kai's smile at the end ;;

EXO react to you lifting their shirt in your sleep

Thank you :3333

Sehun:*was still awake and on his phone with you curled up by his side when he felt you pulling his tshirt up and your warms hands on his stomach. He was wondering what the hell you were doing before he realised you were asleep and kinda stared at you confused*

Kai:*very conflicted feelings when you lifted his shirt up and hugged his waist. Like, it was incredibly hot but cute and he ended up smiling into the darkness and fell asleep with his arm around you*

Tao:*wasn’t about to complain when you pushed his shirt up and put a hand on his stomach in your sleep and he got all giggly and cocky and cute. You whined at him to stop, or that’s what he thought you said, so he tried his hardest to stfu* 

he a ray of sunshine istg

D.O:*couldn’t handle the adorableness when you lifted his shirt and gently stroked your hand along his abdomen. You had him completely flustered and in full squish mode, but he managed to calm down enough to put his arm around you, kiss the top of your head and go to sleep*

Chanyeol:*was half asleep when he felt your cold hand on his chest and he jumped at the touch. Although your hand was freezing he struggled through it so he wouldn’t disturb you and tried to sleep*

Chen:*peeked his eyes open when he felt you shift only to see you bunching his tshirt up and lay a hand on his chest. He smirked and reached for his phone to take a picture, blinded himself with the brightness of the screen so gave up and cuddled closer to you instead*

Baekhyun:*you were curled up beside him, head on his chest sleeping. Then he felt you lifting his shirt and resting your palm on his stomach, and smirked and started stroking you in places, thinking you were trying to start something. Received a jab in the ribs and you murmured at him to keep still - he eventually realised you were asleep*

Lay:*was used to your little habit of lifting your shirt in your sleep, but jumped when he felt your hands pushing his shirt up and then resting on his bare waist. Soon got used to it and smiled at how cute it was before falling asleep busy boi needs sleep to have energy and drop his album*

Suho:*remained calm on the outside when you hoisted his tshirt up and brushed your hand over THEM ABS and wrapped an arm around you, but on the inside he was highkey freaking out and screaming internally*

Kris:*tried to stop giggling when you raised his sweater and ran your hand along his stomach does he have abs???? but failed. He was moving too much so you grumbled in your sleep and rolled away from him, making him v sad and cold so he shifted over to you quietly and spooned you*

Luhan:*got very hands on when you cuddled up to him and moved his shirt up and rested a hand on his abdomen. You soon elbowed him off though, and he realised you were asleep so pouted and went to sleep too, deciding to kick things off again in the morning*

this gif why

Xiumin:*surprising he was wearing a shirt to bed for once js. You were half asleep when you lifted up said shirt and rested your hand on his chest, a habit you had when sleeping. He smirked up at the ceiling, feeling squishy but cocky that you can’t resist his bod for even one night if you can resist it you aren’t human bye*


I don’t own the gifs, full credit to respective owners

i’m tired of being okay.
i’m tired of putting up walls
so others wouldn’t know that
inside me lies a sad girl,
a girl who feigned far too many
laughters and taped far too
many smiles on her face, she
was almost convinced they were
real. it gets tiring, to spend your
days living happy and spending
nights wishing that sleep would
claim you before your
nightmares do.
i’m just tired, you know.
i’m tired and at the end
of the day, i just want for
someone to tell me that
it’s okay to be.
—  Kai Masa
EXO when they jump out to scare you and you kick them accidentally

Sehun: *judging* “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Kai: *stunned* “My bad, I won’t try to scare you again.”

Tao: “This was supposed to be payback for all the times you scared me, but I ended up getting hurt.”

D.O.: “No, don’t worry… it didn’t hurt… much…” *poker face*


Chen: “Gurl I think you should skip leg day for a while.”

Baekhyun: “Maybe I shouldn’t have taught you hapkido.” *regret*

Lay: “I think you scared me more than I scared you.”

Suho: “Maybe this wasn’t my best idea…” *rip*

Kris: *smiling through the pain*

Luhan: “Okay… I might have deserved that.”

Xiumin: *pretends to be really hurt at first* “Just kidding! Please don’t kick me again.”

Imagine Cas texting with Dean:

CAS: Hello, Dean ☺

DEAN: Heya, Cas. When are you comin’ back?

CAS: Soon….

DEAN: ‘kay. You doin’ alright? Didn’t get hurt?

