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Exo reacting to seeing your room for the first time and it’s full of other K-Pop idols/bands’ posters


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At first he was really excited and glad you finally let him see your room because you avoided it until now. As he entered it though a frown replaced his soft smile and he froze in place. The reason were various posters of a certain Bts member and he could even spot a few of Chanyeol. Now he understand why you were so wary before, still that didn’t help raise his mood. As you asked him why he wasn’t fully coming inside he gave you a blank almost angry stare.
“I get that you like other bands and I would have ignored their posters but Chanyeol? That’s too much. I really don’t want to see his face when I spend time with you.”
With that he turned around and left. Let’s say that now he only comes to visit you after all your posters were hidden.
(Why does this gif fit so well???)


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He’d suddenly come over to give you a surprise visit, it wasn’t the first time but your new decoration wasn’t there the last time. Excitedly he stormed into your room before you could even close the door properly. He screamed as his eyes trailed over the many posters, not out of horror but joy. Chanyeol would recognize quite a few of the people that filled your walls. He’d probably inspect every last one of the posters carefully, ask you lots of questions about them and give his own opinion on whoever was pictured. Throughout everything he would grin happily.
“Wow I never knew you liked DBSK! Did you know that I’m pretty close to Yunho-ah? Would you like me to introduce him to you?”


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He’d be somewhat torn when he saw your room for the first time. First he noticed all the cute decorations that instantly reminded him of you. Then he looked at the many posters and stopped his little tour for a moment. For a while he glared at a poster of SHINee’s Minho. How could he dare invade his lover’s room. Upon being asked what he was doing he turned and smiled softly. There was no way he would admit his slight discomfort right to your face. Later he might try to drop some hints though. He might slowly but slyly try to change out the posters in your room.
“I really like your room. It truly shows who you are. Oh since we’re talking about that how about we go out and buy some new decoration and posters for your walls?”


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Xiumin wouldn’t really mind all the posters of other bands. First he thought that it was only your choice which bands/idols you liked so who was he to tell you otherwise. And second he knew that he was your favorite out of all of them since in the end you were his love and not theirs. Honestly that thought made him pretty happy so he would never interfere with your choice of decoration. Though I think he’d unconsciously would start leaving little things in your room that would you remind of him when he wasn’t around. He might even suggest putting up photos of the two of you.
“Hmm….do you think this picture of us should stand here or on that shelf over there? I want you to be able to look at it from every angle of your room.”


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Lay also wouldn’t exactly mind other idols’ posters on your walls. Yet he’d still react slightly different. The first time he saw them he was still a little drowsy so he accidentally greeted the big poster of Suho hanging on your wall thinking it was actually his leader. Wondering why he wouldn’t reply and noticing you laughing he took another look finally seeing that it was in fact just a picture. From then on he started to greet/talk to all of the people in your posters just as he would greet you when entering the room. It became somewhat of a ritual. Also it would never fail to make you smile and that’s always something he’d like to do.
“Good bye everyone, see you again soon. I hope you’ll keep my jagi safe and well until I’m back.”


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Baekhyun might be more on the jealous side. He would clearly pout and tell you how he was somewhat bothered by the huge poster of BTS’ V in your room. He knew Tae from the shows they attended together and even if he liked and respected him he couldn’t accept that it was Tae’s poster that decorated your walls. He’d even go as far as removing it, of course carefully. As he was asked why he did it he’d hug you tightly and start to act rather spoiled. If you promised to never like V more than him and add a few more pictures of Baekhyun too he’d let you keep the poster. Also because he actually understood that you liked V for a whole different reason that you liked him. From time to time he’d tease you about it though.
“You don’t have a crush on Taehyung, do you? I’m way cuter, sexier and better than him though. So you gotta love me more, ok?”


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Kai might react a little worried when he first encounters the many different posters you owned. Especially the one’s of SHINee’s Taemin. Sure he did know him and they got along well yet he also knew that the two of you had met before because of him. He might be scared that you could like Taemin more than him. He’d stare down the posters as he thought about how to tell you about his worry. Only after you assured him that you only enjoyed the music he made while you loved him for himself he was content. Besides being worried at first he’d be also pretty smug and glad you fell for him and not for any of the other idols’ you liked. Kai would also try to impress you, trying to make you fall even more for him.
“Taemin might sing really well but he’s still no match to my dancing skills….isn’t that right jagi?”


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Chen wouldn’t be really jealous or angry because of the posters. At first he might be a bit surprised because he didn’t know about you being a fan of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Yet since the two of them got along pretty well themselves he was actually quite positive about it. He would probably start telling you fun stories about him, maybe even arrange for the three of you to hang out.
Also he’d start to ask you more about which idols or other bands you liked as well as told you about the people he looked up to. Chen is also someone that would take note of everything you liked so he’d surprise you with fan merchandise or concert tickets. Sometimes he’d slip in a few of his own merch just to make sure you know you’re his.
“Sweetheart, I got you a new sweater. See it has my name on it. Now everyone knows who you like best!”


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Sehun would probably have a bit of a problem with all the posters showing different bands you liked. It might even hurt his ego that him and Exo weren’t part of them as well. The first time he entered your room and glanced at your walls he felt rather shocked and unsure how to react. On one hand he understood that it would be stupid to think you only liked one band but on the other hand he felt a pinch of jealousy.
One day he had enough of all the posters so he replaced them with pictures and posters of himself while you were gone. He’d proudly show you around your room telling you how he carefully choose each of them.
“Look! Isn’t this much better? I think your room was really lacking some class so I changed it a bit.” Also add a cheeky grin there.

Just to say this now I am very sorry if I got something wrong/messed up but I tried to find out who they actually know/are friends with/look up to themselves.

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What Dating Xiumin Would Be Like

A/N: Hehe…its been a while since I posted something on this account. I kinda lost the motivation to write but I have some new idea’s swirling in my brain! Death of a Bachelor Pt. 2 will be out on Friday so look forward to that coming up!!! And also expect some more saucy reactions coming soon *wink, wink*. But for now, enjoy some Xiumin my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

•eskimo kisses are common

•and so are butterfly kisses too

•but when he truly kisses you, it’s the most romantic thing in the world

•him being super cuddly when he’s tired and just wanting to be held by you.

•"Jagi, come cuddle with me?~“

•while you cuddle he’d love to nuzzle his head into your boobs

•"Jagi, your boobs are so soft! They’re like little pillows!”

•*commencing nonstop giggles and blushing*

•sharing bubble baths together

•even though he’s super cute, he’ll act like manly man whenever needed.

•"Minnie! There’s a spider, please save me!“

•*Xiumin rushes in with a shoe, ready to battle the beast*

•"Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll save you!”

•you giving him showers of kisses when he defeats the evil things

•he’d sing to you if you can’t fall asleep

•he’d stay up just to make sure you’re actually asleep

•he’d love running his fingers through your hair as you sleep, staring at your peaceful figure with so much love it almost hurts

•"Sleep well baby, I love you so much.“

•stuffed animal collection anyone?

•random coffee dates during the winter

•going to the place you first met every year for your anniversary

•finding little notes around the house to let you know he’s thinking of you

•"Jagi, don’t stress to much at work, okay? Keep smiling for me! You’re smile is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen! I’ll see you when I get home! Love, Xiumin”

•keeping every little note/letter he writes you in a special box

•wearing couple outfits. All. The. Time. It’s just too cute!

