Shower Sex w/ Kai

Hey guys istg tonight’s been the shittiest fucking night but I wanted to update so y'all could have something. It’s nothing extravagant, sorry. I just finished it up really quick so I can go to bed. So again, sorry, because I just pulled this entire thing out of my ass and it sucks.


“Kaiiiiiii,” you push the bedroom door open you shared with your boyfriend and walk over to him laying on the bed. You start tip toeing when you see his eyes closed. His knees were propped up and his arm was bent behind his head, his bare chest rising and falling. Where was his shirt? You carefully sit on the edge of the bed next to his still body.

“Baby,” you whisper, stretching your neck to peek at his face. “Are you sleeping?”

“What.” His voice startles you and you jump. He didn’t even open his eyes.

“You sleeping babe?” You ask again.

“Was trying to,” he opens his eyes and turns his head to look at you. “But what’s up.”

“Nevermind,” you say quickly. “Sorry for waking you. I’ll leave you alone.”

“Wait-” you stand up anyways and spin around to leave the room. Kai grabs your wrist before you can walk away and tugs you to sit back down. He pulls harder and has you lay down with him. He slides his hand down to yours and lifts it up to his lips. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Really-”

“Just tell me,” he urges, looking down at you resting your head on his chest. He slides his fingers into the spaces between yours, dropping your connected hands down to his hip. “Jagi.”

“I’m hungry oppa,” you whine and he smiles.

“I knew that’s what it was,” you keep your frown present even as he kisses your forehead sweetly. “What do you feel like eating boo?”

“That one place..”

“The one we ate at two nights ago?” Kai asks, lifting his eyebrows. You nod. “But baby we eat there so much. Don’t you want something else?”

You pout, making your eyes shiny with tears and he quickly pecks your nose.

“Okay. We can eat there-” a smile instantly grows on your face. “-but you have to put pants on darling if you want to go, you’re only in a tanktop. Speaking of, is that my wife beater?”

You try hiding your smile and he laughs.

“You’re too adorable. But come on. Let’s get changed and get you some food,” he goes to get up but you stop him.


“What?” He slowly lays back down and looks at you.

“Can I shower first? Please?” You puncture your sentence with adorable wide orbs and he sighs.


“Please Oppa?” You stick your bottom lip out and flinch when he reaches over to ruffle up your hair.

“Fine Jagi. But be quick okay?”


While you happily skipped towards your dresser to look for an outfit for dinner, Jongin leans back on the headboard and bites his lip. He could swear-no.. You wouldn’t right? When you turn around and hold up a sweatshirt, asking ‘nobody would notice if I just go in this and some jeans right? Kai? Kai are you listening?’.

“Huh baby?” He breaks out of his trance and genuinely smiles at you.

“Are you listening to me? Do you think I can wear this without anyone caring?” You ask again.

“You look beautiful in everything,” he answers honestly and your cheeks grow pink at his words, so you turn around to hide it. He’s instantly back to roaming his eyes over your body.

You turn around to face him again, the outfit you picked out draped over your arm and Jongin finally realizes that Yep. You sure the hell would. Of course you would decide not to wear a bra with his shirt. His see through shirt. One he could see every cute curve and beautiful bump of your upper body through. His eyes hungrily take in the slight swell of your perfect belly. They trail further up and notice your large, full chest, then the small, pert, little nipples placed right in the center of your breasts. He could feel his cock getting fat, just by the way your unsupported boobs bounced as you walked towards your guys’ bathroom.

“Baby,” Kai stops you quickly and you look at him, standing a few feet away from the bathroom.


“Can Oppa maybe join you?” He asks, seemingly innocent enough. He had his ‘I want to fuck you so fucking bad’ face on but you didn’t notice. You nod your head in thinking before shrugging and smiling.

“Why not? Sure.”

Kai gets in before you. You take longer to strip off the only article of clothing you had on, the steam swirling around the room making your body rise in goosebumps. You brush your hair out and fold your clothes neatly to set on the corner of the sink’s marble counter. You made sure the rack by the shower had two clean towels in reach for when you were ready to get out, before you finally stepped under the water with your boyfriend.

