It’s National Take A Hike Day! Some of the best places in the country to enjoy a walk outdoors are on public lands. National parks, wildlife refuges and recreation areas – as well as National Scenic Trails, National Recreation Trails and National Historic Trails – are amazing places to exercise, marvel at stunning landscapes, learn incredible stories and make lasting memories. Here’s a great view from the famous South Kaibab Trail at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Where will you #FindYourWay? Photo by Michael Quinn, National Park Service.


Snow up at the rim, Grand Canyon

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After a total elevation change of around 8000 feet over close to 17 miles, you really get an appreciation for how long the Colorado River has been carving away at the landscape of the Grand Canyon. South Kaibab to Bright Angel.


Nice view of the upper sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon, from the Kaibab Limestone at the very top (Prominent layer is the Coconino Sandstone) and gets to the Redwall Limestone at the bottom.

BLM Ranger Locates Missing Arizona Family

Bureau of Land Management rangers are always prepared to offer assistance to local law enforcement agencies during emergency situations. As most of us gathered with our friends and families to enjoy the 2016 holiday season, rangers from the Arizona Strip District were called on to aid in a critical search and rescue operation, after a family visiting from Pennsylvania found themselves snowbound near Fredonia, Arizona.

On Friday, December 23, a call came in to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office in Utah from a stranded motorist. The caller relayed that he and his son had traveled 10 miles by foot on Forest Service Road 22 under extreme conditions after becoming stranded the day before. The caller also said that his wife had gone in search of help, but she had not been seen for nearly 24 hours.

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Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)

My first glance down into this mind-blowing ancient wilderness of rock was amazing. It is sacred, powerful, inspiring and humbling. What more can be said about this wonder of the world… It’s impossible to convey in just one photo. It’s like a canvas of color and light that is always changing; and captivating from each perspective. These are just a handful of the 300 photos that I must have taken.

I spent the better part of 2 days in Grand Canyon National Park and had a really great, well-rounded experience…

My Itinerary

  • Arrived in Grand Canyon Village at 7:00AM and found plenty of parking at the Visitor Center
  • Walked the Rim Trail from Mather Point to the Bright Angel Trailhead
  • Attended a 45 minute History Talk with a Ranger
  • Took the Hermit’s Rest Road shuttle bus to “The Abyss” view point; hiked the Rim Trail back to Powell Point; took the shuttle back and transferred all the way to the Visitor Center.
  • Checked in at Mather Campground and made some dinner.
  • Bought some supplies at Market Plaza General Store.
  • Drove the motorscooter back to the Hermit’s Rest shuttle stop and road the shuttle to watch the sunset at Mohave Point.
  • Took the shuttle back to the scooter; drove back to camp and called it a night.
  • Woke up and got a shower for $2.00 at camper services building.
  • Got a hot chocolate and breakfast and Market Plaza General Store.
  • Drove back to the Visitor Center and walked the Rim Trail east for some more views.
  • Drove Desert View Drive toward Yaki Point; parked and walked to the South Kaibab Trailhead.
  • Hiked down the South Kaibab Trail to Ooh-Aah Point.
  • Returned to the van; drove east toward Grandview Point.
  • Drove east and stopped at Desert View to see the tower and eat some lunch.
  • Left the park headed northeast toward Page, AZ.