kaia is the greatest

this weekend when i was home i showed kaia how much love her headbands had gotten on tumblr, she was very excited and declared herself a “junior rookie!” and suggested that i share her 5th grade presidential campaign photo too (we headlined the posters “kaia can do it!”) as she thought it was something the rookies might enjoy, so here she is!

my little sister is my style (and lifes) inspiration

she wore those barbie rollerskates everywhere for a couple years, i made that scarf for her special and tiny, she mixed and matched those pink pj bottoms with the unicorn patterned pj top

princess of pigtails

i wish this wasn’t so blurry, because she had  THE best accessories on 

this top had matching purple velvet flares with faux fur cuffs and rhinestone flowers

unicorn costume + lion costume + king costume + knight costume

one of our mom’s old dance recital costumes (aka my favorite things in the word)

ladybug dress 

sweater knitted by our great grandma, passed through all the girl cousins, kaia got it after our aunt snuck it out of our cousin anna’s closet, she was wearing it well into 7th grade as a cropped sweater

embroidered dress from mexico, sandals on the wrong feet, plastic high chair belt

princess bikini and tempera and acrylic paints…

i would apologize for this spam of pictures, but who are we kidding, i don’t feel bad about this at all