You didn’t notice at first. Kai was stood in the corner, body dripping, with his hands massaging shampoo into his silver hair so you assumed he was busy for the moment and didn’t need the water. You step under and tilt your head back, sopping your hair up and running your wet hands down your face in a short cleanse. You flip around to get your front wet, not realizing your boyfriend was dying behind you. He looks your bare body over and has to hold in his groan.

“You need to rinse?” You ask, flipping around to look at him.

You wipe a hand down your face to get rid of some of the extra water flowing down your forehead. Jongin silently nods and you grab his arm and tug, pulling him to switch you places. He secretly watches you lather your long hair up with conditioner while he rinses his shampoo out. Soapy suds and silver hair dye travel down his body in small rivers and swirl down the drain.

“Can you comb this out for me?” You ask, turning away and holding your comb over your shoulder.

“Course love,” he coos, grabbing the comb from your fingers before grabbing your hips and pulling you closer. Your wet back pushes to his equally as wet chest and you feel his hard member poke against your ass but you pretend not to realize.

“Careful,” you beg.


He gently runs the comb through your tangled hair, trying his hardest not to hurt you or pull on your locks. He combs out section by section, moving the untangled bits to the front so they don’t get mixed up. When all of your hair is combed out and tangle free, he bends around you to set your brush back on the shelf.


“Mhmm,” he murmurs, his hands grabbing your arms and rubbing up and down. He leans forward to press kisses along your shoulder blade, his mouth moving up and hotly breathing over your neck.

“What are you doing?” You ask him.

“Your skin is so soft baby..” He purrs into your ear and a shiver runs down your spine. He placed a delicate kiss at the back of your neck.


Your boyfriend spins you around, his arms curling around your waist and pulling you as close as he could get you. He softly kisses the corner of your mouth, waiting for your hands to clasp behind his neck to finally capture your lips in a slow, loving kiss. You passionately kiss him back, teasing his top lip with your tongue. He sucks your tongue into his mouth and massages it with his, his arms tightening around you. He tilts his head so he can lick into your mouth deeper, going as deep as possible and making you softly moan with his blunt nails digging into your lower back.

One of your hands stays curled around his neck, while the other slides itself down his chest and toned torso, your thumb teasing his hip.

“Baby..” He gasps into your mouth, pulling away for a one second breath break before kissing you deeply again. He whimpers when your hand grasps his aching member. “Jagi..”

You wetly jerk him off, slow enough to be torture and he groans, his arms pulling you impossibly closer so his leaking tip pushes into your lower stomach. He grinds into you, whimpering and whining into your mouth as your wrist twists expertly over his dick.


“Jump,” he cuts you off, both of you pulling away; mouth off mouth and hand off cock.

His arms uncurl from your back so he can grab your hips and help you hop up, his body pinning yours to the tile wall. He moves his forearms to rest on the damp tiles, your legs hooked over his waist. He rests his head against your shoulders, his lips leaving kissing along the tops of your breast as he aligns himself up with you.

“Ready?” He asks, tilting his head up and kissing your jaw. You nod, bracing yourself on his shoulders and waiting for him to push into you.

Jongin slowly slides in, biting his lip and burying his face into your neck. You throw your head back and moan at being filled to the brim with your lover’s cock.

“Jagi-” Jongin gently draws out, letting out a groan right into your ear that makes your stomach flip.

“Fuck,” you curse when he suddenly pushes back in. The force slides your back up the wall and you moan. “Fuck Kai. Faster.”

Your boyfriend obliges your command and begins to thrust properly, his hips pushing up into yours forcefully.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he whines into your skin, biting down to mask his loud groans. “Ahh, fuck fuck. Fuck baby. So tight.”

“Deeper,” you moan out and Kai grinds his dick deeper inside of you, making you cry out when his tip brushes your sweet spot. “Again.”

“Right there? Is that the spot darling?”

“Uhh oh fuck.”

“Big girl words baby,” he breathlessly gets out. He could barely talk himself, the way you were squeezing around him was causing all blood to rush from his brain to his cock.

“Yes. Yes Oppa that’s the spot. Oh god Kai. Again please,” you beg and he smirks, starting to pound into you roughly at the angle from before. Your back arches painfully, your chest pushing into your boyfriends as you scream. “Fuck! Kai don’t stop please don’t stop.”