•kissing each other on the cheek in public

•having a pet hamster and comparing it’s cuteness to Xiumin

•he’d get super jealous though when you hang out with other guys alone

•"B-But Y/N, you can’t hang out with Junmyeon, what if he tries to steal you from me?“

•"Minseok, I love you, not Junmyeon. You’re mine, and I’m yours.”

•"I love you, Y/N.~“

•"I love you too Minseok.~”

•Xiumin blushing out of love and pride and smiling a lot every time you say “I love you” because he doesn’t know what he did to deserve someone as amazing and special as you but he’s always grateful to have someone like you in his life

EXO Reaction to: Their Idol GF Kissing Another Girl For A Drama

Xiumin: “jagi, did you remember to record this episode? your acting is so good, I think I’ll need to watch it again”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Luhan: is really torn. as a man, he doesn’t like seeing his girl sharing a kiss with another person. but also, as a man, he’s really into it being with another girl

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Kris: “wait, are you actually going to kiss her - OH MY GOD YOU DID” is so happy and excited

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Suho: imo he’ll either be like “you call that a kiss? c'mere and let me remind you how it’s done” so cute & fluffy & jealous

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or he’s gonna be like “did daddy give you permission to kiss anyone else? no, I didn’t. you know you’ll need to be punished for this, right?”

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Lay: externally is calm and praises your acting. you only knows it’s affected him when you look down and ask; “oppa, why is there a tent in your trousers?”

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Baekhyun: “ah, so you’ll deny my threesome idea but kissing others is fine? did you do this to purposefully tease me? naught girl”

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Chen: thinking, ‘yeah, that’s my girl’

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Chanyeol: “wow, what good acting!” he’ll say, trying to distract himself from the blood rushing south. “uh, great dialogue too. and scene transitions and, uh … did I mention dialogue?”

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D.O: “wait, so your character is in love with - oh my god” he forgets how to breath as he watches you, on screen, pull the beautiful actress close and press your lips to hers

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Tao: is a little jealous, so you need to remind him that he’s your one and only. once he feels loved enough, he starts to enjoy the scene, making jokes and teasing you until the end of time

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Kai: tries playing it cool, like he’s unaffected by the kiss. but, inside he’s giggling like a little boy

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Sehun: doesn’t comment on it at the time, face impassive. but over the next few weeks, you start to gather that it made him jealous, since he starts being overly sexy and seductive; “who kissed you better? the actress, or me?”

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Me in 20 years
  • Me: okay, JIMIN COME DOWN
  • Jimin: Okay Mom.
  • Both: okay what is it mom.
  • Me: come play with your new friend his name is Sehun.
  • Both: so your mom is also a fan huh.
  • Sehun: yeah.
  • Both: welcome to the club.Im Jimin and this is Hyorin.
  • We already met a Suga,Taehyung,Chen,Sanha,Eunwoo, & now Sehun.
How EXO would comfort during a tragedy (analysis)

I am doing well, thanks for asking! TT Also, thanks for your request bby. <3

*I’m thinking of doing a NSFW game on this blog sometime soon…how does that sound lovelies? I know a lot of you enjoy my smutty works haha. :) 

Xiumin: Lots and lots of cuddling/hugging. Minseok is someone who loves giving out hugs and just sharing skinship overall, so this leads me to believe that he would use this as a sort of antidote to any unpleasant vibes that may plague those close to him. Keep in mind, the cuddling isn’t meant to be jovial and light hearted, but rather mollifying. “Things will work out jagi,” he would murmur softly while keeping you tight in his embrace. “Look forward to it.” 

Luhan: Firstly, he’s going to offer his own personal condolences/solaces to your family during such a time. Since Luhan has a very traditional, family oriented mindset, I feel like it would only be natural for him to do this. Afterwards, he’s going to be especially attentive to you, offering you lots of empathetic embraces and kisses just as a remainder that he’s always there if you’re in need of someone to simply converse with. Alternatively, I can see Luhan taking you out to some scenic, pastoral area to put your mind at ease, since he’s inclined towards the outdoors. 

Kris: Much like Luhan, Yifan is going to send out his own condolences to your family upon learning of the current state of your family. I feel like Yifan might go the extra length, going out to see your family one on one with you just to inform them that he’ll do whatever to keep you in a composed state of mind. He’d keep reminding you that things get better and to keep persevering. “It’ll get better baobei. Trust me,” he’d say gently, while lightly massaging your tensed shoulders. 

Suho: Expect plenty of warm tea and soups from Suho in this scenario. He’s going to want to keep you relatively relaxed and tranquil with all the methods he’s attained knowledge on from overseeing the other members when events like this come up. “Don’t worry jagi. Tomorrow I’ll go out and get ingredients for a soothing chicken soup. I’ll take extra time to make it just right for you,” he’ll assure before intently researching recipes. I can see him staying by the bedside with you, making sure you fall asleep easily for the first few days. 

Lay: He’ll comfort you with lots of gentle hugs and soothing/uplifting music. Anytime he sees a despondent expression lingering upon your features, Yixing will instantly retrieve his acoustic guitar, strumming a melody effortlessly, while simply murmuring comforting words to the tune of the harmony he produces. He’ll watch placidly as your senses become lulled by his music, not stopping until you have been quelled. Even as you slumber, he’ll still run his hands through your hair gently while murmuring saccharine words into your ears. 

Baekhyun: Albeit the fact that Baekhyun’s typical technique in brightening anyone’s dejected spirits is with humor, this would be one of the rare moments in which he would keep jokes to himself, even if they’re only uttered for the sake of invigorating you. Baekhyun has a solid understanding of his boundaries with certain scenarios, and his way of comforting you would actually be to allow you time to grieve/lament to yourself, as a way to sort your emotions out. Unless you desire for his input, Baek will allow you all the time you need for yourself only coming by to assure that you’re doing alright. 

Chen: Like Minseok, you can expect plenty of hugging and cuddling from Jongdae. Until your disposition starts to brighten like it normally is, Jongdae will continue to shower you with generous amounts of affection and comfort. He’ll initiate these cuddling sessions rather spontaneously, in true Chen fashion. He won’t say much, only granting you amiable smiles while softly stroking your filaments into place while rocking you slightly in his embrace. As the days go by, these intimate sessions will start to shorten as your heart gradually heals. 

Chanyeol: He’ll be able to empathize with you the most of all the members. He’ll lament with you, grieve with you, cry alongside you; your misfortunes are his to feel as well. Though his typical Chanyeol-esque positivity may be inactive temporarily, it’ll reappear in due time. At first, he’ll be a bit distant with you, still caring, but his signature playfulness and droll will return once your spirits return to their conventional state. He’ll still tentatively ask you each day if you’re “doing alright,” or if there’s anything he can do for you while you mourn. 

D.O: Most attentive to you and your overall well being of all the members. Kyungsoo would formally express his condolences or solaces to your family through this emotional time, while vowing to take extra measures in ensuring your contentment. He would urge you to drink plenty of soothing herbal teas to mollify your senses while staying by your bedside, carefully stroking his digits through your fringes, perhaps even humming a soothing tune while waiting for sleep to claim you for the day. He’ll murmur soft words of encouragement to accompany your drift to sleep. Expect this repetition for weeks to come. 

