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Dating Kai Parker Would Include...

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Request: “Dating Kai Parker would include”? ((ANON)) 


• He’s a sucker for a badass woman/man 

 • Like, if you can fuck someone up he’ll be so turned on. 

 • He likes bath bombs but he’ll never admit to it. 

 • When he was on the run from Damon and Stefan you decided to settle in New Orleans. 

 • He blends in well with the witch community. Plus, you and Rebekah were friends so you didn’t really have to worry about the Salvatore’s after that. 

 • He’s a sucker for homemade spaghetti. 

 • He also likes soup, it’s weird how much he loves soup. 

 • ALSO: “Baby, where’s the TV remote?” “I hid it from you, you deleted my shows.” “You are cruel.” “Thank you.” 

 • “Kai! Where’s my sweater?!” “I hid it from you, it’s hideous!” 

 • Rainy days are the greatest days. 

 • He makes some bomb ass hot cocoa. 

 • In the winter you go to Pennsylvania. Because… snow. 

 • He loves building snowmen almost as much as he loves you. 

 • “Malachi Parker, I swear on everything holy if you throw that snowball I will refuse you sex for month.” / “You wouldn’t.” / “Try me.” 

 • FOREHEAD KISSES • he’s the best boyfriend ever FiGhT ME 

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Lay With Me

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! A little smutty something for you guys. I didn’t put a specific character for this so I’m letting your imagination run wild with this smutty fic. Enjoy as always and happy reading!

Warnings: Smut (unsafe smut), swearing

Word Count: 1273

(gifs not mine, credits to the owners)

You laid on your stomach, scrolling on your phone as you waited for him to get home, wanting the feel of his skin against you, his lips, his embrace, everything. You sighed. You weren’t a fan really of him going home at late hours even though you don’t really sleep early as well but you wanted to just cuddle for a longer time until you fall asleep. You were starting to fall asleep but you fought it in hopes he might come home any time now. You looked over to your nightstand, the clock flashing 8:30 pm. You considered to take a few minutes of nap just because you were tired and your eyes felt too heavy for some reason.

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we’ve all got that “I didn’t realize I liked this pairing until I read fanfiction about them and now I can’t stop” ship

One year;


Kai helps the reader feel better after everyone around her seems to leave.

Word count: 2049

“Turning you was the worst mistake I ever made.” Damon snaps at you. “God. Our mother giving birth to you was the worst mistake, actually.” He murmurs.

As usual, Damon was drunk. Although when was he not, these days? Every night since Elena died, he came home sulking to himself and he would drink. And drink. And drink. It was getting so out of hand that you and Stefan honestly didn’t know what to do anymore. Stefan was gone out with Caroline, leaving you home alone with your drunk older brother.

“Shut up. You’re drunk.” You scoff, heading upstairs.

“Yeah that’s right!” Damon yells, his words slurring together. “Run away like you always do, you little whore.”

Here was Damon Salvatore, once your best friend, now calling you a whore. Shouting at you because he was lost without Elena. Even though you were a vampire, you were still a lot younger than Damon and Stefan and they still treated you like you were the same age as when you were turned. If you ever let out a single curse word, your brothers would be savage.

“Goodnight, Damon!” You say with fake enthusiasm. You slam your bedroom door behind you and lock it, at least until Stefan gets home. He wasn’t answering his texts or phone calls, typical Stefan behaviour lately.

You crouch down by the door, knees up to your chest and start crying. God, you could be so sensitive sometimes. But this wasn’t just about Damon being a mean drunk. It was about Stefan who was rarely around now because of Caroline, Elena who was dead, Bonnie being awol and Alaric not caring about anyone or anything except for trying to resurrect his dead wife. You felt alone and for once in your life, you were.

You missed watching midnight movies with Matt, Tyler and Jeremy. Of course they had all moved on from you as well. You missed the way Stefan cared for you and Damon’s voice telling you to “wake up, sunshine.” and then cook you pancakes.

Damon can hear your heartbeat speed up and know that you’re crying but you don’t care. And neither does he. You try to hold the tears back but you can’t. You didn’t know what to do anymore.

A text message on your phone lights up your dark room and draws your attention to your screen. You hoped it was Stefan.

Kai: you home?

As much as you loved kai, you didn’t want to answer him. Maybe he could make things better if you explained to him, but now just wasn’t the time.

Kai: can I come over?

It was like kai could sense that something wrong. He seemed to be the only person there for you but now you can’t help but push him away.

Kai: I know you’re in your room. Can I come up?

Kai must have wanted to see Damon about something and was downstairs. How else could he know?

Kai: I can hear you, y/n. I’m coming up.

What? Seriously, sometimes kai could be such a stalker. You didn’t mind though, because he seemed to care about you, unlike anyone else at the moment.

You still didn’t bother replying to him though. For all you knew you were imagining the whole conversation, or dreaming it since you lost track of how long you had been crying in your room, alone.

You look up in the dark, hearing something flick against your window. And again, and again. You turn the light on and open up your window to see if it was raining, or even snowing, but you only see kai down below, flicking pebbles to get your attention.

“Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair!” He shouts out.

You can’t help but smile a little, even though you were so upset inside. You had to be your best for kai. He has never seen you sad before.

“So can I come up?” He asks.

“Well you’re already here anyways,” you trail off.

Kai climbs the big oak tree by your window and slips in, trying not to drag in the dirt from outside all over your room.

“I figured I would check up on you.” He says.

“I don’t need to be checked on.” You assure him.

“Are you sure? Because I went to the front door to find Damon drunk and I could hear you crying and your heart racing.” His blue eyes pierce through yours, reminding you of all the reasons why you love him.

“That’s usual Damon. I would have let you in if I knew you were there.” You say, the two of you taking a seat at the end of your bed.

“I know but that’s not usual you.”

“What? I wasn’t drunk.”

“But you were crying. A lot. Your heart was beating way faster than it should. You-”

“I stubbed my toe. That’s all.” You say, cutting him off. You wanted to change the subject. You didn’t need his pity.

“You have your door locked, too.” He finishes.

“No I-” it was no good trying to lie. He knew something was wrong.

“Yes you do. And it’s because of Damon, isn’t it?” He asks.

You shrug, not wanting to answer him. He shouldn’t be bothering you like this anyways. This was your house, your room, your night. This wasn’t a time for him to intrude and start smothering you with questions.

“Kai,” you suddenly can’t control yourself. More and more tears roll down your porcelain skin. Sober Damon always called you porcelain and you would always laugh. It wasn’t just because of your fair skin, but because he would protect you like a doll. He never let anyone hurt you. But all that has changed, hasn’t it. You weren’t damon’s porcelain doll anymore. You were nothing but an abused, shy girl who didn’t know what to be doing with her life. A complete idiot.

“Shhh it’s okay.” Kai whispers. No one has ever hugged you like kai was doing right now. He made you feel safe as he whispered in your ear and rubbed his hands in small circles around your back.

And that’s where the two of you stayed for the next half hour. Crying, just letting it all out and him comforting you. Yes, he was giving you his pity but he was also telling you everything you needed to hear. His smile made your room light up a thousand times brighter. The way his voice was so comforting, so peaceful, made you forget all about Damon and his drinking problems and how everyone else left you for trash.

“Here,” Kai speaks up, still keeping his voice to a whisper. “Lets lie down.”

The two of you slouch down on your bed, making the mattress creak. You can’t help but stare up at the ceiling, imagining a thousand tiny stars in the moonlight. But kai on the other hand, can’t help but smile at you.

“What are we doing?” You mumble.

“We,” Kai pauses, tugging his phone out of his pocket. “Are going to laugh. And watch movies and talk. And did I say laugh?”

“A sleepover?” You ask.

“Well I’ve never had one and you my dear Juliet, need some cheering up.” He replies, unlocking his phone.

With one press, a thousand pictures pop up. You don’t pay attention to what they are, except for when he presses an album called “for y/n.”

“For y/n?”

He clicks on the first picture, one of him as a child, no older than five. He had the cutest smile plastered on his face and wore a tiny Christmas sweater with a present knitted on.

“I found all these old pictures right? And i was like ‘man. I know someone who would laugh at these.’” Kai grins.

You observe each picture he shows you, smiling more and more each time. He studies you while you study the pictures, noticing something different about you than anyone else he’s ever met.

There was a sparkle in your eyes, making you all the more beautiful to him. Kai thought for sure he was imagining it but still, something seemed so incredibly amazing about you, like you were an angel.

“And this one is me with my hand turkey.” He says. In the picture is still baby kai, holding a drawing he made. You couldn’t understand why everyone hated him. He was so kind.

“Now I have something even better,” Kai plays a video of himself singing. Not recent of course. Too bad, because that would be such a laugh. Little baby kai was sitting up at the kitchen table along with two younger kids you didn’t recognize, and another girl about Kai’s age.

“Happy birthday tooooooo jo!” He squeals, clapping his hands when his sister blows out her candles.

“You were so cute back then.” You smile.

“Back then?” He asks. “Look at me. I’m still cute, right?” He points to his face.

“Absolutely adorable.” You reply.

“And one more picture for my collection,” he says, stretching out his arm, holding his phone in one hand.

“Smile, Salvatore.” He grins. The two of you look into his phone, and for once you seen how happy kai was. The two of you looked absolutely amazing.

“You’ve got such a cute smile.” The two of you say to each other.


A few more hours pass and you could feel your eyes getting heavy, getting ready to shut down for the night. You and kai were still watching a horror movie but you didn’t know If you would be able to stay up any longer. The only thing keeping you awake was kai screaming every few seconds when something ‘scary’ popped up on screen.

“God how are you not terrified?” Kai asks, un able to take his eyes of his phone screen. “That zombie was horrific!”

Kai pauses the movie and looks at you, letting out the cutest smile possible.
“Tired, sleepy head?”

You nod your head yes, not bothering to open your eyes. You feel Kai’s weight leave the mattress as he turns off the light.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” You ask him.

“Of course not. Why would I ever leave my favourite Salvatore alone?” He replies as he lies back down in your bed.

Kai pulls a blanket over your chest and leans into you, whispering “goodnight, y/n.” He places a small kiss on your forehead.

He snuggles into you, leaving no room in between the two of you. He wraps his arms around you as your head rests on his shoulder.


“Damon? Jesus, what the hell happened here?” Stefan asks, eyeing the room full of broken glass.

“I don’t know,” he mumbles. “I was drunk. I was mad. I couldn’t get up the stairs.”

“You what? You couldn’t get up the stairs?” Stefan can’t help but chuckle at his stupid brother.

“I did something. And obviously so did you, staying out all night.”

“Alright you go first.” Stefan pleads.

“I called our sister some names. Some things that never should have been said. And I could hear her crying and shaking and-” he waves his hand as if he was saying hello.

“I couldn’t apologize. I didn’t know what to do. She’s been in her room ever since.”

“She’s alright now isn’t she? She’s not hurt?” Stefan asks, all his attention drawn to you.

“I guess. I mean I just woke up when you came through the door.”


Stefan and Damon head up stairs quietly, not wanting to wake you, assuming you were well asleep.

“Door’s locked.” Stefan whispers.

Damon hands Stefan the key to your room, something you never knew they had. Stefan carefully opens up the door, the light from the hallway illuminating you.

And there you were, all tucked in, sleep and sound.

“God, I could have sworn I heard someone up here with her you know.” Damon says.

“You were drunk. Of course you did.” Stefan hits him, playfully.

“You think she misses that crazy sociopath?” Damon asks.

Stefan tells him to keep it quiet, even though they’re both still looking at you, and know you’re asleep.

“Well it’s been a tough year for her. He’s been dead for what? Eleven months now?” Stefan questions.

“Today marks the next. It’s been a full year, brother.”


Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part One)

Request: I’m making a request, it’s me. It’s always me dropping on by. But anyway. I’d like a Kai fluff. Where he comes back and sees YN (his wife) and his daughter who is now five (because of time jump) and due to pictures YN showed their daughter, she knows exactly who the man is in the front door and screams “DADDY!” And runs and jumps and hugs him. ((( @geminioriginalsimagines )))

Warnings: None? Fluff? Kai gets smacked twice but he sort of deserves it.



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You were making sandwiches, as simple as a lunch as you can for Annalise. She was playing in the living room, you kept having to glance over your shoulder to see that she hadn’t gotten into anything she wasn’t meant to.

She was so much like her father, even if she never met him. She had his bright blue eyes, his brown hair, and possibly his magic. You had no idea, and you wouldn’t know until she’s older, so you let it go. For now, she was a normal little girl with teddy bears and a love for cartoons. She was different, she understood that, and she understood that her father was different as well. He was gone, and he was never coming back, and Annalise knew that. But recently she had started having dreams that he was back again, coming to see her.

