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I decided to make a few of quickie group shot edits to celebrate me finishing the contest.  Holy shit, we sure did make a lot of kaiju didn’t we?  I tried to make them all roughly to scale, though I’m not particularly good at that so they may be a bit off.

All kaiju in the second pic are owned by other creators.  To see who made which one, click this link right here, which also has a bunch of other kaiju that I might illustrate one day.

Just some Age of Kaiju bits of stuff that I haven’t really talked about here but aren’t really big enough to make posts on their own:

Jake can vampirically drain Kaijiation from other kaiju. He does this by stabbing them with his claws or tail, or just a good old fashioned bite.

Speaking of Kaijiation​, Kaijiation deprivation is when there’s not enough in a kaiju’s body to sustain them. It’s not a lethal thing, and it’s the reason why there are so many kaiju sleeping under the earth. The lack of Kaijiation just makes them slip into insanely long periods of sleep until there’s enough of it around them to “reenergize” them so to speak.

A common side oleffect of Kaijiation are spinal mutations, which result in extra limbs, tails, and rarely heads!

Among the Guardian Avians is: Flaming owl, a Tengu, a Vulture/Buzzard, a @theload cameo, a cockatrice, and more to come! This is totally going to include a scientifically accurate dinosaur at some point.

I also still have no name for this group of magical reincarnating birds. They just flip from Guardian Avians to Guardian Birds.

The first true Kaijuologists were most likely Radiologists, since they would be the ones to discover Kaijiation.

The hybrid kaiju, which I have made posts about, have been dubbed Kaimera, for the maximum amount of pun.

The timeframe that kaiju come from is after dinosaurs, but before humans evolved.

Eliptor are a species of intelligent reptiles that evolved from crocodiles! Okay they totally deserve their own post, but that’s a job for another time.

Three of the Four Horrors are represented firmly in Age of Kaiju, and while I’d love to get the last one, Slasher Horror, it is difficult to translate into a kaiju.

Retrosaurs existed in the past of AoK, but how many and how diverse they got is still being decided.

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a while back, I drew @yeahponcho to get practice combining colored pencils and markers. so the base is mostly-flat marker coloring, and the shading is all done in colored pencil: Poncho in a poncho. 

((I wanted to post this back when you were ill and not sure about what it was!! as an “I hope you feel better” thing, but my phone was unable to post pictures for a while. here it is now!! I hope your surgery goes okay! ))


Writing here is done by screechthemighty! We did that kind of writing/art swap/trade thing? You know, you do an art or some words and swap ‘em to then do words for the art and art for the words.

Was I stoked to get a story about bioluminescence? Heck yes I was.

It should go without saying, but please do not delete the text since the art was made to go with the story.

He was really mad. I think I might be vibrating from how pissed off I am levels of mad. I’m ranting loudly at my lab partner even though he wasn’t involved levels of mad. Newt wasn’t sure if Hermann was listening to anything he was saying, but he had to get it off his chest somehow. It was either this or screech at the people he was actually angry with. Satisfying as that would be, it would also land him in some serious trouble. He didn’t need that right now.

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“The Librarian has found its way into… a theatre.”

I saw the Night Vale live show in Copenhagen last night and it was faaaaaaantastic.

Met some cool peeps there, including Mary Epworth and Jeffrey Cranor :DDDD

Also came up with my own vision for what the librarians look like. A little bit kaiju-esque, with a touch of the Chimera from FMA, haha. And then I picture it with this… extra, smaller face at the very front of its skull, with human features, and even eyeglasses. Its ‘librarian face’.

Cecil stayed wonderfully vague as to its bodily features, so I wanted to try and give it a body that could shift form very easily. It has wings that easily wrap against its torso, and tiny centipede legs that allow it to slither across the ground and up walls. (also, each leg has a little hand on the end.)

I’m a fan of the librarians - would love to try drawing one again. Maybe pitted against Tamika Flynn? We’ll see.

Shout-out to everybody who was there!

Has anyone else ever noticed that when mainstream news sources/non-fans are discussing them, kaiju films literally cannot win? Godzilla Resurgence, for example. I’ve seen dozens of comments saying it looks too “dark ‘n’ gritty” usually followed by a comment along the lines of, “the old films were fun because of how fun/cheesy/silly they were”. On the other hand, if a kaiju film embraces lighter elements, it’s seen as too silly and a “betrayal” of what a certain 1954 film stood for. Almost all of these statements are prefaced with something like, “I haven’t seen a lot/any of the older Godzilla films but…”. Then there’s the rogue squadron that’s just determined to deem everything kaiju-related “cheesy” no matter the tone, visuals, and direction in-front of them.

You never see this shit with American-made monster movies.


Because I want everyone to draw Otachi, when Ms. flatbear opened commissions I requested one. This is what she drew because Otachi “is the prettiest kaiju.” I couldn’t agree more :-)

Then I said wouldn’t it be fun if I made my plushie a flower crown? And flatbear said she’d like to see that, so here we are!

(Reblog at will (with or without the silly photo), but please don’t go reposting the art without a link back to the artist. It should go without saying, but I see far too much reposting of art without credit in the various PR tags. Love our artists. Don’t be a dick.)