Tao: He’s not completely sure how to go about comforting you since this is a sensitive time for you. All he can merely do, at first, is express his shock and dismay over this lamentable turn of events. “Baobei…I can’t believe it…I’m so sorry.” Tao would repeat this for the first few days since receiving news on this adversity. As the days/weeks go by, Tao will likely begin to pamper you more than usual, using frequent pet names, watching all your favorite shows by your side, getting you both lavish dinners to enjoy as a way to lift your spirits. 

Kai: Very solicitous and attentive at the same time. He’ll pull you into a woeful, yet prolonged embrace while laying by your side, insistent on not releasing his hold of you. Jongin would mourn with you silently, allowing you to cry into him as well cling fervidly to him. He’ll listen passively to all your frenzied thoughts, even if it’s for hours on end–time would become inconsequential while Jongin immerses himself in your thoughts. By allowing you to reflect effectively–this would be his way of comforting you while he intakes your words carefully. 

Sehun: Similar to Tao, this is unfamiliar territory for Sehun. Much like Baekhyun, he feels that for you to properly grieve, this would be amongst yourself, which he’ll gladly allow you to have. If you requested for simply his presence or just someone to hold onto, he’ll grant you that appeal. I feel like Sehun would offer to take you to wherever your family resides, allowing you to suitably lament with them. In essence, any requests concerning your grieving process, he’ll readily comply to. 

Please feel free to drop more requests for more scenarios in my ask box loves. <3


You discovering EXO have superpowers.

So this is my first EXO reaction/ scenario so I hope you enjoy :) Also I couldn’t find gifs for all the scenarios so I just picked random ones of them.

Xiumin – You too were walking down the street and you mentioned that you wished it would snow. Xiumin winked at you and snow started to fall from the sky.

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LuHan – All you asked was for him to pass you the remote, next thing you know the remote is suspended in the air and a LuHan smiling at you.

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Kris – Kris said to you that you were going to see the city today. You sat waiting for him, before you knew it he was outside your apartment window suspended 10 floors in the air. 

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Suho –  You have never been a confident swimmer, so when you and Suho decided to walk by a lake you didn’t think it would go well. Someone on their bike zoomed past causing you to fall into the very deep lake. Suho dived in after you, when he grabbed your arm, it caused you to breath underwater.

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Lay – In your house, there was a vase of flowers that were dying. He went up to them and touched them, they grew back into normal.

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Baekhyun – You too were laying in bed and you forgot to turn off the light. Baek snapped his fingers and the lights went off.

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Chen – Sadly you and him got into an argument, and when he got really angry a little lightning bolt escaped his finger and hit the wall behind you. 

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Chanyeol – You walked down stairs into the kitchen to see Chanyeol heating up a pot of water with fire being produced from his hand.

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Kyungsoo – You two were walking around a park and he tripped over onto the ground. When he got up, a Kyungsoo sized hole was left.

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Tao – You only discovered it by him telling you. He came back from work and cried to you that he was stuck at 1:23 for an hour today.

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Kai – Both of you wanted to go on holiday, when he asked you why you couldn’t go, you said money. He grabbed your wrist and you ended up in Spain (or anywhere you really want to go)

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Sehun - You decided to surprise SeHun after work today so you went over to the dorms. What you didn’t mean to see was SeHun controlling small tornadoes.

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I hope you guys like this, I will try and do one a day, also this gif bellow is beautiful. Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes, I may be English but writing English is not my specialty, but I love writing. 

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EXO Reaction to -

You not being able to walk after your first time


BTS/EXO reaction to you being sore and cant walk the day after your first time?

BTS Version {Here}


He would be really cocky about it. He’d also laugh at you a lot. 

“Damn I didn’t know my impact was so strong jagi.”


He would carry you around the house. He’d make sure to bring you everything you needed. 

“No don’t get up jagi!! I’ve got it.”


He would laugh. He probably wouldn’t even help you. He would just laugh at your struggles.

“You know jagi, you look like you’re struggling.”


He would feel a little bad. Therefore he’d try to cuddle with you a lot. 

“Jagi why don’t we watch a movie?”


He would be really worried. He would definitely help you and apologize if he was to rough from the previous night.

“Sorry if I was too rough last night jagiya.”


He would cook you something. Or just try to pamper you, but he wouldn’t really say much on your limp.

“Jagi, I made breakfast.”


He would pull you back into the bed, and cuddle you until he felt like getting up.

“Jagiya don’t leave me.”


He would feel bad. Constantly pampering and asking if you were alright.

“Jagi are you sure you’re alright?”


He would act as if nothing was wrong. In his head he would smirk at the fact he got you like that though. 

“I mean you weren’t complaining about it last night jagi.”


Like Suho, he would feel bad. Definitely making sure you were comfortable. 

“Jagi, let me know if I get to rough.”


He would constantly apologize. Then he would ask you if you wanted anything.

“Jagi want me to buy you food?”


He wouldn’t care at first. But he would when he saw you were grumpy. 

“Come on jagiiii I’ll go buy you something!”

-Admins A & JC

EXO Reaction to seeing that you (their crush) saved their number as something cheesy or cute in your phone

I always wonder what people save me as under their phone. The coolest one I can think of that touched my heart is dopeman.com and it was my non k-pop friend. I was like, You acknowledged something I love, by nicknaming me something my ultimate bias has said in a song. No friend can get any better than that. Also, one of the nicknames I gave the boys used to be mine in the past- can you guess which one? (;

-Admin Gray

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Baekhyun: He lazily scrolled through your phone, taking goofy and cute selfies he hoped you would appreciate when you discovered. Taking a particular liking to one of the selfies he took, he decides he wanted to send it to himself so he went to your recent messages. Knowing fully well he was probably the last person you texted, his eyes widened and his cheeks flushed as he read the most recent contact. My Bagel <3. His mind flashed to the time he had asked you what your favorite food was a few weeks ago, and you had uttered with a silly smile, “I love bagels.” His heart raced at the hidden message, clicking your phone off and staring ahead with wide eyes. Smiling widely, he could only feel giddy as he interpreted this sign as one thing. 

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Chanyeol: “Alright!! I’ll text my phone to remind myself,” He grumbled, unlocking your phone to shoot his phone a text. He was quite a forgetful person lately and you wanted to make sure when he got home and checked his phone he left, to make sure to pack movies for the movie night you planned to have later on. You had remembered too late, shouting for Chanyeol not to open your contacts. His eyes became wide, his heart clenching with warmth as he recognized his number next to a sweet nickname: Yeolie Yarn. Embarrassingly, he remembered gushing about his obsession with yarn recently, and you had called him a cat because of it. The memory was so distinct because you had elaborated and said, Cats are cute. Shaking it off, he voiced shyly, “Yeolie Yarn is cute.” Smoothly and calmly, you said, “Just like the owner of the nickname.”

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Chen: He decided he wanted to send one of the boys a goofy text from your phone before you came back, scrambling to send the text. He froze when his eyes honed in on the most recent message, and who it was from- himself. That wasn’t the thing that stood out, though, it was the name you had given to him. He gaped down at it in shock, talking to himself in amazement as he continued to reread his contact name. Chen is a Ten. Smirking, he couldn’t wait to boldly bring it up when you walked in, preparing himself to potentially confess due to his new revelation.

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D.O: He stared openly down at your phone, taken aback by his discovery. He was simply going to follow your request of texting your friend about something, and came to discover your weird nickname for him that he strangely adored. He felt his heart swell and soar as he read Kyungsoo Koala to himself over and over again, chuckling slightly. Not knowing exactly what it meant, he didn’t hesitate to ask you when you reappeared. He watched on as you grew flustered, admitting how much you enjoyed hugging him which is how you somehow came up with the nickname. He only laughed, enjoying the newfound adoration that had continued to grow for you, his crush.

