The enormous Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

MBTI Types as Waterfalls

 im sorry everybody has already done all the cool stuff! but u guys can send me ideas on what to do next!

ESTJ: Dettifoss. Europes most powerful waterfall!

ISFP: Plitvice. So picturesque! Bursting with colours!

ENTP: Blue Nile Falls. Definitely something new and some of it is being used for a power dam. Its local name means ‘smoking water’!

ESTP: Tugela falls. Have to do a lot of climbing but it’s worth it!

INFP: Nohkalikai Falls. It changes a lot. During summer it’s quite tranquil but during winter its very… violent? im at a loss of words, just like i would be when my INFP sister gets mad

ISTJ: Niagara. Quite possibly the first waterfall everbody thinks of when they have to name a waterfall. (the classic)

INFJ: Detian falls. quite nature-ish. pretty private too. (only opened up last year due to border conflicts)

ESFJ: Huangguoshu. It’s very interactive and open. Visitors can even touch the water! (due to a cave formed at the back)

ENTJ: Kaieteur Falls. Powerful. REALLY POWERFUL. Also looks quite impressive. (its in the middle of a rainforest. but that doesnt compare to how hard it is to find an ENTJ that likes you)

INTJ: Victoria Falls. Its indigenious name means The Smoke That Thunders. This relates to the INTJ cause THEY KEEP SHOUTING AT PEOPLE WITH NO PROOF. also it has a reputation that its the biggest and widest but its not

ENFJ: Gocta Cataracts. 2 waterfalls in one and easily accessible (unlike all the others). 

ESFP: Igazu Falls. A lot of fun. Sunny nature. Also it has a fall called Devil’s Throat and for some reason that reminded me of ESFPs.

ISTP: Gullfoss. It is fed by glacial runoff, making it very cold. ISTPs too are fed by glacial runoff and are cold.

ENFP: Jog Falls. Many waterfalls emerging from the same river (line of thought). Amount of water depends on the season (moodswings).

ISFJ: Angel Falls. A literal angel.

INTP: Dragon Gate. Intensely reserved. Not very popular but super cool nonetheless.