CAS: Yes, I am fine. Do not worry.

DEAN: Good. And I’ll always worry.

CAS: Dean?

DEAN: Yes, Cas.

CAS: I ❤️you, 🦋. You are my only 🦄. I will always be your Guardian 👼🏼

DEAN: *Blushes hard while biting his bottom lip* Fuck, Cas! You’re such a dork and sap.

CAS: *smiles fondly* I ❤️you more than 😽s.

DEAN: *shakes head and grins like a fool* Shit! Ok, um… I ❤️U more than pie (we need a pie emoji).

The End~

24 - Kai Parker

[“You’re protecting me. Why?” With Kai please! Thank you 💕]


“You don’t have to do this.” I plead with Kai, struggling against the rope. “They’re going to find me and they might-”

“Shh.” He says, putting his finger to my lips. I fight my blush and he smiles. “Thank you, god your voice is so annoying.” I glare and he pats my head. “Cutie.”

Shaking my head, Kai laughs and stands up. “Kai, let me go.”

“Kai, let me go.” He mimics. “Listen Y/N, you’re just the bait. But if you want I can kill you and end the suffering for my ears.”

My mouth shuts and Kai nods. “Good choice.” He says, he sits down opposite me with a smile. “You’re just like a Salvatore.”

I roll my eyes, Damon and Stefan are my great something uncles. I just see them as older brothers.

“You know, I had a quite a big family growing up.” Kai tells me, resting his head on his hands. “Family isn’t a bad thing when you actually like them.”

My eyebrows fuse together. “You didn’t like your family?”

Kai shakes his head. “No, I mean some of them were alright but I hated majority of them.”

“So that’s why you killed them?”

He chuckles. “No, Y/N.” He pinches my cheek slightly. “You’re so innocent. You don’t the Kai Parker tale.”


“Well basically my family called an abomination during my childhood and well…that hurt my feelings.”

“So that’s why you killed them?”

Kai shakes his head. “No but we’re getting close.” He says. “Well in my coven we had a sort of rule thing, twins had to merge at the eighteen. The weaker dies but the stronger wins and takes their magic. And we’ll I wanted to merge with my sis Jo but my family saw that as a big no no.”


“I swear to god, interrupt me again and I’ll cut out your tongue.” Kai says, sounding irritated. I stick out my tongue and he raises a brow. “So then blah, blah, I killed them, blah, blah, I ended up in a prison world for a few years.”

“So they put a psycho in an empty world for years?”

“Hey sociopath.” He corrects. “But yes they did.”

“Why? That’s would drive you into even more madness. No one you’re like this.”

“Ouch.” He put his hand over where his heart should be, the heartless psycho.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I wanted you know.” He shrugs, patting my cheek. “I like you Y/N.”

“Is that a good thing?” I ask, confused. Kai laughs, standing up and brushing his clothes clean. “Are you letting me go?”

“Nope. And if my calculations are correct even though I was horrible at maths, your friends should be here in three….two…one now.”

At cue footsteps appear and Kai laughs. “I guess I’m not so bad.”

I roll my eyes. “Can I go now?”

“No, this is the fun part.”

“What’s happening?”

“Well if this goes wrong then I’ll kill you.” I tense and Kai smirks, crouching down in front of me. He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “But if this goes right then we can all go back to our normal lives.”

“Step away from her Kai.” I hear Stefan say. “She’s has nothing to do with this.”

“I know.” Kai says, standing up and bringing me with him. I struggle and he chuckles. “Y/N, remember who has the knife now.”

I stay still and he smiles. “Well done.” He says, grinning.

“You’re insane.” I spit, Kai laughs. “I see why you’re family did the things they did.”

His laughter goes and I gasp, feeling a plunge in my stomach. “Y/N!” My friends yell, my eyes lower and I see the blood pooling around my wound.

Kai smirks, removing the knife and I gasp, my hand over it. “Y/N, I think this has been enough for one night.” He kisses my cheek and then goes, letting me fall but someone catches me.

Before I can even recognise who it is, my mind switches off.


“What ever happened to Kai?” I ask Elena, while I apply my mascara.

“You know how we all went to the prison world to get Damon and Stefan’s mother, Lily?” She asks, I nod. “Well Bonnie stabbed and left him behind.”

My eyebrows raise. “You just abandoned him?”

“He did that to Bonnie.”