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Kai: He burst into laughter as he registered his own contact name in your phone. Hiya Kaiya. He was unsure why it was so funny, but it only made his crush for you grow even more. It was simple things like this, the little acts of silliness you secretly put up, that made him continue being your secret admirer. He made a note to greet you with a Hiya from now on, making sure it would be something only the two of you would share.

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Lay: He gulped, utterly surprised by the revelation. You weren’t one that expressed a lot of affection, so it caught him completely off guard when he discovered his name as Lay Love. Sure, it was simple, but it made his heart race. He didn’t know what to do in this situation: should he confront you about it, act nonchalant? What was his plan of action? “I’m going to lay low for a while,” He giggled to himself, growing startled when he noticed your presence in the room. Realizing you had heard what he said, you sighed, “I see you know what my nickname is for you. Can’t I show a little love?”

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Sehun: His eyebrows raised, your phone screen flashing Soy Sauce as he registered you had left your phone here by calling it. He found it funny how one fateful incident of him somehow spilling soy sauce on you made you call him that constantly, but he secretly loved it. He just didn’t know it would go to the extent of being his contact name. Nonetheless, he still loved it, and would eventually come up with a pick up line that featured your favorite nickname for him.

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Suho: His smile grew fond as he read his contact name, his heart racing at the fact that you had given him such a cute nickname. Junmeow. Laughing, he whispered, “How cute,” before devising a plan of giving you a cute nickname as well. When you reappeared, he could only softly laugh to himself, his face feeling hot as the girl he liked viewed him in a cute manner. When you questioned how flustered he seemed to be, he only brushed you off and continued to quietly laugh to himself.

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Xiumin: Xylophone? Really?” He muttered, slightly disappointed when he noticed what you had saved him as under your phone. Bouncing back into the room, you instantly picked up on the fact that he was frowning down at your phone, and you quickly approached to see him staring down at his own contact name. “Why do you look upset?” “Because my nickname isn’t special!” And you’re the girl I like and you label me an instrument, not something cute and lovey dovey. “How about you check my whole contact list?” Begrudgingly he opened the app, his eyes widening as he noticed that everyone else had normal and regular names. He was the only one with a nickname. Smiling at him, you uttered, “Now you see just how special you are to me.”

EXO Reaction Losing Their Short Girlfriend In A Crowd And Then Finding Her

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

oh my god i love your blog * fangirl a bit * can I get a reaction to EXO loosing their short girlfriend in a big crowd and then finding her again ? :D

Let’s be honest here guys, this would be me with EXO. This is also me in the hall looking for my short friends. Short people trying to find short people in a crowd of tall people does. not. work. Just like, in case you couldn’t guess. #i don’t have a ton of heels to solve this problem #pssh 

Xiumin: *when he realizes he lost you*

Xiumin: great job, genius. You lost your girlfriend in a crowd of tall people. And you have no idea how find her again. *still starts looking for you while dialing your number* 

*when he finds you* 

Hello Y/N look who found you! *once he realizes the girl he is hugging is in fact you, feels really proud of himself and relieved he hadn’t hugged a stranger*

You: Oh look, my boyfriend, aka the guy who lost me. *you say to sass him before you turn around and hug him yourself, feeling relieved that he managed to find you*

Luhan: *when he realizes he lost you*

Luhan: I must look for Y/N with my all seeing googles. Then I will find her and she will see I am her manly man. Yes, good plan, Luhan. And she will love you for finding her and forget that you’re the one who lost her.

*when he finds you aka the second he sees you and then proceeds to tackle you over in a hug, victorious in his quest*

Kris: *when he realizes he lost you*

Kris: oh shit. How the hell am I supposed to see her when she’s short? Aya! All I see are heads and she’s shorter than average people’s heads. Damn it, you’re supposed to be tall and use the height to find your girlfriend. Aish…I’ll just hope she can see me in my giant-ness.

*when he finds you*

You: Yifan! Did you even try to look for me?

Kris: How the hell am I supposed to look for you? You’re short!

You: I know I’m short, idiot. But you’re tall! Can’t you use it?

Kris: Stop yelling at me, at least we found each other!

Suho: *when he realizes he lost you*

Suho: Right. Now I can find her and save the day without using my money just to show her that I can do things without money! Yes!

*When he finds you*

Suho: And there she is!

You: *crying because you couldn’t find him or see where you were and it was just stressful and as time wore on, you broke down* Where did you go?

Suho: perhaps buying her something will make her feel better *he thinks to himself while you collect yourself again in his arms*

Lay: *when he realizes he lost you*

Lay: *screaming into the towel freaking out before he goes to find you*

*When he finds you*

*comes up to you where you are sitting on a park bench, watching the people walk by hoping one is lay*

Lay: Hey there Jagi, are you ok?

External image

You: Yeah, I’m fine. Can we hold hands now so this doesn’t happen again?

Lay: Of course baby. *fluffy unicorn*

Baekhyun: *when he realizes he lost you*

Baekhyun: Oops…Time to go find her. Maybe I should stand on a bench.

*when he finds you*

Baekhyun: So you’re not mad that I lost you because I found you right?

You: *glare*

Baekhyun: Hey I know! Let’s get ice cream! hehehe

Chen: *when he realizes he lost you*

Chen: Right, so did anyone happen to see where she went? No? Great.

*when he finds you*

Chen: hey baby! I found you!

You: God Chen! I was so worried and I couldn’t find you anywhere! *you say hugging him happily*

Chen: I mean, a kiss would show how happy you are a lot better, yeah?

Chanyeol: *when he realizes he lost you*

Chanyeol: *reaction king mode on full blast* Oh god! What have I done? She’s so small she could get hurt!!

*when he finds you*

Chanyeol: And now that I’ve found you, you can’t get rid of me! Haha, never gonna lose you again!

DO: *when he realizes he lost you*

DO: *going about the place like normal until moment he realies* how the hell am I supposed to find her? I’m not tall either! !*$&%&^@^

*when he finds you*

DO: ah yes Kyungsoo you did it! you did it! you did it! 

Tao: *when he realizes he lost you*

Tao: How could I let this happen? Chen, I’m terrible!

Chen: We can go look for her…It’s ok.

*when he finds you*

Tao: Ah yessss! I did it! Best boyfriend ever! Haha!

Kai: *when he realizes he lost you*

Kai: Aish…Where did she say she was going again? I was thinking about chicken and if there would be anything for my dogs in that pet store…Aish…Where oh where to look for that girl.

*when he finds you*

Kai: I’m so glad I found you! Now let’s go home where I can’t lose you!

You: Kai, I told you where I was going

Kai: *awkward laughter*

Sehun: *when he realizes he lost you*

Sehun: Op she’s lost again. Just perfect. Now I have to deal with this. *sigh*

*when he finds you*

Sehun: *mocking you because he is a brat* Ah! Oh stop your freaking out! I found you! Just calm down, jeesh.

EXO’s reaction to waking up with you for the first time

Anonymous said: Exo react to waking up next to you for the first time (like first night you moved in together)

Aaaah this idea made my heart flutter! Thank you for the request!


Baekhyun: You open your eyes slowly, still half asleep. Baekhyun then sits up since he also is awake and says:

“Good morning beautiful” with a raspy morning voice, and after that he yawns.

