OK I've had enough.

Im incredibly disappointed in everyone who is sending hate to Tao just for what he said especially when all of you have misinterpreted what he said for fucks sake. 


I don’t understand how y’all can hate him for him feeling alone because he wasn’t by his mothers side. 

I honestly dislike how you guys are saying stuff like “what about EXO?” “Wow so EXO was nothing to you?” “Didn’t you call Suho mom?” WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU? 

Just because his friends were there doesn’t mean he won’t miss his mom. His freaking family. Calling Suho mom doesn’t make Suho his actually mother. I myself understand what its like to be far away from my mother for a long time maybe not for four years but it was almost half a year away from her. 

Just because my friends were around me always keeping me company I still felt alone. It feels terrible to be away from your family for so long and no one and I mean NO ONE can ever replace the feeling of happiness of your own mother being by your side. So don’t you dare hate on Tao for missing his precious mom. How would you like it if you were separated from your mom for four years? It would be lonely wouldn’t it? 

Im just really done with all of this hate and drama and It hurts me to see it because I know what it feels like. I just really wish people would realize how hurtful they are being. Get your facts straight before saying negative things to someone who has done nothing wrong.

First night (Kai)

,,I’ll make this night special. You will never want anyone else to fuck you”

,,Just don’t be shy and moan my name as much as you want”


,,That’s right, babe”

,,Damn, you feel so incredibly good”

exo reaction to waking up next to you for the first time in your new apartment


“Jagi we can wake up next to each other every day after this.” *Overwhelmed with excitement*

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“Wake up! We have to shop for furniture today.”

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“You’re even more beautiful in the morning.”

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“Good morning baobei.”

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“How does this outfit look for today?” 

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Sehun: (You are Chanyeol) 

“Is she ever going to wake up?”

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The two of you hadn’t bought a real bed yet, so he slept on the couchwhile you fell asleep on the floor. “You could’ve slept here jagi, it was very comfortable.”

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*Falls asleep again after greeting you*

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“This bed is perfect. You’re perfect. I slept perfect…” *Goes on listing things for a good 5 minutes* 

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*Talks about your new apartment to the members* 

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 *Misses Sehun*

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“I can’t wait to wake up like this tomorrow.” 

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I, sometimes, feel like EXO-Ls are too infested/invested in the group - so much that it’s not just an interest or a hobby anymore.  That’s probably how EXO peaked so early; they were able to capture fans’s attention.  But what was once a remedy is now poison.  Everyone feels like they have dedicated so much of their time to stanning and supporting EXO that we earned and deserved the right to have a say in their life - kinda like how you worked your booty off for the foundation of a new company and now you feel like you earned a share in stocks.  (っ- ‸ – ς)  So, maybe, we all just need to take this moment to take a step back and recognize that we are their supporters - not girlfriends or friends or share holders, or owners. Just supporters, which means they count on us to give them strength…so we can’t be fighting amongst ourselves and leaving negative comments on their SNS - or else they feel that we are turning on them.  They’ll forever be standing on the edge of the cliff.  You guys wonder why Tao has kept his mouth shut?  One. Either SM or his representatives are muting him.  or Two. We did this to him.  Every single time he has spoken his opinion about something, people flood him with hate and death threats.  It scares him.  Though, he’s probably accepted that whatever he says will be twisted negatively, but this time it’s a more serious situation.  It’s something revolving a group - a family he spent years training and bonding with.  It’s about his health - both mentally and physically.  It’s about his parents, at home, who have stained their own reputation to speak up for their son - who don’t ever get to even see their son for more than two days out of a year.  HIS choice, right now, may affect fans momentarily.  We will cry.  We will fight.  We will hurt.  But his choice, right now, may/will affect him for the rest of his music career and even for his whole life because remember his doctor’s report said that his ankle will never fully heal…

໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७

So, I hope, as more mature fans, especially since we can never change others (this goes for life in general), that we try our hardest to just flood the EXO members with lots of love so they realize that not all of us will turn our backs on them for being humans.  

Reminder that this was ZiTao’s homescreen/lockscreen:

Please understand that we mean the world to him (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) but sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned and circumstances drive us away from the things we love and more to responsibilities for our own health and the mentality of our parents.  We don’t know the whole story; probably never will.  So please, give Tao the benefit of the doubt even if you don’t agree with his decision.  Thank you.  

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Regarding Zitao "leaving" EXO

I am actually really fucking angry with the comments on Tao’s IG.

First off there are so many people comparing his situation to Yifan’s (Kris’s) even though their circumstances are nothing alike. Tao said that he felt betrayed by Yifan leaving because he’d already done it once, come back and promised he wouldn’t leave again, only to leave a couple of months later without saying a word to anyone. Tao left on medical grounds, and even though SM said they were still negotiating their way around the situation, I think its safe to presume that Tao isn’t coming back to EXO and the negotiations fell short on finding a solution in which he would return. It was obvious that Tao was very close to Yifan, and so only natural that he felt betrayed when he left without a word - now I’m not saying that Yifan was entirely in the wrong, in fact I fully support both him and Lu Han in all that they do, but there could have been better ways to leave than how he did.

Second of all, the amount of emotionally manipulative comments is astounding. There are so many “I believe you won’t leave because you wouldn’t want to hurt us, right oppa?” Comments that it actually makes me feel sick. We all know how much Tao loved being in EXO, and that he argued with his dad to be able to stay in the band (something which is highly frowned upon in East Asia because family is such a big part of their culture), so imagine how hard it is for him to leave. Tao isn’t stupid, he knows people are going to feel hurt and betrayed by his actions because he most likely feels like he’s hurting and betraying what he wants to do with his life, but he has to put his well being ahead of what he wants to do and ahead of what his fans want him to do. It actually kind of amazes me how many of his fans aren’t willing to support him if he’s not in EXO even though staying would cause further injury to his leg ligaments and could lead to permanent damage making him unable to dance.

Finally I want to talk about the hate in the comments. There are so many “I hate you”’s it actually makes my heart bleed. If you’re going to leave a hate comment (Which you shouldn’t do because we don’t know what Tao’s going through right now) at least make it constructive or give a reason for it. I can understand why people are angry and upset, heck even I’m upset that he’s leaving, but at least state why you’re upset so that he can actually understand why he’s getting hate.

Tao has been through a lot over the years, but its so painfully obvious how much he loves being in EXO and how much he loves and appreciates his fans. If Tao really has left (Which hasn’t been confirmed but is most likely the case now), then its not because it was the easy way out or because he wanted to leave, but because it was simply the only way out. Because his physical body can’t handle the stress of being an idol, because one wrong move and he can’t dance anymore, because he’s a grown man who made a decision based on his long term future and not is immediate one.

I just want to say as a last thing, that Huang Ziao, no matter what I will always support you, just like I support Wu Yifan and just like I support Lu Han. Stay or leave, I trust that you can make the best decision for you, and as long as you are happy and healthy than I will always support that.

我爱你 Huang Zitao