EXO as people in a group chat.
  • Xiumin: Leaves everyone on read.
  • Luhan: Sends pictures of his cat.
  • Kris: Asks for fashion advice. Doesn't take it.
  • Suho: Sends EVERY lame joke he finds. No one is amused. Only reason he's still in the group is because he's group admin.
  • Lay: Never online. Always confused what the conversation is about.
  • Baekhyun: Recounts every stupid thing he's done. Ever.
  • Chen: Speaks entirely in memes. CAP LOCKS.
  • Chanyeol: Too many emojis.
  • D.O: Kind of just stalks the conversation. Only comes out from hiding when someone points out he's just reading.
  • Tao: Comes online occasionally to talk shit about someone.
  • Kai: Always complaining that he's hungry.
  • Sehun: Sends pictures of his dog.
EXO react to you listening to rap/rock music

Thank y’all for these requests! Thought it would make sense to combine them so here we go:

Sehun:*after he discovered that you do indeed like rap music, even though you’d denied it blue in the face, he used it as an excuse to show off his rap skills. He’d appear behind your shoulder at least twice daily to promote his imaginary mixtape or rap in your ear about his mixtape*

S:“Since you’re so fond of rap, buy my mixtape please, Y/N.”

Y/N:“You haven’t got one after 5 years, what makes you think SM’s gonna give you one now?”


Kai:*definitely surprised when you eventually tell him your guilty pleasure is rock music, but he doesn’t mind listening to it. Tbh he actually quite likes it and he finds it makes a change to the music he usually listens to aka the weeknd can you believe kai invented the weeknd*

i didnt know what gif to use so have this pureness

Tao:*confused when he walked past your room and saw you sat on the bed listening to rap music and chilling. Mainly confused because you supposedly hate this kind of music, but he saw this as a chance to introduce you to some bomb rappers*

“If you like rap music you should check out this rapper, his name is Z.Tao. Thank you, bye”

D.O:*he was kinda taken aback when you said you like rock music, especially since you’d hated on it many times before. But eh, it didn’t make any difference to him except that he now chooses music for sex otherwise you’ll be banging to metallica or smth*

Chanyeol:*honestly he didn’t think rock music would be your kind of thing, but when he said you could choose the music in the car one day his eyes were opened. He couldn’t help but start laughing out of surprise which you kindly didn’t appreciate*

Chen:*was more than glad to show you his own rocker skills when you admitted your secret love for this kind of music. Got pretty butthurt though when you sat on the couch looking unimpressed after his private performance*

“Want another kind of private performance? ;)”

Baekhyun:*oh boy the teasing and mockery would basically never end when Baek found you listening to rap music. The teasing might not have been that bad had you not ranted about your hate of Kanye West literally earlier that same day*

“How’s my little rockstar today?”

Lay:*really surprised when he heard you listening to hard rock and lowkey screamo music, and then started insisting he could do it and that he was scary too which was so adorable that you struggled to function*

Suho:*didn’t care that you liked rock music, didn’t make any difference to him. The only thing he didn’t approve of was the song you’d chosen as your alarm ringtone - it was so loud and scared him so much when he woke up to it he fell off the bed*

Kris:*he walked into your room and pulled your headphones off to see what you were listening to only to hear Juice blasting through. Considering the way you’d dismissed the song when it came out, it was a bit of a surprise to him*

K:“Thought I wasn’t your style”

Y/N:“Make that joke and I’m removing this from my playlist”

did i just make that joke end me make me delete my account

Luhan:*saw you lying on the couch with headphones in and wanted to hear what you were listening to so he unplugged them from your phone. Over the protesting coming from you he heard heavy rock and a song he didn’t once think you’d enjoy listening to so he backed away out of the room*

“Well this is mildly terrifying”

Xiumin:*since he thinks you’re the softest bun like him, he was shocked when he heard you listening to Drake. But he didn’t give a damn, because it’s just a music taste, but he did use it as an excuse to tease you lowkey*

“Yknow I’m pretty sure Drake got a lapdance…”

I don’t own the gifs, credit to respective owners

EXO Reacts to: Crush doing a sexy dance

Request: Hello~~ I know this is really weird request (•///•) but could you make an exo reaction to their crush having a sexy dance a them getting turned on and when she finishes and talks to them alone she says something like “don’t think I didn’t see that. You don’t actually have to hold back. I want you too”


He was trying to control himself through out watching your sexy dance. Minseok couldn’t deny that he was extremely turned on by it, but of course he didn’t want you to know that. However, when he found out you wanted him as much as he wanted you, he wouldn’t hesitate to kiss you fiercely (and your actions would move forward from there).

