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Loli-Rin! Loli-Rin! You're good at picking out cute outfits, right? I need help picking out a cute outfit to wear today! Can you help me? (*´д`*)

Len has no say in how many clothes I can have. We should do this again sometime Kaiko-chan!

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Movie Title:</b> "I am Dating a Ghoul"<p/><b>Starring:</b> Arima Kishou and Eto Yoshimura<p/><b>Genre:</b> Romantic-Comedy<p/><b>Plot:</b> Arima Kishou the undefeated ghoul investigator seems to be 'defeated' when it comes to love<p/><b>Other Characters:</b> (mostly CCG) Hirako Take,Fura Taishi,Akira Mado,Amon Koutaro,Takizawa Seidou,Tatara,Noro,Itsuki Marude,Furuta Nimura,Kaiko ,Yoshitoki Washuu with the special participation of Mr. Tsuneyoshi Washuu<p/></p><p/><b>Directed by:</b> curiouscat99<p/><b>Producer:</b> the Arieto fandom<p/><b>Based on:</b> Ishida Sui's "Tokyo Ghoul"<p/></p>

What I love about V is that its supposed to be a super secret organization but they also apparently have the most ridiculous meeting room in the world. LOOK AT THIS PLACE. Its Huge. V is literally written across the floor. WHERE DO YOU HIDE A PLACE LIKE THIS IN TOKYO? Why all the pillars of various sizes? Aesthetic? Who was in charge of these designs? I just have so many questions. 

7 Minutes in Heaven with the Lunar Chronicles Ships

Cinder and Kai:
Cinder is able to download a manual on how this game is supposed to work and is glad she’s not able to blush. Kai, likewise, is happy for the darkness because it means that Cinder can’t see his ears turn pink for once. He tries to be smooth but he’s also ridiculously nervous so it comes out a little awkward and clumsy as he tries to make a move on Cinder. Her system is going crazy with warnings to calm down and her retina scanner is trying to see in the dark. After rejecting Kai for the first five minutes, the last two minutes are spent slowly kissing until Kai loses his balance, practically falls on top of her, and she cries out from being crushed. The others open the door to see them in a tangled mess.

Scarlet and Wolf:
Someone left a tomato in the closet for them as a joke, which they immediately assume was Thorne, and both of them roll their eyes. They decide to re-enact their first kiss on the train but skip the scar stories this time. Wolf has lost some of his restraint so he plucks up the courage to try for second base. First he tries to impress her by speaking in broken French, though, since he did pick up a bit during his stay in Paris, but Scarlet can’t stop laughing at how cheesy everything is. Wolf grows more flustered by the moment.

Cress and Thorne:
Thorne of course is experienced in this game since it’s from his country of origin and he’s been to many a teenage party. Cress nervously wonders if she should stuff her bra with tissues beforehand as she’s of course researched this game and knows what can go down. The second they get in the closet Thorne immediately pulls her on to his lap and doesn’t hesitate to kiss her passionately on her lips, jawbone, neck, and collarbone. He wants to do more, but Cress passes out from excitement because Thorne’s seduction skills are too much for her to handle.

Winter and Jacin:
Winter is too preoccupied by the ray of light coming through the crack on the door to focus on Jacin, who refuses to even sit down next to her for fear of losing control. Plus, he hates this stupid Earthen game anyway.

Bonus - Kai and Iko:
Iko throws herself at Kai, squealing with excitement and passion as he tries to hold her back. After a few long minutes of struggling, he finally grants her a few pecks. She can’t control herself though so she tries to feel his chest and he abruptly pulls away.

Regarding Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 33

Hi! Sorry for the delay on this one (I said I’d post this yerterday), but there were some mishaps along the way (I swear, I’ve been working with this for 18 hours). 

Anyways, this week’s chapter had a bunch of symbolism and a bunch of biological new information.

Master Mirumo’s words and Shuu’s state

Anon said: First off i’d like to say your blog is great! It seems we have a more in depth appearance of the ghoul Croque Monsieur (Master Mirumo), now we’ve seen a bit more what do you think of him? I personally like him but I’m wondering about how exactly he ties in with tsukiyama. (It’s obvious he’s part of the family but what else is there to it.)

Oh, he’s Shuu’s father!

Thanks for the support (=⌒▽⌒=)

Anon said: Hi dear! first, thank you for your hard work. This blog is amazing you’re really an expert,you pay attention for many details. awesome. I like the last chapter sooo much. I wanna ask, what do you think about tsukiyama family? They’re seems rich and their house so huge. How could ccg don’t notice their existence? They only know about ‘gourmet’ referring to shuu, and not the entire family. I want to know more about tatara, he is looks way older in this chapter. In your perception, how old is he?

