“Lost and weary, Catelyn Stark gave herself over to her gods. She knelt before the Smith, who fixed things that were broken, and asked that he give her sweet Bran his protection. She went to the Maid and beseeched her to lend her courage to Arya and Sansa, to guard them in their innocence. To the Father, she prayed for justice, the strength to seek it and the wisdom to know it, and she asked the Warrior to keep Robb strong and shield him in his battles. Lastly she turned to the Crone, whose statues often showed her with a lamp in one hand. “Guide me, wise lady,” she prayed. “Show me the path I must walk, and do not let me stumble in the dark places that lie ahead.”

For Carly. Happy New Year!

Kasumi Goto //  Io’ken Shepard // Kaidan Alenko

I had this wonderful piece commissioned from the absolutely fantastic @askthestargazers who took my trio and made them look spectacular.

I could not be any happier with this. In all honesty, I am ELATED.