‘You have no idea what you do to me Y/N.’

Originally posted by misskpopforever


Attempting to be a man, he would try his best to hide how much he wanted you right now. But his attempts were proven useless when you told him not to hold back. He’ll then prove to you how much of a man he his throughout the night.

‘Don’t tease me like that ever again.’

Originally posted by meiren-menglu


If anyone else looked at him they wouldn’t notice how turned on he was, his face stuck in a stern expression; but you notice the way he played with his fingers and continuously bounced his leg up and down impatiently. Once the two of you were alone he wouldn’t even need encouraging, he’d have you against the wall immediately.

‘Do you think this is funny?’

Originally posted by galaxychen


Once the two of you are alone he’ll tease you endlessly, pretending he didn’t know what you were talking about. But, when you get up to leave he yanks you back down to sit on his lap, dominating you for the rest of the evening.

‘It’s not nice being teased is it?’

Originally posted by irpsychotic


He’s completely awestruck by your dance, but he tries to hide his growing bulge so he doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Once you reveal you want him too he’ll grab the sides of your face and meet your lips with his.

‘You’re so sexy Y/N.’

I had to put this gif

Originally posted by koreanwaves


Smirks as he watches you dance, doesn’t even try to hide how much you’re turning him own. The two of you were already aware of the feelings you had for each other, so it wasn’t awkward. When the two of you are alone he’ll wrap his arms around you and stroke your hips, placing sloppy kisses along your neck.

‘That was really something baby girl.’

Originally posted by littlebyuns


Leans forward, watching you intently while chewing his lip. He was eager to get you alone but didn’t want to show his eagerness in front of everyone. Once everyone had left and you straddle his lap he learned to control his nerves and leans over you on the couch.

‘I can’t control myself around you Y/N.’

Originally posted by rxxbinc


He’s a shy awkward mess while watching your dance, failing to cover the blush on his cheeks. But his mood changes immediately when he finally get you alone. He holds on to the back of your to your neck, his other hand in your waist as he whispers in your ear.

‘What am I going to do with you Y/N?’

Originally posted by scartic


He pretends to be emotionless and goes to leave with the rest of the group until you grab his wrist, turning him around. He’s confused at first but once your intentions are clear he won’t be able to hide the small smile on his face, his lips will be on yours in a second.

‘Y/N you’re amazing.’

Originally posted by sekaisoosgirl


His cheeks are flushed but he tries to play it off by acting cool, you can easily see through his facade. He runs his fingers through your hair as you straddle his lap, he grins when you say the words ‘I want you too’ and harshly kisses you whilst groping your ass. The two of you are in for a long night.

‘The things you do to me Y/N.’

Originally posted by pockysooo


Apart from being horny as fuck, Jongin is completely relaxed, aware that you were as horny as him. He doesn’t need to be told twice, as soon as you whisper ‘I want you’ he’ll be all over you within a second.

‘Are you sure you can handle me princess?’

Originally posted by itjustcomesautomatic


He cannot take his eyes off you. Watching the way your hips moved, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander. His hands would be touching you everywhere the moment he got you alone, he wouldn’t be able to stay away from you.

'Who knew my innocent Y/N could be so sexy?’

Originally posted by r-velvets

anonymous asked:

Hello~~ can you do exo reactions when they see their s/o talks in english with someone or on the phone? She is not korean and her native language is also not english^^ thankyou so much love

(I included former members because they are still in my exo-m(emory))


Xiumin would be super impressed! Before you started talking on the phone he would just be talking about whatever the topic was beforehand, but once you started speaking English he would suddenly quiet down and be super surprised and impressed that his s/o knew so many languages. 


Luhan would probably be super happy and proud when he heard you speaking in English and would probably start considering learning it properly just to make sure you weren’t talking shit behind your back (not that you ever would( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ))


Kris would probably be a little shit when he heard you start speaking English cause he can too and he’d probably be like one of those annoying friends who’d start making random sex noises or saying things like “Come back to bed”, “Smoke another blunt with me” or “Wow, you’re so good at downing shots” just to ruin your convo. 