I know she has a point. “But he leaving someone who is mentally ill alone again, isn’t going to help.”

“Y/N, who cares? He’s gone.” Elena shrugs, brushing her hair. I nod. “I thought you’d be happier, he did kidnap and stab you.”

“I know.” I say, my hand over where my scar is. “But I still think you could have done something else, he did change.”

“Y/N, don’t pity him. Kai was a psycho who deserved everything he got.” She says, before leaving the room.

It’s Jo and Ric’s wedding today and we are getting ready, I don’t know Jo very well but I know Ric and I’m glad to see him so happy.

“Sociopath.” I mumble, while applying my lip gloss. “He’s a sociopath.”


Groaning, I open my eyes and look around. “Y/N!” I hear Damon call, I lift my head up.

“Damon!” I yell but it muffles, my eyebrows fuse together and I realise my mouth is taped shut and I’m tied to a wall.

Struggling, I attempt to slide my hands from the rope but it only hurts. “Y/N.” I tense, hearing footsteps behind me. “Glad you’re awake.”

Kai steps in front of me, crouching down, he’s dressed in a suit. I turn away as he reaches to touch my cheek. He grins. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you.”

I can’t speak so I don’t bother it look at him, with pleading eyes. “You see, I kind of enjoy our chats and I’d hate to accidentally kill you. So I brought you here to keep you safe.”

I give him a confused look. Why would Kai want to protect me? Kai tilts his head, pulling off the tape and I whine.

Moving my mouth, I speak after a while. “You’re protecting me. Why?”

Kai shrugs. “I guess it’s something from that merge.” He says. “Anyway, you need to stay here for a while.”

“Why? What’s going on, Kai?” I ask, he smiles and stands up. “Kai, what are you planning?”

“Nothing, Y/N.” He replies. “I’ll see you in a while.”

“Kai!” I yell, struggling. “Kai!”

He laughs. “Shh…..” He says in my ear, injecting something into my neck and everything goes black.


[End of imagine, part two hopefully up soon]

I Don’t Need To Speak To Kick Your Ass

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Tittle: I Don’t Need To Speak To Kick Your  Ass

Pairing: None

Requested: Yes

Warning: It’s Peter Pan we have swearing, we have violence, the whole nine yards

Rating: PG

A/N: So I didn’t make them end up together because it doesn’t always work that way. You don’t always get to be a dick and get the girl.

    I curled up in my bed, watching as my younger brother moved to the window, peering out at the busy London street below. I smiled, watching as his face fell soft, innocence finally washing over his 6 year features, the golden glow of the lamp post reflecting in his eyes. As he gazed out the window, he spoke to me, just the little ramblings of 6 year old boy, but they were comforting none the less. He was the only one who actually spoke to me without the intent to get me to speak back, even at 6 he understood what many people didn’t. It’s not that I didn’t want to speak, it’s that I can’t. 

   I wasn’t always like this, when I was younger I could never shut up, then I saw my best friend killed by her father and narrowly avoided being murdered myself. It scared me so badly that I was literally scared speechless. I have seen hundreds of doctors, therapists and countless other people who claimed they could help. Even after all of them explained to my parents I couldn’t speak because I couldn’t deal with what had happened, my parents were determined I would speak again and began beating me to make me. Of course that only made things worse.

   “Hey Y/n did you know shadows could fly. I mean really fly, like one is making it’s way towards us.” Carter called out, his words causing me to jump from my bed and run towards him. I reached him just in time for a black figure to reach through the window and grab me. I let out a scream, struggling to stop the thing from pulling me out the window. Carter reached for me, calling out for our parents.

   “Someone is taking Y/n!” Carter screamed, clinging to my hand all the tighter as he slammed against the window. I stared at him with wide eyes before I shook my hand from his, not wanting to risk him falling out after me. “You bring my sister back! Help! Y/n!”

   It felt likes hours before the thing dropped me onto an island, before flying off. I grunted, sitting down and crossing my legs and looked around, trying to figure out my next move. I can’t going running off because of it anything happens I can’t speak to defend myself or scream. So instead I stayed sitting, trying hard to figure out what was going on.

   “You are not a boy.” A voice said behind me, clearly shocked at the fact that I was, in fact, a person with boobs. I turned to look at him, biting my lip as I caught sight of the bright green eyes staring back at me. His feathery blonde hair fanning across his forehead. I smiled, shaking my head at him and then glancing down at my chest to prove that I was a girl. “What cat got your tongue?”

