Long Lost Love

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1423


Malachai Parker.

The sociopath that all of your friends despise. He has manipulated and killed a handful of people here and there, but there was this one person on earth that tamed him after all of this time. You.

You basically had him wrapped around your finger the day he fell for you. At first, you weren’t attracted to him at all because your group of friends drew him out as a murderer, which he technically was, but overtime, he grew on you. Kai knew he had to have you when he first met you and that’s exactly what he accomplished.

You and your boyfriend had a talk and agreed on leaving Mystic Falls to start a new life together. You felt that a going away party wasn’t needed, although Caroline would love to plan it. So your plan was to just leave this godforsaken town and text your friends about it once you were miles away. 

Alaric & Jo’s wedding day is today, but you chose to skip it since it made things complicating since you’re with Kai. Not to mention, Kai’s even attempted to kill Jo once or twice.

You had a few personal items left to pack, which wasn’t going to take more than an hour. Kai said he had to take care of a few things before the two of you head out on the road to your new beginning.

An hour passes and you’re now wondering where your boyfriend is. He said it wouldn’t take long, so you took his word for it. After 5 unanswered calls you started to get worried so you tracked his phone and drove to wherever it is located.

After driving around for 15 minutes, you arrive at a chapel. “What the hell?” You questioned as you parked, looking back and forth from your phone and the front of the chapel. Then finally, it came to you and you felt nothing but hurt and disgust. Kai is here to kill Jo.

“Oh my god.” You threw your phone on the passenger seat and hurried out of the car. You noticed the shattered glass surrounding the building.

There was an ounce of hope that you could get to your boyfriend on time to stop him. “Kai!” You screamed his name as tears streamed down your cheeks. Your hopes for starting a better life with your boyfriend was instantly crushed thanks to him. He just couldn’t help himself.

“Kai!” You called his name once again. Arriving inside the chapel, you see nothing but dead bodies and destruction everywhere. This was obviously Kai’s doing. “No no no no. This can’t be happening.” You we’re so close to having a panic attack.

Finally, you find Kai with blood on his face and all over his clothes. There was a devilish smile plastered all over his face from the evil he has done.

You also noticed that he was talking to Bonnie who was laying on the floor, looking as if she is fighting for her life. Normally, you would run to your friend to help her, but you were so distraught about everything that happened that your feet were glued to the floor.

“Kai! What have you done?!” You cried out, cutting Kai off from whatever he was saying to Bonnie.

You immediately got Kai’s attention, but Bonnie was still struggling on the floor that she slowly turned her head to look at you. Kai’s devilish smile was instantly gone and it turned into guilt. He had high hopes that he was going to get away with this. “Shit.” He mouthed to himself.

“Baby. I can explain.” Kai pleaded, slowly putting his hands up in defense.

“Explain?!” You yelled out in frustration.

Out of the blue, you see Damon vampire speed up to Kai and chops of his head with his bare hand.

And that’s when everything around you just stops. “Oh my god.” You said, then ran over to your boyfriend’s dead body. “Damon why?!” Even though Kai is responsible for all of these deaths and destruction, you couldn’t help but ask.

“You’re kidding me, Y/N?” Damon asked after he fed vampire blood to Bonnie.

You laid your head on Kai’s chest and just cried. Damon felt no remorse for you and left with Bonnie.

“You fucking bastard. How could you?!” You yelled at Kai even though you were aware that he’s 100% dead. After everything that you have been through with him and the assumptions that he was a changed man, he had to throw it all away. You didn’t even bother giving Kai and the other dead bodies a proper burial. Instead, you lit the entire building on fire.

(Days later…)

Pain. Pain is all you’ve felt these past few days. So many unanswered questions had flooded your mind.

You couldn’t live with the pain any longer and all Mystic Falls did was remind you of your dead boyfriend. Damon even offered to compel you to forget about Kai, but you didn’t want to cheat, you just couldn’t. So instead, you moved away to live with your relatives in New Orleans.

It didn’t occur to you at first that New Orleans is where Klaus and Elijah had moved to. You also recently found out that Tyler’s friend, Hayley had a baby with Klaus and supposedly has a thing with Elijah. But as complicating as the Mikaelson family is, you surprisingly grew close to them, especially to Kol, who you thought was dead at first, but he informed you that his best friend, Davina helped bring him back.

Aside from being reunited with his family, Kol felt like he had no real purpose after he was brought back to life, until he eventually connected with you. It’s ironic because your very own friends killed him in the first place, but you even informed him that you had nothing to do with his death and actually had no idea that Elena and Jeremy planned it. “What’s done is done, dear Y/N. All that matters now is being here with you.” Kol had once told you. Luckily, time heals all wounds.

Since you were far far away from Mystic Falls and have no intentions on going back, you didn’t care to update your friends that you and Kol Mikaelson are now an item. Your ex boyfriend, Kai did cross your mind every now and then, but as time went on, you thought about him less and less.