Suho would probably suddenly go quiet once you started speaking and just concentrate on trying to pick up on what you were saying. Once you were done he’d probably be gushing all over the place about how his wonderful s/o has so many linguistic talents like a proud mother hen. 


Lay would just be sitting there dumbfounded until you finished your conversation and just go, “so how many languages do you know exactly and why are there so damn many!” before just sitting back and being impressed.


Since Baekhyun couldn’t really understand what you were saying, he’d eventually start to get bored before putting on his up-to-no-good face and start teasing you by tickling you until it would end up with you screeching for help on the phone because Baekhyun and his damn fingers are too good at tickling and ending up traumatising the other person on the phone.


Chen is a little shit too, so when you started speaking on the phone he’d pretend to be some sort of translator and start translating random words he could understand before just randomly guessing what you were saying. Once you finally finished your phone call he’d ask you what you said and celebrate when he got something right.  


You would probably just be on the phone with your brother or male friend and just talking to them casually while Chanyeol sat beside you listening in on your conversation. When you suddenly burst out in laughter because of a joke or something, Chanyeol would probably go into jealous-puppy mode and start wondering if the other person was saying something they probably shouldn’t. 


To be honest, D.O would probably just sit there patiently and wait for you to finish your convo. He might have occasionally wondered what you were talking about, but wouldn’t really question it as he has faith in that his s/o would never talk shit about him. 


Tao would probably start acting silly af and making weird faces at you so you couldn’t concentrate on what you were talking about. Once you finished your convo you’d probably start yelling at him to stop doing that but he’d only reply with, “you love that about me.”.


Kai would totally go into puppy mode and be super impressed to see his s/o so good at so many languages. Later on he’d probably ask you to teach him some stuff in both English and your native tongue and continue to be impressed. 


Sehun would just sit there all quiet until you finish your phone call before facing him and asking, “impressed?” when he doesn’t say anything. He’d then scoff and obviously lie, “nah, I know even more languages than that, I was just thinking how I need to give you some English lessons” (when it’s obvious that he needs some from you). 

(I hope you liked it!)

{Reaction} When another member walks in on you and EXO having sex

exo reaction to another member walking in on them having sex with their s/o? 

Note: I had a lot of fun writing this one, please enjoy. Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.  

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist  

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by beautyeol

Chanyeol cringed as he heard the sound of the door opening behind him. There was no mistaking what you and he had been doing, especially when he was fully exposed on top of you. He grabbed the blanket, bringing it over your bodies as Minseok stepped in.

Minseok: “Chanyeol I was wondering if- oh… uh, sorry.” *Leaves quickly as possible, though also looking somewhat smug.*

Chanyeol: “Aish, I’m never going to hear the end of this…”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O. 

Originally posted by exoyouaredrunk

Chanyeol had walked in on you and Kyungsoo during a very intimate time, and was not about to let this up anytime soon. After you left, he want to sit with Kyungsoo in the living room, not getting the hint that he was unwanted company when Kyungsoo glared at him. 

Chanyeol: “You were not just sleeping! Your hand was here on her, like this” *Grabs Kyungoo’s hand to show him.*

Kyungsoo: *Pulls his hand away* “Speak of this to anyone and I’ll smother you in your sleep.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by dubustelly

Baekhyun was so sure he had locked the bedroom door, but obviously he hadn’t, and that was proven when Suho decided to walk in.

Suho: “Baekhyun have you seen {y/n}…” *Smirks when he sees you and him in the bed.* “Ah, that’s why I couldn’t find her.” *Smirking to himself as he leaves.”

{y/n}: “He’s never going to let it drop, is he?”

Baekhyun: “Worth it.” *Starts kissing you again.*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun didn’t even think to lock the bedroom door before pushing you up against it. He was far too in the mood to be even thinking rationally at this point. After throwing you down on the mattress and climbed on top of you, that was when Luhan decided to make his not perfectly timed entrance.

Luhan: “Oh God! The maknae is no longer innocent! {y/n} what have you done?!”

Sehun: “Get out before I literally kill you.”

Luhan: “What if all I wanted was to join in” *winks*

Sehun: “Get. Out.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by elaysium

Lay was tired by the time he had got back from dance practice, but he still wanted to do things with you. So it was a matter of lazy sex, but it still felt amazing. You could feel yourself nearing your orgasm when the lock of the door clicked and someone stepped inside.

