kaidanovsky cosplay


CHERNO ALPHA MAKO MORI - Montreal Comiccon 2014

Cosplay designed and modeled by moi! Special props to my grandma for helping me with the Jacket, also S/O to Lissa, Patricia, Ana and sierracharliesahara who also contributed :)

You can see my original design here on my art blog: [x]


Oz Comic Con Sunday, right after the Cosplay comp, we managed to wrangle these guys into one spot for a group shoot! 

Tendo: sherlocks-one-friend
Herman: bonzananza
Newt: branaghmontana
Chuck: ? (If anyone can tell us, we’d love to link him :) )
Sasha: lillykitten


I am getting ahead of myself with my C2E2 cosplay photobarrage but I wanted to get kaijudorkspawn up and front first. This is in gratitude for her description of her last Pacific Rim meetup as “Twenty Newts, One Hermann, and a Sasha, which I plan to make the title of a future fanfiction.



We’re getting closer to Comic con now, so this is a small catch up on what we’re up to on the Sasha Kaidanovsky armour.

The sculpting of all the parts (besides the helmet) has been finished, and the last few parts are in the process of moulds being made.

What’s cast has been trimmed, and a first test paint made. the green is way off (but we’ll be fixing that). 

And the last Photo shows a bunch of the casts ready for their under-coat.

Anime Los Angeles: Day 2

Day 2 was quite eventful! I woke up and immediately changed into Touko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa and after a quick breakfast at Carl’s Jr. with Bo, we went to the con to join the rest of the group!

Me again! (。・ω・。)ノシ

And some pictures from the hotel prior to meeting up with the others:

And then it was time to meet up with the rest of the peeps!

Taking a selfie with Senpai (Blue) and auuugh she looked so perfect as Undertaker. Heaps popular with everyone, of course! 8D

Celes, Kirigiri, and Sebby.

We were waiting for the Dangan Ronpa gathering to start, and realized that just before then, there was a Pacific Rim gathering going on and I was so excited asdfghjkl;


Saw a Newt cosplayer on the way to the gathering! Even had a nosebleed!

Look at all the Newts worshipping the Kaiju! Hahaha. One of them is even bowing to it. xD

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures during the DR gathering. ;w; But afterwards we took a group photoshoot together and ended the night with eating Burger King at our hotel. It was relaxing and fun. ^0^

Oh, and I took a picture of a Phoenix Wright cosplayer. He was such a gentleman. /fans self


The second lot of test casts of the Sasha Kaidanovsky Drive suit Armour. This time the pauldrons.

All casts are in Polyurethane resin, using a rotocasting/slush casting technique. so they are a thin plastic shell, and still in a raw state here. 

Masters (parts cast to make these) were made out of monster clay, over a plaster life cast of the cosplayer lillykitten. Silicone brush on moulds were then made, and backed with foam. Resin was poured in, rolled and brushed around the mould in stages and layers to achieve the desired thickness. finally after waiting the few hours for the resin to set enough, removed from the mould, and are as you see them here.

Sadly both of these cracked on whilst being removed from the moulds. I was a little rough getting these out, and the shape doesn’t help, this I already knew. However, you can not see the cracks. these are junk casts anyway, so the cracks don’t matter, it just means i keep this in mind when making the proper casts eg, thickness of resin, filler percentage and when i’m de-moulding don’t wrestle with them so much.

The big pauldron is obviously missing the finishing details, these will be attached to the final cast after painting, as the fittings will be bolted into the indents.