You know i believe in following personal blogs… sure all the FuckYeas are cool but when you follow personal blogs they always seem to show you more than what you really began following them for…. here are my crushes for the month that i think my followers should followback 

Tumblr Crushes:

  1. animal lover…scratch that FOOD LOVER! she will show you a puppy then open your eyes to the world of being a woman of Islam
  1. this goofy girl you think is random animal blogger but once you realize she’s talking to you you’ll see she a sweet random animal blogger
  1. awesome blogger of not just wildlife but naturescape, health, and fitness
  1. Great vet med from the land down under(I think) you’ll start following for the animals but stay for the Whoniverse and comics
  1. one of my fav pre-vet bloggers. a nice health mix of fuzzy, fluffy, scaly animals with an unhealthy fixation towards lemurs… 

kudos to you all for making my DB awesome!