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- we were going to go walking around the neighborhood to see all the pretty lights but you woke up feeling a bit under the weather and not up to being outside in the snow so i snuck out early this morning and made a video of them all for you so you didn’t have to miss out --- this screams Kaidan and Loch to me xD

I took some creative liberties with this one but i hope it works :p 

Kaidan rubs his face as he stirs, trying to blink himself awake, still half asleep with the throbbing echoes of a migraine lingering right behind his eyes. Calloused fingers brush over week-old stubble and he barely hides a grimace. This week has been a tough one - the Christmas season is in full swing, and the city is lit up like… well, a Christmas tree. A very loud, obnoxious one. And as much as Kaidan likes to get into the holiday spirit, his migraines don’t thank him for it. Every night this week has been a write-off, and Kaidan’s feeling a lot less festive than usual.

Once his sleep-fog lifts, he glances around the darkened room, feeling cold with the empty space at his side. He wonders where Lachlan’s got to, but the thought is pushed aside by the sudden buzzing ringing from his bedside table. Frowning, Kaidan looks over and finds his omni-bracelet rattling almost to the edge, and he saves it just before it drops to the floor. The movement jolts his head a little too much, but thankfully, the worst of the pain has already passed. Sitting back up, he slips the omnibracelet on and opens up the call. 

“Hey, K. How you feeling?” Loch’s voice sounds over the line, smooth and quiet, always soothing in the haze of Kaidan’s worst days. He smiles to himself, sitting back against the soft pillows and sighing.

“Not so bad. Migraine’s cleared up. Bed’s just empty without you.” Kaidan says, and he means it. He hadn’t quite counted on Lachlan being the kind of guy who stays around. Ever since meeting him back on that Alliance detail two years ago, Kaidan’s always felt one step out of place, never quite matching Lachlan stride for stride. There was a certain kind of rhythm to their dissonance, when one stumbled, the other would be there to hold them up. God knows Kaidan’s seen Lachlan dealing with the worst part of his life, and ever since, Kaidan’s known that Lachlan is more than… just somebody to keep up with. 

“Well, I wanted to cheer you up. You okay to deal with some lights?” Lachlan chuckles, the sound spreading warmth through Kaidan’s cold skin. 

“Yeah, I think I’m good. What’ve you got?” Kaidan perks up, fully awake now. There’s a rustle and a tap on the other end as Lachlan activates vidmode, letting Kaidan see the sight for himself. 

The snow flurries have been constant all day, but it seems they’ve stopped for now. Kaidan can see the white blanketing the park pathway, lined with trees clinging onto the last of their leaves while soft fairy lights are strung between half-barren branches. They cast a warm glow onto the fields of white around them, flakes still falling softly, spinning gently on the light breeze. It’s incredibly peaceful, unspoiled by footsteps in the snow or rain, and the sight is only made better when he realizes Loch’s found this for him.

“It’s so nice, right?” Lachlan moves his own omnitool around, giving Kaidan a panoramic view of the park. It’s so quiet and still, and Kaidan wishes he could be there with him right now. “Don’t worry, I’m bringing you here when you feel up to it.” 

Kaidan just laughs to himself. Loch always knows what he’s thinking. 

“You’d better. It’s beautiful.” Kaidan tells him, “I love it.” 

“Almost as much as you love me?” Loch laughs from the other end, tapping back out of vidmode. Kaidan just rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling, and he can’t deny that Lachlan’s right. He does love him. 

A lot, in fact.

“Almost.” Kaidan replies easily, stifling a yawn as he pulls the bedcovers back up, feeling cold again. 

“Thought so.” Loch sounds smug, and Kaidan can picture the exact smile he’d have on his face right now if he were here. He keeps the thought close and sighs, getting comfy again, head resting on the cool pillows, arm slung over the same pillow so Kaidan can talk.

“Mhm. Although, the bed is kind of strong competition right now.” Kaidan teases, closing his eyes for a moment when the orange light of the holo gets a little too vivid. 

“That’s unacceptable.” Loch huffs indignantly, and Kaidan smiles, cracking an eye open. 

“Might not be as much if you were in it.” 

He hears the rustle of a jacket and footsteps starting up as he assumes Lachlan begins to walk.

“Ten minutes, tops. I promise.” Loch’s voice sounds again, and then the call goes quiet. Kaidan grins to himself, switching the holo off and burying his face into his pillow, letting himself yawn freely. 

He doesn’t realize he’s drifted off until the crisp smell of snow and fresh air wakes him up, and he barely lifts his head up to glance over his shoulder. Loch’s familiar frame takes up the doorway, hands braced on the doorjamb as he kicks his boots off, bits of snow on the hallway outside their bedroom. Kaidan just watches contently, smiling up at Loch when he catches sight of those golden eyes of his. Loch returns a grin of his own, cheeks flushed from the cold, hair slightly damp from snowflakes and curling slightly over his forehead. He dumps his jacket and pulls off his hoodie and jeans, leaving him in a thin t-shirt and boxers before he climbs into bed, warm arms finding their way around Kaidan’s waist.

“Was that ten minutes?” Kaidan asks, sleepily, head drifting back to the pillow as exhaustion takes over again. He feels the rumble of laughter at his back where Loch’s chest is pressed tight against him, and it warms him further still.

“Who’s counting?” Loch asks, and Kaidan feels him press a fleeting kiss to his cheek. The gesture never loses its charm, no matter how many times Lachlan does it. 

“Not me.” Kaidan answers with a smile, and he lets his eyes close again, entirely content to stay where he is as long as this life would let him.

- start new Mass Effect: Andromeda game

- not thrilled with default Ryders so I make a conscious decision to make a more attractive custom Ryder who has some vague visual similarities to Kaidan

- start playing game

- find out that overload + lance is a pretty amazing tech combo, so start leveling up both powers to max

- mess with custom armor color and after trying several combos, notice that blue really looks good. (after all, it’s one of my favorite colors)

- notice that the overload + lance combo is effectively the Sentinel profile

- also notice my color choices with said profile

- realize my brain basically made me create Kaidan in Mass Effect: Andromeda

- make sure to thank brain at some point