Jongdae: “Oh that was why the door was - locked - yep, okay…” *Awkwardly leaves*

Yixing: “Well that will teach him to leave locked doors, locked.” *Smirks.*

{y/n}: “Just shut up and let me finish~”

Yixing: “As you wish, baobei”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by clair-voyances

Chen thought all of the other members would be out all day due to different photo shoots and recordings. What he didn’t account for was that an unwell Kai has stayed back, still fast asleep in his dorm full of sickness as everyone else left for the day. When you came over, you and Jongdae found yourselves getting rather intimate on the sofa, and practically jumped when Kai finally emerged.

Kai: “Jongdae- ah what are you… what are you doing?! I am never sitting on that sofa again!” *Leaves, covering his eyes.*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Xiumin didn’t bother to knock the door. The other members saw the two of you leaving to come upstairs, so it was pretty obvious what he was planning to do with you. But of course, out adorable, innocent maknae wasn’t quite so aware, and found himself stepping on dangerous territory from the moment he stepped in the bedroom.

Sehun: “Umin Hyung, do you and {y/n} want some dinner, Kai is order- Oh…”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao, lucky for him, was not in that much of a mess when Kris walked in. he had his hands under your shirt, his had already been pulled off, but your fingers were hooked around the loops of his jeans, an obvious intention.

Kris: “Ah well done Tao, you’re finally-” *Teasing, and smirking*

Tao: “Get out before I hurt you.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kyungsoo had walked in on you and Suho in the bedroom, and it seemed to be a never ending spiral of blackmail. Suho had begged Kyungsoo not to tell anyone in the band, (especially Chanyeol, who is the worst secret keeper during interviews and on the internet), but Kyungsoo wasn’t going to keep his mouth shut without a price, and often found your misfortune highly amusing.

Suho: “Kyungsoo- ah, will you pass me that please?”

Kyungsoo: “Is that a love mar-”

Suho: “FINE, I’ll get it myself.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by ludork

Luhan is pretty craft when it comes to things like this. So when he heard Baekhyun bounding down the hall, he instructed you to lie under the bedcover  on your stomach. So when Baekhyun finally pushed the door open, you couldn’t be seen under the blanket.

Baekhyun: “Is {y/n} not in here? I thought I heard her. I need her opinion on something.”

Luhan: “Sorry, I can’t help you, I have no idea where she is.”

Baekhyun: “Damn. Okay, thanks anyway.” *Leaves*

Luhan: “Baobei, how about you stay down there and blow it like a flute~”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by jngn-km

Kai was happy enough with you in the bedroom until Yixing decided to walk in at the mos inappropriate time. Kai had been so close and Yixing’s puppy dog eyes was not helping at all.

Yixing: “I’m sorry… I didn’t realise- I uh… bye.” *Leaves*

Kai: “Aish I can’t be mad at him…”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by yooneroos

Kris had been having a really rough day as it was, and now he was finally back at the dorms with you, he needed to release the stress that had been building up over the day, but of course, being in EXO is never really quite that simple.

Tao: “Kris, I need help with something!” *Banging on the locked door.*

Kris: “Tao, I suggest you leave right now or I will end you!”

anonymous asked:

Hi... Um can you do a Exo reaction to them reacting u asking them for a boob/butt massage...?

Xiumin: He bit his lip, quirking his brow suggestively. “Whatever my lady wants, my lady shall have.” what a gentleman

Originally posted by senpai-sisters

Luhan (ex-member): He laughed awkwardly, tongue swiping across his lower lip. “Was that a joke or …?” He couldn’t hide the hopefulness in his voice.

Originally posted by dawnlus

Kris (ex-member): Considering the size of his hands, he was not too surprised by the obsession you had formed on them. You always asked to hold his hand, for back massages, now this. He didn’t know if he liked this kink of yours or not but if it meant he could touch your boobs/butt then he saw no reason to complain.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Suho: Blushing cherry red, he chuckled, wondering if you were serious.

Lay: This precious cinnamon roll thought that it was your time of the month and were in pain so without even a second thought to the request, he was massaging you and asking if you wanted some soothing tea as well.

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun: At first he was shy but then, not wanting to let the opportunity pass him by, he got to work quickly.

Originally posted by sefuns

Chen: Being the tease that he is, Jongdae put on an over dramatic show – “Aish, you always think about your needs! Why should I listen to your orders just like that?” Honestly, he just wanted to make you beg.

