kaila yu

Nylon Pink Band at FHM Magazine Norway 

March 2013


Photo: Irvin 

Assistant Photographer: Benjamin Kui 

Nylon Pink Girls: 

Kaila Yu

Jamie Scoles 

Kiki Wongo

Katt Lee 

Styled by Tracy Hang 

Hair and Make-up Team: 

Mindy Holguin, Calvin Royalty, Alex Thao, Pa Kou Xiong 


hello drama

Self-described addicts to drama, Kaila Yu and Katt Lee spend their free time (when they’re not performing with their all-girl band Nylon Pink) running their “rock, anime and lyrically-inspired” jewelry line, Hello Drama. Named after a song lyric, Hello Drama tempers cutesy wth a whole lot of punk, from giant plastic barrettes inspired by Nicki Minaj to spiked hears and bleeding crosses.