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Hero Complex Gallery released my posters set Inspired by Godzilla

3 Color Screen Print (regular green / blue rage variant / orange blast variant & the whole set if you them all!!!)
Limited Edition Timed Release Edition Size to be determined at the close of sale on Monday, May 12 11:59pm PST
Approximately 24" x 36 each REGULAR GREEN - 24x36 - 3 Colors - Screenprint BLUE RAGE VARIANT - 24x36 - 3 Colors - Screenprint ORANGE BLAST VARIANT - 24x36 - 3 Colors - Screenprint


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back to making videos! here I discuss today’s craziness, along with an update on that Viewer’s Choice Philippines weirdness from last week

A Theory on Zilla (GINO)

(Or how I dug a little too deep into a well hated movie about a mutated iguana shitting eggs in New York, directed by a man who didnt care.)

So me and @mrdingle decided to watch the 1998 American Godzilla film for funsies. MrDingle spent most of it frustrated  by Zilla’s wonky anatomy (dude loves dinos & monsters, also a kick ass artist, check em out) and giggilin at the New York accents. I was basking in good ol nostalgia and enjoying  Jean Reno’s character, Philippe Roache the French Agent.

“No croissant?”

But something caught my eye, Zilla’s eyes. Now im pretty sure most Godzilla fans remember that unique eyeball of Zilla since, along with his foot, was used heavily in the film’s ad campaign, but I was intrigued by it for less aesthetic reasons.

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Uh oh. Dopepope’s got Prisma. I actually love some of the results. Swampthing here, looking a bit more like Groot now. #dopepope #Swampthing #DC #comics #Hero #Swamp #zBrush #3D #model #art #thing #sculpture #prisma #digitalart #illustration #playstation #xBox #monster #creature #fanart #character #movies #scifi #groot #Kaiju #dope #concept #marvel #commissionsopen

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