(Years later…)

The longer you were away from Mystic Falls, the less often you and your friends kept in touch. It was fine with you because they have their own lives going on and you have yours being utterly happy with the life you have with Kol.

Something you weren’t aware of was the madness going on in Mystic Falls about the devil in the flesh named, Cade terrorizing the souls of Damon and Stefan.

There also had been all sorts of nonsense going on with Kol’s siblings and the patrons of New Orleans, but the two of you always stayed out of it. Even Rebekah kept her distance from it all.

You and your boyfriend spent your years together traveling around the world. Since he has been around for over 1000 years, money was never the issue.

Although traveling was simply amazing, you made sure to make stops and stick around New Orleans for a few weeks because the constant flying made you miss being on land.

*Meanwhile in Mystic Falls*

Damon and Alaric were inside the cave so that Damon could show Alaric the weapon that could possibly destroy Cade. As Damon was chit chatting about all of his knowledge and suggesting to exchange half-assed apologizes, a very familiar figure disrupts. That very figure was the heretic himself, Malachai Parker.

“Yeah sorry to interrupt, but someone please tell me where my baby girl is.” Kai announced. Alaric looked like he’d seen a ghost and Damon shot him a glare.

Supposedly, Kai was released from hell after the 11th bell was rung and all he could think about was getting to you. His feelings for you never changed. What he didn’t know is that you’ve already moved on with someone else.

There was no way your friends dared to tell Kai your exact whereabouts because they’d rather see you continue your life without Kai in the picture, no matter how happy he used to make you. 

But since Kai is a heretic and all, he used a locator spell to come and find you, no matter the distance.

Flower Child

Thank you to a reader for submitting this idea.

oh gosh Harry with a son is so cute maybe one in which his son has a crush in a little girl from his preschool and he goes to backyard to got flowers and he hide them in his little backpack to give her and he does everyday until one day Harry finds flowers in his backpack and ask him about it ❤️

What started as a blurb has spiraled into over 2k of fluff and daddy Harry, so I hope you all enjoy! -xoxo S

Harry’s car idled by the curb as he patiently waited for the dashboard clock in his Range Rover to hit noon. It was rare that he was able to pick up his son from school, but the days his schedule allowed for it were some of his favorites. With the new baby at home, he had to make more time for pick ups and drop offs, which he didn’t mind one bit. He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel to the faint beat pulsing through the car and checked his phone for a message update from you on whether the new member of your family had willingly gone down for a nap.

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Happy birthday @purgatory-jar!!! I started this before you told me you weren’t going to Florence, so… oops! Hope the day was great :)

“He’s so…” Castiel’s gaze slides over the sculpture as he sighs, blue eyes drinking in every curve of marble with flushed cheeks. To his left, Dean raises an amused brow, nudging his boyfriend playfully. 

“Should I be jealous?”

Despite the fact that Cas snorts, it takes just a hair too long for his gaze to be torn away. Dean whistles lowly in response. “Oh man, Cas, you got it bad.”

“He’s beautiful!” Castiel shoots back, wrapping his left arm around Dean’s right. “Look at him, you can’t tell me he’s not gorgeous.”

Dean hums, critically looking the sculpture over. “…His dick’s a little small.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“You love it.”


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Addewid (XIII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,065

Genre: Fey!AU + Series

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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The Grill was busy. People coming in and out, ordering drinks and greasy burgers. You wiped off the stray crumbs on an outside table and spray the disinfectant onto a rag. “Y/N!” You looked up to see the one and only Kai Parker coming towards you. 

You nodded towards him and finished wiping down the table. “Hey. Can I talk to you?” Kai whispered, looking around. 

“Yeah, sure. You okay?” You wondered why he was looking over his shoulder so much. 

“Something weird is going on.” Kai’s cheeks were flushed slightly. 

You went to the next table and picked up the glasses and baskets of cold fries. “Okay, let’s go in the back.” You said, nodding towards the Grill. 

Once inside the kitchen, you placed the classes in the luke warm water. “What’s up?” You dried your hands and leaned against the counter.

 Kai took a seat on one of the extra chairs and leaned forward, resting his arms on his knees. “Okay.” He let out a shaky breath. “Something is wrong with me. I was watching this movie, right?” 


“And in the movie this kid threw this ball and a dog ran to go get it. The dog was in the road and then this bastard ran him over! Then suddenly, water was just oozing out of my eyeballs like I’m some alien creature excreting fluids.” Kai explained quickly.

You stared at Kai carefully. “You mean you cried?” 

Kai laughed loudly. “I’m a psychotic heretic, I don’t cry.”Kai puffed his chest slightly. 

“You cried.”

Taken [Chapter 8]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15
Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Epilogue

You stepped into the common area and is surprised to find everyone partying in broad daylight.

Okay, first of all, you’re not even sure why there’s a common area in a mafia in the first place. And the place is fucking awesome, for all you know, with beanbags and a bar and a giant plasma TV with built-in games all over the place.