You weren’t sure you wanted him back.

A knock on the back door makes you jump, you nearly drop the knife you were holding. When you turn to open the door you freeze, eyes widening as you stare right out the door at Kai, staring at you through the glass of the back door.

“What the hell?” You ask as you pull the door open. He was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“What the hell? How are you back? How are you even- your head got chopped off! I was there!” Your voice was raising, you wanted to hit him, how long had been back?

“I know, I remember it. I brought you these, hoping to make amends, I-” You actually do smack him this time, right across the face with the back of your hand. His head flies to the side and he moved his bottom jaw slowly.

“I deserve that-” You hit him again- “And that.”

“How fucking could you?! How could you abandon me- how could you abandon your child?!” Kai’s eyes widen.

“I have a-”

“Daddy!” Annalise comes running from behind you and before you can stop her she’s thrown herself into Kai’s arms. Kai hugs her back, stunned, in shock.

“I knew you were back! I knew you were going to find mommy again! Are you staying?” Kai’s sets her down.

“No, he’s not staying.” Annalise’s face falls, and her eyes tear up. Kai notices her quick change in emotion and take her hand. Her fingers wrap tightly around his index finger.

“But I’ll be back tomorrow, me and your mommy need to have a talk.” You cross your arms over your chest, eyes glaring across at him, you’re pissed, you’re so pissed you could kill him.

“Alright, go back inside, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She lets go of Kai’s finger and comes back into the house, watching through the glass of the now shut door as he walks away.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

Shot, Neck, Lime

A/N: This came to me whilst watching The Big Bang Theory, and I felt that Kai would do this idea some justice.

Pairing: Kai Parker X Reader

Summary: Kai and reader are best friends, it’s only when they get drunk that things get a little messy.

Warnings: Cute friendly fluff, smut

Word count: 5.1K

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Kai Parker x Reader
word coun
t: 5 559
warning: smut
summary: Kai and Reader are spending the holidays at Reader’s parents’ place. [that was supposed to be the Thanksgiving smut, but stuff got in the way – writers block, plus some personal stuff. hope you still like it, though]
*gif by me

Spending his favourite holiday with the girl of his dreams was like a dream come true, even they weren’t alone. Y/N’s parents still thought Kai was only their daughter’s best friend and had no idea he was the boyfriend they kept asking her about. He knew why she didn’t want her friends to find out about them – they hadn’t liked him since day one and would definitely try to break them up ‘for her own good’. But her parents’ reaction surely would be different. They trusted him, liked him… or at least the version of him they knew – the best friend, always coming to the rescue no matter the hour/weather. No one had told them who or what he was and as much as they approved of him being friends with their daughter, something told him they would go ballistic if someone ever spilled the beans about his past. Specially her father who, for reasons unknown, had shown him his gun collection twice in the past two days since he and Y/N had arrived.

      “I really love your parent’s place.” he tossed himself on her bed. “It’s so nice and cozy… though I hate that we are in separate rooms.”

      “They are old fashioned, but at least they don’t want me to keep the door open when you are in my room.” replied Y/N, kneeling on the ground to open her suitcase. “And if you hate not sleeping with me, why haven’t you compelled them to let you stay here?”

      “Cuz –” he sat up. “I want them to like me.”

      “But they do like you.” she pointed out, watching him take a step towards her.

      “Yeah, as your best friend… but not as your boyfriend. Cuz someone –” he poked her in the stomach, “—hasn’t told them about us yet.”

Y/N turned her head sideways, her lips curling into a smile. “You really want me to tell them I brought my boyfriend, the man of my dreams, the person who stole my heart the second our eyes met at a bar to the family cabin without telling them first? And that I want him to spend the following four days sleeping in my bed, with his smocking hot naked body against mine, wrestling, while they sleep down the hall?”


      “You are bulletproof and I am terrified my father will shoot you.” she pressed her lips against his briefly and he leaned towards her again, wanting more. “S-stop, someone might walk in… and I need to find the perfect outfit and I umm –” her eyes fluttered closed feeling him tug down on her pullover’s sleeve for a second. His lips touched her bare skin, kissing up from her shoulder to her neck turning her skin on fire in a blink of an eye. “Kai –”

      “Let’s go wrestle, princess. I’ll let you be on top.” he whispered, his lips almost touching her earlobe as he spoke. Y/N turned her head sideways and lightly shook her head watching him sigh. “Oh-kay. Let’s see –” he pulled out one of the dresses she had packed – a tight short black one, checked it out and glanced at her. “No, that one will be torture to watch you wearing all night without being able to touch you the way I want. And then you will get upset after I tear if off you.” Y/N laughed, watching him with amusement as he pulled another outfit with similar commentary until her suitcase was empty. “You have nothing to wear.”

      “Don’t I?” she hooked one hand around his neck, walking her fingers on his chest stopping for a second when she got to his tie. Y/N lightly bit her lip, twisting the tie in her hand. “Or do you maybe just want me to stay in here with you wearing nothing but my underwear?”

      “Well… nothing at all but yes.” he leaned in to kiss her but she slightly pulled away mouthing ‘No’. A quiet growl escaped his lips, he pulled her suddenly towards him and their lips crashed together in a hungry demanding kiss leaving her completely breathless. “Damn… you are like a drug. I need a hit … another hit right now or I might die.” he leaned towards her again.

Y/N took a shallow breath and pressed her lips against his briefly and started to get up when he pulled her towards him and their lips collided again in a long passionate kiss.  “Careful… Too much might kill you.”

      “I don’t care.” he looked at her with heart eyes. “It will be worth it.”

     “Yeah, but then what would I do without my drug?” she got up, lightly bending over to pick up some of the clothes from the carpet. “You are so selfish.”

      “Ohh, and am selfish?” Kai laughed under his breath and got up after her, taking a step closer when she turned around suddenly and bumped into him spilling all the clothes on the floor again. “Hi. You should really watch where you are going. If I we were naked you would’ve gotten yourself impaled.”

      “I absolutely wouldn’t m-mind.” Y/N took a shallow breath watching his smile get wider by the second and placed her hands on his chest, lightly biting her lip. Her gaze drifted between his eyes and his lips while his hands found their way on the small on her back and slowly she backed him against the bed, catching a glimpse of the clock on her nightstand – 5PM?! How can it be already 5PM?!  “You sit here.”

      “What? Why ? Where are you going?” he got up after her. “I’m coming with.” Y/N pushed him roughly back on the bed. “Y/N?”

      “Trust me.”

      “I trust… you won’t have any mercy on me.” he muttered under his breath.

Y/N laughed and pressed her lips briefly against his, trailing her finger on his chin. “You know me so well.” she whispered in his ear.

Kai watched her pull her pullover over her head, kick off her shoes and then undo her jeans barely able to take his eyes or keep his hands off her. There was something about the way she was stripping down in that moment that drove him completely insane. His girl was teasing him, slowly removing every fabric from her body until she was walking around wearing only a lingerie. A white lingerie he had gotten for her birthday a few months back. He shifted on the bed devouring her with his eyes, drinking in every inch while she tried on outfit after outfit, stripping down again and again… He slipped towards the edge of the bed, lightly licking his lip as he got lost in a day dream. They were alone in the house and could definitely get in some trouble… What wouldn’t he give to grab her, toss her under him and spend the next few hours exploring every inch of her body as if it was the first time. How he was to survive a dinner with her family without doing being able to touch her, specially considering the way his jeans had tightened around him in that moment.

      “Damn, Y/N. Have some mercy or we won’t make it to or through dinner.”

      “You can always leave –”

      “No. Never.” he smirked devilishly at her.

Y/N laughed, quickly stripped down again and put on a red/black short skirt in small squares, a black t-shirt with a print on it saying ‘Don’t stop the music’ along with her favorite ankle high black Converses. Her reflection stared back at her and without realizing she started mumbling nervously under her breath. Keeping secrets from Kai wasn’t easy and she was surprised he still hadn’t figured out she was keeping something from him. Perhaps it was because he was lost too deep in another world, one where it was just the two of them, to notice.

      “Hey, Y/N—” Kai called out, trying to catch her attention. He took a step towards her watching her trying to pull her skirt a little lower. “Y/N, that one is per–”

      “Perfect… everything has to be perfect.” she muttered to herself, pulling the skirt lower until the fabric ripped. “Damn it.”

      “Why you are so panicky all of the sudden?”

      “What?” she muttered, pushing her skirt down her legs before taking the top off. “Panicky? Me?” she laughed nervously. “N-no.”

Her eyes fluttered closed for a second and a quiet groan of frustration left her lips which quickly turned into a half sigh/half moan when Kai’s hands wrapped around her waist from behind. He held her towards him, looking at their reflections and his lips curled into a smile seeing her bite her lip while his crotch grinded against her ass. Y/N reached her hand towards him, feeling him drag his fingertips on her inner thighs and his lips on her neck, leaving soft kisses all over. And just like that her entire frequency changed instantly. All nerves melted away by a fire he had started and continued to fuel with every passing second by placing his palm over her core, moving it in a slow motion for a few seconds until her hips pushed down.

      “You look so hot right now.” he whispered, nibbling on her earlobe. “I just want to bend you over the desk and have my way with you; then push you on the bed and make a mess of those fancy silk sheets you got.”

      “I can’t introduce you as my boyfriend to my family in my underwear…or naked.” she said quietly, grinding her ass against the bulge in his jeans.

      “What?” he said surprised, watching her reflections in the mirror. “Y-you are i-introducing me to your parents as your… boyfriend t-tonight?” Y/N gulped, her lips opening and closing while she cursed in her mind for letting it slip up. “That’s why you are panicking. It makes so much sense now –”

Y/N turned around and placed her hands on his chest feeling his hands slip down to her ass, pulling her towards him. His eyes sparkled like never before and his smile was getting wider by the second. “It’s important and I just –” she bit her lip, took a shallow breath and pulled on his tie, twisting it her hands. So hot. “I want everything to be perf–”

His lips crashed against hers into a hungry kiss while he slowly backed her against the bed until she was right at the edge and he pushed her roughly onto it. Y/N crawled back towards the headboard while he crawled right after her, smiling to himself. All this time he had thought maybe she was embarrassed by him or his past or something and now… his emotions ran on complete overdrive. He tried searching for words to tell her how her words had made him feel, but for the second time in his life he felt absolutely tongue tied because of her. Just like the first time he had seen her at Skull bar after leaving 1994. His emotions hadn’t been what they were in that moment but seeing her sitting there with a book in one hand, running her fingers through her hair without taking her eyes off the page for a second with a small smile on her face… Y/N had done something to him no one had ever been able to – she had stolen his breath away with one glance and kept doing it every day since.

      “D-don’t.” she protested. “My parents are downstairs…We will be late and punctuality is very important tonight.”

      “I don’t care. I want you.” he said with a devilish spark in his eyes watching her roll on the bed, trying to get away from him. Without any effort he stopped her, pinned her hands on either side of her head and his knee resting between her legs. His lips connected with hers in a passionate kiss, slowly moving down her jawline to neck leaving soft kisses everywhere. “And I always get what I want.”

      “Can’t you wait until –”

      “No.” he smiled at her, pressing his lips against hers for a long passionate kiss before flicking his wrist to lock the door. “I can’t wait another second. Not after watching you change like 10 times or finding out your little secret. Such a bad girl, keeping things from your boyfriend… I should punish you.”

Their lips collided in a passionate kiss and she pulled his body closer to hers as if that was even possible. Her fingers travelled up and down his back, untucking his shirt and slowly pulling up while her fingertips brushed against his bare skin and his crotch grinded against hers a little harder turning her skin on fire. His hand slid behind her back unclasping her bra with ease, tossing it on the floor a split second. Soft moans left her parted lips and she could feel waves of pleasure flow through her body while he played with her breasts as if they were his favourite toy. He was being both gentle and rough at the same time – swirling his tongue around her nipples, sucking and lightly biting on them with his teeth.

Y/N bit her lip watching his lips and fingertips draw figurines on her skin. Every touch, every kiss he left on her skin felt completely electrifying and she couldn’t get enough. Kai really was like a drug to her – he had gotten her addicted the moment their hands had briefly touched at the bar when he had come over with a drink.  “How do you always get what you want? It’s driving me nuts…”

Their eyes met and she couldn’t help but notice there was barely a trace of the usual blue colour. How hadn’t she noticed that before? Probably because she had been too distracted day dreaming about his lips on hers and his lips on hers just like they were in that moment – slowly trailing their way down her stomach lighting her on fire while his fingertips explored every inch as if it was the first time. His hand slid right down her stomach towards her middle, brushing against her through the thin fabric and devilish spark flashed in his eyes. He leaned in and pressed his mouth against her soaked core for a few moments inhaling and exhaling sharply for a moment before his fingers hitched around the waistband of her panties and he pulled them down her legs.

