“Kaisoo is just fanservice” 

You want to see fanservice? This is

want to see what isn’t? 

he checked to see if the camera was still on. 

yes nini sit on my boner Soo Man said so.

im just gonna sincerely call you pretty out of no where

its an award show of course it was rehearsed everything they are doing they were told to do -_-

let me jack off your thumb it was in the script 

fuck youre perfect and i love to stare at you no homo tho

eat that sandwhich   like you eat my dick   oh yes

thats a nice dick you got there bro no homo 

 *ksoo grabs ninis waist, nini turns around and sees it ksoo*

*lets him stay there*

*time to go but ksoo wants to hold on just a second longer*

are there scrips for backstage too?

jealousy is obviously something they have to fake off and on stage

quick! let me grab your dick 

There are many more gifts I could have put in but ofc you’ll just have to request it c; nah jk I wouldn’t want a certain kaisoo blog to block me if i made this too long.