Confusion doesn’t even summarize what you’re feeling right now. “Um, morning?”

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EXO’s Reaction to Their Crush Friendzoning Them


Although Xiumin would be annoyed about his crush friendzoning him so quickly, he’d shrug it off, knowing that once in the friendzone, there was little chance of escaping.  He’d do his best to move on, treating her like a friend as well and not holding any hard feelings.


At first Chen would go into a state of denial, unable to believe that she had already friendzoned him when he had barely begun to flirt. “No…there’s no way…” he’d stare, unblinking, as Kai explained that she viewed him strictly as a friend.


Not the best at handling these type of unintentional rejections, Baekhyun would throw a secret hissy fit, unable to understand that she simply was not interested in him like that. He’d continue to flirt with her, only giving up once she eventually got a boyfriend.


It would hurt him a little when he realized that his crush didn’t see him in a romantic way, however Chanyeol wouldn’t dwell on it, not wanting to push the matter and make her uncomfortable.  He’d move on relatively quickly, even joking about it with his members.


Lay wouldn’t actually realize that she didn’t like him that way until she literally introduced her boyfriend to him. “Oh…you have…oh…” he’d nod slowly, finally understanding what just happened.  He may be a little salty about it for a few days, but would wish her and her boyfriend the best regardless.


Disappointed but mature, D.O would play it cool, acting like it didn’t hurt him or anything.  However, when Chanyeol cracked a joke about D.O being the mayor of friendzone-town, D.O would be quick to let him know how he really felt about the situation.


A little surprised that the girl hadn’t fallen for his charms, Suho would simply treat her as a friend. He’d try not to let his feelings show so she wouldn’t feel awkward. Over time he’d begin to view her as a friend as well, and nothing more.


Having trouble accepting the fact that his crush saw him as a friend only, Kai would continually try subtle, flirty pickup lines on her. However, she would only laugh and pat him on the arm, throwing him into a (temporary) state of despair.


Immediately accepting his fate in the friendzone, Sehun would pout about it for several days, not laughing at any of the member’s jokes about it.  He’d slowly forget about it, moving on and finding a new girl to crush on.

Addewid (XI)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,569

Genre: Fey!AU + Series

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by katherine8595

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anonymous asked:

would you write something in the chancellor obi-wan verse that brings up obi-wan's relationship with ahsoka? or just lineage feels in general, really, but especially ahsoka. thank you so much!

Finally, we have Ahsoka’s POV! I have a few other asks about how she reacts to Chancellor Kenobi, but this isn’t quite that (too late in the timeline).

Ahsoka takes a small break from her battle against a training droid just as the doors to the training salles open.

“Master Obi-Wan!” she says, extinguishing her lightsabers and heading over to him.

“Ah, Ahsoka. Doing a bit of saber practice before shipping out?” Master Obi-Wan strokes his beard and smiles at her.

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Ninjago: Jay's Big Question

“Kai, can I talk with you?”

The spiky haired ninja tore his eyes away from the Bounty’s scanner and peered with curious eyes at his teammate. “Uh, sure, what’s up?”

The freckled ninja gazed around the bridge where Lloyd, Cole, Zane, and Nya were doing their own busy work. “Can we talk in private?” Jay responded in a hushed voice.

Kai raised an eyebrow, but followed Jay out of the Bounty and down to a lower floor. “Jay, what is going on?” He asked once they were far out of ear shot.

He nervously clasped his hands together. “Well, as you know, Nya and I have been dating for quite a while now-” Jay began, but Kai instantly felt a chill shoot down his spine.

“Jay,” Kai interrupted with a warning tone.

“Kai, please,” Jay held up a hand. Kai stopped talking but he could feel his element stir uncontrollably.

Jay brushed his brown curls out of his face, but the blue ninja bravely continued. “Nya is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I have enjoyed every second I have spent with her. I found it only appropriate that I ask you for-”

“Permission?” Kai raised an eyebrow.

Jay paused, then clenched his teeth. Peering up at the taller ninja, he said, “Permission, yes…but more of your blessing.”

Even though he was the Ninja of Fire, a heat flash hit Kai. He stuttered backwards a few steps in shock. “You want….the blessing from me?”

Jay quickly nodded, but then cocked his head. “Why are you so shocked?” He asked Kai.

“Well, you are asking the wrong person.” Kai explained. “My father should be the one to-”

Jay sighed and the curl in the center of his forehead bounced a little. “Well, I thought about it, but he’s not the right person to ask.”

Now Kai’s other eyebrow shot up in curiosity. “And why is that?”

The blue ninja gazed deeply into the eyes of the red ninja. “She wasn’t raised by her father.”

This was one of the very few times in his life that Kai was speechless.

Jay took this opportunity to continue speaking. “You know her the most, even over your own parents. If there is anyone who should bless our marriage, it’s you.”

Kai stared at Jay for a long few seconds before running his fingers through his hair. “Marriage, Jay…” he chuckled. “You are asking me to grant you a blessing to marry my own sister.”

