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Space-Faring Kids and Kisses

I had started a Mass Effect page in my new sketchbook a long while back but I din’t get to finishing it until I beat Andromeda. So now I got my OG Commanders, with my bias LIs for them, and my new kids, who are just trying their best, along with my hopes and dreams in the corner there.

“This is Commander Shepard and Major Alenko… signing off.” - John Shepard

Meet Ashlee Shepard! Yes, her name is based on Ashley Williams… but I put somewhat of an unique twist on it.

She’s 4 years old and my Shep’s biological daughter <3

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Art trade with @kaidan-pls \o/

Do Kaidan and Shepard wear matching sweaters made by mama Alenko all the time after the war ends? Possibly.

Does Kaidan say one day “I bet if you’d grew your hair out now it wouldn’t look half as good as mine,” to which Shep is all like “pfffftt watch me Alenko”? Probably.

Do they live happily ever after and nothing bad ever happens to them ever, not even a flat tire, not even a spoiled milk? Absolutely.

Have Yourself A Normandy Li'l Christmas, by potionsmaster

Rating: T for language

A/N: for @shepard-pls on tumblr.  ^__^  Prompt was Christmas on the SR1, everybody’s there and of course there’s a mistletoe! (humans are weird).  Also, bonus: y'all get to see my second crack ship, lol. Wish they weren’t such a rare pair, but then again they wouldn’t be a crack ship if they were.


“Whatcha doin’, Chief?”

Kaidan saw Ashley messing with a pile of rifle barrels, various heat sinks, and an assortment of stocks on the work bench next to their lockers. She sighed in frustration.  

“I was trying to make a Christmas tree out of them.”

He blinked at her for a few moments and closed the door to his locker with a metallic clunk.


She knocked the pile over and leaned against the table, crossing her arms under her chest.

“I was trying to explain Christmas and human holidays to Liara the other night.  Thought it might be fun to have a tree and a small party down here if we can get it approved.  I managed to find a cheesy, plastic mistletoe last time we were docked at the Citadel, too.”

He rolled his eyes at that.  

“You can’t be serious…

She hip-checked him, eyes sparkling, then turned back to the bench.

“Well, bah-humbug to you, too, LT.  It is December, y'know.”

Kaidan furrowed his brow at that, pulling up the calendar on his omni-tool. Sure enough, it was December 21, 2183.  He marveled at how Earth’s reckoning of days and time went by the wayside while in space.  

Bridge to Alenko.”

He closed his omni-tool and held in a sigh.  The gun parts clacked and clattered as Ash struggled to put them in conical shape again. Kaidan ignored her muttering about using the ammo magazines as possible branches.

“Acknowledged. What do you need, Joker?”

The commander’s looking for you on crew deck.  Something about a mission debriefing.

“Tell him I’ll be there momentarily.  Alenko out.”

Ashley gave him a sidelong look.  

“Say….he suuuure likes to debrief you a lot.”

He felt the heat rise around his collar and tips of his ears and hoped she didn’t notice.  He hoped that he had kept his infatuation with their CO pretty well under wraps, but Ash seemed to have a sixth sense for teasing him.  

“Whatever you say, Chief.  If Pressly actually stepped up to being XO, he wouldn’t need my help so much.”

He started to make his way back to the elevator.

“Can you ask him if we can have a holiday party?  Pretty please, with polonium rounds on top?  He never says ‘no’ to you!”

She smirked at the wordless nod as the lieutenant disappeared in the lift.

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mShep and Kaidan getting married, moving to Vancouver and adopting dogs. Lots of dogs. Not kids. Just dogs. Shep dies under a pile of puppies. He couldn't handle that much floof and cuteness.

I’m crying over this.