EXO react to you sassing your friend’s cheater boyfriend

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Sehun:*dies on the sofa next to you whilst you rant at your friend’s boyfriend down the phone. He’s amazed, surprised, shocked and extremely happy to see this side of you, already planning some roast sessions the two of you are gonna unleash on the other members*

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Kai:*you bumped into your best friend’s boyfriend on the street whilst out with Jongin, and you confronted him on why he cheated on said best friend. It quickly turned into a full out sass session, much to Jongin’s surprise. He’d never seen you like this before, and was very amused throughout the entire discussion*

BFF’s BF:If I throw a stick will you go away?”

Y/N: “Is it the stick from 3 feet up your ass?”

Kai:*trying not to laugh and fails*

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Tao:*listened in silence from the other room as you sassed the shit out your friend’s boyfriend over the phone, hearing only little parts of your conversation. Was very surprised at the comebacks you were throwing back considering he wasn’t used to your sassy side yet. When you got hung up on, you walked into the room with a smirk on your face but then got an annoyed Tao staring at you*

“Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna rek him, I could’ve helped Y/N tsk”

D.O:*admired your ability to multitask as you held your phone to your ear sassing your friend’s boyfriend and helped with cooking at the same time, slaying both of them tbh. Well aware you are perfectly capable of sassing people, he sat back and smirked as he heard the entire conversation and he knew that this dude had no chance against you*

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Chanyeol:*was eavesdropping behind the door during the argument you were having with your friend’s boyfriend on the front doorstep. Gradually your temper got the best of you and soon you were full out sassing the guy, leaving Chanyeol speechless and a giggling mess at the comebacks you were coming up with on the spot. One particular comment was particularly savage and all you and the dude heard from behind the door was “Oohhhhhhh SHIT” followed by a quieter “Oh shit” as Chan realised he wasn’t supposed to be listening to your conversation*

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Chen:*wasn’t worried for you at all when you stalked up to your friend’s boyfriend in a fit of anger because he had cheated on said best friend. Stood back and watched him get his ass kicked by your sass. He was about to get some popcorn but decided that even for him that would’ve been a step too far. So he just listened to the shade being thrown and almost felt sorry for the guy at the insults you were flinging at him. He just laughed his obnoxious laugh instead*

Baekhyun:*very amused as you walked up to your friend’s boyfriend and started yelling at him, not really caring who heard you. You didn’t show your sassy side often, but when you did it was something to be reckoned with! Gradually your conversation got more and more savage, and Baek’s responses counted for an entire audience tbh, so much so that you had to tell him to shut up*

BFF’S BF: “Oops, you gave my middle finger a boner”

You: “Y/F/N told me that’s the only boner you can get”


Lay:*was amazed at how you never ran out of replies to this dude’s very weak insults. Compared to him it was like you graduated with honours in a degree of savagery same as Suho and was very entertaining to watch. Silently cheered you on from the couch with lil claps and ngl he found it a lil bit hot*

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Suho:*smirked as you angrily stalked around the kitchen making dinner and talking to you friend’s asshole boyfriend on the phone. He knew that when necessary you had a very sassy side and was thoroughly enjoying the bants from the doorway, laughing even though you were clearly angry. Considered recruiting you as his apprentice in savagery*

Kris:*hasn’t ever seen you this angry or sassy before and it made him promise himself to never make you mad, because dang you can be scary. Even though the dude you were sassing deserved everything being said to him, being a cheater and a liar after all, Yifan couldn’t but feel a little bit sorry for him. Choked on his drink after you made your last comment and hung up on him*

You: “If you’re gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty”


Luhan:*watched you slay the guy with zero mercy and was genuinely scared of you, because damn you were intimidating. It was funny at first but eventually he felt bad for him and after your argument was over (you walking away winning) he said as much to you but got scared again fuck manliness*

Lu: “Maybe you were a little hars-”

You: *death glares*

Lu: “Never mind baobei, I didn’t say anything” *sips nervously*

Xiumin:*you were fighting your friend’s boyfriend, demanding a reason why he cheated with someone else and Minseok was watching you being savage in amusement. He didn’t see this side of you that often and so was very happy and silently dying next to you on the couch as he choked back laughter - because damn you were slaying this dude*

You: “I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass”

Xiu: *tries not to laugh too loudly*

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EXO Reactions: You are bad so they have to punish you


“You’ve been naughty,I guess i’ll have to punish you…”


“You want daddy to punish you?”


“Come here so I can punish you…”


“Listen for once and bend over..”


“What’s that? you’ve been bad? I guess I have to punish you then don’t I?”


“You never learn do you?”


“Tch,tch,tch. When will you be good,huh?”


“You did this to yourself,don’t complain.”


“I have to go.”

“But Chen wait..”

“I have dance practice,I have to go.”

“But,iv’e been bad. I need to be punished.”


“Dance practice can wait….”


“On your knees.”


“I said,on your knees.”


“You know what I’m gonna do to you?”

“Punish me?…”

“That’s right baby…”


“Be good and listen to daddy. Unless you want to get punished more.”

I’ve seen a lot of people saying Exo was being offensive and promoting colorism wherever they called out on Jongin and Tao and bash Korean beauty ideals in the same breath.

Asians (in general) are obsessed with white skin - there’s no way around that shameful truth. I know because that’s what 50% of ads are on Indian TV (it’s become better lately but that’s another post). But when Exo made fun of Jongin and Tao they were being little shits (as usual) not making colorist comments. I make it a point to call my sister ugly in public every chance I get - I call her out on her insecurities: I say her hair breaks an average of three combs a day, I say her nose is too big and she instead celebrates my acne. It’s a sibling thing, OK?

Jongin looked super uncomfortable because he’s always very guarded on camera and pointing out his insecurities just made him cringe. As to why they’re insecure about their skin colour - that’s the kind of culture they were brought up in. Remember he’s also proud of it; he introduced himself as dark-skinned during debut. And Exo keeps saying how they like his sexy bronze skin - please don’t interpret it as some subtle snide remark. Just because they point out the truth that he’s darker than the rest of them, they aren’t making fun of him - they’re saying it the same way they say “Kai is our performance center”.

Please don’t overplay your paranoia and bring racism and colorism where they weren’t intended.