Chanyeol: You wake up with your faces facing each other, and when he sees you opening your eyes, he brushes away a piece of hair, and says “hey…” with a low and sexy voice.

Chen: You get up before Chen, and leaves the bedroom. When you come back, he’s sitting up in bed with morning hair and tired eyes. When he notices you he whines for you to come over to him, and when you do, he hug attacks you. “Morning baby! Did you sleep well?”

D.O: You wake up, with nothing by your side. You get confused and leave the room still in your underwear. When you reach the kitchen you smell freshly made coffee, and see Kyungsoo. “Oh morning. I made coffee.”

Kai: You’re getting dressed when Kai suddenly comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you - you didn’t even know he got up. He doesn’t say anything, he just follows you with his eyes while he holds you.

Kris: You wake up wrapped in his arms, and when you remove them he begs you to come back. “No baby, it’s cold without you”

Lay: *When he hears you getting up making too much noise* After understanding that you’re getting up, he asks you calmly what you’re doing. “Why are you getting up so early?” - implying that he wants you to come back to the bed.

Luhan: If you try to get up before he’s ready, he would honestly just grab your wrist and pull you right back into the bed. I just don’t have a gif like that so it’s just gonna be this one:

Sehun: When he wakes up, he would wrap his limbs around you like a noodle, and if he wants you to wake up he would whine. “Y/N! Wake uuup!”

Suho: The first thing he does when he wakes up, is to study your beautiful face, and maybe plant a little cute kiss on your cheek.

Tao: “Tao! Wake up, I’m bored!” you would scream at him (because why not) and he would wake up in a split second, thinking something happened to you. “Wh- What!? What is happening!?”

Xiumin: I imagine xiumin walking around the house, no shirt, only sweat pants. He would walk around the kitchen making breakfast and coffee. When you come out of the bedroom you see him standing by the kitchen counter. “Finally, you’re awake.”

Exo’s Reaction -You Getting Complimented By Another Member

(I’ve done something similar to this please check it out ^-^ Here!)

(Thanks to my friend @hipster-shiz *also does reactions at - @exo-k-m-reactions* who help me with this)

Xiumin - *Keeps an eye on him just in case*

Lay - *Thinks that he’s being nice but actually the guy is trying to hint something*

Kai - *Gets jealous really easily*

Suho - *Goes up to him and tells him to stop*

Kyungsoo - *It gets Kyungsoo so pissed off, satansoo will be after his ass*

Tao - *Suddenly goes really bitchy*

Chen - *Starts being really sarcastic about it and would mock the guy multiple times* 

 Kris - *He starts acting like a cold city boy and act like he don’t give a shit but would be protective afterwards*

Chanyeol - *He laughs at the guy then make it known to the guy that you’re his*

Baekhyun - *Like Chen, Baekhyun will rip the piss out of the guy and knows it would get on his nerves big time*

Sehun - *Sasses the shit out of the guy*

Luhan - *Acts all manly and tells him off*

EXO(OT12) reaction to you singing badly in the shower.

A/N: lmao i had so much fun w this tbh. Also, i’m posting so quickly to make up for my absence tomorrow! 


he is an angel on earth in disguise, so when he heard you singing, terribly at that, he’d kind of make a face, staring at the bathroom from above his glasses like a true grandpa and kinda just laugh and shake his head because you’d be singing loudly to call me baby and he would be simultaneously in awe because cute but also like…I’m trying to read…quiet down a little jagi, but when you got out he’d just ask if your shower was good and if you said yeah, he’d be like “I could tell.” And enjoy your face as you realized how loud you might’ve been

Originally posted by jongdeer


To start with, chanyeol would not let you shower in peace, so even if you began singing horribly, he’d already be used to it. In the bedroom he’d hear you and his smile would widen as he let himself into the steamy bathroom, beginning to sing with you just as awfully as you shampooed your hair, trying not to laugh as he tried to choreograph a dance with the song from outside the shower glass, like chanyeol please

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek


diva, would hear you singing and crash through the door so dramatically, scaring you half to death and he waltzed in. “You call that singing?” He’d begin, your head peeking out the shower curtain at him, exasperated as you watched him clear his throat and test his vocal range before starting where you had left off on the song, singing just as nasty as you returned to your shower and began too, both of you trying to top the others pitch.

Originally posted by wugalaxy


He’d be eating some food, waiting for you to come out of the shower when he heard you bellow out what sounded like an attempt at a high note, and he would half choke on whatever was in his mouth, caught of guard at the sudden sound emanating from the bathroom. He’d walk to the bathroom to make sure you hadn’t fallen or something and knock like “u okay?” And when you were like “ya why?” He’d just be like nvm gtg and shake his head giggling like oh shit so she was trying to sing

Originally posted by costa-ricca


soo…would hear you in the shower, and he would be so blunt about it, like he’d come up to the door and knock like “what are you doing in there? Why does it sound like something’s dying?” And you’d kinda be sad and like okay, but once he realized you were only trying to sing he’d feel even worse and come to the door and start to yelp out lyrics to the song with you until you were a laughing mess in the shower and desperately trying to wash your body and sing.

Originally posted by awkwardkaisoo


chen would be the type to hear you, but not say anything during the entire shower period, like you wouldn’t even think you sounded that loud or that bad but then once you got out the shower all squeaky clean and happy he’d be sitting in the bedroom with some ear muffs on and look at you and yell “oh you’re finally done? Can I take these off now?” And when you got mad at him he’d just continue to poke fun at your voice until you threw your towel at his face like s h u t u p Chen

Originally posted by jikain


record, record, post. Sehun would hear you singing and peep inside the shower, setting his phone to record the song as you passionately belted out lyrics, trying to muffle his laugh as he took snapchats of you and captioned it shit like “Omg next Beyoncé” or “y/n gonna replace Kyungsoo as a main vocal” and would just have this smug look on his face until you saw the snapchats and yelled at him, but he would only hug you tightly in your towel and tell you he’d take your voice over kyungsoos any day

Originally posted by vane-sky948861


my polite son, he would hear you, but would be too nice to actually call you out on how bad it sounded. He’d hear you and kind of go red in the face because extreme second hand embarrassment and would just try to ignore it, but the second you got out the shower and saw his face you’d be like Kai what’s wrong? And he would just shake his head and let a snide comment slide like “how was your shower? It sounded pretty stressful.” While you just rolled your eyes at him

Originally posted by krismehard


he would laugh insanely hard at you, like this boy would start shedding tears because of two reasons, you sounded so cute, and you sounded so bad. when he heard you he’d kind of be confused like…is she alright, but when he made out the lyrics he’d start bending over in pain from laughter, and the second you got out you’d hear him laughing from the living room and when you asked him he’d still be trying so hard to talk but all he could get out was how cute you are lmao

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu


 my god, at first you’d be embarrassing him because you were singing so damn loud and awfully, but then luhan would hear you and walk up inside the bathroom and sit down on the toilet, very seriously bringing his hand up to his mouth as this boy started to make a beat.You’d hear him start this lame ass shit outside the shower curtain and pull it back to stare at him, & he’d kind of be like, no? I was making it better wasn’t I? “Get out luhan.”  Cause now he’s embarrassing you.