Originally posted by sassy-osh


Originally posted by kpop-rose

D.O: Sighing, he rubbed his temples to calm himself down. After a hard day of dance practice and dealing with idiots (Baekhyun) he had been hoping that you would offer him a massage. “Maybe some other day,” he promised, “if you massage me today.”

Tao (ex-member): He was excited but also nervous, having never given a boob/butt massage before.

Originally posted by baek-tao-the-future

Kai: Licking his lips, he scrunched his nose at you like a hungry wolf. “Who am I to deny my woman’s needs?” he asked.

Originally posted by drawien

Sehun: Sprawled out across your shared bed, his lanky limbs strewn everywhere, he lazily turned over to give you a pointed look. “No. Why should I? The dinner you made today was weak but if you do a better job tomorrow, maybe I’ll think about it.” But his front only lasted for a second, until you ran your hand up his thigh. Then he was back to being a horny little shit again.

Originally posted by sehunijjang

EXO react to you lifting their shirt in your sleep

Thank you :3333

Sehun:*was still awake and on his phone with you curled up by his side when he felt you pulling his tshirt up and your warms hands on his stomach. He was wondering what the hell you were doing before he realised you were asleep and kinda stared at you confused*

Kai:*very conflicted feelings when you lifted his shirt up and hugged his waist. Like, it was incredibly hot but cute and he ended up smiling into the darkness and fell asleep with his arm around you*

Tao:*wasn’t about to complain when you pushed his shirt up and put a hand on his stomach in your sleep and he got all giggly and cocky and cute. You whined at him to stop, or that’s what he thought you said, so he tried his hardest to stfu* 

he a ray of sunshine istg

D.O:*couldn’t handle the adorableness when you lifted his shirt and gently stroked your hand along his abdomen. You had him completely flustered and in full squish mode, but he managed to calm down enough to put his arm around you, kiss the top of your head and go to sleep*

Chanyeol:*was half asleep when he felt your cold hand on his chest and he jumped at the touch. Although your hand was freezing he struggled through it so he wouldn’t disturb you and tried to sleep*

Chen:*peeked his eyes open when he felt you shift only to see you bunching his tshirt up and lay a hand on his chest. He smirked and reached for his phone to take a picture, blinded himself with the brightness of the screen so gave up and cuddled closer to you instead*

Baekhyun:*you were curled up beside him, head on his chest sleeping. Then he felt you lifting his shirt and resting your palm on his stomach, and smirked and started stroking you in places, thinking you were trying to start something. Received a jab in the ribs and you murmured at him to keep still - he eventually realised you were asleep*

Lay:*was used to your little habit of lifting your shirt in your sleep, but jumped when he felt your hands pushing his shirt up and then resting on his bare waist. Soon got used to it and smiled at how cute it was before falling asleep busy boi needs sleep to have energy and drop his album*

Suho:*remained calm on the outside when you hoisted his tshirt up and brushed your hand over THEM ABS and wrapped an arm around you, but on the inside he was highkey freaking out and screaming internally*

Kris:*tried to stop giggling when you raised his sweater and ran your hand along his stomach does he have abs???? but failed. He was moving too much so you grumbled in your sleep and rolled away from him, making him v sad and cold so he shifted over to you quietly and spooned you*

Luhan:*got very hands on when you cuddled up to him and moved his shirt up and rested a hand on his abdomen. You soon elbowed him off though, and he realised you were asleep so pouted and went to sleep too, deciding to kick things off again in the morning*

this gif why

Xiumin:*surprising he was wearing a shirt to bed for once js. You were half asleep when you lifted up said shirt and rested your hand on his chest, a habit you had when sleeping. He smirked up at the ceiling, feeling squishy but cocky that you can’t resist his bod for even one night if you can resist it you aren’t human bye*


I don’t own the gifs, full credit to respective owners

EXO Reactions: You lose a bet and have to do whatever they say


“So since you lost,that means you have to do me a favor.”

“right,now what do you want Luhan?”



“She ask me what I want,blow it like a flute~”

“How about no.”

“You said anything…”




You do as you are told and strip. giggling when you see him starring at you.

“Does she know how bad she got me goin’ crazy?..”He thinks to himself.


You whine as he bites your shoulder roughly,licking at the blood that soon follows.


“Enjoy the pain that you’re able to endure.”

