Picture this:
One day far in the future, EXO disbands and after some time, every member leaves SM Entertainment. They’re free to do what they want. After each member takes some time to themselves, whether it be to spend time with friends or family or whatever, everyone including Yi Fan, Luhan, and Zitao, decides to meet after a long time of being apart.
The day of the reunion approaches quickly. One by one each member shows up at the restaurant which they had all agreed to meet at. They’re just about to go to their private table when Junmyeon says, “Wait, I think we’re missing someone, there’s only 11 of us.“ And with that, the restaurant’s doors open and in walks Yi Fan. Chanyeol stares at him and after what seems like an eternity of awkward silence he says with a smile,
“Ayo waddup Krease?”

EXO react when you’re watching anime and don’t answer the phone

This is kinda goals though?? XD

Sehun:*he was annoyed that you weren’t picking up your phone since he knew you were home with nothing to do all day. When he got to your apartment he slumped down on the couch next to you and rejected the snacks you offered to him, hinting that he was feeling bratty because of you. However the anime you were watching was a comedy, but determined to stay moody he had to hide his smirks at the funny scenes*

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Kai:*after getting no answer when he called you to check up on his mind wandered off and made up all sorts of ridiculous scenarios that could have happened. He went over to your place and saw you sprawled on the couch with anime on the TV and eating lots of different foods. After nagging you to answer your phone, he slotted himself on the couch next to you and grabbed a handful of snacks*

Tao:*even for Tao, the mini tantrum he threw when he got home after trying to call you all evening was a tad bit extreme. After he calmed down he explained that he was worried about you, that’s why he was so pissed. You apologised and dragged him over to the TV to watch anime with you and gg it shut him up - probably helped by the assortment of food you laid out*

D.O:*silently sat next to you until you noticed his vexed face and then he grumbled at you to pick up your phone. You rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to the anime you had been watching, but he poked you in the arm until you relented and promised you’d check your phone more often. He smiled smugly and joined you in watching whatever anime you had chosen that evening*

“You have a phone for a reason, use it. And while you’re at it can you hand me some chocolate please?”

Chanyeol:*walked into the room with a glare and wondering why you ignored the phone but soon burst out laughing at the sight of you slouched in your pyjamas on the couch with ice cream and Pokemon on the TV. Mumbling about your cuteness he flopped next to you because…Pokemon… and this is Chanyeol so*

“I swear, this kid…”

Chen:*he burst through the door of your shared apartment in his usual loud manner, announcing his arrival and calling out to you. He’d tried calling you in the cab on the way over and got no answer but figured you were asleep since it was quite late. Nah fam, you were under the covers of your bed in a blanket tent with takeout and your laptop binge watching anime. He poked his head under the sheet, pulled the face in the gif and asked you to kindly answer your phone next time*

Baekhyun:*when he arrived home and saw you relaxed and watching anime, oblivious to your phone next to you, he jumped on you and blocked your view of the TV. Clinging onto like a monkey he whined loudly in your ear to pay attention to him instead since you ignored your phone when he oh-so desperately wanted to talk to you*

“Jagiyaaaa…look at meeeee…Y/N!”

Lay:*wasn’t particularly concerned that you hadn’t picked up your phone and headed to your place since he knew you were gonna be home now anyway. He giggled at the sight of your intrigued face at the anime you were watching and stole some popcorn before settling himself beside you to join you*

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Suho:*because he’s a mum he immediately worried when your phone went straight to voicemail three times in an hour. You never turned your phone off, so what happened? As soon as practise was over he ran over to your place and sighed in both relief and annoyance at the sight of you casually lying on your bed watching anime, but soon he sighed again in embarrassment from worrying so much*

“Ohh your phone was out of battery! Yeeeaah I didn’t think of that…”

Kris:*started moaning at you that you should keep your phone with you, especially if you’re at home, but then he saw you were watching Pokemon and he’s a nerd so he shut up and slumped on the bed next to you to watch it too, hushing you whenever you dared say something and stealing the food you’d bought for yourself*

I couldn’t find a suitable gif so have this one

Luhan:*huffed when he got no answer from you after trying to call you for the fifth time, and was slightly panicked. What if you’d fainted? What if someone had broken in? What if you were abducted by aliens? But his worries washed away when he saw you cutely spread out on the couch watching anime and eating takeout - and when you requested him to join you he got surprisingly into it and that’s the story of how he became addicted to anime for a few months*

Xiumin:*the least concerned of all the members (bc he chill not bc he doesn’t care), and just mentioned that you need to answer your phone next time. He strolled into the living room, saw you watching anime and he stole a handful of crisps as he pulled you onto his lap so he could watch it with you. He went to bed a while after, but when he woke up hours later and you weren’t next to him he waddled into the living room and was surprised to see you still absorbed by the TV  - legit he had to drag you to bed since it was 4am*

Sorry I didn’t name any animes except Pokemon. but that’s pretty much the only one I know kinda well, judge me I’m an uncultured anime swine I know :))))

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EXO Reactions: Being each others first everything


Luhan would smile, relieved to know this would be your first time too.


