No matter your views on Huang Zitao, you should acknowledge and appreciate the fact that he is a wonderful person

Tao wore the rubber bracelet in support of the charity which helps women who were subject to sexual slavery during WW2. (He even wore it during the concert.)

His respect for single-mothers, calling her ’superwomen’. It is especially significant as in Asia, single-parents are looked down upon. (Also amazing with children)

Predebut, he helped a girl in a wheelchair when no-one was willing to. Tao assisted her all the way home, despite the fact her home was very far away.

When a total stranger asked for directions around Qingdao, Tao was willing to spend a whole day taking the person around his hometown. They even kept in touch even til now. 

On his way home from school, Tao saw a granny without an umbrella, so he gave his own to her, and got drenched in the rain. 

He comes from a very wealthy family, but he knows the value and importance of hard work. Tao saved up money to buy clothes for his grandmother, and lied about the price so that his granny wouldn’t feel like he’s spending too much money on her. 

Tao’s friendship with Chen Chen. Who amongst us can truly admit that they will learn sign language for a friend? Tao did it. It is a friendship that blossomed before debut, and continued even to this day. Chen Chen even posted these words for Tao, ‘Friends until death’

In 2012, he protected a pregnant lady against the hoards of people at the shopping mall when it got too crowded. 

Even the small things, like helping the fans with their trolleys at the airport when they are struggling. Apologising to fans for waiting too long. Often after reaching fame, idols become more and more distant from their fans, but Tao always treated us as equals, like a good friend. 

When he’s hurt, he’s more worried about the fans, reassuring them over and over again to not worry. 

Writing his Instagram in Korean, Chinese and English for the fans. When there was the fanwars in the International Fandom, Tao wrote in English on the day to reassure the fans. 

These are just a short list I’ve compiled for July 2014. I am sure there are many more things that I don’t know about. Tao has never talked about them, and nor does he need to. I want people to know about this boy’s wonderful, caring heart to all people. From pre-debut til now, he has never changed, as wonderful as always.