      “So wet just for me.” he licked his lip, carefully positioning himself between her legs looking in to her eyes. “And so beautiful, specially from that angle.”

      “S-stop it.” her laugh turned into a squeal a second later when he bit her clit. “Oh, my Kai –”

      “Shhh –” he smiled innocently, spreading her folds wider. “Try to keep quiet… or we might get caught.”

Kai flicked her clit with his tongue and licked a line straight through her middle, slurping some of her arousal about to drip onto the sheets without taking his eyes off her. Instantly her heartbeat jumped up and her breathing vanished into thin air. A quiet moan tumbled off her lips and he pulled her by the hips towards him, hitching his hands around them while her fingers tangled in his hair pushing his mouth further on him. He took his time building her up – taking turns between sucking/tugging on her clit and darting his tongue in and out of her, lighting match after match until her skin felt as if it was on fire. Every drop hitting his tongue felt like drug being poured straight into his bloodstream and he couldn’t get enough.

Y/N gripped on the sheets and her back arched off the bed a little. Her heart was racing in her chest and hr breathing had become so ragged there was no way to calm it down or her thoughts even if she wanted. All she could think about was his lips on her clit sucking and tugging on it while whimpers started mixing with moans and his name leaving her parted lips. And just when she thought there was no way for him to drive her crazier, he dipped his fingers inside her warmth. Slowly he curled them around, exploring every inch as if it was the first time before pulling out to the fingertips and going in to the last knuckle a little faster every time. His tongue had been gentle unlike his fingers which got a little rougher, thrusting inside her deeper and harder until his fingertips hit her spot and she had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep herself from screaming out. Their eyes met and she couldn’t help but notice how they had darkened so much they were almost completely black in that moment. Devils and flames danced in them while he continued to thrust his fingers inside her a little faster, not carrying for a second how at any moment she might scream and they’d get caught. It felt as if the temperatures had gone up 100 degrees in that past few minutes, or maybe it was the fire he had started inside her threatening to burn her alive.

      “FUck K-Kai –” she moaned, feeling him bite on her clit and she threw her head back. “I’m s-so clo-se.” her walls tightened a little more intensely around his fingers, spurring him to go faster until she was right on edge and he suddenly pulled away wiping his chin with his thumb –  “Wh-what the –“ she stared at him. “I hate you—”  

      “Owh, do you?” he said amused, getting off the bed and quickly undid the belt/zipper of his jeans. “So, you don’t want this then?” he gestured towards the visible bulge in his jeans. “Okay then, we can go downs—”

Y/N got on her knees on the bed and reached towards him, pulling him by his tie until he fell back on the bed on top of her. “Only person going down somewhere is me…on you.” she bit her lip. “I want yo—

His lips crashed against hers and she rolled on top of him without breaking the kiss, straddling him a little harder while their lips moved hungrily against each other and he ran his fingernails down her spine making her back arch in pleasure. Y/N pulled on his tie and twisted it in her hand, slowly trailing her way down to his neck leaving kisses all over.

      “I thought you said we were going to be late?” he asked, watching her rip his shirt open, sending buttons flying everywhere. “What happened to ‘punctuality is very important tonight’?”

Y/N bit her lip and locked gazes with him, running her hands all over his chest for a moment. A couple minutes ago punctuality had been at the top of her list. After all that was the first sign for making a good impression, but after everything that had happened… Only one burning thought remained in her mind – she wanted him. Damn the consequences if they get caught or if they are late.

      “Screw punctuality.” she said with a devilish spark in her eyes. “I want you.”

Without taking her eyes off his for a second she leaned in towards him drawing figurines on his chest with the tip of her tongue and leaving soft kisses on her way to the bulge in his already unbelted jeans. Y/N gripped on his jeans and started pulling them down the way while he looked at he with eyes filled with desire. Instantly her heart skipped a beat – the way he looked at her when he was turned on always turned her skin on fire and a tingly feeling spread through her body like a tsunami.  Agonizingly slowly she walked her fingers up his thighs, drawing figurines all the way to and on his thick shaft through the thin fabric of his briefs before she pressed her mouth on his hard lenght, allowing her hot breath on him.

Kai bit his lip and propped himself on his elbows, watching her fingers hitch around the waistband of his briefs. If she only knew, he thought. Her eyes lit up with excitement the second his hard lenght flopped onto his stomach and semi-sat on his knees not taking her eyes off him for a second as she leaned in licking a slow stripe all the way from his balls to the tip.

     “You’ve been day dreaming again, haven’t you?” he moaned softly. “You have that look in your eyes. When are you going to tell me what we do in those naughty fantasies of yours?”

      “I’ve been day dreaming about us doing this since the second my eyes opened this morning and I found you in my bed –” she wrapped her fingers around his hard length, blowing a light stream of air directly onto the head. Her tongue twirled around the tip as she licked off the pre-cum, moaning softly as she did. “—under the sheets with me. You want us to get caught, don’t you?”

Kai moaned softly and threw his head back for a moment feeling her tongue run on the underside of his and her fingernails lightly scratch on him. Her tongue twirled around the head then straight to the middle so agonizingly slowly he felt like he was losing his mind much like he had right before sunset when he had sneaked into her bedroom to watch her sleep and had found her moaning his name in her sleep. How could’ve he stopped himself from crawling under the sheets with her, or keep his hands off her after hearing one of the most beautiful sounds in the world first thing in the morning?! It just hadn’t been possible… Now, however, things were in reverse and he was the one moaning her name while looked at him with such innocent eyes someone might think she wasn’t doing anything dirty; that she was just sucking her favorite lolly pop flavor, which he had a suspicion was what was actually happening.

       “OH shit Y/N –“ he moaned. “I wanted to have you for breakfast.” he added, tangling his fingers in her hair unable to tear his eyes off her.  There was something about the way her body moved in small waves, how her gaze never left his that drove him completely mad. He wanted her more with every second, but she just kept teasing him taking in just the tip between her lips, nibbling on him and gently fondling his balls with her free hand. Every now and then he’d trust his hips up at her, wanting to disappear completely between her lips but she was a step ahead.     “You are driving me nuts.” he moaned, lightly licking his lip. “I want you.”  

Y/N lightly shook her head, mouthing ‘No.’ Before meeting him doing everything she was doing to him in that moment had never been something that could’ve get her so turned on. And now listening to him moan her name, watching his reactions to everything her lips and tongue were doing to him turned her on so much she could feel herself drip down her thighs. Her eyes fluttered closed for a split second feeling him twitch in her hand while her tongue ran on the underside of his length and back up again, swirling around the tip and straight through the middle before she took him between her lips again.

      “You love playing with fire, don’t you?” he grabbed a fistful of her hair, shoving her head down him. Warning flashed in his eyes and wave of excitement rushed through her body instantly. “Teasing me the way you did… looking at me with those innocent eyes. You are about to get burnt, sweetheart.”

He held her like this for a couple more seconds, watching her eyes start to water a little and feeling the vibrations of her moans hit directly the tip of his lenght, before letting go. Y/N swirled her tongue around the head and down to his balls one more time before crawling up his body and dragging her hands up until they rested on his chest and his hands were on her waist. Waves of electricity shot straight into her bloodstream from the spots he was touching her and she couldn’t help but moan softly feeling the tip of his length pressing against her entrance while she hovered over him. Their gazes locked on each other and her lips curled into a devilish smile. Her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft and slowly she rubbed the tip against her clit, going in circles and lines. Y/N braced one hand on his chest, lightly digging her nails in his flesh and leaned in towards him, their lips crashing in an anxious demanding kiss while Kai’s hands moved to the small of her back and up her spine.  Slowly she took just the tip inside her, continuing to tease both of them.

      “I want you –” moaned Kai, his lips colliding with hers again. Every time he thought he’d get what he wanted she denied him again, driving him crazier with desire with every passing second. “I want to feel those tight walls clench around me.”


      “I don’t like hearing ‘no’, sweetheart.” he cooed. Purple/black veins flashing under his eyes for a second and he smirked, tossed her under him and entered her at once. A small scream escaped her lips and she instantly covered her mouth, looking at him startled while he looked at her amused. “Whoops.” he laughed, withdrawing almost completely before filling her in to the brim again. “You okay?”

      “I’ve never been more okay in my life –” she moaned softly, holding onto his biceps. “— though I will be better if you start moving a little faster. Before someone comes upstairs to check up on us.”

Kai grinned at her almost, resting his forehead on hers, and thrusted inside her again unable to tear his eyes away from hers for a second. He loved watching the look in her eyes every time he stretched her to the brim, how they rolled in the back of her head and the way they glowed when he buried deep inside her. That was one of the things he had fallen absolutely in love with the first time they’ve been together like that. Though back then it had been his girl who had taken charge. Y/N had pinned him to the bed, kissed him as if her life depended on it and for the first time he hadn’t minded not being the dominant one. When they were together like that all that mattered was how close her body was to his, how her walls tightened around him as if never wanting to let him go ever. Though he had to admit, having things in reverse had been a bigger turn on than he had ever anticipated, perhaps it had been because it was her. Or because of the way she had looked at him that night – with confidence and devils dancing in her eyes, and flashes of innocence almost as if she was two people at once. It had driven him completely insane and that’s when he had known for sure – she was the one and he’d never be able to give her up. Or live without her in his arms at all times.

      “OH shit –”

Y/N tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him down for a kiss, drowning both their moans while he continued to light her on fire. His thrusts were getting a little faster and rougher every time and for a moment she was worried someone might come upstairs to check what these bangs on the walls were, why her bed was screeching on the floor. Subconsciously she knew she had to tell him to slow down a little but in reality, she wanted him to go faster, not giving a damn they might get caught. What did it even matter if that happened? All she truly cared about and wanted in that moment as she dug her nails in his flesh, was to feel all of him inside her. To feel him bury himself deeper, thrust inside her harder and to have her breath being completely knocked out of her lungs by the man who had driven her out of her mind the very first time they had been intimate.

      “Fuck –” she moaned, throwing her head back a little when he thrusted inside her a little rougher. “Go faster.”

      “I thought you were worried we might get caught.” he teased, thrusting inside her a harder and deeper. A loud moan tumbled off her lips when he hit her spot and without any warning she rolled on top of him. “Wow –”

      “I don’t fucking care.” she grinned at him, holding his hands on either side of her head while her hips rolled on him. “I want you –” her lips crashed against his, anxious and greedy, leaving him completely breathless before she rested her forehead on his. Her eyes pierced into his, their moans colliding in the air along with the sounds of flesh on flesh. “I want … every inch of you deep inside me until we burn.”

Kai smirked devilishly at her and thrusted his hips up at her hard, quite literally knocking the air out of her lungs when he filled her in again and had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep herself from screaming out. Her grip on his hands loosened a little and she braced her hands on his chest while his found their perfect spot on her hips, helping her go down on him faster. Even though she was on top, he continued to have all the control. Their eyes met and she couldn’t help but smile seeing the look on his face as she dug her nails in his flesh almost drawing blood. Purple/black veins flickered under his eyes at the same time his lenght twitched inside her and her walls contracted around him. What wouldn’t she give to feel him feed on her in that moment –

      “Fuck I’m s-so clo-se” she moaned, leaning towards him. His eyes widened a little seeing her breasts rock right before them while she turned her head back taking a peek at their hips meeting, and she cupped his cheek with one hand when his vampirism showed again. ‘So hot.’ she mouthed.

A loud moan tumbled off Kai’s lips and his lenght twitched inside her at the same time her walls clenched around him a little more intensely. Y/N rested her forehead on his, both of them unable to tear their eyes away from each other. Her mouth hung open and the look in her eyes in that moment was enough to make him surrender all control to her. How does she do that? he wondered.  His hips thrusted up meeting with hers halfway while their moans collided in the air along with the sounds of flesh on flesh and the headboard hitting the wall from time to time. He didn’t have to look to know there would be a dent on the wall, and he didn’t care. His entire focus was on his girl and how much he wanted to feel her lips on his when he fills her in with his hot sticky cum. His hands travelled up her spine to the back of her head and he pulled her lips towards his until they collided in a passionate kiss, drowning out their moans as he came in hot spurts inside her, triggering her orgasm. Her hips continued to roll on him, her walls tightening around him, squeezing every last drop of his cum until they were both finished and Y/N collapsed on top of him, trying to catch her breath. A few seconds passed before without any warning he tossed her under him, holding her hands on either side of her head.