Rocking on his heels, Jay nodded with a smile though tight lips. Then, he paused. “Kai? Are you…tearing up?”

The teen tried to hide his wet cheeks under his spiked bangs. “No, no…it’s just-”

Jay quickly spoke. “If you don’t approve, I understand-”

“That’s just it,” Kai chuckled through tears. “It’s not that I don’t approve, Jay- I just didn’t imagine you asking me.”

“Then I guess that I should go find-” Jay muttered as he turned away, but Kai quickly but gingerly grabbed his arm.

“Jay, I approve.”

The brown haired ninja stopped short, then turned to his teammate. “Kai?”

Kai, still holding onto Jay’s arm, smiled widely from ear to ear. “Jay, it is my honor and pleasure to give you my blessing to marry my sister.”

Now it was Jay’s turn to gawk. He stared wide eyed at Kai.

“Jay,” Kai choked back some emotion as he clasped Jay’s shoulder. “I couldn’t ask for a better brother-in-law.”

With an excited shout mixed with laugher, Jay lunged on Kai with a huge hug. “You are the best, Kai!”

The two future brothers embraced in a celebratory hug before Kai pulled away with a smile. “Now, I guess you must be choosing some groomsmen, including the best man-” Kai grinned, but Jay quickly interrupted excitedly.

“Oh yes!” Jay clapped his hands together. “I didn’t have to think hard to decide that the ninja, Ronin, and Dareth will be the groomsmen,” he answered.

“And the best man?” Kai smiled as he stood as tall as he could.

“Oh, that’s an easy one,” Jay crossed his arms.

Kai chuckled and then shrugged. “Well of course I-” he began, but was interrupted.

“Cole will be ecstatic to hear he will be the best man.” Jay grinned.

Kai’s grin faltered. “Uh…Cole….will be…the best man?” He spoke in a dead tone.

Jay raised an eyebrow. “Well, of course. Who else would it be?”

Little Sister

(requested by anon)

Damon hurts reader when his humanity is off and Kai comforts her.


Y/N woke up in the middle of the night from a loud noise coming from downstairs. Having supernatural hearing sucks. she thought as she got up and walked downstairs. Ever since Damon flipped his humanity switch after Elena was forced into a sleeping curse , things at the Salvatore Boarding House have been a little out of control.  
Y/N walked down the stairs and tripped over something … or someone. She could smell the blood.
“What the hell?” she muttered , kneeling down. Whoever it was she had tripped over , was already dead. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Damon !” she raised her voice. “Damon !” she called out again , carefully walking over the body , nearly tripping over another. Suddenly someone grabbed her foot.
“Help me…” a young girl said.
Y/N kneeled down , biting her wrist and bringing it to the girls mouth.
“Leave and forget this ever happened.” she compelled the girl.
A few more steps away she found another survivor.
“Damn it Damon …” she cursed under her breath.
A few steps ahead there was a guy still bleeding out on the carpet.
Lovely. she thought. This will be hell to clean up.
It was dark in the house , but the fire in the fireplace was burning , lighting up the living room enough for Y/N to see Damon draining yet another body. He wasn’t alone. Kai was on the other sofa , draining some random stranger.
“Since when are you two buddies ?” Y/N asked annoyed.
Kai let the body drop on the ground , blood dripping from his chin , the black veins under his eyes slowly fading away.
“Oh hello.” Kai said. “We didn’t wake you , did we ?” he said glancing for a second at Damon who grinned at the comment and then returning his gaze to Y/N.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “No , no … I was just randomly sleepwalking and tripping over dead bodies in the house.” she said with a sarcastic smile , glancing at Kai and returning her attention towards her brother. “You can’t keep doing this. So many people missing will draw too much attention.”
Damon finished his snack and turned towards Y/N. “You are an even bigger buzzkill than Stefan.”
Y/N scoffed. Her brother had gone off the deep end and Stefan had picked the worst possible moment to go out of town leaving her to deal with Damon alone.
“Look , I know you miss Elena , but this is not you. What do you think Elena would say when she finds out the first thing you did after leaving her in a coffin for the next 50 years was to throw a ‘dinner party’ killing dozens because you couldn’t deal with the pain of losing her?” she paused for a second , pointing at Kai. “And why are you hanging out with him of all people ?!”
Kai had an amused look on his face.
“Oh , you think this is funny?” Y/N asked him. “May I remind you , none of this would be happening if you hadn’t put that spell on Elena.”
“Ouuchh.” Kai muttered.
Y/N couldn’t belive any of them at that moment. Damon was looking straight through her. It was like her words weren’t even being registered by him and Kai … well , he was Kai.
“Are you even listening to me Damon ?” she asked , a second later Damon had pinned her to the wall , his hand wrapped around her neck.
“Listen to me , you are better than this -” she started to say but was cut off by her brother.
“No , you listen to me. I am better like  this and I do not need you coming to my rescue because guess what - I don’t need to be rescued.” Damon hissed at her. Y/N rolled her eyes and pushed him away , sent him flying across the room.
“You  are the big brother Damon . You  are supposed to be looking after me , not the other way around.” she said just as Damon came after her again. This time punching a whole in her chest , wrapping his hand around her heart , queezing it. Y/N was struggling to breath.
“I never should’ve gone back for you in 1867. Turning you was the biggest mistake of my life.” Damon hissed.
Y/N felt as if the whole world has been turned upside down. Damon , her brother , the one who loved her so much and had convinced Stefan to go back for her … who always protected  her and looked after her even before he became a vampire… Her brother was gone. She had no idea who was standing in front of her. Tears filled her eyes , not because of the pain in her chest , but because her brother had shattered her heart with those words.
“Kill me , Damon. At least I will be free of you.” she said angrily , barely uttering the words. Her brother stared at her , his expression blank. “Go on. Do it! Kill me !” she raised her voice , a tear rolling down her cheek.