Originally posted by krismehard


Tao is going to roast you so hard for singing like that in the shower, as soon as he hears you, rip you. He’s gonna wait until you got out the shower in the chair y'all got in the room with his legs crossed and a slight smile, and as soon as you came in he’d go in. “Did the water get in your ears and make you go tone deaf?” “How hot was it in there to make you think you sounded good?” “Did you hear the neighbors crying dog give you some backup vocals?” And you’re all red mumbling as you look for undies and Tao is still laughing so hard every time he remembers your singing voice, he’s a savage.

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu


he’s a blend, like he’s gonna act so many different ways lmao, like he’s gonna hear you and then at first he’s gonna be confused and like? What are you doing? But then he’d realize and get mad at you for singing because he’s trying to Nap, but then he’d start laughing at you from outside the door, and start knocking, distracting you, and when you asked him why he was knocking he’d be like “to get some peace and quiet from you.” And he’d laugh even harder, until he heard the door open and an angry, dripping wet you looking at him and then it’s not funny no more because he has a wet towel smack him in the face and he’s like what did I do wrong?

Originally posted by andyswarhol

EXO’s Reaction to You Dancing Sexily In Your Lingerie

I’m honestly so terrible in making titles for some of these requests, I apologize. Also, I hope you enjoy this one, my little Anon!♥

Baekhyun: Baekhyun’s eyes would be on your body the moment he walked through the front door and saw you dancing in the living room, sporting very little clothing. This would likely be one of the very rare moments that this adorable beagle would be struck speechless.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would be overwhelmingly flattered, figuring that since you were so scantily-clad you must be dancing specifically for him.

Chen: This little shit would likely not even acknowledge the fact that you were trying to be sexy for him. Instead, Chen would probably break out his own (oh-so-alluring) dance moves, trying to show you “how the pros do it.”

D.O: Despite the fact that Kyungsoo felt extremely comfortable with you by this point in your relationship, surprising things like this would still force him to retreat into a flustered state. He’d blush and try to avoid staring at you too much, likely without much success.

Kai: Kai would be a little shocked and just a bit bashful at the sight of you dancing in so little clothing, but he’d want you to know that he enjoyed it. He’d quietly cheer you on and ask you to continue dancing for him, all while a faint blush graced his cheeks.

Kris: Kris would watch your swaying hips for several moments, before promptly proceeding to grip you by your waist and pull you towards his body, his face set in a lustful stare, making his intentions quite clear.

Lay: Lay would want to remained unnoticed for as long as possible, so he could simply watch the routine unfolding before him. He would be nibbling on his bottom lip as his hungry gaze remained locked on your body as you perfected each body roll, hip sway, and booty shake.

Luhan: Luhan would have the worst time trying to control himself as an inner battle raged inside of him. He had always thought he had a cute, innocent girlfriend, but seeing you move in such ways poked and prodded at his inner-most desires.

Sehun: Sehun would be more surprised by your dancing ability than anything else. He had no idea you had such sexy flare hidden away inside of you and he may get a little flustered watching you, but he’d be amazed and enthralled by your performance nonetheless.

Suho: Another hungry wolf whose gaze would be fixed on every movement, every muscle twitch, and every twist and turn of your body. “What exactly are you trying to do to me, Jagi-ya?”

Tao: Tao would sit back and enjoy your little show for a little while before opening up his arms and beckoning you towards him with a small smirk gracing his lips. “Come here, Y/N. I want a closer look at some of those moves you’ve got.”

Xiumin: Xiumin would waste no time in trying to tug your body towards his own, but every time he took a step towards you, you’d twirl a little farther away from him in an attempt to tease the poor boy. He’d be persistent, though, getting playfully frustrated each time you spun out of his grasp.


EXO Reaction To You Being The Main Vocalist Of A Girl Group That Beats EXO

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Exo reactions to you being the main vocals of a girlband and your girlband beating them at an award show❤️❤️

Xiumin: *he’d be cute and adorable, all smiles because his girlfriend won an award. And behind him on the sceen you could plainly see EXO also having expressions mixed with amusement and traces of disappointment.* Aw, I’m so happy my girl won! They deserved it.

Originally posted by xiundeer

Luhan: *He’d have giving you a congratulatory heart as you walked to the stage so when the camera panned on him, he was blushing, laughing with awkwardness. Sure part of him was disappointed that they didn’t win, but most of him was proud of you.* Hahaha, this is kind of embarrassing, but it’s so nice to see her getting an award she deserves

Originally posted by yoonterlude

Kris: *As he’d left the group, the expression on his face when the camera panned to see his reaction would just be like ‘am I supposed to care that those guys lost to my beautiful girlfriend, because I don’t. Obviously my girlfriend slays, she is my girlfriend.”*

Originally posted by galaxychen

Suho: *As leader, he’d probably feel more disappointment than the others but he’d still be really proud. The two of you would both be incredibly hardworkers and he couldn’t help but be happy to see your hardwork pay off.* Congratulations Jagi!

Originally posted by britamin-graphics

Lay: *I feel like he would be the most professional about it, not showing too much of either of his emotions (disappointment and pride). He’d applaud with a smile on his face and only you could tell just how proud he really was by the emotion in his eyes.* It’s so great that she won, she’s worked so hard

Originally posted by sehun8gfat

Baekhyun: *He’d be turning to Chanyeol, who would be more disappointed in the loss than he would be, with a big and dumb smile on his face as he clapped loudly.* Look at my beautiful girlfriend going up there to get her first MAMA award! I’m so proud!

Originally posted by acciobaek

Chen: *He’d pretty much be cheering like all get out. It’d be hard for the other members to get him to maintain his composure as he cheered loudly. He couldn’t help letting his emotions out though.* Oh my god! My baby won! 

Originally posted by blasianpotato

Chanyeol: *The blend of disappointment and pride made him act awkward, with strange fidgeting paired with a big smile and bright eyes. You’d be getting his signature happy virus smile though.* Oh, I can’t believe she won, if anyone else deserves this award, it’s her!

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

DO: *he’d just be smiles, as he is one of the more reserved members, he wouldn’t be showing just how proud he was. But as soon as you returned to your seat, your phone buzzed with a long, sincere congratulatory message from him, one that made you tear up.* You’re just incredible Jagi, I love you.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Tao: *He couldn’t help but laugh. Admittedly, he’d been expecting EXO to win but he wasn’t at all disappointed in the result. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling or clapping until you’d returned to your seat and the next performance had begun.* My girlfriend really is incredible.

Originally posted by aeloea

Kai: *He’d be smiling and cheering with the other EXO members. He had already started thinking that maybe, if your career kept on the pace it was on, maybe you’d be able to work with EXO one day, but for the time being, he’d just be proud of you and look forward to the bear hug he’d give you later.* I can’t wait until I can congratulate her in person.

Originally posted by kaibility

Sehun: *Well, if anyone was going to beat the great EXO and the incredible Oh Sehun, it would be his girlfriend. He couldn’t help but smile and laugh from happiness, even if he didn’t cheer (Baekhyun would be cheering loudly, to tease the Maknae).* Of course the only person who can compete with us is my own girlfriend. I’m so proud of her.

Originally posted by xehun

EXO Reaction to You Giving Silent Treatment

BTS Version by Admin Kat

Written with the idea that the silent treatment is given after the argument

Silent Treatment is honestly really immature and childish. I’ve given silent treatment a lot before and usually storm off to my room, but also, I’m usually really quiet so I might get mistaken for giving silent treatment when I’m actually just really tired and don’t want to say anything much. With anyone, don’t give silent treatment, please! Talk it out, get over the miscommunication barriers and understand each other.

