kaiju krush


So, yes, my first drawings in forever!

A few weeks ago, I was doodling, trying to get proportions right, and I ended up with El Russo Rojo. While looking for reference photos to finish the sketch, I realized that the Super Art Fight roster is pretty awesome looking and would have some crazy variety for art practice. And I ended up with a folder of sketches of just about the entire roster.

These are the first three I’ve completed: El Russo Rojo, Krod (of Kaiju Krush) and referee Brandon Chalmers.

I’ll probably be posting these in sets of three until I get through the whole roster.

I’m not sure how to tag people, but if I did, I would tag thethirdrlm and peetsketches. Except, wow, I just accidentally did while typing that. Cool. So, yeah, superartfight fanart. That’s what I’ve been doing to kill time lately. Enjoy.