kaiju bits

a while back, I drew @yeahponcho to get practice combining colored pencils and markers. so the base is mostly-flat marker coloring, and the shading is all done in colored pencil: Poncho in a poncho. 

((I wanted to post this back when you were ill and not sure about what it was!! as an “I hope you feel better” thing, but my phone was unable to post pictures for a while. here it is now!! I hope your surgery goes okay! ))

Has anyone else ever noticed that when mainstream news sources/non-fans are discussing them, kaiju films literally cannot win? Godzilla Resurgence, for example. I’ve seen dozens of comments saying it looks too “dark ‘n’ gritty” usually followed by a comment along the lines of, “the old films were fun because of how fun/cheesy/silly they were”. On the other hand, if a kaiju film embraces lighter elements, it’s seen as too silly and a “betrayal” of what a certain 1954 film stood for. Almost all of these statements are prefaced with something like, “I haven’t seen a lot/any of the older Godzilla films but…”. Then there’s the rogue squadron that’s just determined to deem everything kaiju-related “cheesy” no matter the tone, visuals, and direction in-front of them.

You never see this shit with American-made monster movies.