*When he finds out he was also your first kiss*


Chanyeol would be so thrilled to get to have all of his 1st’s with you and would be such a fluffy giant as he thinks of you two.


Lay would always look at you like this, baffled and thankful that he got to be the first one to love you and care for you.


He’d be so cute about being each other’s first everything.


He would act like this is too cute for him but he secretly is happy you and him can be each other’s first time.


Tao would be so excited to give you all his 1sts and would giggle at the thought


He gets happy knowing he’s you’re his first kiss and likewise.


Chen wouldn’t be able to hide it and just look at you like this happy that his first time was with someone like you.

D.O : 

 Is proud to say that you were each other’s first kiss.


Sehun would do this behind you, around everyone like “HEY LOOK AT US WE’RE EACH OTHER’S 1ST EVERYTHING! HOW CUTE ARE WE?”

*You are Baek*


Someone would mention you and he’d burst into a big blob of happiness, telling everyone he was your first real true love and likewise.

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Hiii! Back again hihi~^^ Miss asking you a lot of request boo hahahaha sorry if it's annoying so much :(( Anyways, can I have an EXO (OT12) Luhan, Tao, Kai and Sehun reaction-scenario when they met a beautiful but cold and quiet 19 y/o girl that is a 3rd yr. college student professional photographer on their photoshoot please? Thank you! Sorry again :(

EXO Reaction: Beauty on Their Photo Shoot


You were the only person his eyes were set on. Yet you didn’t even give him the time of day as he continued his photo shoot. If only you would look his way even once. That’s all he needs to get you staring. Well. Seems like he’ll be making his way towards you if you're not going to look.

“I heard you’re a professional at photography. Care to show me some of your work? Maybe take some photos of me in private? I don’t bite. Much.”

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You were taking pictures of a female model, and receiving praises from others. Your face said you could care less. Giving everyone the cold shoulder. Did Zitao want your attention at this moment. He walked up to the group, and when he was close and in your comfort zone, he noticed the small blush grace your expressionless face.

“Be ready, Y/N, I’m going to make you look innocent compared to me.”

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Jongin is known for being the looker when it came to EXO. He knew how to work women and make them forget who their own boyfriends were. You were a bit on the harder level, but you weren’t someone he couldn’t gets attention. You were in charge of taking his photo, so he made sure to gave that certain gaze that made any one scream. You stumbled a bit. Check mate.

“Are you alright, Y/N? You almost fell there. Be careful. We don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

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Beautiful couldn't describe how you looked in his eyes. You were all he could see during his photo shoot. He managed to get your name from another photographer. He’ll have to take up photography if it means he can see you again.

“Hyung, where can I take a photography classes?”

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EXO Reaction to Finding Out That You’re Pregnant After Breaking Up

Request: Do you take requests right now? If you do Can you do me an EXO reaction Please when exo forced to brake up with their gf but they don’t know that she is pregnant and after about 4-5 months they have to go to the hospital for a check up or something and see their ex with her baby bump? If you don’t you can ignore this :) Thank you

Chen: You threw the final article of clothing into the washing machine before setting out. “5 more months,” you whispered under your breath. “Yes my appointment was at 8:30, I’m sure.” The receptionist rolled her eyes before typing something into her computer. “Excuse me,” a young male cut in. “If you haven’t noticed, she knows that she was next in line, and she’s pregnant on top of that-(Y/N)?” The two of you had finally made eye contact. “Wait (Y/N), y-you’re-” Your phone abruptly rung, your neighbor stating something about your washer overflowing. “I-I have to go,” you stuttered. Jongdae’s eyes only followed your waddling figure down the corridor.

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Exo as Creepypastas

author’s note: I’m so obsessed with creepypastas that it’s not even funny. It was one of my first major fandoms, so I guess it holds a special place in a deep, cold, empty heart.and it’s so funny bc some of these are really long or really short, so it’s ling eenie meenie XD The majority of the passages written down are from a source, mainly creepypastas and villains wikias. 

quick note, there’s like m rating in this, meaning gore, violence, acts of murder, basically the elements of any horror story. so it’s very very gory and basically has horror movie written all over it.


“If all the world is gonna see is a monster, then that’s what I’ll be. A monster.”

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EXO Reactions: You burp loudly


“I can burp manlier than you,watch.”

*Ends up sounding like a little kitten*

“….I’m just not having a good day today,okay?!…”


“Whoa,what was that Jagi?”

*Starts laughing*


*Surprised that something that loud came from you*

“Did…was that…you??”


*Finds it hilarious and laughs hysterically*


“Not bad Jagi…”


“Did you really just…this bitch…”


He challenges you to a burp off and gets all butthurt about losing.

“I’m still more fabulous than you.”


“Whoa,I didn’t know you could sound like that…”




“Bitch you wanna burp any louder?”


*Fakes concern*

“Oh my god,are you alright? you almost died jagi!”

“I know,i’m too young to die!..”

*You both bust out laughing*