“But this hurts,I don’t like it…”

“Don’t lie,I know for a fact you like it. You act like you don’t and that you can’t take the pain. But in the end you can’t reject me. Because you secretly love it.”


“Bend over.”

“But Lay I didn’t do anything wrong-”

“I’ll play with you however I want.”


“Okay,so I lost. What do you want me to do?”

He grabs your hips and jerks you towards him,whispering in your ear,

“I’m a bit impatient,and I’m not that gentle…”


“Lay down.”



“On your knees Baobei..”


“What do you want?”

He says nothing and pulls you on his lap,gently kissing your neck and collar bones.

“You can call me monster..” He mumbles against your neck.


“What should I do,master?” You say,laughing at your own joke.

He picks you up and carries you to your shared bedroom,throwing you on the bed and climbing on top you,kissing your neck roughly.

“Chen…” You whine.

“I’m sorry,you made me so crazy…”He says and kisses down your body.


“You are beautiful,my goddess.” He says as he gently kisses down your body.


“So? What do you want?”

He says nothing and pulls you on his lap so you are straddling him and pulls your shirt off of you,then your bra. He massages your breasts and grinds up into you,Causing you to moan.

“Sehun,what if one of the members walk in?”

“Put away your fearful worries,everything will be fine..”


“I lost,what do you want me to do?”

He says nothing,only picks you up and wraps your legs around his waist. He starts walking towards the bedroom,

“I’m gonna mess you up…”He whispers in a raspy and low voice.

(I’m trying to get as many Monster references out as I can right now because I know Lotto is gonna mess me up and bias wreck my favorite song)

EXO react when another member walks in on sexy times/makeout session

If it was me and Xiu and Chen walked in I’d ask him to join ngl

Sehun:*in the middle of ripping his shirt off, you thought you’d heard the door open but Sehun was already crashing his lips on yours again so tbh you weren’t all that bothered…until you heard Luhan giggling and Baekhyun yelling “turn around, the camera can’t see!”. Sehun turned around too shocked to do anything, so it was left to you to smack Baek’s phone out of his hand and kick the two boys out of the room*

Kai:*is the smolest bean ever tbh, so no surprise whatsoever when he clammed up and giggled for like 18 hours when Chanyeol crashed through the door and saw the two of you lying on Jongin’s bed groping and kissing. With some gentle persuasion though you soon turned him back into Kai ;)*

Tao:*was acting like an actual child when several members walked into the studio and caught the two of you making out, with a lot of feeling each other up involved. He whined at you for the next twenty minutes, unwilling to wait until later to get some pus/dic so you eventually made an excuse for you both and led him away back to your place*

D.O:*was equally as annoyed with Baekhyun as you were when he came screaming into the room asking about a phone charger. Except you two were naked. And moaning. It would only be a matter of time before he told the other members, the manager, the neighbours and that old lady at the coffee shop about Kyungsoo “finally losing his virginity”. So ofc, you’d both have to quickly find a way to silence him before your sex-life became the most talked about topic in Seoul*

“We could…kill him”

Chanyeol:*was completely shocked when Kyungsoo walked into the room whilst you two were on the verge of having some very intimate times. He covered you up with a blanket as soon as he heard the door latch open, thankful that Soo hadn’t walked in on the full monty, but too embarrassed to continue*

Chen:*you quite literally threw him off the bed when Jongin walked in on you both in a heated make-out session, at the point of about to take shirts off. Thankfully, Jongin backed out of the door immediately and didn’t see how red your face had gotten whilst Jongdae was dying on the floor*

C: Look, you’re all flustered!

Y/N: I ain’t the one packing a tent down there

Baekhyun:*tbh it wasn’t a smart idea to make out in the middle of the dance studio, knowing that the members could come crashing in at any given moment. But all you could think about was Baek pressing his body against you and his lips interlocking with yours. But you both got a shock when you heard the whooping and hollering from the boys as they entered the room*

Lay:*by the time he noticed someone had interrupted you, Suho had already ran out of the room, calling apologies from the hall. Yixing smiled at how cute your pink cheeks were as you giggled but you soon pulled him gently down for another kiss ain’t no one gonna stop you from getting some stroke off lay*

Suho:*probably one of the most flustered beans to ever walk the earth, so you didn’t act surprised when Chen walked in and he pulled away from your makeout session so hard he fell off the bed. Chen, of course, ran out of the room to alert the dorms that “Junmyeonie is gettin’ some!” as Junmyeonie himself stayed sprawled on the floor cry-laughing at your horrified reaction*