- Admin Au(drey)

Xiumin: Minseok would be very uncomfortable when you refuse to speak to him after a breaking point in your argument. He’d try to get some words out of you with an unstable mindset, trying to control his emotions but ultimately failing. He’d turn away in his own anger and proceed to give you silent treatment as well. I can see him apologizing long before you even think about it, guilty at treating you like that even if you started it first.

Originally posted by an-nyeo

Suho: Junmyeon would be disgusted with your behavior, as it seems immature and childish. “Are you really doing this, (Y/N)?” he scoffs, both shocked and taking a position of superiority over you. He’d find silent treatment to be such a horrible resort to turn to, especially since the two of you are in the more ‘growing-up’ stages of life (whether it be teenager or adult years). After he has calmed down, he might apologize in the hopes that you will stop this silliness but if you continue, he’ll resume his superior-act.

Originally posted by osehu

Lay: Yixing would simply watch you for a moment, taking the time to process that you are ignoring him. Not wanting you to be like this, he’d immediately apologize for his words and would explain himself as best as he can because he needs you to see his point of view as well. “I hope you understand,” he says softly, preparing himself for no response at all or a biting remark. He wouldn’t be able to stand you giving him the cold shoulder.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Baekhyun: His response and realization would be immediate when you start to give him the cold shoulder. “Hey. (Y/N),” he’d say, eyes widening in surprise. “Can we - talk this out? Can we do reach some sort of understanding?” His hands would start to interact with each other. He’d continue to talk, explaining his point of view and trying to clarify for himself your points. “Did I understand correctly?” he asks, hoping for a response. He’d keep talking, knowing that you’d respond sometime soon.

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Chen: His response would be similar to that of Junmyeon’s, slightly put-off by your childish act. He’d stare at you in shock, not able to comprehend your actions. “Do you have to act like this?” he asks quietly, danger tinged in his voice. He’d sigh heavily and not talk to you about the whole situation, only saying little things to tell you if dinner was ready or where something was. 

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Chanyeol (guys I know this is sort-of gross but if you look at the .gif closely near his chest area you’ll see that somE SPIT COMES FROM HIS MOUTH AHAHHAHAHA im sorry proceed onwards) : Chanyeol would storm away in a huff, not appreciating your current attitude. He’d be so foul from the whole situation in general, and you ignoring him was not helping him. He’d let out his anger with shouts here and there as he settles into activities that he knows will let him forget the whole problem. After he’s calmed down, he’ll think about talking to you again.

Originally posted by luderella

D.O.: Kyungsoo would stare at you in shock when you don’t respond to his question or comment. He’d turn away, his face unchanging but his emotions growing dangerously. Even though he is quiet a lot of the time, for you to be silent in an argument, choosing to abstain when this had been caused because the two of you had argued - he’d find it to be so stupid and foolish. He’d turn away, knowing he wouldn’t be able to get you to speak so he’d wait for you to say something first. He doesn’t mind waiting.

Originally posted by in-do-isle

Kai: Jongin would find the whole thing about silent treatment just plain stupid. “(Y/N), if we want to solve this then we have to communicate,” he says, trying to contain his emotions with a soft voice. “We can’t just ignore each other, we have to understand each other.” He wouldn’t persist much more past this, hoping you would get to your senses with these words because what else can he say? This is what he thinks. Communication is highly important in a relationship.

Originally posted by kaibility

Sehun: Sehun would simply be shocked by your actions. What are you doing? Why aren’t you responding? “(Y/N). Yah.” But when you don’t reply, he stares at you with his sharp-eagle eyes and doesn’t know what to do. He’d talk to you every so often, just saying your name and seeing if you’d respond or asking you a question and such. He’d want to dissolve tensions somehow but you only heighten them by not responding. It’d pain him and make him uncomfortable to be like this so he’d apologize and bring up the subject first.

Originally posted by osehu

Exo’s Reaction - When You’re Embarrassed About A Scar

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it! Credit to my friend @hipster-shiz (who also does reactions - @exo-k-m-reactions) who helped me with this <3


Xiumin - *He helps you gain more confidence and forget them*

 Lay - *He tells you you’re beautiful no matter what and to not let the scars get you down*

 Kai - *He cuddles with you to make you feel better while eating food*

 Suho - *He reassures you that theres nothing to be embarrassed about*

Kyungsoo - *Pulls you in to a hug and give you small kisses all over your face* 

Tao - *He hugs you and strokes your hair and lists everything he loved about you including the scar*

 Chen - *He asks why you hid it from him for so long but he’d cuddle you and constantly kiss your forehead* (You’re Kai)

 Kris - *His sweet side would start to show and he’d say how beautiful you are, theres nothing to be embarrassed about your scar and gives you little kisses now and then*

 Chanyeol - *He helps you build up confidence and spread his little happy virus to you* 

 Baekhyun - *He wouldn’t like seeing you embarrassed over your body so he does everything he could to make you feel comfortable with your scar, even if it means taking your mind off it for as long as he could*

 Sehun - *He calls you a strong person for dealing with what ever gave you that scar and you should be proud of yourself*

 Luhan - *He kisses your scar and say that you’re beautiful and you shouldn’t let your scar get in the way of you*

EXO Reaction when they are sore after their first time with their bf

So I’m not familiar with yaoi stories so I hope I don’t mess up this! Also I hope no one gets offended, it’s not my intention I swear! Love you all, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: He would stay on bed all day, kinds suffering from the pain. But he wouldn’t regret it, it was something really special and he is so happy it happened. 

Kris: It doesn’t matter how much it hurts. He is proud because he didn’t give up and also had some control last night. He is so proud if himself and the boys share his feelings. 

Sehun: He would be planning for his revenge. He had so much pleasure last night, mixed with some pain, that he will make his boyfriend feel the same. No. Matter. What.

Tao: He would act all hurt and sentimental so his boyfriend spoils him all day. He wants to have more attention and loves how he gives Tao everything he wants. He knows tears are the weakness of everyone.

Kai: He would sleep all day, have some rest. Last night left him so exhausted that he can only think of charging batteries for the next round.

Xiumin: He would act all shy around his boyfriend. He never expected it to be so good and do all those dirty things. He loved it so much and wants it again but he is kinda hurt so he might have to wait a little.

Baekhyun: “Forget about the pain. I’m ready for a 2nd round!”

Luhan: No matter what his boyfriend does, he would try to be the manly one in the relationship and never accept he enjoys being the uke.

Chen: “You don’t have to worry about me, I like pain and pleasure. And I like our bodies together” *Pervy thoughts*

Kyungsoo: He would hide all day pretty embarrassed for what his boyfriend made him do the other night. He loved it but he had never been so close to someone and this is pretty new to him.

Lay: He wouldn’t understand at the beginning why he is feeling so sore. He enjoyed it so much and can’t remember it hurt so much. After a while he understands it’s normal and is willing to go through it again if it means he could experience again what he did last night.

Suho: The pain is actually not an issue. He is more than happy and can’t believed you two finally had that special night. He was so excited about it and got exactly what he wanted. It’s even better than his dreams.

EXO’s affection preferences

Anonymous said: Haii *-* What kind of affection do you think the guys like the most? individually thanks and maybe make a reaction out of it

Will do! I can’t wait :)

Also - sorry if it’s a little longer for some members than others. You will know why, probably. xD


Baekhyun: I think Baekhyun loves basic cuddling! Things like leaning on your shoulder when he’s tired, and holding you when you’re tired is his favorite. I do also think he loves a good peck on the lips, and holding hands when relaxing together. When you’re sad he would love to just hug you. I also see him as being pretty private with his affection though.

