During their panel, Heather Doerksen and Robert Maillet mentioned a deleted scene in Pacific Rim where the triplets knock over the Kaidonovsky’s boombox. Intimidating face offs ensued. It was supposed to be a scene that established that both groups were tough, but Del Toro cut it out because “It’s too West Side Story!!!" 

I want you to know that I actually had to rewatch WSS scenes for reference. I want you to know that I suffered for this comic.

I keep seeing posts about Pacific Rim: the Musical and I’m getting really emotional about it because that movie just conceptually matches up so well to being a musical

  • like, you can have different people with their own musical motifs BUT you show Drift-compatibility with like, duets and trios and people singing together, their voices matching each other and harmonizing
  • the wei triplets and the kaidonovskys showcase this beautifully where they can trade and blend individual motifs in gorgeous and creative ways and it all flows and creates something new and representative of the bond they share
  • (can you imagine, hermann and newt would sound really dissonant as fuck constantly screaming at each other 90% of the time, but every once in a while they would have weird crescendoing meshing within arguments before it dissolves again, blink-and-you’d-miss-it fast, which makes their Hong Kong street scene SO COOL because it ALL COMES TOGETHER after these little glimpses)
  • every once in a while characters like mako and stacker or herc and stacker match up too, despite never mentioning drift-compatibility! chuck and stacker harmonize in a weird way where they never actually fully change out of their character motifs but it WORKS
  • oh god every once in a while you can tell that chuck’s motif sounds like his dad’s, just a little, just enough
  • blue ribbon plasma cannons 
  • great lighting design, especially when it comes to the Anteverse and the Drift 
  • raleigh addressing the audience for backstory about the war and also does asides to talk about how mako mori is the most incredible and admirable person he’s ever met in his life

pacific rim musical

         like this FOR A STARTER from your favorite ppdc ranger ! who’s raleigh even ? idk him