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Top 10 Favorite Anime Guys

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Thanks! I’d love to do this, and the ship one too. My favorites change more often than not but these are pretty consistent. Husbandos and Sons are all included:

10. Sora from No Game, No Life

What can I say? I love smart charas.

9. Usui from Kaichou was Maid-Sama

Everyone’s favorite pervert alien!

8. Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club

Honestly, he’s more Son than Husbando. He’s just so extra?? And I love him so much??

7. Taichi from Chihayafuru

My pure beautiful heartbroken boi! That smile has to be protected at all costs!

6. Ikuto from Shugo Chara


5. Ed from FMA

One of the most inspiring characters ever 

4. Ueki from Law of Ueki

My favorite shonen protagonist ever (second only to the one below). He is just so good?? And really exemplifies doing the right thing even if it’s not easy. I cannot recommend Law of Ueki enough. In terms of shonen battles, easily has one of the best. Reminds me a bit of BnHA actually. 

3. Luffy from One Piece


2. Hitsugaya from Bleach

You had to have seen this coming, if you ever visited my blog. My ice-prince, reigning over the frozen heavens and raining down icy hail on whoever hath hurt the precious peach princess. 

and the first, drum-roll pleaaaaaase…

1. Shinichi from Detective Conan

Touch choice, but Shin-chan is both husbando and son. I mean could you ever resist THIS??

This was fun. Tagging @rays-of-fire-and-ice @namibean @elvenstar @yumedarling @scarfblogs and whoever else wants to do it. 

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