Hello! Thank’s so much for the support and the kind words, it means the world to me (‐^▽^‐)

I assume they are not as active as Shuu used to be, thus why the CCG is not looking for them; they could pass as a normal human family (with a lot of money, but still). Also, it’s been mentioned that they have politic contacts, so they could alter any kind of documentation or get rid of evidence easily.

As for Tatara, we have no clue of what his age is. I’d say he’s in his mid-thirties or early forties, but the stress and pressure are probably the reason he looks even older.

Anon said: Tsukiyama now kakuja user? If yes, how his kakuja will look like? (Sorry, English is not my native language) 

It is implied by his father that he is not a Kakuja yet.

I assume he is only a half-kakuja (which would explain why is he so bad). As for how would it look, he is a Koukaku. The other Koukaku we know of who is a Kakuja is Kirishima Arata, who has a full body armor:

Guess he could have one (your english is just fine, darling)

freedom-s0ul said: Slightly confused with the part in ch 33 when shuu’s father speaks about making shuu become a kakuja. Could you shed some light on that please

Mirumo implies that due to the constant inbreeding within the Tsukiyama family it is impossible for them to become full-Kakujas. 

I hope that Shuu manages to get a full-Kakuja.

Anon said: How do you think, Shuu’s father is a kakuja?

He seems to believe that Shuu won’t be able to get a Kakuja since no one in his family has ever been able to, so I doubt he is.

Aogiri’s hideout and confussing translations

Anon said: In the raws for chapter 32 you can see aogiri like talking outside to what looks like patio. Why do you believe they’re hanging out in the open like that??

Anon said: I’m curious about the place that Aogiri use to have a meeting in Ch 33. Its look like a green house(?) Maybe you have some thoughts about it..(i love your blog btw!!)

It looks like a greenhouse of some sort. They don’t seem to care about the place they take over as long as it is hidden (I love you btw!!).

Anon said: what do you think about the panel that says “is your cowardice from shachi’s influence?” and the another panel where eto is beside noro saying “that’s sad (a first)”

Anon said: Could you clarify something for me: what does Eto mean when she says “That’s sad (a first)”?

Anon said: Well, there is confusion on what Eto really said: 1. Thats Love (A first) 2. Thats Sad (A first). Some screens show the first option and the scan from Imperial Scans shows the second. Also, am i the only one who think Tatara and Donato look a little bit alike now (both old ?). Plus, what’s up with Saschi, even Takizawa shutted up and looked away when Tatara mentionned him. Judging from the reaction of everyone else, what he has done (or been done) must be a huge. T-Y for your work, i like it.

This took a while; I couldn’t find the raws, but I found the whole script. Anyways, I’ll try to translate the whole panel:

I probably messed it all up, but that’s the basic idea of what Tatara said to Ayato. Based on that I assume Ayato began training with Shachi at some point (so he did end up learning martial arts, huh?) and Tatara blames him for making Ayato question Aogiri for the first time.

As for Eto, what she said was “That’s sorrow (a first)”. Even when Ayato lost everyone in his family, he never showed sadness; he hides his sadness behind harsh words and violent acts. That’s why Eto mentions it: this is the first time he lets out his sadness.

Anon said: so I was wondering, what is ayato’s relationship with tatara? are they friendly, or is there a strain? sorry if this is a silly question, thanks for everything you do!

No question is silly. Thank you for the support (≡^∇^≡)

They respect each other. For one part, we have Tatara, who recognizes Ayato’s strength (in the 4th Omabien, when Banjou is introducing Ayato, he mentions it) and gives him on different important missions (translation):

(Both translations are by the amazing k-aneki).

And for other part, as he states himself (read above), Tatara is the only person Ayato listens to.

Seidou’s torture, jealousy and symbolism

Anon said: This just seems weird for me - the fact that Seidou, who had his arm chopped off by Noro (right?), and likely tortured by Tatara or other members of Aogiri would want to stay there and help the Aogiri cause. I get that he’s mentally unstable but wouldn’t you want to take revenge on the people that messed you up and possinly made to eat your parents’ intestines? I mean, why stay when youre a really powerful half ghoul now?

I assume that the reason they did all of that to him was to break him. When you are in a really delicate state, you’re a lot more receptive to suggestions/orders. Be it to give away information you wouldn’t usually or to do any kind of tasks you’re asked to, it’s what people tend to use torture for.

