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a collection of shepard pjs! I resent that scene in me3 where shep wakes up in ~ sexy undies ~ because my shep would never wear such uncomfy lingerie to sleep in, so I figured I’d put my money where my mouth is and come up with my shep’s alternatives. the bruises are because my shep is an engineer who has a tendency to dive into melee fights despite having lighter armour…

if anyone likes these shirts I’m considering making them to put on redbubble/society6, so drop me a message or mention in the tags!

1. garrus’ c-sec shirt + gym shorts + woolly socks

2. “I put the BI in BICEPS” shirt (kaidan has a matching one that says “I put the BI in BIOTICS”) + checked pj bottoms

3. hannah shepard’s “annual anti-grav charity fun run 2167″ shirt (filched just before hannah went on an eight month tour, the first time she’d be away from shep for a significant amount of time since shep’s father died five years previous) + n7 ¾ trackies

bonus post-destroy ending - baggy “I beat the reapers and all I got was this crappy shirt” shirt (gift from joker) + boxer briefs

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If you're still taking those prompts... how about #23, “Is that my shirt?” for MShenko? :D

Ok @arkesstuff, you asked for this. So here! Have some mushy Mshenko fluffy goodness. I hope you enjoy! For the writing prompts: #23 - “Is that my shirt?”

Kaidan was busy rummaging around the closet, humming softy to himself as he searched for the object lost amidst the chaos. Ever since he moved back to the Orchard with Shepard he had avoided his old room.

Old memories, some good, some bad, lingered there. He wanted to focus on what was happening now and plan for the future. A future. They had one now, thanks to John firing the crucible, thanks to the millions, maybe even billions, who died fighting the Reapers. They had a future.

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Imagine Kaidan lying in his hospital bed when he gets a message from Shepard that she’ll be there later, around lunch time.

At 11:30, Kaidan takes off his shirt and tries out several poses to lie in when Shepard arrives.

‘Be cool, Alenko,’ he tells himself, ‘Act like it’s a surprise.’

He settles on shirtless, with the blankets pulled up to his waist, gazing out the window pensively.


Then Udina comes and ruins the whole thing.


There was one spare room at the moment at the London Alliance HQ. It was tiny, and it reminded Shepard of her “cell” when she was incarcerated in Vancouver. The view then had been better, overlooking a beautiful city, the same city she knew Kaidan was probably in more than once during her six months behind bars. But she wouldn’t trade this for that any day.

She let out a pleased sigh, looking at where they would be staying for the night. It had taken so much bitching and moaning - from both of them - for this to happen. The nurses and Miranda had pressed hard to keep her in the hospital, but she promised she’d come back. And if she didn’t, the entire Alliance would be on their asses.

“Nice?” Kaidan asked.

Shepard smiled. “It’s nice.”

He pressed a gentle kiss to the side of her head. “Good.”

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Two and a Half Steps - a modern Shenko AU

AO3, FF.net

Following a brutal break up, Kaidan swears a new relationship is the last thing he needs. His roommate Ashley has other ideas. When the new girl in apartment 4A of 2183 Normandy Court moves in, Ashley believes Shepard - a tough and wild personal trainer at the local gym, who ends up at Kaidan’s IT desk more times than the average person - might just be the girl for him.

Chapter 1:

They’d had three new neighbors in the past two years they’d lived in apartment 4B in 2183 Normandy Court. Apartment 4A seemed to be some sort of dead zone, where no one stayed to the end of their lease. First, it was the old woman. She left within two months after claiming she was visited by spirits who threatened to microwave her decrepit dog that never shut the hell up, especially at night. She wasn’t cut out for this place anyway. Being old, there was no elevator, and everyone was constantly tripping up the stairs.

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I finally wore my home made shirt today, yes hello, that is me in a home made Kaidan shirt. Yes. I am going to redo the Symbol again don’t worry. My friends call me lightning-stuck-thrice, ffxiii13-et-al, thereonce-was-a-nameless-monster or spectre-status-recognized But my really close friends just call me a spazz, it’s easier that way. And my enemies call me Joan….I’m not sure why… that’s not even my name.

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In all honesty, not even butts can beat the voice of a character. They're always the first thing that I fall for.


It’s smooth like aged whisky. Rough and warm and slides down your soul in all the right ways. It’s raspy but hearty, expressive and deep.

His voice orbits your heart when he says, “I love you” and you hope he’s not like the moon, slowly achieving escape velocity. But rather like a satellite, locked in orbit and bound to fall down on you. It pulls at you like the tide and following the rhythms are as natural as breathing.

It’s aged and experienced, with an undercurrent of passion. A ribbon of raw excitement that vibrates the very atoms of your existence.

It drops down a register when he opens his heart. Huskier and raspier and it booms in your chest and constricts your lungs.

It matches the color of his eyes, warm amber like honey, and just as thick when he slips up.

Kaidan speaks like a lullaby that warms the embers of your soul. He barks like a wolf when he’s in command.

You don’t need to see the expressions on his face or read into his body language to know how he’s feeling or what he’s thinking, because the patterns are all there when he speaks, freely deciphered by anyone who knows his heart.