hi guys im finally back and i bring kaiai gifs


so i was listening to this episode of the tachivan radio show and at some point kai’s seiyuu mentioned wanting a dragonic overlord kigurumi to exist and honestly so do i

Rewrite {RЯ} Яeverse [Link Joker OP, Override ver.]

It took a long time to finally get Vegas sorted after jumping laptops [a newer version at that!], and longer to hoist out of a very deep rut, but the fire came back to write a few weeks back, and had been wanting to do something with the song since seeing some wonderful Fate/Grand Order MADs, which wound up leaning on a lot [or replicating, in a lot of places]. Also a couple of notes beneath cut might explain some things. It’s been too long and two days work paid off with this, so hope you enjoy!

“Requiem of Truth” - Ayane

Cardfight!! Vanguard © Akira Itou, Bushiroad, TV Aichi, etcetc.
11eyes  © Lass, Doga Kobo, etcetc.

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