When Seidou was tortured, I assume they eventually offered him the chance to make it all stop in exchange of one task; I assume they made him do something somewhat easy. Then, the torture began again, and then they offered him the chance again. Over and over again, everytime making the tasks harder. 

Seidou enjoys killing and torturing physically and psychologically his victims, so I guess that after killing who-knows-how-many-people he eventually gave up all humanity he still had left and turned to insanity. It was either that, or feel guilty all the time for killing people.

He has nothing left now: not a family or coworkers, not even his humanity. He has no reason to live, but he doesn’t want to die. So, he found a reason to live: help Aogiri out. That’s all he has left and, after two years of going through what he went through, he no longer tries to fight back (though he seems to hate ghouls as much as he used to).

Anon said: Takizawa referred kaneki as sasaki, the part when he told ayato “she went to save sasaki”. What do you think of this? Him acknowledging that there is a new personality in kaneki or him not acknowledging that kaneki is still 'alive’?

Seidou never met Kaneki, so it doesn’t make sense for him to call him that when he goes by the name “Sasaki Haise” now. Also, he seemed to be a little jealous that Kaneki was Doctor Kanou’s “Masterpiece”, so he could be trying to cope with that by refering to Haise as “Sasaki”.

Anon said: Correct me if I’m wrong but I couldn’t help but notice what appears to be a 7 on the close up panel of Seidou as he’s taunting Ayato in this this week’s chapter.

donnovien said: Hello, thanks for your good work! I think I saw the kanji of number 5 in Takizawa’s forehead when he was talking to Ayato in page 10. I may be over imagining this one though. What do you think about it?

I honestly have no clue which is it. It could be a 7, it could be 5 (五). I’ll leave both meanings here:

  • The Hierophant (V):
    • Upright: Religion, group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs
    • Reversed: Restriction, challenging the status quo 
  • The Chariot (VII):
    • Upright: Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination 
    • Reversed: Lack of control and direction, aggression

Both kinda fit… Thanks for the support! (*≧∀≦*)

Ayato and Hinami

I’ll go first with the symbolism.

Anon said: Can you explain the symbolism, if there are any, behind the flowers and plants surrounding Ayato in chapter 33?

Anon said: Love your blog! ~ So… Ayato is surrounded by flowers. Can you tell us what these flowers mean? I think that the flowers are standing for loneliness.

Anon said: Hello there! Firstly, thank you for your analyses because I really do enjoy reading them and I too am obsessed with TG! Secondly, I would like to ask if you happen to know or figure out the meaning behind all leaves and white flowers by Ayato in the recent TG chapter 33. Also, that is a greenhouse he’s sitting in right?

This is a bit hard… The flowers are way too small, so I’m not able to tell for sure which are them. 

I’d say they are either yellow camellias (mean “longing”), white camellias (mean “waiting”) or white roses (mean “innocence, silence and devotion”). All of them could fit.

Thank you two for the support!

Anon said: Are you able to read the title of the books that Sasaki gives to Hinami and if so, are they symbolic in any way? Thank you for your help!

You know what? I take it back. My self-translation and the flowers thing weren’t hard. This was. Good news are that, after 4 hours, I managed to discover what book is it:

So, that book is called “Yoshihara Sachiko’s poem collection”. The bad news are that there’s no translation of the book, nor was I able to find a digital version. So, the content of the book is still a mystery. Still, I found a couple poems by her (don’t know if they are in the book or not) and I’d say her writing style is a bit depressing (Fun fact: out of four poems, three of them kind of fit Sasaki). Thank you for your question!

Now that we got that out of our way…

Anon said: Where does Hinami’s loyalties lie? I mean she’s telling info about Aogiri to Sasaki and they could very well be lies or actual impt information. She’s being too compliant (probably because Sasaki is her “big brother”) and I just find that strange since she’s technically loyal to Aogiri…. If I was a loyal Aogiri ghoul I would keep quiet.

We still don’t know why she joined Aogiri, so we don’t know what is the extent of her loyalty. She seems to have no problem talking about Aogiri’s inner structure, but I doubt she’d tell anyone (even Sasaki) the names of, for instance, the Black Rabbit. Besides, she probably knows that, if she doesn’t cooperate, not only will she get killed, Sasaki will get in problems too.

cupcake-sama said: What do you think Ayato is going to do from here on out? Will he go to his sister and the former Anteiku crew for help? Also, is he a kakuja? The spoilers kind of confused me……

We don’t know if Ayato knows that Touka is alive. Also, he is not the kind to ask for help; he probably knows that getting his sister in something related to Aogiri will put her into more danger, so there’s that too.