   I shook my head again, frowning as I tried to figure out how to tell him I was mute. “Say something or are you stupid? Ohh wait are you too stupid to talk? A mute maybe.” The boy chuckled, frowning when I jumped up and ran at him, slamming my fist into his nose. He staggered backwards, cursing as his hand flew to his face, growling when he saw the blood covering his hand. “Well well you are a little scraper. I like you, feel free to stay. We can figure out this whole lack of talking thing later. Come, time to meet my lost boys.”

Rajigaze Dec 30

Ruki: Oh sorry – wait… (he not used 2 leadin the radio bless him)

Aoi: It’s really ok! Everything is flowing well

Ruki: Oh wait no no go ahead

Aoi: Well…there was the question of why Ruki-san and I haven’t ended up together until now…well…that’s because Ruki-san is just so busy…

Ruki: Omg can u stop? Someone said that last time too (he is smiling u can hear it)

Aoi: Oh really?

Ruki: Yeah I’m pretty sure someone said something…it’s just the timing! I’m not busy at all (giggles)

Aoi: U are……so busy……….

Ruki: Omg pls stop!!

Aoi: I’m concerned for ur health……Ruki-san………..

Ruki: Anyway I think it depends how many times you’ve been on..? Like, Kai has been on so many times

Aoi: Yeah he has a lot of free time. I bet he’s not doing anything today either


Kaisoo and members

I want to talk about this video:

It is EXO'luXion in Singapore, january 9th 2016.

During last ment fans and members were celebrating Kaisoo birthdays.

That is when Kyungsoo and Kai hugged.

But I don’t want to talk about Kaisoo.

I want to talk about what happened around 12:18 to 12:24.

Now, you can clearly hear Baekhyun shouting “DiKa, DiKa!”

“DiKa” is of course name that Kai create for Kaisoo couple in “EXO’s second BOX”.

It is reversed “KaDi”.

I would like you to look at Chen’s reaction.

Look at his face when he turns to Baekhyun.

Look at how he wants to hit baekhyun with his mike.

He doesn’t look angry. Rather like he wants to say: “SHUTTHEFUCKUP! WHATTHEHELLAREYOUDOING!”

And at the end he smiles shyly.

And my question is: WHYYY!??!!

And actually they all look kind of awkward.

Now, if you watched fancams from the infamous Chanbaek hug you can see that all members are laughing at Chanbaek and teasing them.

But when it comes to Kaisoo they are just… embarrassed?

And Chen is known for his “You gay?!” moments:

And it is not only Chen.

This is Suho’s reaction when Kyungsoo touched Kai’s face during 2nd day of EXo'luXion in Singapore: (video)

My question is: if Kaisoo is only a fanservice, why the members reactions are like that?

My answer: because members know what is really going on between these two.

silly little post-Winter headcannons

• Iko takes selfies with Cinder in every reunion. Even if Cinder doesn’t really want to be in the picture.

• One time, Kai was also included in the picture (It was a smiling Kai, a very serious Cinder and Iko doing a duckface. It got viral)

• Iko and Thorne started a dubmash battle and soon the whole crew was participating.

• Cress’s taste for 2nd era music got her to find “Hotline bling” and send it to the whole crew. Everyone ended up learning the lyrics (Even Jacin, though he reaaaaally hates it)

• They make plans to take Cress to the beach for the first time. No one is entirely sure if Cinder can swim, but Thorne brings a bag of rice anyway.

• In the beach, they start to play some kind of drinking game and everyone gets drunk except for Scarlet and Thorne.

• Cinder falls during an important celebration. Kai picks her up and soon, their fanbase goes wild and they’re most shipped couple of the century.

• Everytime someone has a birthday, Scarlet bakes the cakes. Also, they make a tradition of not bringing cutlery.

• The crew has a private d-comm link where they talk throughout the day and it was made by Iko and Cress.

• Also, Iko takes lots of photos, especially of Cinder (when she obviously isn’t paying attention) and most of them are hideous. She also has photos of Jacin and has been trying to take a photo of him smiling

• Iko hasn’t been able to take a photo where Winter looks bad.


Getting Caught Making Out With Kai

imagine: Your father forbidding you to see Kai, he then catches you making out.

Kai caught your hand as you walked over to his car, pulling you into him and giving you the sweetest kiss he ever had given you. When you pulled away, you put your hands on his chest with a smile.

