feel. If I had a child and they didn’t want me marrying my boyfriend, that would raise major red flags for me. You can feel how hesitant Jace is when it comes to Jenelle and David. Jace also shared with Babs that he didn’t want to go to Jenelle’s house anymore. And Jenelle probably makes him feel guilty about it. Poor kid.


Teen Mom 2 - S08E07
“Mothertrucker” - Aired 8/21/17
Jenelle talking to a friend about outing Kailyn’s pregnancy and trying to justify it by throwing Javi under the bus. “I wish she didn’t lash out at me and text me about it. Like, why don’t you come talk to me first?” I don’t know Jenelle, why didn’t YOU text and talk to Kail before going straight to social media? Smh she’s so petty.



Okay so wow I remember when I was beyond stoked to have 50 followers, now look where we are today! I don’t have a lot of spare money for a giant give away, but I love you all for loving Nimrod so here’s what’s happening! (not associated with Tumblr)

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note: I’m still working on the stain thing, so if that doesn’t work I’ll figure something else out :)

Again thanks for all the follows, I love seeing your guys’ comments and chatting with you! I’m do glad my lumpy peach has so many fans :D <3 if there’s any questions or clarification needed please feel free to ask!