      “I have a confession to make.” he rested his forehead on hers, slowly withdrawing before filling her in again. “I switched the clock… and we are alone in the house.”


      “You are mad at me.”

      “You damn right I am. If I knew we weren’t in a hurry I would’ve taken more time torturing you with my tongue… and lips and—” his lips pressed against hers in a passionate kiss.

      “Let me make it up to you.” he whispered in her ear, slowly slipping down her body without taking his eyes off hers. He cupped her breasts, squeezing them while swirling his tongue around her left nipple making it fully erect and then switching to the right one. His lips lit up fires everywhere he touched her until he got to her core. “I love seeing you like this… with my cum oozing out of you, mixing with your juices.”

Y/N laughed for a second, tangling her fingers in his hair. “Take a picture.”

      “What?” he asked surprised.

      “You heard me.” she trailed her fingers down his cheek, tilting his chin up. “Take a picture and later, should we survive the rest of the weekend with my parents, I might let you take a couple more while I tell you all about those naughty fantasies you are so curious about.”

Dating Kai Parker Would Include

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  • Kissing.
  • Him teasing you a lot.
  • Making out a lot.
  • Kai eating you  out. 
  • Fingering you.
  • Giving him blow jobs.
  • Rough sex.
  • Daddy kink.
  • Kinky sex
  • Kai getting horny all the time.
  • Him calling you a naughty girl every time you tease him.
  • Blood sharing.
  • Kai healing you when you get hurt.
  • Kai getting jealous every time a guy flirts with you.
  • Kai only being nice to you.
  • Teasing you in public.
  • Fighting.
  • Makeup sex.
  • I love you’s.
  • Kai treating you like a queen.
  • Making cupcakes.
  • Flirting.

Stelenna’s masterlist🌷

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The vampire diaries:

One year: kai Parker x reader- Kai helps the reader feel better after everyone around her seems to leave.

Winter kisses: kai Parker x reader- Kai and the reader have always been close friends, but things seem to be changing.

History repeats: kai Parker x reader- After a long awaited reunion with Kai, the reader and kai think that theres only one way for the two of them to stay together.

Birthday blues: kai Parker x reader- it’s the reader’s birthday but she’s the only one who seems to care until Kai finds out, and makes everything better

Ready for it: kai Parker x reader- this was originally based on the song ready for it by Taylor swift, but kind of got off track ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All evening: Kai Parker x reader- Bonnie makes the reader babysit Kai one afternoon which only ends up leading to something else.

Just Friends: Kai Parker x reader- “I need a fake date to the christmas party so everyone will stop asking me if i have a boyfriend; will you be my fake date?”

All i want for christmas is you: Kai Parker x reader- The reader only wants one thing for Christmas; Kai. But people don’t always feel the same way back.

Last Christmas: Kai Parker x reader- part two of all iwant for christmas is you

Compelled: Kai Parker x reader-  Caroline, Bonnie and Elena hate the fact that the reader and Kai are dating. They’ve tried everything to break them up- but one day they dont need to anymore.


(The vampire diaries) Friends: Kai parker x reader ft. misc others- The reader starts off as Kai and Jo’s best friend but sometimes emotions get in the way of friendship, which only leads to one thing and another. 1989 pt.1 1989 pt.2 1994 pt.3 1994 pt.4 1994 pt.5

Teen wolf:

new girl: stiles x reader-  The reader is the newest student to beacon hills high and quickly makes new friends.

Saturday: Stiles x reader-  Y/n and Stiles get themselves stuck in Saturday detention, making them possibly even more than friends.

Let me kiss you: Scott McCall x reader- just another quick teen wolf one shot :) there’s nothing more that y/n wants than to have a dance with Scott. Maybe wishes do come true afterall.


Racers: Sweet Pea x reader- sweet pea isnt sure how to ask y/n out until one day he comes up with the perfect plan

Tattooed: Sweet pea x reader- Sweet pea is ready to get his serpent tattoo until the only girl working ends up being a ghoulie. But that doesn’t stop Sweet pea from having a good time.

Wouldnt be the last: Sweet pea x reader-  When the sothside has to join riverdale high, Sweet Pea thinks that theres nothing left for him until he meets y/n.

Study hall: Sweet pea x reader- The reader and sweet pea are the only two in study hall but sweet pea can’t help but notice the girl cramming for her exams. He knows one thing for sure; that he has to talk to her.

Art: Sweet Pea x reader- (Requested) Sweet pea takes an interest in the girl who doodled all during class. Suddenly her art is posted. Soon he falls in love with her art. They finally meet because of toni, and he’s fallen in love basically. She doesnt judge them. Even though shes close friends with people like cheryl and betty. Sweet pea x reader

Misc fics:

Things will be better tomorrow: Brandon north x reader- requested

3,4,5: Brandon North x reader- requested



Desc: Can you do a Kai imagine where he meets a girl who has the same past as him (except the whole killing family thing was in self defense) & well shy and quiet she seems to be the only one who sees something in him & stands up for him & laughs at all his jokes & he doesn’t understand why he loves bringing her out of her shell & seeing her laugh at his dorky jokes & basically a imagine where they, two people who have been scorned by love, fall in love & learn to understand it ❤

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She ran into him by accident. It was around two in the morning, and the stars dotted the black canvas in the sky like sprinkles of golden fairy dust. It was cool out, the gentle breeze just enough to bring goosebumps to her skin, and it smelt of the fresh pine trees of the forest she was running through. Her hair was pulled atop her head in a loose and messy knot, oversized sweater hanging over her palms, her eyes hooded and lips chapped. The girl’s battered combat boots smacked against the leaf strewn ground, her breath heavy, leather bag dangling off her shoulder as she sprinted like her life depended on it. 


The girl slammed face first into something, her hands coming up to massage her face as she groaned out in pain. She inhaled a raspy breath, blinking around in bewilderment when she realized there was nobody and nothing there.

“Hello?” she uttered into the desolate forest.


The voice was almost inaudible, so faint and nervous she almost missed it. It seemed to come from directly in front of her, and yet when she stared in the direction of the voice, all she saw was the dark outline of a faded oak. Suddenly, a boy melted from the shadows, literally seeping out in human form. He was tall and lanky, with ruffled brown hair and shining blue eyes that were filled with hurt. The moonlight cast shadows across his sculpted facial curves, full lips, and faint stubble. He’d been cloaking himself with an invisibility charm, smart.

“You have magic,” the girl stated in disbelief, tilting her head and looking the boy over with curiosity.

“And that doesn’t scare you?” his voice rumbled low.

She narrowed her eyes, “no.”

The girl raised a hand towards the boy, and a golden wisp of light erupted from her pale fingertips and engulfed the two in an orb of glimmering light so they could see only each other in the folds of the dark night. The boy stared at the girl in awe, his mouth hanging open a little. He looked her over, impressed.

“You too,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she responded, feeling suddenly shy when he looked her over with those startlingly blue eyes.

“And what are you doing running through the forest in the middle of the night?” he asked, brow arched.

“I could ask you the same,” she says, folding her arms over each other.

“No, really,” he asks sincerely.

“You wouldn’t get it,” she clenches her jaw, and he picks up on the little pulse and crinkle in her eyebrows.

“I might just,” he whispers, his eyes flickering back and forth between hers.

She twirls a long curl of hair around her fingertips, eyes planted to the brown soil, heart sinking. The memories pain her to think about, and when she does, the golden orb around them falters momentarily. 

“I’m running,” she admits with a heavy sigh.


“My family,” she swallows hard at the lump in her throat, eyes coming back to the boy’s. He doesn’t seem phased at all, but he frowns when he sees her looking so fragile and hurt.

“Anyways,” she shakes her head, snapping out of her trance. “I can’t keep up too long or they’ll find me. So…goodbye, stranger.”

She moves to sidestep the boy, but he grabs at her wrist, shaking his head, “Kai.”

“Kai?” she breathes.

“My name,” his lips twitch faintly.

Her body relaxes, maybe she can stay another minute.

“Well, it’s actually Malachai,” he stumbles softly. “Malachai Parker.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” she says bashfully.

Kai scoffs, “yeah, right.”

“I mean it,” she smiles sympathetically, seeing the look of disgust he has for his own name.

Kai chews his rosy lower lip in disbelief, thinking she’s joking at first, but her facial expression holds still. A breeze swoops gently over them, and he catches a whiff of her sugary perfume, it’s intoxicating, and he wants to move closer to her but he doesn’t.

“Sorry,” he apologizes, letting go of the knit sweater he clung to.

She tells him her name, and asks what he could be doing at such an early hour.

“Running,” he mimics her.

He sees her facial expressions soften, lips bending downwards and eyes saddening. She’s so precious and delicate, nothing like himself.

“From your family?” she whispers, taking a step closer to him.

He couldn’t bear to drag such a fragile girl into his messy life, so he decided to scare her off now rather than later, since lying would only hurt her. And he didn’t want to see her more hurt than she clearly was already. Something about her…he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he only knew she didn’t deserve to be with a disaster like himself.

“No,” he said icily, stiffening his back. “I killed them all.”

The girl froze, heart hammering, instinctively taking a step back.

Good, she was scared. 

“Why?” her voice trembles.

“Because I’m the black sheep,” he laughs bitterly. “I was an outcast in my family my entire life, the broken one, the ‘faulty gemini’. My sister Jo was the perfect one, oh, everyone loved Jo. But not me. No, I was isolated from my own family,” he spits with anger. “I bet it was really nice to stand around and judge me, while they got everything out of life.”

“Why?” she asks again, sounding more curious than frightened now.

Kai cuts her off and draws closer to her, “you should go,” he growls.

“Tell me,” she demands, standing her ground despite every part of her body urging her to run.

She was clearly terrified, but was stubborn enough to try and hide it.

“What makes you think I won’t hurt you?” he says with dark eyes.

“Because I know what it feels like,” she snaps, her face inches from his malicious one.

That expression on his face melted off like ice, and he steps back, “what?”

“Show me,” she responds nervously.

“Show you?” he questions, unable to hold the facade.

He hated the feeling of control the girl seemed to hold over him. Why wasn’t she running yet? Everyone else would have…

“Show me your ability,” she demands quietly, rolling up her lavender sweater and shoving her wrists out to the boy.

“H-how did you know?”

“We’re not so different, you and I,” she says, “just…do it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he admits with a shake of his head. Funny how quickly he switched from selfish and psychotic to caring and compassionate.

“Kai,” she begs.

He takes a rattled breath, his hands clammy as he approaches the defiant girl. He can feel energy radiating from her bloodstream, and he wants it, needs it, like a drug. She doesn’t look afraid as his slender fingers lock lightly on her wrists, the cool rings that decorated his fingers pressing into her skin. Her beautiful eyes hold to his own, and he keeps them locked to hers as the orange glow burns into her flesh. Her magic oozes into his bloodstream, but it’s different than usual, stronger, he thinks. His mouth tips open as he groans from the feeling he’s missed so much, her energy diffusing throughout his body, and he can’t help but close his eyes from the pleasure. Any second now she should be gasping out for him to stop, crumpling from the pain of his siphoning, but she doesn’t. Then he drops her wrists, snapping back to reality, feeling more alive than he has in ages.

“Why didn’t that hurt you?” he breathes, still on a magic high.

“I don’t run out,” she responds flatly.

“How is that not a gift?!” Kai gasps.

“Because when I have so much it makes me overwhelmed, and I- I can’t control it. My emotions tip even just a little, and my magic comes spilling out of me. The rest of my family thought they could just fix me, because I was some sort of threat to out coven. A-and sometimes I only wanted to help, but it makes me do bad things…hurt people,” she mutters, eyes to the floor. “It’s darker magic, watch.”

The girl stoops low to the ground, where a small pink flower blossoms innocently from the ground. She brushes her fingers to the soft petals, and Kai watches as the plant dissolves into black ash under her finger pads.

“My mom came after me one day,” she shudders, “I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to protect myself.” Her wrist quickly swiped away a falling tear, and she cleared her throat, pretending it was all alright.

He wanted nothing more than to wrap that girl in his arms that instant.

“You don’t scare me, Malachai Parker,” she stands, her body alarmingly close to his.

Nobody ever called him by his full name, this was new.

“You’re not as twisted as me,” he denies. “I’m bad news, a psycho, or sociopath, if you will.”

He runs a hand through his chestnut locks, overwhelmed by the closeness of the girl.

“Stop trying to scare me,” she says. “You’re not like that.”

“And how would you know?”

“You’re not bad, you’re just…broken. I know that feeling.”

