kaiju boots


The legendary Akira Takarada as “Andrew Hoshino” in 100 Shot, 100 Killed (or Ironfinger, 1965) and Booted Babe, Busted Boss (aka Golden Eye, 1968), and UN Secretary General Daigo in Godzilla: Final Wars (2004).



omg i was so excited that i had to do a quick unboxing and breakdown of the pieces included in my “helipad mechanic” costume lot.  the pictures say a lot…..packaging was great and i got a ton of stuff in this lot, so it was a great auction item to win!! 

the stuff actually might even fit me (the boots are big, but workable), so this may have to make a convention appearance at some point!

breakdown of pieces for anyone interested in specifics….i will add more to this once i can look up a few of the more standard lab-type pieces for provenance:

  • rubber boots: “made in usa” logo on sole, no brand, but look like standard commercial white rubber boots
  • striped undershirt: black and grey, henley style, brand is Divided (H&M)
  • sweater: waffle weave, cotton/poly, from Old Navy!
  • beanie hat: cotton, brand is Brixton
  • raincoat: feels like light windbreaker material, military surplus (H.P. Gilbert & Fils, Parka, Men’s camouflage White 1954, made in 1983)
  • jumpsuit: neck tag has logo i don’t recognize (will investigate further), 100% cotton, these are a heavy twill with a very subtle vertical woven tone-on-tone stripe in them. PPDC tag on chest is rubber and the “PPDC” looks like it’s been cut with a hotknife or woodburning tool.
  • goggles: lab-grade, uvex brand “strategy”
  • gloves: look like lab-grade black heavy duty gloves, no label
  • belt pack: pouch is military surplus (HILARIOUSLY stuffed with a roll of TP to make it look full!), belt is poly webbing, utility box thing is wood and is handmade

i’ll do a whole separate post for the ID badge….i’d like to take it to work and scan it (it has a front and a back!) because i bet so-i-did-this-thing wants some hardcore details on it!