Kai who was enjoying the show until this point , suddenly got up muttering a spell reaching his hand. Damon screamed in pain , pulling his hand out of Y/N’s chest and holding his head as if it was about to explode.
“I think that’s enough…” Kai said , his voice scary calm.
“Stay out of this , creeper! ” Damon snapped back at him.
Up until this moment Kai was having fun watching them argue…but watching Damon break Y/N’s heart while also trying to literally rip it out of her chest ?  Damon had crossed a line. Before the merge Kai probably wouldn’t have cared at all what happens to Y/N , but now emotions got in the way. Y/N was always nicer to Kai than the others , always willing to listen at least while the others directly shut him out. She didn’t deserve to die , not like this. Not at the hands of her own brother.
“And they say I am the monster…” Kai muttered , flicking his wrist snapping Damon’s neck.  
Kai kneeled down next to Y/N who had a shocked look on her face. Who could blame her ? Her brother just tried to kill her. he thought and suddenly felt a peck of guilt for all the things he had done to his siblings , to Liv …
“Y/N , are you OK?” he asked , Y/N glaring at him in disbelief. “Right , dumb question.”
Kai looked at the girl standing before him unsure what to do. Emotions are so hard to navigate , he thought. A  moment later he sat on the floor down next to her and wrapped his arms around her as she started crying. The pain in her eyes made him feel helpless and he hated that. He also hated the fact he had no idea how to get her to stop crying.
“Do you want some ice cream or maybe chocolate ? In movies that usually helps … ” he asked but she just shook her head. Kai took a deep breath , deciding to take a different approach. “You know , he didn’t mean it. You are his little sister and I’m sure he loves you … even without his humanity.” he said gently brushing her a tear from her cheek.
Y/N looked at him through tears. Kai was last person Y/N had expected to ever comfort her , to make her feel safe but in this exact moment thats exactly how he made her feel. Safe. If it wasn’t for him , she’d probably be dead. She wrapped her hands around him and he hugged her tight. This feels nice.  she thought with a surprise , warmth spreading through her body.
“Thank you…for saving me.” she whispered.
“Any time.” he said rubbing her back.
They stood curled up on the floor for a while longer before Y/N’s breathing calmed down a little and her sobs stopped. Damon was starting to come back to life.Y/N wriggled out of Kai’s hands and stood up , taking a few steps towards the hidden vervain stash.
All of the sudden Kai felt empty. Not having her in his arms somehow felt wrong to him. He watched as she injected Damon with a concentrated dose of vervain and turned towards him , her eyes still filled with hurt.
“Do you mind umm… could you help me out with this , please ?” she asked pointing at Damon. Kai nodded and together they dragged Damon’s body down the cellar , locking him up in a cell.
Kai glanced at Y/N who had wrapped her hands around her chest , looking through the small window on top of the door at Damon’s body laying on the ground. He wanted to say something but words escaped him. Since when do I have trouble talking to girls?!  he thought. He followed Y/N upstairs and he watched as she poured herself a drink, looking around the living room.
THIS will have to wait until morning. she thought glancing for a moment at Kai.
Kai.. she thought a small smile across her face.
“I .. I should go.” he said heading towards the door.
Y/N hesitated for a split second. She still felt warmth on the inside … It was because of Kai , she knew it and she didn’t want him to go.
“Or you can stay ?” she said in quiet voice. Kai turned around looking at her. There was something in his eyes that had changed. “Please , stay… ” she asked again. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.”
“Yeah , sure.. If that’s what you want.” he said walking back towards her. Y/N could hear a smile in his voice. She poured another glass with bourbon and handed it to him but he refused. She sat on the sofa , Kai sitting next to her.
“You know something’s tickling at my mind.” she said trailing off. “Why did Damon leave any survivors? It’s very unlike him … ” she thought out loud.
A small smile showed up on Kai’s face. “Those weren’t Damon’s victims …”  he said , Y/N turning around with a surprised look on her face.
“Who would’ve thought…” she said , a smile on her face. Y/N snuggled closer to Kai and he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close. She listened to his breathing for a while before they both fell asleep , exhaustion catching up with them.