Her eyes reflect the golden sparkles around them, hair cascading across her perfect face. Her ability to care confused him.

Kai scoops down to the ground, touching the pile of ashes where the flower was moments ago. His eyes close as he uses his siphoned magic to revive the flower, and soon he’s plucked the rosy thing from the ground and is facing this girl again. She looks at the flower with admiration, the faintest of smiles on her little lips. Kai picks off the stem, and brushes back the girls hair affectionately, sliding the pink flower into the crook of her ear; it suits her wonderfully. Her cheeks blush noticeably, and she chews nervously at her lower lip. He can’t help but trail his fingers across her perfect skin, surprised that she didn’t pull away; nobody ever let Kai touch them. He liked that feeling a lot.

“Look at us,” he says, “two broken pieces.”

“Maybe two broken pieces make a whole one,” she laughs suddenly.

He loved that tinkling bell-like laugh so much, he wanted to hear it again and again.

“You know you’re like, really pretty,” Kai blurts without thinking.

She smiles a radiant smile up at him, “don’t tell me Malachai Parker is actually feeling,” she jokes.

He shoves her playfully, but grabs each of her arms afterwards so that she’ll stay close to him. When he pulls her back, her chest goes thudding against his, and she instantly resumes her nervous stance.

“Hey,” he says, his fingers crawling under her chin and lifting it up so their eyes meet. “You have too much power contain, and I don’t have any at all, maybe if we work together we could balance each other’s faults, you know?”

“Work together?” she blinks up at him. “Not, alone?”

He bends over her, the electric currents of her skin against his driving him crazy with longing. Her lips were so close, begging for his.

“Not alone,” he breathes.

Vacation - Kai Parker

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Warnings: praise!kink (just a bit), smut, unprotected sex (WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT), vacation?, pure nakedness, major smut, the normal stuff.


Pairing: Kai Parker x fem!reader

Kai Parker was a sociopath with a tiny bit of emotion. Most of that emotion was focused to you, making him look like a monster to the rest of the world. Right now, Kai looked normal. He was sleeping, just his boxers, light shining on his face. You took a trip to Pennsylvania, to the mountains. He rented the lodge and got you there late last night. You were standing in the doorway to the bathroom, listening to the birds and watching trees sway in the breeze while he slept. It was early morning and you had just woken up.

Kai stirred and rolled onto his back, lifting his head to look at you.

“Good morning.” You say with a smile, he smile back, head flopping back onto the soft pillow.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” He smirks. You kneel beside him on the bed.

“So I was thinking..” You trail off, drawing slow circles on his chest.

“Never a good sign.” Kai comments. You hit his arm and he chuckles.

“But anyways,” You put your head on his stomach, “I was thinking maybe we could go to lake today and swim for a bit, you know, chill out.”

“Well I was thinking that we would stay here all day and maybe I could do this.” He tugs you up to kiss you. You brace your arm on the other side of his head as you kiss him back. One of his hands cup the back of your neck, keeping you kissing him while the other slides down your side.

You break the kiss, pulling away from him reluctantly.

“Yeah, I think that works.” He gives you another heart stopping smirk and pulls you back down to kiss you again.

His hands slides over your butt, skimming the lace of our panties before hooking on your inner thigh and pulling it to make you straddle him. You moan into the kiss when you feel his half-hard cock against your thigh. You have to pull away for air. You sit up, hands tugging your shirt above your head. His big hands find your boobs quickly, rubbing his thumbs against your nipples. You arch into his hands, and grip his wrists.

“Fuck, you look beautiful like that.” He comments as you roll your head back. You grind your hips down and he moans in response.

His right hand goes from your boob to your panties, pushing past the edge and finding your clit quickly. He rubs two of his fingers into it in slow circles, making you grind your hips down for more. He flips you over and you open your eyes to look up at him.

“I want you so bad.” He presses a chaste kiss to your lips before hooking his fingers in your panties and pulling them down your legs. They get snagged on your ankle which breaks some of the tension by making both of you laugh.

He kisses your thigh and you bite your lip as he goes higher. As soon as he’s close enough you thread your fingers into his hair. He lays a kiss to your inner thigh, and you take a deep breath. His hands spread your thighs wider and you bite your lip again. Kai gives a small lick to our clit and your moan, tensing quickly. He rubs his thumbs into your thighs.

“Shh, relax.” Kai hums and presses a few more kisses to your thighs. You take a deep breath and cover your face with your arm, embarrassed that you reacted so quickly to just one lick to your clit.

“There’s a good girl.” You blush at the praise. He gives your clit a bigger lick and you whimper, pulling on his hair a little. He holds your thighs down but you buck your hips anyways as he continues to eat you out.

Kai’s tongue brushes your entrance and you moan louder, bucking your hips more into his mouth. He opens his eyes and looks up to you, drinking in every single one of your curves as you arch into his mouth. One of his hands leaves your thigh and nudges at your entrance gently. You moan and try to shimmy your hips downward.

“Relax, baby.” Kai’s fingers stay circling your hole as you try to calm down.

“Fuck, Kai.” You buck your hips into his fingers. He pushes one in slowly, making you moan and arch your back at the sensation.

“So naughty, Y/n.” He teases, pressing a second finger in and thrusting them slowly. You clench down and roll your hips.

“Kai.” You whimper, hips rolling onto his fingers. He goes back to your clit, licking it and sucking in it in time with his fingers.

“Kai, come on.” You try to get him to speed u by bucking your hips more but he doesn’t listen, adamant on teasing you until you break and beg him. He speeds up his fingers and you tug his hair more.
“Kai, fuck, yes.” You arch your back farther and grind onto his fingers as he thrusts them at a steady pace. You moan loudly as you get closer and just as you’re about to cum he pulls away, leaving you completely unsatisfied.

“Fuck you.” You say breathlessly, knowing just what he was doing. He wanted you to cum with him inside you, it’s why he almost never let you cum on his fingers.

“I’m planning on it.” He comes back up to kiss you but you flip him over again, pushing his shoulders into the mattress. He smirks at you as you pull away from the kiss. He kicks his boxers to the floor.

“You were saying?” You ask him, grinding down on him slowly. He scrunches his eyebrows together and shakes his head.

“I wasn’t saying anything.” He lifts his hips up to try to get more as you smirk.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure you weren’t.” You reach down and line him up with you. Both of you moan as you sink down onto him.

“Fuck, Y/n.” He moans your name as you circle your hips slowly. You close your eyes.

His hands grip your hips, pulling you against him slowly, building up a pace with your help. You moan and bounce with his hands, chasing your own orgasm as well as his.

“You look so beautiful on top of me, you know that?” Kai asks, moaning once he finishes his sentence. You nod.

“Fuck, Kai.” Your nails dig into his chest a little.

“Such a good girl, fucking yourself on my cock. You love it, don’t you? Being my good girl?” You nod breathlessly and grind down onto him.

“I asked you a question.” He thrusts his hips up into you and you bounce at the power of it, moaning loudly. His thumb circles your clit quickly.

“Yes, I love it Kai, I love it so much.” You moan loudly as you get closer and closer to cummings.

“Go ahead baby, cum for me. Cum for me like the good girl you are.” You arch your back, mouth open in a silent scream as you buck your hips sporadically. He follows right behind, hips stilling and spilling into you just as you start to come down.

You fall to his side, panting and sated. He lays on his back, also panting. Your legs twitch as you continue to come down even as he gets up to find his boxers.

“That was great.” You pant as he lays back down.

“Fuck yeah it was, you’re great.” You smile at him and lay your head on his shoulder.

This vacation was going to be the best one of our whole life if it kept going like this.

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                 KAI PARKER SMUT -

•  I Always Get What I Want
Kai keeps tugging on reader’s skirt , she tells him off but thats only the beginning …

•  Roommates (A Prison World Story)
Reader gets sent to the Prison World where Kai is. They have briefly crossed parts before  and have spend nearly 5 months together in there, over time getting closer and eventually move in together (as friends , things grow from there) …

•  Don’t Challenge Me (a bit of a sequel to Roommates )

•  All I Want
Kai stalks Reader who is super annoyed because Kai never stops talking , dropping hints about him being in love with her and one day Reader finds Kai sleeping in her bed …

•  Magic Fingers (a prequel of sorts to Don’t Let Me Go)

 Bring Me To Life
Reader is in love with Kai but he ignores it because the feelings he has scare him and is not sure if it’s love.

•  How I Really Feel
Reader is a part of the MF gang and a which with a different kind of powers. She likes him but Kai doesn’t seem to like her but that’s not exactly true.

•  Just Tonight
(After Kai gets out of the 1994 Prison World , before the merge).
Kai meets Reader at the Grill and they end up making out. Later on Reader leaves and Kai follows her in the dark streets of Mystic Falls.

•  I Know You Like Me
Reader and Kai always are cocky / tease each other , one day Reader is kidnapped and Kai comes to her rescue.

•  Thunderstorms
Reader is afraid of Thunderstorms and Kai sees that a big storm is coming and rushes to her place worried because of a blackout.

•  Lessons
(in the new Prison World) Reader gets sent into the Prison World with Kai. One day Kai comes back and finds out she had sneaked into his room while he was out of the house.

•  No Touching - Part II - Part III (🔥🔥🔥)
Kai get’s injured and get’s horny so Reader has to ‘take care’ of him.

•  Hands to Myself
Reader and Kai make a bet  on how long each of them can last without kissing / touching the other.

•  Feed On Me
Kai and Reader are best friends. After the transition Kai finds himself wanting to bite her , feed on her and …

•  Friends With Benefits
Reader and Kai are friends with benefits.

•  Fuck Away The Pain
(based on the song ‘’Fuck Away The Pain” by Divide The Day)

•  Under The Stars
Reader feels insecure because of all the supernatural girls throwing themselves at Kai and she doesn’t feel like she is good enough.

•     Taking Back My Love [smut] 😈
(based on the song ‘Taking Back My Love’ by Enrique Iglesias & Ciera)

•     Moonlight [smut] 🔥
Reader and Kai live together but are not a couple. One hot summer night he wakes up and she is not in the house.

•     Miss me ? [smut] 🔥
Reader comes home finding Kai touching himself.

•     That’s Kinda Hot [smut] 🔥
Reader squirts for the first time.

•     Punishment [smut] 🔥
Kai sees Reader dancing with another guy and then punishes her.

•     Having Fun ? [smut]
Kai is on the phone and Reader is suuupppeeer horny , but he wont pay attention to her and she decides to take matters in her hands.

•     New Things [smut]
Reader gives Kai the head for the first time.

•     Scars [smut]
Reader is a werewolf who has been in a lot of fights and has some scars on her body , and she doesn’t want to sleep with Kai because of them.

•     If You Want It - Take It [smut]
Reader is sent to the Prison World where Kai is but doesn’t know she is not alone until one day they meet accidentally and move in together @ the Salvatores.

•    Bumpy Ride [smut] 😈
Kai and Reader go on a road trip ; He teases reading right before they leave and then its a bumpy ride.

•     Fast Friends
Reader meets Kai at the Salvatore’s and he teases her with magic.

•      Midnight Surprises 🔥
A sequel to ‘If You Want It - Take It

•      Rule Breaker [smut]😈
Kai has set rules when it comes to him and Reader doing things and Reader breaks one of them.

•      Snowy Honeymoon 🔥
Reader is a witch and she gets married to Kai , seemingly neither of them liking the other but on their honeymoon something happens.

•      Fireflies
Kai and Reader go on a camping trip in the woods.

•      Addicted to You [smut / praise kink] 🔥
Kai and Reader are (fr)enemies with benefits , thought thats not exactly the truth. #iSuckAtSummaries😄

•      Chill 🔥
Reader is tired of Kai teasing her , saying she is too serious and needs to chill and after one of the parties in MF things … happen.😈

•      EX’s and OH’s [threesome smut] 🔥(ft. Kol Mikaelson)
Kai and Reader are a couple and then out of the blue Kol (her ex) shows up after he comes back to life.😈

•      Party Surprises [smut] 🔥
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Salvatore’s with the MF gang and Kai gets horny and then things happen. [a bit of a sequel to ‘ Fast Friends ’]

•      24/7 [smut] 🔥
based on the song ‘24/7′ by David Correy 

•      First Time [smut] 🔥
Reader’s parents (leaders of the werewolf pack in Portland) and Kai’s parents arrange a marriage to grant peace between the supernaturals in Oregon. Both Kai and Reader are 17 years old at the time. On her 18th birthday something happens for the first time.

•      More Of You [smut] 🔥
A dominant Kai.

•    Awwh, am I being punished ?🔥
‘Awhh, am I being punished. Cuz that’s kinda hot.’ // Kai screwes up and Reader punishes him.

