Snow up at the rim, Grand Canyon

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//Mermaid AU!!!!!!!!

Kaiba Seto, a rather proud merman, once a member of a prestigious family, once a noble, was washed ashore not all that long ago. He had been “rescued” from the beach, taken to an aquarium where he now lived, trapped in a small space, no longer free to roam open ocean waters. There was only one good thing to come of this, that would be that he no longer needed to share his swimming space with fish. God he hated fish.

However, they fed him only fish, as though that was what he had eaten when he was in his home. As though there weren’t any options. He’d eat when he had to, but otherwise he’d allow himself to starve. He hadn’t been here all that long, nor did he plan on staying here for very much longer.

He didn’t speak the language that his captors spoke as he was so much more used to communicating in song, much like all other merfolk. He was picking up on bits and pieces, he knew the word for his name (at least the one he had been given by his captors), and he knew quite a few other words, it was merely sentence structure that he had issues with.

As of now, it was feeding time, where they’d be throwing lifeless fish into his tank. He didn’t much like this hour, as he should be fed when he wished to be fed, not whenever these heathens decided it was time for him to. Who were they to tell him when he had to eat and how often? They may have had him trapped, but he wouldn’t by give into them so easily.

He swam at the bottom of his tank, looking out the little window by the side. More folk like his captors sat outside with their flashing devices. He didn’t much like the attention he was getting, he didn’t like the ugly looks on their greasy faces, he did not like humans.