“Y/N , I’m home … ” Stefan said , freezing on the spot noticing all the dead bodies around the living room. “What the -” he started to say as his gaze fell on his little sister and Kai snuggled together on the sofa. He walked towards them , poking his little sister awake. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Stefan looking at her with a curious look , his eyes darting between her and Kai. “Care to explain what’s going on here ?” he asked.

Not A Good Father

(I hope this is whst you wanted annon who requestioned Patton angst.)

Patton wandered into Logan’s room after seeing his light was still on his late at night.

“You should go to bed.” Patton stated to the logical side.

“I’m just finishing a few things up.” Logan replied.

“It’s late, Lo.”

Logan turned around towards Patton wanting to tell him its only gonna take him a bit longer but then he saw Patton’s red rimmed eyes. “Are you okay, Pat?”

“Yeah.” Pattton replied his voice breaking.

“I’m not good with emotions but I don't  think you’re okay.”

“I’m fine, Lo.” Patton replied tears starting to leak out of his eyes.

Logan got up and directed Patton to his bed and forced him to sit down. Then, proceeded to rub circles in the other sides back.

“Whats wrong?” Logan asked again.

“I’m n-not doing  enough-h for you g-guys. Virgil and Rom-man are still figh-hting. Y-you are work-king so lat-te.” Patton explained in between sobs.

“Pat, none of that is your fault.”

“Bu-ut, I'm  the father figure.”

“Its not your job to be hard on yourself cause of us.” Logan explained.

“Ok-kay.” Patton replied starting to calm down. “Can I sleep here tonight, Lo?”


“Thanks, Lo.” Patton replied laying down on Logan’s bed.

Logan followed suit, but first turned off his room light and took off his glasses.

“Don’t you need to finished work?” Patton asked taking off his glasses.

“I’ll finish it tomarrow.” Logan replied putting his arms around patton.

EXO Wolf: Reaction to their children fighting and it’s getting serious

Xiumin: *Baekhyun is one of their children* “You can hit your sibling like that. Don’t get into that violent habit” 

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Luhan: *Gets in between the fight* “Hey hey hey! Be careful with my face! You don’t want your father to look like a beaten up wolf!!”

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Kris: Separate both of them and put them in different rooms in a time out. ”Children, you must learn how to control your power and temper. You can’t be a good wolf if you don’t learn how to control these things” 

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Suho: “Kids, I didn’t train you guys to fight with each other” 

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Lay: “Kids, please don’t be violent with each other even if you’re only playing, It hurts me to see you guys getting hurt” 

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Chen: “No no no. Kids go to your room. You kids are not speaking to each other until dinner” 

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Baekhyun: “What do you think you kids are doing? Mom is going to turn into a bad wolf if you continue this”

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Chanyeol: *SIt them down for a serious talk about hurting each other* “Understood?”

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D.O: *calm but a scary father* “So anything you want to tell me?”

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Tao: “I did not raise you kids to be violent towards anyone except our enemies”

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Kai: *explain to them why they shouldn’t fight with each other* “and that’s why you shouldn’t fight. Now we are not telling mom about this because she won’t give us bacon wrapped desserts for dinner”

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 Sehun: *You found out before sehun could even get to the children* “Shouldn’t have done that. Now mom is not going to give you guys desserts”

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{Reaction} EXO finding out another member is dating their sibling.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol.

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You tried your hardest to keep the fact you were dating Baekhyun a secret from Chanyeol, you really did.

The relationship started a few months back when Baekhyun asked you out with a grin and a bouquet of roses. Since then, you’ve been visiting the EXO dorms much more often, pretending like you’re really just missing your ‘brother dearest,’ but Chanyeol isn’t an idiot, and he’s noticed how Baekhyun is always lingering around you, hugging you much more now than he’s ever done. It wasn’t like you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information, but you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information. He was the most likely to accidentally spill it online, or say something in front of fans which could cause a lot of damage. But inevitably, he was going to find out, and when he did, you kind of wish you’d told him before.

Baekhyun: “We locked the door, didn’t we? I think I just heard Chanyeol downstairs.” *Pulls away from the kiss as you both sit on the sofa, his hands on your waist under your shirt.*

Chanyeol: “Hey {y/n}! Look at this awesome cat picture I f-” *eyes widen for a brief second before smirking.* “Oh… sorry, I didn’t realise you had company.”

Though honestly, Chanyeol is over the moon about the news since Baekhyun is one of his best friends and Chanyeol trusts him fully not to hurt. But oh boy if he does, Chanyeol won’t hold back.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

You didn’t really know how Kyungsoo would react to finding out that you’re dating Chanyeol. He’s a very supportive brother, so you supposed this would apply to this situation as well.