Kris:*was ready to fight Lay when he stumbled in on some heated groping, asking what you guys wanted for takeout. Ofc Lay basically ran out of the room with his eyes closed, muttering apologies and desperate to not see anymore. Yifan rolled off the bed and locked the door before making his way back over to the bed daddy like the gif*

K: Who needs takeout when I can eat you ;)

lmao what am i

Luhan:*Sehun barging into the living room during a damn serious makeout session wasn’t the best mood-setter in the world. Whilst you found it funny and recovered from the embarrassment quickly, Han was annoyed, it’s safe to say, and yelled after Sehun and sent not so polite gestures his way. After a little persuasion though, you were soon on top of him again*

Xiumin:*not happy in the slightest when Chanyeol had no idea what a sock on the door handle means. Poor Chan didn’t know what to do when he saw you and Minseok were in the middle of some very intimate times except run out, slam the door shut and sit in his room scarred. Meanwhile Minseok recovered pretty quickly, not about to stop now as long as you weren’t too embarrassed but like you’re gonna say no to this man LOOKATHIM*

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EXO’s Reaction to dating their best friend

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Honestly, I feel as if most of them would react the same. Like, if they’re dating you but you guys were best friends before the only difference would be that you guys would have more skinship than before.


*Xiumin would notice and appreciate the things, that made him want to be more than friends, more.* 


*The only difference in between Luhan being your best friend and being your boyfriend, is that now all his sexual innuendos are justified because he’s your boyfriend.*


*Nothing would really change in between the two of you guys, there would just be a lot of more “I Love You” being said.*


*As I mentioned before not much change would happen in the relationship beside this jokes getting 10 times worse as he tries to make them somewhat sexual.*


*Absolutely nothing about you’re guys relationship would change because although you guys were only just friends you were always really close in every aspect of your relationship. If anything was to change in your relationship, it’d be the bedroom aspect.* 


*Honestly with Baek, if you guys were best friends, y’all probably would’ve been best friends with benefits. The only thing that would change is that there’s more love in your relationship, and that now everyone knows y’all fucking for real.*


*Your relationship with Chen wouldn’t change that much, because although you guys were just friends, y’all would be very touchy-feely. If anything were to change it’d be that there’d be a lot more exchanges of “I love you” and the different meaning behind it now.*


*Your’s and Chanyeol’s relationship would be changed in the bedroom aspect; everything else would stay the same, because although you guys were only best friends he always treated you very special.* 


*D.O would be the only one where the relationship would be very different. He’s not the type of person to cross any boundaries; so if you guys are just friend that what it was. So when you guys became each other’s significant other , there of be A LOT more skinship and you guys would become WAY closer than you were before.* 


*Like most of the other members you’re relationship wouldn’t change. The most that would change is that there would be more PDA and a lot more time in the bedroom.*


*Just like Baekhyun, if you guys were best friends, y’all probably would’ve been best friends with benefits. And only thing that would change is that there’s more love in your relationship, and that now everyone knows y’all fucking and it’s not just speculation.*


*The only difference with Sehun being your best friend and being your boyfriend, is that now when he touches your ass it’s justified by the fact that he’s your boyfriend.*

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{Reactions} Wearing EXO’s Concert Shirts

Note: Some are Monsta Era, some are earlier (especially with Luhan, Tao and Kris.) I hope you like! Fighting!~ Admin Mimei x

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Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by daenso

Chanyeol doesn’t care what you wear, he thinks you look stunning in everything. But he’s always more weak when you wear something of his.

Chanyeol: *Raises an eyebrow as he walked in*

{y/n}: “Problem?”

Chanyeol: “I’m just thinking how gorgeous you look in that baseball shirt.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo will pretend to be annoyed if he finds you wearing something of his, but when you start walking around with a very transparent baseball shirt, he finds it very hard to contain himself in front of the other members.

Kyungsoo: *Bites his lip, seeing the black of your bra through the white baseball shirt*

{y/n}: *Smirking* “I’m just heading upstairs for a nap”

Kyungsoo: “I think I’ll join you.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by wooyoung

Baekhyun grinned as you walked down in his baseball shirt, smirking as he noticed the amount of buttons that had been left undone at the top. He pulled you into his arms, holding you around the waist with a grin curling on his lips.

