kaiba's a kitty

pikagirl541  asked:

I've had a mental image of cat!Seto picking cat!Mokuba up by the scruff and carrying him like a kitten stuck in my head all day. Just want you to know what you've done to me. (Also thank you, I need cute Kaiba bro kitties to balance out the stress in my life right now.)

he’ll carry mokuba around if he wants mokuba to come with him, but mokuba often protests being carried in general.

based (HEAVILY) on this short by @jackvbriefs!! pls check out the original and her other writings they are a+. 

the idea of kaiba having a cat (BC MOKUBA GOT IT???) was way too cute to not draw omg i seriously love this idea

pen-strokes-and-music-notes  asked:

Oh and does Kaiba kitty like snuggles

Kaiba will only snuggle in two instances:

  • Atem visited him while he was sleeping and decided to lay down with him. [Kaiba will subconsciously snuggle him or the puzzle]
  • Mokuba is having a nightmare and Kaiba “”conveniently”” decided to lay down next to his sleeping brother at that Exact Moment which somehow also “”conveniently”” eases Mokuba back into a peaceful sleep again.

pen-strokes-and-music-notes  asked:

What other cat does Kaiba kitty spend most of his time around, besides Mokuba I suppose?

He spends large amounts of time by himself, but he’s been know to gravitate towards Atem and Yugi from time to time. 

Kaiba and Atem aren’t openly affectionate with each other, usually just laying in close proximity to one another until Kaiba loses his nerve and needs to leave again.

He has been caught dozing close to Joey/Jonouchi one time, but it hasn’t happened again since.