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I'm really happy to see you getting into Pacific Rim a bit. Not that I don't love your Homestuck and food and kitty postings a ton, but I really loved the movie and have no skill at art or writing. :x So yay, thank you for being fascinated by the Russians (also Aquarians!) and stuff. :)

augh wow thanks. i don’t really get into things super easily, so idk what even happened with this movie. it was just supposed to be a fun thing that i went to with friends and now i’m going to be drawing two (two?? two??? at least two) pieces of fanart for it and wow that’s a lot of fanart for a thing that’s not homestuck. 

i guess i’m glad you’re glad i’m into pacific rim because wow i’m really into it especially the kaidanovskys which is even sillier because they were in like, 2 seconds of the film. but that’s part of the reason i’m so intrigued. i just want to know MORE. and i’m glad you’re willing to stick around while i kind of play with this newfound love of peroxide-dipped russian mech pilots. 

and WOW did i laugh when i realized they are also Aquarians, i literally cannot get away from this astrological sign.

(btw you should totally contribute even if you think you’re not good enough cuz this movie is awesome and needs more junk, i am so ready for it)