•      Handcuffs [smut] 🔥
Kai handcuffs himself to Reader to get her to admit she feels something for him, and things happen.

•      More Than Friends [smut]
Reader calls Kai to pick her up from a party and when he comes to get her, he is all grumpy while she is happy and horny. Then on the ride ‘home’ something happen.

•      Distractions [smut] 🔥
Reader has a paper to finish, but Kai has other ideas about their afternoon together.

•      The Best Birthday [smut] 🔥🎂
It’s Reader’s birthday and after four years, she finally gets to spend it with Kai.

•      Hunger [smut] 🔥
dom!kai   |  Kai goes away for a couple of days and when he comes back he finds Reader at a bar with some guy’s hands around her.

•      Up in Flames [smut] 🔥
Reader is talking on the phone and Kai forces her to stay on the phone while he goes down on her. (dom!kai/a little rough smut)

•      Let’s Ruin the Friendship [smut] 🔥
Kai and Reader are roommates and secretly both of them have a crush on each other but neither of them does anything until one day something happens everything changes.

•      Into My Bloodstream [smut] 🔥
It’s Halloween night. 🎃 There is a party in the woods by the old cemetery and Kai sees one of Reader’s games in action, not realizing how big of a turn on it would be for him.

•      Walls Could Talk [smut] 🔥
It has been a whole week of studying and exams for Reader, during which she and Kai hadn’t been together.

•      You and Me [smut] 🔥
  It’s Reader and Kai’s anniversary and the celebrations start before the sun is up.

•      Forbidden Love [slight smut] 🔥
Reader and Kai are college roommates; and they love each other but can’t be together.

•      Crazier [smut] 🔥
Kai and Reader are spending the holidays at Reader’s parents’ place.

•      New Beginnings [smut] 🎆❇✨
It’s New Years Eve; Kai and Reader are spending it together along with the Mystic Falls gang at the Salvatore Boarding House.

hogwarts (kai parker au)

it’s a kai parker christmas baby! here’s yet another christmas au! it’s hot and kinda steamy and wow i missed writing for kai! i hope you guys enjoy it and please please please lmk what you think!

w: making out, slightly steamy, slightly dom!kai (!!!no gifs are mine!!!)

“i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside” (@nadiahilker)

“Kai, I know you can’t stand me and ditto on my end, but you’re freezing out there. You’ve had the worst luck today and I’m also a loner who’s made way too many cookies. Come inside,” you shiver and rub your arms against each other. “Kai please.”

You and Kai have been neighbours for almost three years and you hate each other’s guts. He’s in a rock band and you’re in med school. Something was bound to go wrong. He stays up until 4 in the morning, “jamming out with his buddies” as he likes to call it. You couldn’t study with all that unnecessary noise and he hated it when you marched across the hall and yelled at him. Nights he needed sleep, you’d blast opera music and annoy the hell out of him. It was a terrible cycle, but it’s Christmas Eve and you’ve decided to call a truce.

“I’m gonna walk away and I’ll leave the door open for a bit in case you want to come in. The apartment is cozy and I have spiked hot chocolate ready for you,” you give him a soft smile and walk inside, hoping Kai walks in after you.

Five minutes later, he does. He gently places his bags by the door and walks inside, leaving his coat on the hanger and his shoes on the mat.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” you look around and end up looking at him again. “Not as witchy as you’d think, huh?”

“Nope, not at all,” he chuckles softly and you nod your head towards the kitchen.

“I’m gonna grab you some hot chocolate. Spiked okay for you?” You smile at him and he nods happily.

“Yes please,” he smiles at you, watching you prepare the drink. “And thank you.”

“Oh, it’s no big deal. You’re welcome. It’s Christmas Eve, I’m calling a truce,” you wink at him and he feels his cheeks warm up.

“Come on, let’s put on a Christmas movie for now. We can make a gingerbread house later. And if you absolutely hate me still, you can invite your other friends here for drinks and they can steal you away from me,” you hand him his drink and head to the living room, his eyes unable to leave your figure.

You sit on one end of the couch, blanket wrapped around you immediately and mug in both hands, desperate to stay warm. Kai sits on the other end of the couch, feeling both a little chilly and a little uncomfortable.

“Here, take some,” you toss him some of your blanket and grab the remote. “Anything in particular you want to watch?”

“The Harry Potter series?” He coughs out, avoiding eye contact at every cost.

“Oh… my… god… Harry Potter? You want to watch Harry Potter?” You turn around, placing your mug down and glaring at him as he watches you warily. “Are you fucking with me, Parker?”

“Oh, fuck,” he whispers under his breath as his eyes widen, realization glossing over his features. “I can explain, please just-”

“You can explain? You and your little friends literally marched over here to tell me off because my volume was a little higher than normal. And then, AND THEN you idiots continued to play well into the night. What the fuck, Parker?” You’re now facing him, blanket off, and face heating up as you feel the anger rise in you. “You guys yelled at me. You yelled at me.”

“Look, Y/N, I’m sorry. I swear. I didn’t mean to–”

“You didn’t mean to? You didn’t mean to what?” You glare at him and he’s tired of you cutting him off. He places his mug on the side table and turns to look at you incredulously.

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“If you let me finish, you’d know what!” He yells and you glare at him, panting as you watch the way his plump lips slowly moved with the intake of every breath. His eyes studied every inch of your face before slowly moving to the slow rise and fall of your chest.

“Shut up,” you whisper, jumping forward and placing your legs on either side of his waist. Your hand quickly moves to the back of his head, pulling him forward until your lips meet.

His hands quickly snake around your waist, pulling your further into his lap, moaning as your thinly covered chest brushes against his. One hand rests on the top of your ass as the other moves up, gripping the bottom of your head, your hair tightly wound in his fist.

“If you would shut up,” he whispers, breathing heavy as his lips press against the base of your throat after each word. “You would hear me say,” he gently nips your jaw, hand tightening around your hair as his lips move lower, down between your collarbones. “You drive me crazy. You open the damn door in a set of silk pajamas,” bites the top of your breast, over your shirt. “Or those glasses when you’re up all night studying,” his mouth finds a nipple, moaning as he licks it through your shirt, the added friction driving you insane. “The worst is when you answer a door in nothing but a sweater three sizes too big. It always leaves me wondering: what the hell does she wear under that, what does–?”

“Nothing. I wear nothing underneath that sweat–”

“I thought I told you to stop interrupting me?” Kai growls out, biting down on a nipple as he tugs your hair back. “I’ve missed my flight, I’m locked out of my apartment, and I just found out that every time you open the door to greet my bandmates, you’re practically naked.”

He pulls your hair back, eliciting a loud groan from you. “You are going to stop interrupting me. Got it?”

You nod, unable to form words.

“The safeword is Hogwarts. You feel uncomfortable or you want to stop or you’re tired or anything at all, just say Hogwarts, okay?” He releases your hair and lifts you up to look at him. “Use your words, baby girl.”

“Yes, sir. Hogwarts is the safe word,” you nod and you can feel the warmth in your ears as he watches you to make sure.

“And you’re sure you want to do this?” He brushes the hair out of your face and you nod, before remembering what he said earlier.

“Sorry, yes I’m sure I want to do this.”

“Good,” he whispers, kissing you deeply. His tongue intertwines with yours and he moans in your mouth, you swear you’d never heard anything more beautiful… until you make him moan your name later in the day.

All evening

 Kai Parker x reader ft Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore  

Word count: 2367

Summary: Bonnie makes the reader babysit Kai one afternoon which only ends up leading to something else. 

 A/n: *shrug emoji* 

“No. I have better things to do than take care of this.” You snap.

“Kai.” The boy says, pointing to himself.

“Cmon y/n! It’s only one day.” Bonnie pleads.

Bonnie Bennett, even though she was one of your closest friends could seriously frustrate you.While she was always there for you, today was not one of those days. A few months ago, a new problem rolled into mystic falls. The one, the only, infamous malachai Parker. you two had never met before but from what you heard you were glad you hadn’t. But now Bonnie was at your doorstep dropping kai off, making you his babysitter.

“Me and care need to buy dresses for-”

“Yeah yeah I know. Double date.” You wave to her as she pushes kai in and closes the door.

“Bonnie,” you ask, before she can go. “Do you need this-” you point to kai- “alive?”

She rolls her eyes. “Bye y/n.”

You turn around to find Kai, already finding him picking up picture frames and playing with things he shouldn’t be touching.

“Is this you?” He asks, holding up one of the picture frames. The photo was you and Stefan- one that Damon had taken, on your last birthday. You and Stefan sat next to the cake, right before you blew out the candles. For once, both of you looked happy. You had the little cutest smiles on your faces and had to preserve that moment forever. Hence why it was placed right by the fireplace, so you could always reflect on a better time.

“Umm hmm.” You shoot him a bitter smile.

“Jeez, fine I guess I was a little rude. I forgot to introduce myself.” He says, placing the picture down. “I’m kai, I was stuck in 1994 for about- eighteen years? Or no. Umm, wait. what year is it now?”

You let the boy get lost in his own train of thought. He seemed to have so much to say, but so unable to get it out fast enough.

“-and i absolutely love,” he plops down on the couch, seeming to forget his words.

“You love?”

“Pork rinds!” He exclaims.

“Okay, then.” You scoff, walking to the kitchen.

“I just got here and you’re already leaving me?” Kai starts following you around like a lost puppy.

“I’m not leaving. I’ve got better things to do than watch you. The only reason I am is because Bonnie’s sweet and I’d never say no to her.”

“So you like her?” He asks.

“Of course I like her. Everyone does. Why do you ask?”

“No reason.” He replies.


“Bonnie? Come on pick up!” Kai whispers into the phone.

Kai had gone off to the bathroom for the past twenty minutes. You wondered what was keeping him so long, but you didn’t care. You were starting to get suspicious though. He spends the whole day by your side and then he just wastes his time without another word?

“Y/n? What’s wrong?” Bonnie asks.

“No it’s me.” Kai replies.

“Why do you have y/n’s phone?” Bonnie hisses before kai can speak any further.

“Because there’s no other way you’d pick up. Now listen, would you mind just putting in a good word for me? With y/n?” He asks.

“Are you kidding me? She’s my friend kai,  I’m not telling her anything like that.”

“Please. Please just say-”

“I’ll give you an extra hour. If she doesn’t kill you by then I’ll be surprised. Don’t you dare try anything.” Bonnie hung up, not sounding to pleased. But it was enough for kai.

“Kai?” You called out. No answer. Maybe he had finally left. “Kai?”

You find him in your room, sitting on your bed, holding your phone in his hand. He looked so nervous when you found him, you wondered what had just happened.

“What are you doing?” You hiss. “Get out.”

He smiles at you as he walks right by you, without another word. He was definitely one of the weirdest people you had ever met. The way his mood could change was faster than the weather.


“God where’s Bonnie?” You whisper to yourself. She should have been back by now. It’s been hours.

Today had been one of the worst days ever. Bonnie and Caroline as well as Stefan and Damon had been gone for the full day. No text or call from any of them. Kai was really getting on your nerves too. He literally wouldn’t shut up. The two of you stayed on the couch for the most part, him trying to make conversation. He wanted to get to know you but you didn’t want any part of it. Why would you? He also didn’t have a clue about personal space. It seemed like he was smothering you, every second inching closer and closer to you.

“So, tell me. What’s the best part of being a vampire? I mean, being one of the most powerful witches is cool but…” he trails off. You could feel him breathing on you. God.

“Listen, Kai,” You push him off. “I’m not into you. You either leave or I kill you.”

“Oh my sweet sweet y/n.” He stands up, making you back into the wall.

“You can’t kill me. What would dear Bonnie say?” He has his hands against the wall as well, one on either side of your head. He was so much taller than you, and larger, that for once in your life you didn’t know how to get out of this situation.

He stares into your eyes, the fire place illuminating one side of his face, making him seem even more crazier than he already is. He looked like something straight out of a horror movie. 

But then he leans in. So close. Closer and closer and closer. And kisses you. The kiss seemed to last for hours, like it was never going to end. He pulls back and smiles at you.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all evening.” He whispers.

“Get the hell out of my house.” You snap, pushing him back hard.

He tries to apologize but the only way he can is to leave and never come back.

“I thought you liked me back.” He says to himself, rather than to you.

“What part of im not into you don’t you understand?” You hiss. “Get out!” You screech at him. “Don’t ever do something like that again or I swear to god I will kill you.”

He was in shock. For once this whole day, Kai Parker doesn’t know what to say. He’s hurt though, you can tell, but he doesn’t want you to know that. But you put him in his place. He stares at you once more before you slam the door behind him. Screw Bonnie.