“What’s that for?” Kai rolled his eyes at you with a genuine smile.

“I love you. AND I feel bad for what I did.” He shrugged. Kai had accidentally practiced the wrong kinds of magic and it ended with your father getting a bloody nose. This made your father so angry, he forbid you to see Kai again. That didn’t stop you both from sneaking away with each other. 

Keep reading

Exo’s Reaction - When You kiss Them

Xiumin - *Blows up his cheeks then smiles immediately, wanting more*  

Lay - *Goes really shy and starts messing around with his hair and giving you a look hinting that he liked it but he doesn’t want to say it*

Kai - *Starts having a little dance while his lips are still pucked* Another one? 

Suho - *Gives a hand gesture as to say yes! i got a kiss! and starts smiling* 

Kyungsoo - *Got devastated that the kiss ended and gives the impression he wanted it to last longer*

Tao - *He smiles and looks away blushing but still holding your hand* I love you 

Chen - *He keeps looking at you and makes a heart with his hands and blushes slightly*

Kris - *Runs his finger down the side of your face and looks you straight in the eyes and goes for a kiss again*

Chanyeol - *Gets upset when the kiss finished but immediately smiled when you blew him a kiss and he caught it with a loving big grin* 

Baekhyun - *He smiles and then takes a step back laughing to himself because he didn’t expect that kiss and goes back for another*

Sehun - *When the kiss ended, he put his hand on you face, smiled, gave you this look and slowly started another kiss with passion and wasn’t ashamed of himself*

Luhan - * Luhan hated that the kiss had to end because you had to leave to go to work but just before you left, he decided to be adorable and blow you a kiss and smiles*

★Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY's newest Story Event has begun...featuring Hideyoshi, Ieyasu and Shingen!★

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When you find yourself alone with our flirtatious little monkey…what will happen next?!

Meanwhile, in Mikawa…Lord Ieyasu, the Lord of the Poison Smile, has decided that you are to be his latest amusement!
But, what you thought was an adventure ends with you two stranded alone?!
How will you survive?!

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[AFF] The Smile In the Mirror

Title: The Smile In the Mirror
Author: RuinedReverie
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol, bff!Chanyeol/Jongin
Status: Complete
Length: Short Story
Rating: NC-17
Genre:  Angst, Psychological Thriller, Artist/Doctor/Bartender!AU
Warnings: Chance of inaccuracies, speech impediment, mental/psychological disorder

Summary: Chanyeol is a bartender with a speech impediment who sails through life with little words. All of that changes when he meets a captivating young man at the tail end of his shift one night.

Reasons Why You Submitted: that plot twist tho???? please read this and be blown away the way i was i was so impressed because i was so hookeddddd and the ending will just… wow really. read this

EXO react to being your first kiss

Here you go anon! This is so cute aah :3

Sehun: *After he gently pressed his lips to yours, he felt you stumble into his arms. He steadied you, smiling into the kiss and understanding how you felt - he wanted to do the same and was just as nervous as you were, not being the most experienced kisser. However this new swoony side of Sehun ended with the kiss, you receiving a bratty comment immediately after you pulled away. Although you were in a way grateful as it prevented the awkwardness after your first kiss!*

“Your breath smells….just kidding!”

Originally posted by luderella

Kai: *It was supposed to be a beautifully clear sky one night, and Jongin, knowing how much you loved stars, sat out on the doorstep with you in the early hours of the morning just to see the awe on your face, and he noticed how your eyes sparkled like the constellations in the moonlight. Being a sweetheart, he respected that you didn’t want to rush anything, romance not exactly being your forte. But he felt a longing to grow closer to you that night in particular, and was too full of desire to stop himself from intertwining his fingers in your hair and gently pulling you to his lips. The sudden gesture certainly took you by surprise, but nevertheless it was pleasurable and sweet. By the end of the kiss you were shaking with the intensity of the moment, and he steadied you in his arms. He apologised quickly, but you responded with a second small peck on his lips. He smiled shyly, and settled you in his arms to watch for shooting stars - although his wish had already come true*

