kaigai manga festa


Day Three of TCAF in Tokyo: A travelogue by Kagan McLeod!

More about Kaigai Manga Festa: http://kaigaimangafesta.com/

In Fall 2013, TCAF took its second trip to Tokyo to exhibit and promote Canadian comics authors and publishers! Joining us on this trip was Kagan McLeod, renowned illustrator and creator of INFINITE KUNG-FU. Kagan has created a carnet, a short travelogue detailing his trip to Tokyo and all it entailed! Join us every day until TCAF to see more from Kagan’s sketches and experiences! 

Are you a published artist who wants to come to Tokyo with TCAF this autumn? Join us at the information session, Sunday, May 11th, at 12pm, at The Marriott Bloor Yorkville in the “Marriott 40” room!

Been working on a silent comic for kaigai manga festa today. This morning I had 3 pages inked and maybe one more pencilled and another partly pencilled. Now I have 5 pages inked, 3 partly inked, 2 pages only pencilled, and one page just panels… which means 11 out of 15 have been started. I really want it done before Tom comes to visit a week on Thursday! It might be doable! I will do my best!