Anon said: do u think ayato and hinami will be safe

Hinami is currently safe, but her time is running out. Sasaki knows this, and Ayato knows it too. I assume Haise will try to find a way to prolong Hinami’s time while Ayato will try to find a way to get her out of Cochlea (not working together, though); hopefully he has matured enough to not do anything reckless.

Meetings, Kagune traces and Kijima Shiki

thestrangerprjct said: So Saiko and Shirazu didn’t appear in the meeting to talk about Kanae case though Uriko and Mucchan did. At first I thought that It just because they are Junior Investigators, but so are Uriko and Mucchan, and there are also two empty chairs too. I don’t know if Saiko was oversleeping again. Oh and, Hinami was with Banjo team, wasn’t she, I wonder where are they (Banjo team) since I did'n see them in the anteiku. Last thing, I haven’t said it, sorry, your blog is amazing, i really like it.

Saiko probably overslept and Shirazu tried to get her out of bed; that, or Mutsuki and Urie are there because they are Rank 1 while the other two are only Rank 2.

Hinami mentioned leaving Banjou and his gang, but we don’t know why this happened.

Thanks for the support! (*^v^*)

Anon said: I feel so stupid, but I didn’t actually understood what CG was talking about the Rose family and all of those statistics!

Don’t feel stupid; it’s easy to get lost with so much information. If you remember, Shirazu and Urie fought against Kanae:

With the marks that Kanae left in their Quinques, they were able to determine that he was part of the Rosewald family, which was supposedly eliminated by Matsuri:

They were able to do so because every Kagune leaves a specific trace (kind of like a fingerprint): if you compare the traces of a father and son, or two brothers, you’d be able to identify 50% similarities between the traces; if you compare the traces of identical twins, the similarities are over 90%. 

Kanae’s traces were 27% similar to those of a Rosewald, meaning that he is not directly related to the ghouls Matsuri killed, but he is a distant relative of them.

In the case of Ayato, his traces are 64% similar to Touka’s; this is over the parents-siblings rate, but less than the twins’ rate. Sasaki mentions that through cannibalism, a ghoul’s traces will resemble a bit to those of the victim. So, if you add to their family resemblance the fact that Ayato ate Touka’s Kagune…

…that explains why their resemblance is so weird. Makes me wonder just how many ghouls would resemble Sasaki now that he’s eaten so many ghouls (even Seidou); guess his Kagune-traces are completely different from Rize’s now.

Based on some evidence and testimonies, they were able to deduce that Kanae was behind a series of kidnapping (I assume he’s been looking for something to please Shuu); thus, why they are looking for him now.

Anon said: Is it just me or does the new ghoul investigator look more like a ghoul himself than an investigator?? Especially that mouth…. it kind of reminds me of Kaneki’s mask!

He looks like a ghoul, but he is an Associate-Special Class (meaning he’s been with the CCG for a while) and he has scars and even missing a leg, so he’s not a ghoul.

Anon said: So, there is 2 new characters who have been “introduced” in this chapter: Shiki Kijima and Furuta. I associated Kijima direclty to our dear Kureo Mado. I mean, they are both creepy, yet polite regarding other investigators and ,judging from his scars, devoted to his work. He seems to have a good relationship with his pupil too. If he’s really like Kureo, i think his futur actions may upset Sasaki, making him doubt the CCG (like Ayato doubting Aogiri for leaving Hinami locked up).

I assume it is a possibility. While he looks creepy, we don’t know how he is with ghouls yet: he could be like Arima (killing ghouls just like that), like Mado (killing ghouls in a sadistic manner) or like Hayashimura (not caring about people as long as he kills ghouls). In the second and third case, I assume Haise would question him and his morals.

Anon said: What do you think about the crack theories about Kijima possibly being Hide? (We’re all so thirsty)

I get that people want to see Hide again, but this doesn’t make much sense. I can think of two simple reasons why he is not Hide:

  • The time doesn’t fit. Two years is not enough for an investigator to become an Associate-Special Class. Not even Arima or Juuzou managed to do this: Arima joined the CCG when he was 17, Juuzou did it when he was 18, both became Special Class when they were 22. Let’s imagine that they were Associate-Special Class for just one year; it still took them over 3 years to get to that point. To go from an Assistant to Associate-Special Class in just two years would be hard even for someone like Hide.
  • Kijima has been with the CCG even from before the Aogiri Arc. He is in Tokyo Ghoul:Jail, which takes place during the six months timeskip between the Aogiri Tree Raid and the Ghoul Restaurant destruction. He seems to have the same general appereance, so I assume he is already an investigator. While it seems like it follows an alternate reallity, the story was written by Ishida-sensei; even with Root A most of the characters experienced similar (if not the same) things to what they went through in the manga, so I’d say that Kijima was an investigator from back then even in the manga. At that time, Hide was working as a part-timer in the 20th ward, so it’d be impossible for him to be Kijima.