Originally posted by beatriceindre

what am I doing with this fluff I just made myself throw up

Tao: *You’d popped by the studio after work to see Tao briefly but the boys were in the middle of practise when you arrived, so you sat outside for a few minutes. Tao eventually appeared, slightly sweaty which made him all the more attractive. You talked for a while, until Tao reached out and held your hand. He pulled you closer until your foreheads touched, and just when the moment felt right, he touched his lips with yours. It was all over too quick, so when he pulled away, a blush threatening his cheeks, you grabbed the back of his neck and tugged him back to the kiss, tilting your head this time to deepen it. Your hold on his neck weakened as you body shook from this new sensation, and he brought his arms around your waist to steady you. Suddenly you both heard a door open and the chatter from the boys  flowed out of the dance studio. You both sprang apart, and no one,not even the witty Chen, saw you two in an embrace (thankfully!). You greeted the members, smiled at Tao and hurriedly left, leaving a smiling, overjoyed panda behind you*

D.O: *Being sweet and a gentleman, Kyungsoo hadn’t attempted anything more than embraces and hand-holding. He knew you were what some would call inexperienced, and he didn’t want to push you. Still, you wished he would make the first move, but realising it wasn’t going to come from him, it was your job to make your intentions clear. You were nervous as you leaned up towards him and brought your hand to the back of his neck, and you eventually pressed your lips against his. They were luscious and velvety, and he slid his arms around your waist hesitantly. When you pulled away, knees trembling with agitation, he opened his eyes and smiled sweetly at you. He was more than happy that you felt comfortable with him (and now you get these cute lips all to yourself!)*

Originally posted by overdyosed

Chanyeol: *Since he’s a cute, playful dork, what better place to take you on a date then a games arcade! You were on the claw machines, trying to win a Rilakumma plushy, and when the claws did clutch onto a plush you were both cheering - him yelling and going crazy, barely noticing or caring about the looks the both of you were getting. He pulled you to his side with one of his long arms and leaned down and kissed you, lost in the excitement and desire of the moment. You were surprised, and, considering it was your first kiss, you were at a complete loss of what to do. Do you lean to the left or the right? Where do your hands go? Should your knees be wobbling like that? Once Chanyeol regained control of his actions, he pulled away hurriedly, leaving you to stumble forward. He balanced you WITH THOSE MUSCULAR ARMS  and immediately apologised. When you assured him that it was all right, and actually very enjoyable, he got a bit cheeky*

“I’m sorry Y/N, I got excited! … . How good was it though?”

Chen: *Ever since you told him you’d never been kissed before, you’d heard no end of it from him. One day he’d taken you out  to see that new mushy romance movie you liked the look of, and every damned time the characters kissed on screen you heard cheesy kiss noises come from Jongdae beside you. After the fourth time, you’d had enough and so you grabbed his t-shirt and leaned in to give him his long-awaited smooch. You may have seemed confident, but the moment your lips touched you felt weak and lost, until Jongdae obliged and lead the kiss, smirking at how nervous he made you. When you both pulled away, you fully expected muffled laughter to come from him in the hushed cinema, but you’d kissed his laughs away and left him flustered and smiling sheepishly at the sudden intimacy, before he turned his attention back to the screen, planning on how to get more kisses later*

Originally posted by luderella

Baekhyun: *Standing on your front doorstep after the date, Baekhyun had collected you in an embrace, feeling it the right moment to do so. He knew it was going to be your first kiss, and was determined you wouldn’t forget it any time soon! He leaned in slowly, his rectangular smile twitching at the corners of his lips and he closed his eyes and kissed you. His lips were soft and pleasant, and the sensation made your legs turn to jelly. He was shocked when he felt you drop slightly in his arms, and once you found your footing you both giggled until he finally let you go inside your building*

Lay: *It had been a fantastic night going to see the street carnival with him, and he walked you to a taxi pick-up point to take you home. There was already a cab waiting for you, but before you both said goodbye, he’d sweetly asked if he could kiss you. Flustered, you giggled and said yes, and suddenly a warm tingle was running down your spine as you felt Yixing’s plush lips on yours. You shivered at the strong emotions the kiss had given you. His hand embraced the small of your back firmly in an attempt to stop the shivering, and you brought your own arm across his shoulder, careful not to touch his sensitive neck! Your kiss was ended by the old cab driver, who reminded you that he had a job to do and could you please hurry up - but there was a twinkle in his eye, as he had once been young and in love at some point too. Yixing and you giggled and said your goodbyes before you entered the cab. All the way home you had a shy smile stuck on your face as you remembered how perfect the night had gone*

