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a collection of shepard pjs! I resent that scene in me3 where shep wakes up in ~ sexy undies ~ because my shep would never wear such uncomfy lingerie to sleep in, so I figured I’d put my money where my mouth is and come up with my shep’s alternatives. the bruises are because my shep is an engineer who has a tendency to dive into melee fights despite having lighter armour…

if anyone likes these shirts I’m considering making them to put on redbubble/society6, so drop me a message or mention in the tags!

1. garrus’ c-sec shirt + gym shorts + woolly socks

2. “I put the BI in BICEPS” shirt (kaidan has a matching one that says “I put the BI in BIOTICS”) + checked pj bottoms

3. hannah shepard’s “annual anti-grav charity fun run 2167″ shirt (filched just before hannah went on an eight month tour, the first time she’d be away from shep for a significant amount of time since shep’s father died five years previous) + n7 ¾ trackies

bonus post-destroy ending - baggy “I beat the reapers and all I got was this crappy shirt” shirt (gift from joker) + boxer briefs

Imagine Kaidan lying in his hospital bed when he gets a message from Shepard that she’ll be there later, around lunch time.

At 11:30, Kaidan takes off his shirt and tries out several poses to lie in when Shepard arrives.

‘Be cool, Alenko,’ he tells himself, ‘Act like it’s a surprise.’

He settles on shirtless, with the blankets pulled up to his waist, gazing out the window pensively.


Then Udina comes and ruins the whole thing.

The Seven Stages of Drunk Kaidan

A very silly drabble I wrote for Day 1 of Kaidan Appreciation week (humour!) about a very drunk Kaidan. Enjoy! 

A thunderous crash followed by the sound of breaking glass reverberated up through the floor of the apartment, so loud it was easily audible over the pumping music and shrieks of laughter from the kitchen below. Alex Shepard froze, horrified, as she heard Kaidan’s distinctive drunk laughter. 

Oh no.

She knew that laugh. She feared that laugh. It was the laugh of someone who was up to no good and about to do something stupid. Excusing herself from Traynor and Tali, she hurried downstairs and came to an abrupt halt as she took in the scene before her.

Kaidan, his shirt unbuttoned and dark hair ruffled and wild, stood on her dining room table with the chandelier and several chunks of ceiling lying in a broken heap beside him. A crowd had gathered to watch and Joker and James were yelling words of encouragement. Samara, her mouth a flattened line of disapproval, looked on in unsmiling dignity, and EDI watched from across the room.

“I am a biotic god!” Kaidan declared loudly, wobbling unsteadily and slurring his words. He clutched a whiskey bottle in one hand, and with a flourish he tossed it up into the air and caught it in a biotic field. “Behold my power!”

“Oh no,” Alex groaned, burying her face in her hands as the inebriated biotic howled wildly and sent the whiskey bottle zooming around the room, flying it low over Grunt’s head and cackling madly as the krogan chased it like a dog with a stick. She turned to face Garrus, aghast. "Garrus, what happened? Who let him get that drunk?“

The turian cleared his throat awkwardly. "Yeah, sorry about that. James and Joker were giving him shots of Ryncol. I tried to stop them but, well, James wanted to see Kaidan drunk. Properly drunk.”

James! She thought furiously, he’d pay for this!

 The rest is under the cut! :)

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I finally wore my home made shirt today, yes hello, that is me in a home made Kaidan shirt. Yes. I am going to redo the Symbol again don’t worry. My friends call me lightning-stuck-thrice, ffxiii13-et-al, thereonce-was-a-nameless-monster or spectre-status-recognized But my really close friends just call me a spazz, it’s easier that way. And my enemies call me Joan….I’m not sure why… that’s not even my name.