Long Haired Guys in Anime

Has anyone else realized that if a guy has long hair, he looks 300% sexier with it in a ponytail if he always wears it down; and vice versa?

Example: Kaien Cross from Vampire Knight

I’ll admit, he’s already adorable. With his hair up, he just seems like a loveable father.

Now watch what happens when he takes his hair down.

How is this the same guy? He’s so hot now.

Not convinced?

Example 2: Soubi from Loveless

Now, he’s already sexy with his hair down.

Now look at him with his hair up.

Boom! More sexy!

I think I’ve made my point.


Could you do it? Could you kill the same man twice?

A comment on pami’s art mentioned one of my fave crossovers but in reverse. It still fits almost too well….I like how in either case Byakuya=Sesshomaru. (Somehow I managed to forget the ears in 2 of them so, uh, guess she’s in the human phase of the moon cycle)

Guess I have a type 

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