kaijuu groupie

my own personal newt headcanons:

  • born in germany but grew up in new york the wikia tries to tell me he’s a german citizen but seriously this idiot is entirely american don’t try to tell me otherwise i won’t listen if anything there’s dual citizenship going on here but he grew up in new york in my head okay? okay
  • that being said he speaks fluent german
  • grew up in the glorious age of 90s mecha anime in addition to his huge love of classic kaijuu films
  • can’t keep a relationship longer than a few weeks either he ends up pissing the other person off too much or he just finds them infuriating after too long either way they don’t stick long
  • entirely unapologetic about the person he is and the shit he likes
  • dresses himself like the perpetual twelve year old he is
  • knows exactly how much his tattoos piss off the other people in his profession and wears them like armor because of it. big flashy rage-inducing armor. he loves it and he loves the hostility
  • has pissed off more people than he can count and probably been punched just as many times but he punches back every damn time
  • definitely has bipolar affective disorder diagnosed at a young age. his mania is typically pretty mild or he has hypomania and he will go days just constantly working with not many hours of sleep. every once in a while they get bad, he probably throws shit. if he ends up breaking anything on hermann’s side of the lab (which is likely) he won’t apologize, but will probably replace or fix it without saying anything
  • speaking of hermann, since they were apparently two of the first scientists signed onto the program they’ve known each other since the start. they haven’t necessarily worked in such close quarters the whole time, but they’ve definitely known and been at each others throats for a long time
  • they also regularly have screaming matches in german
  • as i said earlier today, newt either sleeps in his lab or extremely close to it and it’s not unheard of to see him jolt awake in the middle of the night with an idea and start working immediately without bothering to dress himself properly, even when working with dangerous kaijuu parts. he will put gloves on though, he doesn’t have a death wish
  • he literally thinks he’s always the smartest person in the room and won’t hide it or shy away from it

i said this to megan the other day but i love newt because he’s the type of person where if you tell him not to do something for his own good he’s going to turn around and do it anyway and with 1000x the fervor he would have done it with in the first place becAUSE HE’S RIGHT ABOUT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD ACCORDING TO HIM AND HE’LL PROVE IT