He groans loudly, snapping his hips into you as fast as he could. He messily scatters kisses along any part of your skin he could reach, his lips sucking dark bruises along your collarbones and neck.

“Mmm baby girl,” he moans, thrusting into you. You feel your nails break through the skin on his back but he doesn’t seem to notice.

“Oppa..” You whine and he groans.

“That’s it. Whimper my name baby, louder,” he requests and you bite your lip.


“Wrong name darling..” He coos gently, considerably slowing his hips down and almost making you cry. He teasingly pulls out, and slowly pushes back in.

“Kai! Kai! Kai please, fuck,” you whine.

“Good girl,” he smirks, picking up his pace again until he’s relentlessly pounding into you. He moans everytime he snaps into you, breathing heavily with his head thrown back. “God baby.”

You maneuver your head just right so you can smash your lips onto your boyfriends. He sloppily kisses you back, his tongue wetly fighting with yours as his cock slides in and out of you. You smooth your hands down his chest, feeling his muscles tense with each of his powerful thrusts. His fingers pinch your sides.

“Kai,” you whine.

“Almost there baby,” he grunts out.

Skin slapping echoes through the empty bathroom and you have to moan, your stomach clenching. Jongin feels you tighten around him as your orgasm hits without any warning, your body rocking on top of his with your waves of pleasure. His brought over the edge with the whimper you let out, screaming his name with your nails digging into his skin and making him come. He lifts you up, so his cock slides from inside you and he shoots his load all over the wall you were leaned against. Heavily, his head falls to your chest and he groans, bucking up into nothing until he’s done spurting white.


Enjoy it or don’t. Either is ok.

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Drawing during exam season has not been my brightest idea yet…..

 but here’s sehun anyway. the shadows on his chest gave me such grief i’m so glad i’m done. up next: kaiiiiiii

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My familys reactions to blond Kai

Lock Screen:

Home Screen: 


Mom: Is that miley cyrus?                                      

Me: No mom. It’s kai..

*shows mom home wallpaper*

Me: See? Kai.

Mom: But if miley was a boy…

Me: Mom nooo

*goes back and squints at first picture*

Mom: You’re right he’s prettier… 

*makes me show her my home screen again*

Mom: But he looks dark and angry… I see why you like him now

Me: tf is that supposed to mean

Mom: and I want to brush his hair.


*shows him lock screen*

Him: Pretty… girl?

Me: ….boy. damn it

Him: Why is he sitting like that? 

Me: He was performing.

Dad: Can I see? 

*shows him kai’s solo*

Dad: Wow…was he supposed to look crazy?

Me: Yes of course. *proud momma smile*

Dad: He’s cool. I like him.

Me: Me too!

Dad: I know.

*shows him home wallpaper*

Dad: I used to have a body like that.

Me: okay?

Dad: Actually I was buffer than that. 

Me: ….


*shows first picture* 

Him: Kaiiiiiii

Me: How did you know?!

Him: That’s the only clear name I can hear along with the other wild ape sounds you make when you watch those music videos.

Me: ….ah..

Him: His pose looks like a swan. 

Me: sort of.. I guess?

Him: Is he supposed to be a swan? He’s the dancer right? 

Me: No and yes. 

Him: It’s his jawline. 

Me: What?

Him: ….. It’s nice. 

Me: It was carved by gods.

Him: Please don’t get weird.

*dejectedly moves ahead to second wallpaper*

Him: ….

Me: What are you thinking?

Him: .. I like….his hair. *proceeds to ask my mom if he can bleach his hair and gets turned down immediately*

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Aoi: silly talk is so much fun, huh? thanks for putting up with me and for taking your time to chat (lol) 

  • Ruki: why was that part of the MC* in there ?😭lol
  • Reita: when I think about the fact that the LIVE on the 6th is our last one this year I feel like I’m gonna die.
  • Reita: at 2 a.m. it’s time for RAJIGAZEEEE. with Aoi and Kaiiiiiii.
  • *I think, he’s referring to the spice.eplus.jp live report in which they included a short part of Ruki's MC at the Halloween show where he said "I would love to say 'let’s do this again tomorrow!' but tomorrow we’re going back to being normal boys".