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Space-Faring Kids and Kisses

I had started a Mass Effect page in my new sketchbook a long while back but I din’t get to finishing it until I beat Andromeda. So now I got my OG Commanders, with my bias LIs for them, and my new kids, who are just trying their best, along with my hopes and dreams in the corner there.

“This is Commander Shepard and Major Alenko… signing off.” - John Shepard

Meet Ashlee Shepard! Yes, her name is based on Ashley Williams… but I put somewhat of an unique twist on it.

She’s 4 years old and my Shep’s biological daughter <3

Read the story on AO3 here:



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4&8 Lachlan & Kaidan? Pls and ty!

4. one chance

“This isn’t just a sanity check, is it, Kaidan?” Lachlan sighs, fixing his eyes on Kaidan. ‘Just a catch-up’, Kaidan had said at first, but that quickly turned into a very frank and honest lunch date, if Loch’s being entirely honest - and he usually always is.

Not that he’s complaining, either. There are plenty of worse men to be on a date with than Kaidan Alenko. Those eyes are something else, and Loch’s already lost count of how many times he’s forgotten to reply to something because he’s been caught staring. 

Surely, it’s about damn time Alenko realized this was a little more than just a friendly chat.

And surely, Kaidan seems bashful when Loch brings it up. His cheeks are tinged slightly pink, but the corners of his mouth twitch up into the smallest of smiles that sends Loch’s heart beating even faster. 

“Alright, no, I was kinda…” Kaidan tries to explain, but Loch just grins at him, entirely unperturbed. 

“Kaidan.” Loch gets his full attention with just his name, spoken in his funny old accent that Kaidan keeps bringing up, “The way this war is going, we get one chance to live it out the way we want.”

Kaidan just nods, listening intently, so Loch continues, leaning forward in his seat. He doesn’t miss the way Kaidan glances down at his lips and back up, as discreet as he thinks he is. 

“Tell me if I’m wrong, but I get the feeling we both want a little more out of life before it goes horribly tits up.” 

Kaidan suppresses a laugh at that, but his smile is genuine, and so is the small nod that follows after to confirm Loch’s assumptions.

“So, I’ll tell you straight up. I care about you. I enjoy being with you. It all adds up, and you should know by now that I’m a man of logic and reason.” Loch carries on, and it’s Kaidan’s bright smile that keeps him going. “So, us?”

“Us.” Kaidan sighs, almost relieved, and he glances down at the table where Loch’s hands are. He reaches up with one of his own, settling it down on top of Loch’s, and then he looks up, uncertain. Loch gives him a reassuring grin, and that’s enough for the last bit of tension to roll off Kaidan’s shoulders, and for the smile to reappear back on his face.

“Us sounds good.” Kaidan admits, finally.

8. sunbathing

Kaidan’s not much a summer guy, he thinks. He prefers wrapping up warm with scarves and gloves and holding onto steaming mugs of cocoa than trawling along a beach in shorts and barefooted because your flip-flop caught on a pebble and broke. 

Sunbathing? That’s really not his idea of fun.

The sun is relentless, beating down on white sands and heating up his skin to an uncomfortable degree. Kaidan huffs, exasperated, and sits up on the sunlounger, dumping his book to the side and trying to think of something else to go and do instead. He looks around to find where the rest of the crew are, and he spots Garrus standing awkwardly at the edge of the water while Scott and Ashley try to convince him to take a few baby steps in. Kaidan silently wishes them luck with that endeavour before he turns his attention elsewhere.

More specifically, to the man on the lounger next to him. Dozing off, sunglasses perched on his nose at a crooked angle, hair mussed up from sea-salt, and looking downright criminal in those shorts that ride so low on his hips, Kaidan is constantly trying to look anywhere else. Not that it works, but he tries, and that’s what matters. 

Loch seems to embrace summer life as much as the rest of his family do, even if he’s a little more reluctant. All lean muscle and soft, sun-kissed skin, his elusive freckles only just showing even at the height of summer, dotted over his shoulders and cheeks in the most adorable patterns that Kaidan loves looking over. He’s got scars, like any other soldier, and Kaidan knows each and every story by now. He’s just… perfect. In a way that only Kaidan really understands - he wouldn’t be able to explain it to anyone else. He just knows it.

And, hell, if sunbathing means he gets this view for days on end, then he’ll take it.

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