“So how was babysitting that little pork rind munching freak?” Damon asks.

“Please don’t bring up his name.” You reply.

“That bad, huh?” Damon knew something was wrong, ever since he got a text from Bonnie saying she returned to you home alone without kai. No one could get it out of you- what had happened that night. Not even Damon.

“Y/n, come on. You know you can tell me these things.”

“No. All you need to know is that i don’t want to hear the name Kai Parker ever  again.”


It was a few days later and you were home alone as usual. Everyone else was busy, but you didn’t care as you lid down on the couch, closing your eyes.


“Lets try this again.” Damon says as he yanks on the doorknob.

“She locks the door?” Kai asks.

“Not until the other day after she kicked you out.” Damon replies.

“What does she think is gonna happen to her? A big bad gemini will attack her again?”

“You attacked her?” Damon asks, beating on the door.

“Not really. But she hates me. What makes you think that she’ll give me another chance?”

“Well I need y/n to start talking to me again. She hasn’t been the same since the other day and I plan on finding out why.” Damon hisses, this time pressing the doorbell repeatedly.

“Besides, If she wanted you dead, you would be. She must like you since you’re still alive. God, why isn’t she answering?” Damon looks in to see you, asleep as per usual.

“Y/n!” He bangs on the door. “Wake up you lazy piece of-”


“What?” You ask, rubbing your eyes, getting off the floor.

“Open the damn door!” Damon yells.

Kai can’t help but laugh at you as you get up off the floor.

“Now,” Damon says before you can unlock it; “No hurting her. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

You open the door to find Damon. Why was he back so early? He only left ten minutes ago saying he had to pick up something.

“I didn’t know you’d be back so early.” You apologize.

“Well…” Damon stretches out as kai pops out from behind him.

“No. No Damon I’m not doing this again!” You try to protest and slam the door on the boy’s fingers but it’s no use. Damon never takes anything but yes for an answer.

“I’ll be back in a few hours y/n!” He whines. He waits for you to say it’s fine but both of you know better than that. Kai pushes his way in anyways, like the arrogant ass he is. Damon uses his vamp speed and leaves, leaving you all alone with the world’s worst mistake.

“How’s my favourite little Salvatore?” Kai asks.

“Don’t talk to me.” You say. What else was there to say? You lie back down on the couch and close your eyes. Maybe Kai’s existence was just a nightmare.

“According to Damon, you have to babysit me. And I’m pretty sure that means you can’t sleep the whole time.” He booped your nose like a little child.

You slap his hand away from your face. “Whatever you’re doing, it’s not working. Don’t pretend that what you did the other day wasn’t wrong.”

“I know. It was wrong. I can be so stupid sometimes you know.”

“No kidding.”

“Cause I actually have a girlfriend.” He finishes.

Your face lights up like a million Christmas lights but things start to set in. No way in hell does he have a girlfriend.

“You have a girlfriend?” You question.

“Yep. She’s absolutely adorable.”

“You’re lying. I can see right through you.”

Kai sits down on the couch as you start backing away from him. Why did Damon leave him with you again?

“Okay so maybe I don’t, but I want one.”

“Do I look like I care?” You scoff.

“I don’t think so.” Kai says, narrowing his eyes. “I get my emotions mixed up sometimes.”

“You’re such an idiot.” You laugh.

“She laughs! Finally!” Kai cheers. “Who knew the youngest Salvatore could actually laugh?”

“Shut up.” You grin.

“Ah ha! I knew it all along! You really can laugh! And all it took was yours truly acting like a fool.” Kai grins too, finally happy that he got a reaction out of you.

Part of you hated kai for what he had done. But part of you liked him? There was something about him that made you happier than usual. If you wanted him dead you easily could have killed him by now, and he knew that. But you had a soft spot for him, whether you wanted to admit it to yourself or not.

“You have an amazing smile, you know.” Kai says as he puts his hands on your shoulders. You never realized how beautiful his eyes were until now. “You should use it more often.” He adds.

You didn’t know what had come over you. Maybe these feelings were there all along and he helped you own up them. Maybe you had tried so hard to push them down but they just fell out, one at a time.

“What do you say,” Kai pauses. “That we watch a movie?” Every word out of his mouth rolled off his tongue like pure velvet. He was devilishly handsome.

“Okay.” You reply, softly, smiling at him. He took your hand and brought you back over to the couch. He sat you down as he proceeded to pick through all of Damon’s dvds, or “horror rejects” as he liked to call them. Of course kai somehow knew which one was your favourite as he popped it in the DVD player and sat back down with you, throwing a blanket over the two of you as he snuggled in tightly to you.

Even though it was only six, the movie dragged on for another two hours. Neither one of you spoke much during the movie but when one of you did, your conversation was always as follows.

“God, this is so cheesy.” Kai jokes. “I mean, why did they have to do that for?” His smile lit up the whole room.

“Because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in this situation and then the movie would be boring.” You explained.

“Well then.” He had a loss of words. You were right and he had no idea what to say. He would stare at you when you weren’t looking, admiring the way you would laugh at his comments.

As the movie credits rolled up, kai laughed.

“Thank god that’s over.” He joked. You quickly learned that he loved getting a rise out of you. It made him laugh when he did, and it was the most comforting thing in the world.

“It was good!” You hit his arm playfully. “Did you like it?”

“Did you like it?” He asks as he leans in, the tv illuminating the living room. You could barely make out his face in the dark but could tell that he was so close, just inches away from you.

And he kisses you. He just pushed into you, and kissed you lightly, but passionately. It felt like nothing else. You kissed him back and he pulls away, smiling.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all evening.” You smile back.


The surrender

Title: The surrender

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word Count: 4.3K+  

Warnings: romantic, fluff, angst, OOC!Kai

Summary: The reader is gonna marry Kai, but someone from his past comes to make him pay his debts.  

Notes: This is the story I wrote for the Fandom Writing Challenge, my prompt was gym. This contest is such a great idea! Hope you like the fic :) This fic takes place after s6 of TVD, but some things are different.    

She had met Kai four years ago. It was like she had been known him since forever. They shared multiple passions together, they had the same interests and the same black humour. She loved the way he used to wake her up in the middle of the night to start deep conversations, kissing her on the cheek so slowly and in a very sweet way, she felt home with him; she loved how they made up after a fight, ending everytime with her unbottoning his shirt and him pushing her closer, so close it would feel like even their skin was too much to separate them; but most of all, she loved how he made the proposal special. He had prepared the house they bought together with roses all around the living room, candles, their song played by the vinyl (Sweater Weather, by the Neighbourhood) and he was wearing a smoking. He kneeled down and he showed her the little blue box in which there was the ring. She was in tears, with her hands on her lips, astonished. Then she smiled, murmuring softly Yes.

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Little Salvatore - Kai Parker

Originally posted by psychoticblood

Warnings- Smut

Request(s): I need something along the lines of yn being Stefan and Damon’s little sister and she’s like having sex with Kai or any character actually and they walk in and she’s riding him?? - Anon

fluffy kai smut is a MUST pleaseee!! - Anon



Kai lands on his back on the bed as you shed your body of its last remaining piece of clothing. Kai smirks and sits up, pulling you onto his lap with his large hand on your hips. He leans up and kisses you. You tangle your fingers in his hair as you moan into the kiss.

“You are so beautiful.” Kai sighs. His hands held you against him as you blush.

He kisses just under your jaw and down your neck. You put your hands on his shoulders and gasp quietly as he sucks dark marks into the skin of your neck. One of your hands trails down to his chest and you push slightly, sending him backwards onto the soft comforter.

“I like this Y/n.” Kai smirks. You smile and reach under your hips to line him up before sinking down slowly.

At first, you’re just getting used to the new position and Kai is totally still, being careful not to move incase he hurt you. You put your hands on his chest after a good two minutes of not moving and roll your hips just barely. Your eyes drift closed and you bite your lip.

“Fuck, if you do that I won’t last long.” Kai’s hands grip the sheets at his sides. You lift your hips slowly and then go back down, swiveling your hips when he’s all the way in and it makes both of you moan loudly.

“You feel so good.” You mumble as you start to ride him. You go slow in the beginning but slowly pick up the pace as you get used to it more.

“Kai,” You gasp after a good amount of time has passed and you start getting close. He opens his eyes and looks up at you, “Touch me.”

He does as you say and brings his hand down to press his thumb to your clit, not so hard and not so soft, just the way you need it to be. Kai moans, his thumb speeds up, you start grinding on him as much as you can, chasing your orgasm.

“Fuck, Y/n, fuck!” He curses loudly, voice breaking as his back arches under you. You push his hand away from you and rub your clit as fast as you can to find you release. Your body lock up when it hits you, tilting your head to the ceiling and arching your back in a silent scream.

You fall down beside him and he sits up to throw the condom away but lays back down next you.

“I am scarred.” You nearly scream and rush to throw the blanket over you as Kai put a pillow over his lap and looks towards the door where Damon and Stefan, your older brothers, were standing with shocked and disgusted expressions on their faces.

“Get out!” You scream, grabbing a pillow from behind you and chucking it across the room at them. They both run from the room like it’s on fire and Kai falls onto his back, head landing in your lap as he laughs.

“What’s so funny?” You ask.

“‘I am scarred’. I have finally completed my mission of scarring your older siblings.” You scoff and swat his chest, looking away from him.

“Plus,” He sits up, “You’re funny when you’re angry at them.”

“I hate you.” You turn to look at him. He pecks your lips.

“I love you too, baby.”

Beauty and the Beast
                                   - Part III

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 7 377 / reading time: 27 minutes
summary: concludes the story from part I/part II
*gif by me

Kai pushed her bedroom door open and took a step inside, trailing his fingertips along the wall and right over the lines she had drawn at first to keep track of how many days had passed. After ten she had stopped counting, almost around the same time they called a truce and decided to give each other a chance. It had been almost three full days since he had driven her to the town square where her friends had been waiting for her, but it felt like it had been way longer. For two months this had been her home and even though she was gone, he could feel her everywhere as if she were still there with him.

A part of him had thought she’d call him after being so broken about having to leave, but considering his phone had gone crickets he just thought Y/N had gone on with her life, just like he had wanted her to. Not that this made it hurt any less. He sat on her bed, took her pillow in his hands and brought it to his face, inhaling her scent. He missed her touch, seeing her smile, hearing her laugh… the way she folded her hands on her chest and stared at him until he told her the truth or she got her way. But letting her go had been the right decision. With her friends she was going to be safe, they would never let anything happen to her. Or maybe he was just trying to convince himself of that so it would be easier to let go of all those emotions going through his head. Subconsciously knew he had let her go because he had been afraid of what he felt towards her, he had been afraid he’d hurt her and ruin everything they had. Almost half a year after the merge and most emotions still were hard for him to understand, but he under stood enough to  know he had to see her again and that had been the reason why he hadn’t been able to sleep ever since she had left.

One last time before I leave, he lied to himself, his eyes drifting around the room. To make sure she is happy.

On the desk chair still remained her sweatshirt, just where she had left it. It had been his sweatshirt until he had given it to her shortly after they became roommates because he couldn’t exactly pop up at the Salvatore house and get her things with everyone being on the lookout for him. His lips curled into a small smile at the memory of her wearing it – slightly baggy, and long enough to cover her body yet not long enough to keep her covered if she were to reach for something. Maybe he could take it to her, use it as an excuse to see her. Kai took the sweatshirt in his hands, closed his eyes and muttered a locator spell to find her when his phone buzzed in his pocket and he felt his heart skip a beat. What if it was her calling? Not wasting a second, he pulled out his phone and swiped his finger across the screen.

     “Hey –“

Whatever you’ve done to her – undo it now if you want to keep your head.

      “Done what to who? I have no idea what you are talking about.” said Kai. “I was just going to call you actually. Y/N left something at home and I wanted to give it back to her and –“

You think this is a joke?! Y/N is in the hospital because of you!

     “What?” said Kai. “What do you mean at the hospital because of me? What happened to her!?”

We had an argument at the Grill during her welcome back party. Y/N ran out and Caroline went after her to try and talk her out of this insane idea she had of going back to you but… she was too late.

     “Too late?” asked the heretic, feeling a pit in his stomach. “What do you mean ‘too late’? Damon –“

Y/N is in a coma… and they can’t wake her up.

*                                   *                                  *

When Kai arrived at the hospital barely less than 10 minutes later, every single one of her friends was there. No one seemed happy to see him, and the eldest Salvatore seemed more than ready to rip heads off first and ask questions later judging by the way he whooshed himself to Kai in an instant and pinned him against the wall with his hand around the heretic’s neck as if they were at the boarding house and not a public place.

