Person: so what did you learn from the new season of Ninjago?


  • That actions have consequences, 
  • You should always be careful what you wish for
  • That you will always be stronger as a team
  • You should never let anyone but you define who you are
  • You are stronger than you think
  • Wishing for something does not make it happen
  • Friends come from all walks of life
  • Sibling bonds can never be broken 
  • You must learn to except yourself for who you are
  • That there is always a way out
  • The best way to defeat your enemy is to become their friend
  • Girl power is truly a powerful thing
  • Your family are the ones who take care of you
  • You can be happy with nothing 
  • Wisdom will come in time
  • Face your insecurities head on
  • Stick together as a team
  • Love can make you do crazy things
  • Money wont always make you happy
  • If you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen
  • Trust your heart 
  • Fame is not always the best thing
  • The ones we love are never truly gone
  • Even the most powerful can feel pain
  • Never hide your inner feelings 
  • We control our own destines and futures 
  •  And true love will always win in the end.

Person: WOW, there’s that, but i was gonna say that Kai’s hair DOES look awesome!

Gold Chain
  • Gold Chain
  • KAi Sky Walker
  • New Mind | Old Soul [Chapter I]

Budding Vancouver emcee KAi Sky Walker unleashes his highly anticipated New Mind | Old Soul [Chapter 1] project, the first instalment in his innovative series that will see him explore and combine various genres over the next 12-18 month period, showcasing his talent and versatility as an artist.  Chapter 1, dubbed “Indie Bass” consists of eerie samples of Lykke Li, Chelsea Wolfe, and Blueneck infused with heavy bass and 808s, provided by frequent collaborator Astor.  Download the 4-track project for free through www.KAiSkyWalker.com today.  Enjoy and stay tuned for much more from this young artist on the rise!

Watch on eyeforeye.tumblr.com

Check out this video I shot and directed for KAi entitled “gold”. With full HD so easily accessible these days as well as many other movie magic tricks with software and fx, it’s easy to be distracted and even worse, lied to. Not placing ourselves above anybody else’s work but this time around we wanted to minimize the bullshit and give you a raw performance in one take. The original joint features Spark Master Tape (USA) but KAi went dolo on this one and in my humble opinion, killed this shit. Are you not entertained?