You know that Chanyeol and Kyungsoo have a very playful relationship, something that held the line between liking and annoying each other. For a little while, you made no attempt to tell Kyungsoo, unsure how to break the news to him, there was no casual way to inform him of this development in relationship.

Somewhat luckily, you don’t need to tell Kyungsoo, he finds out on his own accord. You don’t know if this is better or worse really. (But he doesn’t seem to be too fussed about it, if anything he’s happy you’ve found someone that makes you happy.)

Kyungsoo: “I know you’re dating” *Looks at you both with a raised eyebrow*

Chanyeol: “How do you know?”

Kyungsoo: “Next time you go to shove your tongue down {y/n}’s throat make sure you’re not stood next to a window.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by baehkkyun

Baekhyun isn’t stupid, he knows something has changed the second you come to see him after being out on the first date with Minseok the night before. He takes note of how you dance around the topic of the other members, so he plays on that, seeing who of his friends you’re trying to avoid talking about until he pins it on Minseok.

He’ll pull the confession out of you, he has his way and knows how to read you better than anyone else. He’d feel happy about the development, and excited that you’re dating someone he trusts.

Baekhyun: “Did he kiss you?”

{y/n}: “That’s private!”

Baekhyun: “Not to me, {y/n}.” *Smirking. Will take every opportunity to tease you.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exofetish

This is probably the most nerve wracking thing you’ve ever had to do. Tell your brother that you’re dating one of his best friends.

Luhan would tell you not to worry, and that even if Sehun wasn’t too happy about it at first then he would soon come around and realise how good this development is. You weren’t so sure, so you made Luhan come with you to make this daunting confession. When you finally break the news, Sehun reacted in a sarcastic way, added a bit of banter with Luhan, but really he’s happy for you. Like Luhan said, there’s really no need to worry, because Sehun secretly finds happiness in knowing that you’re dating Luhan, knowing that Luhan is the best man for you.

Sehun: “You’re dating Luhan? I see… I have a question… who is the ‘manly’ one in this relationship?” *Smirking.*

Luhan: “That’s funny, coming from someone who can’t last longer than eleven minutes in bed.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

As expected, Yixing wasn’t bothered at all when he found out that you were dating Kim Jongin. He’d respond sweetly, more than likely giving you a hug and congratulating you on the situation, knowing how happy Jongin would make you.

He’s also the kind of person to be obvlious to certain things, such as when the bedroom door is closed he definitely shouldn’t come in. But despite all of that, he’s the sweetest and supports you through everything. If you and Jongin meet a rough patch, he isn’t going to take sides or get angry at either of you, instead he’ll just be there to support you both when you need it.

Yixing: “I only have one condition if you’re going to date him.”

{y/n}: “Which is?”

Yixing: “I’m still the best dancer you know.”

{y/n}: “Always, brother.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae will more than likely be the most whiny about the situation. He wouldn’t understand why you wanted to date Sehun of all the men you could choose from on the world.

It’s not that he’s unsupportive, but he doesn’t like the idea of change, or the thought of you two breaking up because that would more than likely cause a lot of tension. But after a while, and a lot of persuading by you, he starts to see the upside to the situation and will eventually see the best points and will do everything he can to support and help you both. But he will back away if you tw hit a rough patch, he doesn’t like being caught up in the complications.

Jongdae: “… And one more thing, if you guys dare go in my room I will have your heads.”

Sehun: “Right… noted for future reference.”

Jongdae: “What do you mean future reference? You haven’t done anything in there already have you?”

Sehun: “Uh… No?” *Terrible liar*

Jongdae: “I hate you both.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by parkchny

Being the sometimes maturest and oldest member of EXO, he doesn’t really have much of a reaction when you tell him that you’re dating Kyungsoo. He’d be happy for the two of you, because he knows how much you can offer for each other.

Often, after being on tour he’d let you know how Kyungsoo is doing and if he’s keeping well. Sometimes he’d call to let you know what mood Kyungsoo is in before he comes home so you can prepare him a hot drink and a movie he likes to soothe his agitated nerves or tiredness.

But Minseok isn’t always going to be so kind and considerate, sometimes he’ll let his less mature side know and tease you both, just because he loves the way you both blush.

Minseok: “Kyungsoo-ah, I know you have the power of strength, but you and I both know who’s really the strongest here. Take that as future warning if you decide to hurt {y/n}” *Smiling ‘sweetly’*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by laygion

Tao isn’t going to hold back his annoyance when he find out you’re dating Yixing.

It’s not the fact that you’re dating Yixing that upsets him, it’s the fact that you didn’t tell him into quite a way into the relationship. He’d be annoyed and would probably give you both the silent treatment for at least a week until you persuade him to talk this out (with the help of Wu Yifan.)

Once he gets over the fact you kept it a secret from him for so long, he’d be happy for you both, and it would probably bring him and Yixing closer together once they’re seeing so much more of each other. It would also help that you all speak Chinese fluently since Tao struggles with his Korean sometimes.

Tao: “From now on, I want you to tell me everything, okay?”