Chanyeol: I think he likes to “dominate” you when being affectionate. He will take your hand, hug you from the back and attack you with sudden deep kisses.  Cuddling in the morning would also be a must. As seen with him and Kyungsoo, he often attempts to hug and carry D.O, so that makes me think that he loves skin contact, and to hug/do random things to people. BUT when you do things like that *gif* to him, he will love it even more.

Chen: *hugs hugs hugs cuddles kisses hugs hugs kisses hugs cuddles* Just everything that you would call “sweet” or “cute”.

D.O: Cuddles when it’s needed and then he would squeeze your hand discreetly in public to tell you he loves you. If you are VERY lucky, and he is feeling super happy and (exo)tic he would lean a little on you.

Kai: He would be a little awkward, I think… Tbh. But he would try, and when he knows you well he would literally do everything to touch you. I see him putting an arm around you when watching a movie together, and tangling his feet into yours in bed. Tight hugging is his thing too.

Kris: He would like to hold hands when in bed, and probably would also enjoy making out. Sometimes he would become spontaneous and pick you up while you were cooking, and hug you from behind…. I just don’t see him as a guy that would like public affection. I think he feels that that kind of thing is for alone time at night. (hehehe)

Lay: Small signs of affection like looking into your eyes, and touching your face is what he primarily would use to tell you he loves you + saying it with words. Putting a hand on your lower back when standing next to you is also his favorite thing to do. *gif - doing that to your thigh when sitting next to you*

Luhan: Oh god, don’t get me started with this prick. TOUCH TOUCH TOUCH everywhere, all day everyday, anywhere constantly. He is not afraid to show that he likes you, and will intentionally touch your butt (when you’re already gf & bf) and other “dirty” things. IN PUBLIC. Whispering, inappropriate touching, hot staring contests and making out sessions in front of everyone is his jam. This would also be his way to annoy the other members. U kno - makin’ em uncomfortable. If he has to be more subtle he would just hold you and sleep on you and lay on you and hug you and kiss your cheek. LOL nothing is impossible.

Sehun: He likes to tangle himself into you both in bed/couch and while standing up, rest his head on your shoulder and also probably touch your butt. Maybe you could call it a more subtle version of Luhan!

Suho: Aaaah, the classic hopeless romantic. Stroking your cheek, peck on the lips when leaving you, foot massages (for you), holding hands and hugging you tightly if you’re sad. Not much sexual affection - but if he’s feeling frisky he would do this: *but probably get embarrassed or flustered*

Tao: Cute hugging and stuff like that is something that he loves. He probably likes to give kisses on the nose and cheek, and when saying hi and goodbye, he likes to kiss you on the mouth. I also totally see him lifting you up while kissing you. ugh, so cute.

Xiumin: Sexy, seductive and hot as fuck stuff. Looking deeply at you before kissing you passionately. Pulling you closer to him before picking you up. He hugs from the back and whispers in your ears. All without being perverted. 

He also has a cute side, which is filled up with cute pecks on the lips and holding hands in bed. And for fun he likes to do Eskimo kisses!

*Xiumin attempting to give Luhan a peck on the lips, which he would also do to you*

Exo Reactions To You Getting Clingy & Calling Them Pet Names In Front Of The Other Members Because You’re Tired

I really had other requests to do first but this was so cute 

Also, I have never felt more creative in my life than I was while I was coming up with all of these pet names omg someone give me an award. No, but really, I’m so uncomfortable with pet names. You better all love this. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *you come out into the living room where everyone is & he’s standing in the middle of the room telling a story*

You: *you go over to him & hug him, he hugs you back with one arm* “Bunny Boocan, I’m tired. Can we go to bed?” *you nestle your head against his arm*

Baekhyun: *gets all squishy & cuddles you, not phased by the other members laughing* “Sure, Jagi.”

Chanyeol: *he’s sitting at the dining room table, talking to a few of the members about songs*

You: *walks over & starts playing with his hair* “Chanyoyobear. I’m going to bed.”

Chanyeol: *enjoying the heavy petting session, also not bothered by the other members snickering* “I’ll be in there in a minute.”

Chen: *he’s watching Kai & Lay practice in the rehearsal room of the house*

You: *peaks your head in & gives him a pouty, tired face* “Jongy-Dongy, are you coming to bed?”

Lay: “Jongy-Dongy?” 

You: “If you ever have sex with him, you’ll understand.”

Chen: “Jagi… please.” 

D.O.: *he’s in the kitchen with a couple of the members, trying to cook but they’re all getting in his way*

You: *shuffles over to him & wraps your arms around him from behind.* “What are you making, my sweet little Soonshine?”


D.O.: *so done with life, he just stands there*

Kai: *he’s messing around in the studio with Chanyeol, Lay & Baekhyun*

You: *sits on his lap & starts kissing his neck* “Spicy baby Kimchi, it’s late.”

Baekhyun: *snorts*

Kai: *gives you a cute version of Soo’s death glare &shakes his head*

Kris: *he’s surrounded by members, just having random conversations with everyone*

You: *scoots your tired feet along & attaches yourself to his arm* “Wuffles, my gentle giant. It’s time for sleep.” 

Kris: *stands there, avoiding eye contact with everyone* “I asked you not to call me that in front of everyone.”

Lay: *he’s writing songs with Chanyeol in the office*

You: *Goes over & sits down at his feet, playing with his pant legs* “Yixy Stix, are you almost done?”

Lay: *ignores everyone laughing & does aegyo to you* “Almost, my sweets.”

Luhan: *he’s in the hallway, standing in the doorway of a bedroom & talking to a group of members inside*

You: *yells down the hallway* “Luggle-bug, come to bed.”

Luhan: *a hoard of laughter comes from the room, he looks down the hall at you in disbelief* 

Sehun: *he’s watching a movie with some of the others*

You: *sits next to him on the couch & starts playing with his fingers* “When it’s over, can we head to sleep, Hunnie-Pop?”

Sehun: *enjoying the attention* “Duh.”

Suho: *he’s working late on stuff in Kyungsoo’s room, sitting on the bed*

You: *stands behind him & puts your chin on his head* “Suho, my strong Appa, it’s getting late.” 

Kyungsoo: *snorts* “Appa?”

Suho: * he stands & kisses you* “Off to bed we go…” *shuffles you out, whispering* I told you not to call me Appa in front of them. Now they’re going to make fun of me even more…”

Tao: *everyone is in the living room talking & hanging out*

You: *sits on his lap so that you’re facing him* “Tao-shi, come to bed with me.” 

Tao: “Give me ten minutes.” *kisses your nose*

You: *whines a little* “Tao baobi, I’m so tired.” *puts your head on his shoulder & kisses his neck*

Tao: *tries to act cool in front of everyone but is really falling for your cuteness*

Xiumin: *sees you come in while he’s having dance rehearsal & winks*

You: *waddles over to him & starts stroking his stomach* “Minnie Mouse, are you almost done?”

Xiumin: *takes a second to let the giggling from the other members die down, then looks at you with a meaningful eyebrow raise* “Yes, Jagiya. A few more minutes.” *he smacks your ass hard as you walk away & you know there’s going to be very little sleeping happening because you’ve embarrassed him & that’s rare so you owe him* /sex, jsyk/