Baekhyun: “It looks beautiful on you jagi, but I bet it would look pretty hot on the floor.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun bit the inside of his lip as he stepped inside the bedroom to see you wearing the baseball shirt of his undone over a bra.

Sehun: “Aish Jagi, why are you like this?” *trying to hide his blush before leaving the room before he starts thinking inappropriately in front of you - he’ll save those thoughts for later ;)*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing laughed as he walked into the living room to see you wearing his green ‘Miracles in December’ outfit. He walked over to the couch and pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

Yixing: “You’re my miracle in December.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae took a double take when you walked past him wearing his dinosaur onesie. He crossed his arms, pouting somewhat (even though he couldn’t help but think how adorable you looked.)

Jongdae: “Wae~ why do you look cuter than me? Why are you like this?”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok smirked when you entered the room in the white baseball shirt on. It was buttoned up, but only a black bra and a black pair of underwear was with it. He wrapped his arms around you from behind, the warmth of his breath hitting a sensitive spot of your neck.

Minseok: “Did you really think I’d let you walk around like this untouched, Jagiya?”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao took one look of you wearing his old gold and white EXO hoodie that he wore during the overdose era and instantly make a face in disgust.

Tao: “Where the hell did you even find that? I think I was just sick in my mouth! Burn it!” *blushing in embarrassment*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho was in a bad mood that day, but found himself smiling when he finally got home to find you wearing his baseball EXO shirt. He walked over, giving you a hug, finally relieving his stress.

Suho: “I wore it better, Jagi.” *Still savage af though*

Lu Han

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Luhan frowned as he looked at his mama outfit being paraded around the kitchen.

Luhan: “We don’t talk about that, {y/n}.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin shook his head when he saw you walking around in his old wolf outfit. His eyes glinted with disappointment as you grinned at him teasingly.

Jongin: “I’m disappointed in you, Jagi. Now I need to punish you.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris shook his head, smiling playfully as you walked into the living room wearing the snapback from the growl video. A mixture of happy and sad memories hit him as he watched you under the hat. You noticed the reminiscence in his eyes and asked him if he was alright.

Kris: “I’m fine, but thinking about back then is just hard, you know?” 

EXO react to you waking them up in the morning with kisses all over their face

Sehun: *would be in brat mode when he first woke up, but then would pull you down to cuddle with him and think how lucky he is to have someone like you* 

Kai: *he’d be so cute, he’d wake up and smile at you all cute and then say “Hi Jagi” all sleepy and cute and he’d pull you down into hug all cute and omg so cute*

Tao: *would be in whiny panda mode and push you off, turn away and go back to sleep*

“Y/N, I know you love me, but don’t disturb my beauty sleep,”

D.O: *I mean, this is Kyungsoo, so he’d be flustered and embarrassed at your sudden affection. Doesn't mean he wouldn’t enjoy it and he’d be smiling like a love-sick idiot*

Chanyeol: *honestly he’d think it was adorable. He would yell in protest when you first wake him up but when he realises what’s happening he’d start yelling and fangirling at you*

“Aaahh! Jagiya, why are you so sweet?!”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Chen: *he’d pretend to still be asleep then grab you suddenly and start tickling you because he’s a lil’ shit, but would pout when you escape and don’t come back in case he tickles you again*

Baekhyun: *when he woke up to your light kisses all over his cheeks, he’d be laughing so hard and when you pout because he’s laughing so much, he’d be silly to make you laugh*

“Y/N, don’t hate me! How could you hate this puppy?!”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Lay: *wouldn’t wake up tbh because he’s a very busy and sleepy unicorn, but he’d subconsciously smile and lean his face towards your kisses*

Suho: *would giggle and turn you around so he was spooning you, and the morning would turn into a morning of cuddles and kisses with him whispering how much he loves in your ear*

Kris: *he doesn’t seem like he’d be into adorable relationship-y stuff, and he isn’t really, and so he’d probably turn it into a makeout session (which isn’t so bad ngl)*

“Baobei, I’m not complaining about these kisses, but let me show how to kiss someone properly,”

Low key Kris Daddy

Luhan: *he’d be having a good dream about you blowing his flute and when you wake him with your kisses he’d frown and whine at you which be funny and cute*

Xiumin: *you‘d be kissing his baozi cheeks when he wakes up shocked but laughs at how cute you were, and then kisses you back*

“Good morning, Jagiya,”

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