{y/n}: “There’s probably a few things you don’t want to know about…”

Tao: “No, I want to know it- oh wait… yeah, I don’t want to know every detail.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by 89ner

Suho is really happy when he find out you’re dating Kris, mainly because he knows how much you both need a relationship.

He knows how stressful it is to be the leader of EXO, and since Kris is the leader of EXO M, Suho knows that Kris will need the support that you can offer him after long days. And likewise, he knows how hard you work as well. He knows that you’d need each other to pull through.

But we all know how savage Suho can be, so he’s going to take every opportunity to sass you both.

Suho: “Thanks {y/n}, you’ve stolen Kris from me, now I have to look after all 10 kids on my own.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Luhan isn’t really going to be bothered when you tell him that you’re dating Tao. He’d be happy for you, mainly because you didn’t steal his Xiumin Hyung.

He’d probably spend most of his time teasing you when he’s hanging out with you and Tao, just to poke fun since he knows Tao will react to it.

Luhan: “I don’t know why you date him, {y/n}, he can’t even watch scary movies without crying.”

Tao: “Hey Luhan, you should probably remember who’s the martial arts expert in here.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kairamelo

Jongin doesn’t notice anything is different, even when you’ve been dating Jongdae for a while, even after walking in you you both countless times in different sometimes awkward positions. (for example, that time Jongdae had you pinned against the wall, or time time you were sat on his knee, cuddling him as you watched a movie.)

When you finally break the news to Jongin, a look of realisation seems to hit him.

He is happy for you though, but he’s the best for being oblivious to things, you will get let off for so much.

Kai: “I can’t believe how loud you were.”

{y/n}: “Uh… I can explain.”

Kai: “Yeah, please do. Why would you jump on the dorm beds? They’re not bouncy castles! And if the manager finds out he won’t be happy.”

{y/n}: “You thought we were jumping on the beds?”

Kai: “Well what else would you be doing to make that much noise?”

{y/n}: “…”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by jinful

Kris is going to be very happy when he finds out you’re dating Suho. But you’d be nervous confessing that to him at first as you wouldn’t know how he’d respond to this development, but in the end he reacts much better than you imagined.

Kris would tease you both undoubtedly, but most of all he’d be happy that you’re happy.

Kris: “As long as you’re happy, {y/n} then I am too.”

Addewid (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,416

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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More BenRex Headcanons

Havent talked about my boys in a while so here we go

-Rex and Ben play through opposite versions of the Pokemon games and get really competitive about it. Rex picks the ‘Red’ versions (Red, Gold, Ruby, Pearl, White, W2, Y, Sun) while Ben picks the 'Blue’ versions (Blue Silver Sapphire Diamond Black B2 X Moon).

- The two hold arm wrestling contests weekly between each other and Rex wind normally but it’s a tie when Ben uses an alien.

-Ben goes to an alternative online high school to get his diploma and Rex helps him with his homework

-Rex and Ben take naps almost daily and Rex is the big spoon

-Rex has a stamina level to be feared

- Rex can instantly see through albedo when he pretends to be Ben

- Ben sneaks up behind rex and tackle him from time to time but rex is a wall and barely budges

- Ben feels guilty about dating Rex because he knows he is ultimately going to be with Kai.

- Paradox explains that with Rex coming and going between universes as he pleases has created a separate branch of the time line and tells Ben that his future is his to make. However this means he is also no longer prime Ben. Ben is oddly ok with this.

-Rex wants to meet alternate versions of himself but paradox says he can’t which makes him sad

-“Not gonna lie but you being evil sounds kinda hot” “REX!!!” “I’m kidding I’m kidding”

-“Older you is a total Dilf” “Rex if you say that one more time I swear..”

- The two have daily smoothie dates

- Rex leans on Ben most of the time of hes not doing that they’re holding hands

- Ben steals kisses from Rex all the time.

Haven't made an angsty headcanon post in a while, so

Ninja frequent nightmares headcanons

Kai: Nightmares he can’t explain about his sister dying, and he’s not able to do anything about it (hint: it’s a subconscious memory from the alternate timeline)

Jay: Has a lot of nightmares about his time with the Sky Pirates, and probably a lot about all the Ninjas leaving him alone

Zane: Still occasionally has nightmares about the ice dragon going rogue

Cole: Has a lot of nightmares about fading away and/or being alone

Nya: Definitely has nightmares about the tiger widow venom incident

Lloyd: holy SHIT where do I begin
- Has nightmares about getting trapped in the Temple of Fire when he was little, which got worse after Morro possessed him due to Morro actually dying in the Caves of Despair
- Has nightmares about all his battles with the Overlord
- Has nightmares about having his powers drained and leaving the Ninjas helpless
- Has nightmares about sending his father to the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about leaving his father in the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about Morro possessing him and making him fight his friends again
- Has nightmares about someone attacking his friends/family and he can’t do anything to help
- Poor kid has a lot of nightmares
- Protect this child