Suho: *After taking you out for a classic dinner-and-a-movie date, he drove you home and you both talked and giggled for the entire drive. You never ran out of things to say with this giant meme, and conversation was always easy to keep up between you two. He pulled up into your drive, and, being the gentleman he is, he rushed over to open your door and assist you. He took your hand and helped you steady yourself as you hopped out of the car, and he found himself staring at your pink, smooth lips. You looked up at him to say goodbye, but instead received a tender kiss. Entangling your hand in his hair and leaning into the kiss, you realised how much you had longed for this moment. It was nerve-racking considering he was your first kiss, but you were overwhelmed and more than happy that he had initiated it. You shook in his arms from the delight, and he pulled away to see if you were okay. Before he could finish his sentence you hushed him and pressed another kiss onto his lips and neither of you broke away until you were both breathless*

Kris: *Feeling a burst of confidence, he stopped you both in the middle of the park and cupped your face. Looking into your eyes first, as if asking for permission, he leaned down (cause he so damn tall) and you tiptoed up to meet his lips. It was sweet and lingering, and your mind clouded over. Lost in the thrill, you barely noticed his arm swiftly clutching your back and you then realised the way your knees shook, as much with nervousness as with bliss. You giggled, embarrassed, until he smirked and got cocky, then you gave him a playful push*

“I really drive you that crazy, Y/N?”

Luhan: *He had decided to take you to a beautiful flower park for a date, simple but romantic. You’d already embarrassedly told him that you hadn’t had your first kiss, so this little deer was intent on you receiving your first that afternoon. After strolling through the park, you both sat on the grass and you teased him by threading small daisies into his hair. He caught your arm and gently leaned in to peck your lips. Although soft, it was passionate and had you quivering like a leaf in his arms. He laughed at your innocence and tucked an out of place hair back behind your ear. When he returned to the dorm after dropping you back home, Baekhyun pointed out a lone daisy that had managed to stay entangled in his hair. He barely noticed the hoots and teasing from the others as he toyed with the flower inbetween his fingers, a smile forcing itself onto his face*

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Xiumin: *Knowing that Xiumin is a coffee fanatic, you’d quickly said yes when he asked to meet up in a coffeeshop one afternoon. When you walked in, he was sitting in a concealed booth in the corner and you rushed over to join him by his side. He ordered coffee and you both chatted easily, never skipping a beat in the conversation. Eventually, two drained coffee cups were left on the table and Xiumin’s arm had situated itself around your waist. He softly said your name and when you looked up to see what he wanted he placed a small kiss on your lips. It was short and sweet, and made your own lips quiver. He saw this and giggled as he cupped your chin to stop the shaking. He leaned back in to steal another kiss, but you stopped him, worried that people would see you. He managed to persuade you that nobody could see the booth in the corner of the shop, and you caved in, already craving his kisses. The kisses now were passionate and rendered you both breathless, until the waitress came to clean your cups away which sadly ended the little affair*

“Why did you think I chose this booth, Y/N?”

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Jeremy made his way down the stairs, his eyes watching his steps. He rose his eyes and his brows furrowed when someone came into view. “Jeremy” Kai said, a fake smile on his lips as Jeremy got to the end of the staircase. “What are you doing here?” he asked, confused and cautious. “Elena invited me” he smirked. “Yeah, right” Jeremy said, scoffing as he shook his head. Kai just rolled his eyes. “Anyway, enough of the small talk. How are you and Y/N?” he asked, raising an eyebrow, keeping his smirk. “We’re fine.” Jeremy answered, protectiveness now taking over, not just because it was Kai asking, but because he had no idea why he even cared. “Damn” Kai muttered under his breath. “Well then, see you next week” he nodded nonchalantly before exiting the front door, causing further confusion to arise.

Dating Seventeen: Vernon ver.
  • he would always be asking you for your opinion after writing and recording his raps
  • “y/n can you listen to this and tell me if its good” while he tugs your hair behind your ear to put in the earpiece for you *dies on the inside*
  • vernon would be the kind that likes sharing the same earpiece so he can be closer to you 
  • “hansol why you always write strange lyrics?” pull up on your wacks with your mac fully loaded ah
  • he pouts and you end up letting him write whatever he wants
  • after waiting for vernon to finish writing his lyrics you always end up falling asleep on the sofa 
  • he would only realise after he’s done and would crouch in front of your face and smile before patting your head and poking your cheek

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