Anon said: Based on the new chapter, clearly Kijima “Scar” is a new character but has Furuta, his assistant, been introduced before? He seems familiar….

kanakiken already mentioned that he resembles this person from Kamii:

laughing-at-the-fandoms said: So what are ur thoughts on that new guy (kijima?? ) being related to V in some way? The hat and the way he holds his hand is similar to the way V did in one of the old tokyo ghoul chapters.

din-fea said: hi :) Thanks for all your work, you are amazing, you have great knowledge and your blog is just very helpful! Recently I’ve heard people talking about theories connected with “V” organization. Even the investigator Kijima from the latest chapter resembles (at first glance) guys from there. And here is my question - are there any rumors, theories or just some more info about “V”?

Thanks for the kind words! (though, I’m not amazing). Anyways, he certainly resembles Kaiko from V:

We know nothing about him, so he could be part of them (or at least, an ally). We’ll have to wait and see what he does to determine it, but I do think he might be involved with him.

And a random question I couldn’t fit in any cathegory

Anon said: Hi there! So this is regarding Chapter 33 of :re. I noticed that Haise has more black hair than white hair now! (Idk if it’s just me but) plus later when interrogating Hinami, he said “I can’t become Kaneki”. I was wondering if this has some sort of significance?

Yup, almost all his hair is black now; this could mean that he is getting used to the flashbacks and he is stable at the moment (with the Rosewald Investigation this is ought to change, though). As for the “I can’t become Kaneki” I assume he means that, even if he wanted to, he knows that he won’t be the same as he used to be. This further supports the theory that his personality will end up merging with Kaneki’s; both of them probably know this already (subconciously). Also, it could mean that he is a ghoul investigator, meaning he can’t really help Hinami or show her affection.

Not as long as my other posts… Yay! (๑>◡<๑) Sorry again for posting this so late. One last thing, though:

It’s literally been less than 3 weeks since we got to 6000 and I don’t know where do all of you come from. Thanks so much for all the support guys; I love you all (=^・^=)


I rooted for you, Torso! I so did! Argh! I am so angry now!

Torso is scum. I really hoped that he would see past his unhealthy libido but I was wrong. I was really wrong. But I will not have it!!!

OH LOOK. It is Furuta, Arima and (probably) Kaiko. So Arima is working for V after all. The CCG logo is there as well as the V logo so I really wonder where they are. But wow, the hall is huge. I really wonder what it is used for.

But it shocks me that Furuta can be actually serious. He looks almost… concerned. I didn’t know that he is even capable of expressing such deep emotions.

Originally posted by ohmyreactionsgifs

But I am glad that Arima and Furuta could see past their differences.

I was almost worried that their totemo sugoi friendship would crumble after their kowai dispute.

But that is not even the tip of the iceberg.

You have to set your priorities straight before fucking shit up.

So Kaneki didn’t see that coming, huh? Eto is officially the Uber-Troll even Furuta can’t top that. For now. 

I think Eto assumes creating more chaos would break the cage, am I right? Look at how much fun she has…   

Originally posted by fiercegifs

I despise Eto with all my heart but when I saw this, I fell from the chair. :’DDDDD Oh, Eto you will never learn…  ​¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, and Hachikawa is dead.

About Sunlit Garden - Names

My knowledge about Kanji is really limited to the very basics, so I had to use a translator for this, but the result if really… clever. 

Rize’s name looks like this in Kanji:  利世

利 - profit, benefit 

世 - world, society, age, generation

meaning… she is from a “profitable/beneficial generation?”

Kishou’s name looks like this:  貴将

While  貴 is a honorific title for deities (or high-ranking people) if you read it as  むち,

将 means leader, commander. So is it “honorable leader?”

Kaiko’s name looks like this:  芥子

芥 - rubbish, trash, garbage

子 - child (yay, I knew at least this kanji), therefore him being a “trashy child”

Her name is written like this  入

Written as this  入り (iri) it can be translated as setting (of the sun) or beginning.