    “Just the guy I wanted to see.” smirked the vampire. “Tell me why I shouldn’t rip your heart out right here –“

Motus’ muttered Kai, sending the vampire flying backwards. Kai rubbed his neck for a moment and took a step forward. “Where is she? I want to see her.”

   “No, no, no.” started Damon, starting to take a step towards the heretic but Stefan put his hand on his chest to stop him. Without taking his eyes off Kai, he stood between his brother and him. “You don’t get to make demands let alone see her before you explain what you’ve done to her. Did you compel her to get back to you? To run in front of a speeding car to keep us from finding out all your little secrets – ”

   “What? No!” said Kai, taking a step back from the vampire. As much as Kai didn’t want to admit it, the eldest Salvatore scared him a little. But nothing mattered in that moment besides Y/N. “I’d never hurt her or compel her to hurt herself. Believe it or not, we became friends. I wouldn’t hurt my only friend. In what world would that make sense?”

Bonnie scoffed. “Haven’t we heard that one before?”

   “Look, Bon –“ he turned towards her. “—you and I have our issues, but that’s not what happened between me and Y/N.”

   “So you didn’t stab her and left her for dead then? Or torture her to the point where she’d try to take her own life? Cuz to me it seems like a highly probably option –”

    “If I recall correctly, you killed me first. But yes, big mistake what I did to you back in 1994.” he said with pleading eyes. “I did try to make it right, remember?”

    “Yes, I do. Right before you linked me to Elena and kidnapped Y/N.”

Kai glanced at every single one of her friends. “You have to believe me, none of this was my intention. Why do you think I let her go? I wanted her to be safe.” he sighed quietly, feeling more nervous and worried than ever. “Besides knocking her out initially when I took her, I haven’t laid a finger on her and trust me, she can pack a punch like you wouldn’t believe. I meant what I told Damon before I let her go. I was going to leave town–”

   “Yet, here you are.” said Caroline. “Why should we believe a word you say?”

   “Because … as much as you wouldn’t want to believe me, I care about her.” replied the heretic. Damon groaned, Stefan raised his eyebrows while Caroline scoffed and Bonnie rolled her eyes. “I do. No one was more surprised than me. W-where is she?“ Damon smirked devilishly and launched for the heretic. Kai was too fast in raising his hand to cause the vampire a witchy migraine.   “Where is she? Stefon can take me to her. I trust him over any of you.”

Damon groaned in pain again while Bonnie tried to use magic on Kai but for some reason it just wouldn’t take. Stefan and Caroline glanced at each other and she nodded slightly at the youngest Salvatore. Damon took a step towards the heretic but Stefan stopped him.

    “This way.” said the youngest Salvatore. “You are not staying in there alone with her.”

    “Great, Steven.” said Kai, stopping the spell. “Lead the way.”

Stefan motioned for Kai to follow him down the hallway. Damon tried to protest but all his protests were completely ignored. No more than a few meters around the corner, the youngest Salvatore opened a door and Kai took a step inside. He had never felt more nervous or anxious in his life than he did in that moment but none of it compared all the emotions swarming through his heart the second he saw her laying on the bed with an EKG machine attached to her. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen people in hospital beds, but seeing her crushed him in a way he never even knew existed. He took a step towards her, noticing all the tubes going from her arms to liquid bags with fluids; flowers from her friends along with balloons in light blue/white and teddy bears Y/N would surely love to cuddle with filled the room but something else, or more like someone caught his attention. A young man with blondish hair he had never seen before (and who by the looks of it, Stefan liked even less than he liked the heretic) stood by the bed, watching over Y/N and something about the way the guy was looking at her made Kai feel nervous in a way he had never felt nervous before.

     “Stefan –“ the young man looked up, “—good to see you man. W-why didn’t you call me to tell me Y/N was back from her trip?”

Stefan took a step towards the boy. “Maybe because Y/N doesn’t want to see you or have anything to do with you for that matter. Or wasn’t that clear the last time you tried to get within breathing distance of her?”

  “Wait – who’s he?” asked Kai, already knowing the answer.

  “I’m Y/N’s boyfriend. Derek. And you are –“

Kai took a few steps towards the guy with a devilish smirk on his face, and puffed his chest a little. “Oh, so you are Darwin –”

   “Derek.” he corrected.

   “– I believe I know all about you.“ Kai slapped the guy’s shoulder so hard, he could’ve dislocated his shoulder. “Y/N quite a bit to say about you while we were away. Nice to meet you buddy but see, Y/N was never your girlfriend. And if it depended on me, she never will be. So you and your stalker ass can go willingly out the door and back to wherever you came from. Or –“ purple/black veins showed under his eyes. “— you can lose a limp. Or your heart. Which one is it going to be? Cuz –“ Kai chuckled. “– I’d chose the heart.”

Stefan took a few steps towards them, yanked Derek away and compelled him to go before Kai could’ve followed on his threat. As soon as their uninvited guest left and the door closed, the youngest Salvatore turned towards Kai trying to understand what had just happened. “Y/N told you?”

   “About the guy who wouldn’t take a hint? Yeah, she told me. Friends tell each other stuff.” he took a step towards Y/N. “I am surprised you haven’t compelled him to some far of destination –“

   “Y/N is not a big fan of taking away free will, but we try to keep him away –”

   “You are not doing a very good job considering how you had no idea he was here with her.” he said, trying not to think how yet again he had screwed up. “Are you going to tell me what happened to her? Damon only said a car had hit her. Judging by that cast, that’s not the whole truth.”

   “Y/N has a broken leg, bruised ribs but besides that, the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her. Stefan folded his hands on his chest, watching every move the heretic made as he took Y/N’s hand, gently brushing his fingers against her cheek. Almost instantly her heartbeat went up at the heretic’s touch. “She is in a coma of some kind. Bonnie tried to wake her up with magic but it didn’t work; Vampire blood won’t heal her; none of us can enter her sub-conscience and since you are the last person she was around –“

   “How much do you care about her, Stefon?” said the heretic quietly, still able to feel that rush of jealously rush through his veins when he had seen that guy there.

Stefan took a step closer. “Y/N is like a family. I’d do anything for her. We all would.”

   “Back before I sent her home, she told me something. I didn’t think it was possible and I thought –“ he took a deep breath. “I thought by letting her go, I am doing the right thing. That she’d be safe but if I had kept her with me… she wouldn’t be in a coma right now.”

    “Oh-kay? What did she tell you?”

    “Nothing you’d believe.” he turned towards Stefan. “But I need you to believe me when I say I will do whatever it takes to wake her up. Can I – can I have a minute alone with her? Please?”

Kai could see the reluctance in the vampire’s eyes, but he didn’t give up and in the end the youngest Salvatore muttered a ‘Yeah’ and walked to stand outside the door. Not wasting any time, Kai chanted a muffling spell making sure no one would be able to overhear him while he talked to her. Y/N looked so peaceful in that moment, had they not been in a hospital he would’ve thought she was just sleeping instead of being trapped in that protection spell he had put on her. Then again without it, who knew what else could’ve happened to her. None of this had been supposed to happen to her. His girl had been supposed to let him go, he had been supposed to leave town after letting her go no matter how hard that was for him or how much it hurt him. He just wanted her to be happy, to be safe. But things hadn’t worked out quite like he had expected.

Kai sat on the bed, took her hand and gently brushed his fingers against her cheek. “I should be so mad at you for wanting to come back to me.” he smiled for a second, glancing at their hands.  “Seems like even compulsion didn’t work like it was supposed to.” he said quietly, listening to her heart beat stronger than ever. “This is all my fault but I promise, I will find a way to wake you up because… you are my life and I need you in it.”

Y/N glanced at her hands, nervously playing with them. Her friends were waiting for her across the street, but the last thing she wanted to do was leave Kai, specially knowing he wants to leave for good. Just the thought she’d never see him again was enough to break her on the inside to a thousand tiny pieces she knew she’d never be able to put back together on her own.
 ‘Are you really going to leave town?’ she said quietly, her gaze drifting towards him. ‘Because I really don’t want you to go.’
  ‘It was the deal I made with your friends – you get to go home and I leave. Everyone gets what they want.’ he brushed his fingers through her hair, tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. ‘I am only a call away, if you want someone to annoy you to death.’
Her lips curled into a sad smile.
Not everyone, she thought.  ‘And here I was under the impression we’d spend eternity together or something like you said…’
Kai laughed under his breath. ‘You would really want to spend eternity with me?’
 ‘Wouldn’t be the worst thing.’ she winked at him and reached in her bag, pulling out her sketchbook. ‘I um, I want you to keep it. If you are really going to leave, I want you to have something.’
Kai took the sketchpad, trailing his fingertips around the cover. ‘You are giving me
this most sacred of objects? You never even wanted me to touch it –‘ his eyes met with hers remembering how she had reacted last night when he had touched it without permission and had found out her little secret.  ‘You will be with me no matter what, sweet cheeks.’ he said softly. ‘This isn’t a goodbye.’
Y/N smiled, blinking fast a few times. ‘Then why does it feel like I am never going to see you again?’
Kai left her sketchpad in his lap, cupped her face and gently kissed her forehead before pulling her into his arms. ‘You will see me again someday.’ he felt water starting to pool in his eyes. ‘We’d run into each other in New York, or Paris… You always wanted to go there-’
  ‘Never trust a hug.’ she said quietly.
 ‘It’s just another way to hide your face.’ she blinked back a couple dozen tears threatening to fall down her cheeks at any second. ‘A-are you sure you don’t want to come? I am sure they wouldn’t mind… and if they do, I will tell them off.’
Kai laughed under his breath, pulling away from her. ‘I’d love to see that, but no. It’s okay. You go be with your fri-family.’
  ‘You silly –‘ she tapped his nose. ‘—don’t you know it by now?
You are my family and… you don’t abandon or give up on the people you love.’

Damon headed down the hall, almost storming towards his brother who was standing outside the door with his back braced against the doorframe and his hands folded in his chest. The eldest Salvatore glared at Stefan for a second and without any warning barged inside.     “Why is my brother outside while you are in here alone with her doing what exactly? Reading her bedtime stories?” he asked, not carrying about the stare Kai gave him. “Why is she still comatose?”

Kai got up, lightly squeezing her hand before letting go almost at the same moment she squeezed his hand back. “Call it a magical timeout. A protection spell. She will wake up when she is ready.”

   “Ready? What does that mean?” asked Damon.

   “It means that… it all depends on her will to wake up.”

   “You realize if she doesn’t, you are a goner right?” the vampire asked. Kai’s gaze drifted to his shoes. “And since you seem not able to do anything but piss me off with your presence here – ”

   “I know you won’t believe me, but Y/N… she did something to me. Gave me something I didn’t think I’d ever have. Whatever my relationship with you and your buddies is, I can’t leave her like this.”

Stefan scrunched his eyebrows and glanced at his brother who glanced back at him.  “Oh-kay. I think we can take it from here –“

  “Can you?” Kai took a step further. “Y/N got hit by a car and Bon Bon couldn’t even heal her broken leg, let alone figure out what’s wrong with her. Not to mention neither of you seemed to notice that guy was in the room with her. Tell me, Damon, what do you think would’ve happened if she had woken up and found him by her bed? Face it buddy –“ he put his hand on Damon’s shoulder, who glanced at it for a second and pushed it away almost instantly. “—you need me.”

  “Touch me again and I will tear your arm straight off.” threatened the vampire, a smug smirk showing on his face. “Got it?”

Kai pulled away, looking awkwardly around the room. “Do you mind? Hovering won’t help me help her –“

Damon growled, but his brother managed to keep him from snapping at Kai. Stefan nodded at Kai and tried to pull away Damon but he wouldn’t bulge.     “First he puts Elena in a sleeping curse and now her too!” said Damon in an angry hushed voice, as if Kai wouldn’t be able to hear them. “I will rip his head off right after I beat the sleeping curse out of him!”

   “And then what?” asked Stefan, folding his hands on his chest. “You may not have noticed this but the last time we spoke to Y/N before all of this happened, she seemed happy. Like maybe she was –”

   “Don’t say it.”

   “—falling for him. And as crazy as it sounds I think he feels something for her. What are you going to tell her after she wakes up?” said the youngest Salvatore. “How are you going to make up for that?”

   “Kai is a monster. Y/N wouldn’t fall for him.” Damon rolled his eyes. “No. No way. Not after he kidnapped her, kept her as a hostage and linked her best friends together.”

    “Ouch.” interrupted Kai. “I am right here and you two are talking about me in third person as if I can’t hear you. That’s a bit offensive.”

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