“Questa ragazza venuta da un mondo che non conosco…questa ragazza che deve tornare a casa sua…che ironia…quando l'ho vista per la prima volta…non immaginavo… che proprio lei.. fosse…”

-Kail Mursili


This girl came from a world that I do not know … this girl who must return to her home … what a joke … when I saw her for the first time … I never imagined … that she…will be …

-Kail Mursili

Red River- Some serious historical fiction

So I’m currently taking an ancient empires history course, which is really just doing wonders for my ability to fangirl intelligently, thought I might share a lovely passage for any Red River- Anatolia story lovers out there.

“…. a fascinating exchange between the Hittite Suppilliumas and the widow of the famous Tutankhamun of Egypt, on the matter of her request for a Hittite prince to marry. The story is told by Suppiluliumas’ son, Mursilis II. The Egyptian embassy, lead by a nobleman called Hani, made its request before the Hittite court in an emotional appeal after Suppiluliumas had sent a top court official, Hattusaziti , to Egypt, as he did not believe in their good faith. Mursilis takes up the tale:

 “Then my father asked to see the tablet of the treaty(with Egypt) in which there was told… how the storm god (Teshub) concluded a treaty between the countries of Egypt and Hatti, and how they were con since then continuously friendly with one another. And when they had read the tablet aloud before everyone, my father then addressed them thus: ‘Of old Hatti and Egypt were friendly with each other, and now this too has taken place on our behalf between them. Thus let Hatti and Egypt be friendly with each other continuously (in the future).’”

The sequel of the story is well known: Prince Zannanza was sent to Egypt, but murdered there by a rival court faction, provoking a major diplomatic crisis.”

–Michael Wood “In Search of the Trojan War”


30 Day Manga Challenge - Day 2 ( Favourite Manga ) 

Look, I could spazz about this all day long if I wanted to. I even spazzed over the raw fanbook without understanding anything. 

I mean, look at the number of picturesI posted. The usual number I post is 3 XD 

Oh yes. It’s called Red River / Anatolia Story / Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori . 

I love this manga. I love the plot, the drawings and the characters. They’re all so well-developed and loveable. There really weren’t any villains save for Nakia ( who still had sad past but I wasn’t that moved after all she did ) 

Overall, I love how the love between the main characters was drawn out and how there wasn't that much angst over coming to terms with their feelings. 

It’s very worth reading. You just have to have some tolerance for smut.


30 Day Manga Challenge - Day 4 ( Manga character you are most like / would like to be  )

Ooh, this one was really difficult. But I really really want to be like Yuri. She’s so brave and is sure of her feelings. There’s a lot more I could spazz about but I’d say she’s what I’d like to be, the most ( in terms of manga ).