kai's favorite people

Jealousy and obsession

Word count: 1552

Kai is obsessed with you

‘Anyone home?’ Kai asked walking through the front door, only to find Damon sitting on the couch and reading newspaper.

'What are you doing here?’ He grunted and rolled his eyes as he went back to reading the newspaper that were already too old to even believe the news that were written there.

'Oh just came to hang out with my favorite people.’ Kai said, making Damon frown at his response and place down the newspapers.

'Ok. First of all, we are definitely not friends nor you’re my favorite person. Second, we never, ever hang out and third, aren’t you suppose to be on your way to Portland? I thought we were done with all the interacting with eachother thing.’ Damon trailed off and picked up the newspaper again, reading the same page for the third time, clearly finding it hard to focus when the least favorite person of them all was sitting beside him, in his house.

'Oh, don’t be so stressed, Damon. I’m just visiting, you know. Also, you always have something to eat here so, may I?’ Kai got up and started walking towards the kitchen, but Damon stopped him by vamp speeding in front of him.

'Hold up, pork rind muncher. What’s really going on?’ Damon asked as he crossed his arms which only made Kai roll his eyes and walk back, plopping down on the couch, his arms widely spread.

'Nothing, I was just- hey are you, you know, alone here or is there someone else here with you?’ Kai asked as he looked around the living room, hoping to find another person in this gigantic house.

'It’s me and- wait a second. I know what you’re doing.’ Damon smirked and walked towards Kai, his gaze focused on Kai. 'You’re here for the only girl who’s been currently hanging around in this house a lot. Someone who’s here more than any other girl, right?’ Damon asked and poured himself a glass od bourbon and took a sip, his left hand slipping inside his pocket.

'I- what are you talking about? I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.’ Kai negated, stressing the 'no’ in the sentence, trying to prove he really didn’t know what Damon was talking about, but he perfectly knew what Damon meant. He was there for you and you only.

'You like her, don’t you? Hate to break it to you, but I don’t think she likes you back. I mean, as far as I know, she said she hates your guts and that she wants you to stay away from her.’ Damon said, making Kai’s face expression go from excited and smiley to serious and regretful.

'I hit the nerve didn’t I?’ Kai shook his head and looked away, wanting to hide the disappointment that words Damon has said caused.

'I don’t like her. I- I would never like a girl like her.’ Kai trailed off and right at that moment you walked into the room, making Kai jump from his seat and take a few steps closer to you. He was always mesmerized by the way he reacted when you entered the room. You took his breath away and he made peace with the fact that he was in love with you. Maybe those weren’t the right words. He was kind of obsessed with you and wanted to know everything about you, where you were, what you did, your friday night plans, everything. He didn’t want to let you out of his sight.

'Kai? What are you doing here?’ You asked him, your seriousness taking a smile of Kai’s face. He was hoping you would atleast smile at him, but you didn’t like him too much. You promised to yourself that you and Kai would be at 'hey - hey’ and that was it.

'Just came to- ask Damon if he wants to go to the Grill for a drink?’ Kai said and looked towards Damon who placed his glass on the table next to the couch and walked towards Kai as he tapped Kai’s shoulder and few times.

'Yeah, you feel nothing. Sure sure.’ Damon trailed off and opened the doors, showing Kai to walk out.

'What is that all about? Wait, I’m gonna go with you, I’m meeting my friends there.’ You said as you took your jacket and fixed your hair before you walked past Kai and Damon, going out into a beautiful night, the sky filled with shiny stars.

'So, are there- are there going to be any guys or just girls?’ Kai asked you as you shot a glance at him and frowned, finding his question a bit too weird. (Why would he even ask that) - you thought to yourself before you shook your head, looking for the right words to answer him in a polite way.

'There will be guys.’ You answered. 'Even though I can’t see how is that any of your bussines but fine.’ You said quietly, hoping he didn’t hear you.

'So you have a date, then?’ Kai popped the question again, making you roll your eyes.

'No, it’s not a date. It’s an ordinary night out with friends. Why are you interested in me so much all of a sudden?’ You asked him, taking a few larger steps so you were walking in front of him, becoming in sync with Damon’s steps. 'I rolled my eyes so much , my nerves actually hurt.’ You whispered for only Damon to hear, making him let out a small chuckle. Kai frowned, hating the way you were treating him.

'Ok, this is me. Kai, it was- Damon, see you later.’ You gave him a kiss on the cheek, completely ignoring Kai as yoi walked into Mystic Grill, catching a sight of your friends.

'Maybe you should lay off the questions, you seem too obsessed with her. Calm down, man.’ Damon said to Kai and walked in, heading towards the pool.

Kai followed him, but his gaze quickly found you between your friends. He couldn’t take his eyes of you, wanting to see every move you made. You had a feeling that someone was staring so you turned around, only to see Kai’s gaze piercing into you, making you feel uncomfortable.

'Want a drink?’ Damon asked Kai and had to repeat the question because Kai was too busy looking at you the entire time.

'Dude, if you plan on staring at her the entire night, I’m outta here.’

'No, just- give me a minute.’ Kai trailed off and started walking in your direction, Damon’s eyes going wide.

'Hey guys! What’s up?’ Kai said and put his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him which only made you uncomfortable. You frowned at him and pushed his arm away, but after s few seconds his arm was wrapped around you again.

'Kai, stop it.’ You whispered and it took him a few moments, but he took a step back from you, only to be replaced with one of your guy friends. He wrapped his arm around you and looked at Kai who was starting to get angry. His jaw clenched at the sight as he took a deep breath, trying to control himself. He wanted to break the guy’s spine and he could’ve done it so fast no one would ever notice, but he knew if he did, you would hate him.

'Why don’t you take your hand of the lady, would you?’ Kai said, his gaze strongly focused on your friend.

'No, I don’t think so, I like it this way. Also, I see it doesn’t bother her so, I’ll stay like this.’ He leaned in snd bit your earlobe, making you squirm in discomfort.

'Stop that.’ You said, trying to get away from his grip.

'Oh come one, there was always some sexual tension between us.’ He said, making your eyes go wide. Kai didn’t hesitate as he reached out his arm and threw the guy across the Mystic Grill, making him fall down on the table, wincing in pain.

'Kai! What are you doing?’ You yelled at Kai who looked lost at that moment.

'I- I gotta go.’ He muttered and rushed out of the grill as you followed his footsteps.

'What the hell was that? You can’t just ruin my night with friends by showing up and wrapping your arms around me, what- What were you thinking? I know you’ve been following me around like a crazy person. Look, I believe you can change, but, not like this. You can’t just do that. You need to control your jealousy, Kai. I have no intentions of getting involved with you in any way. Not now. So please, stop. Show me you’re better than this and then maybe, I’ll change my mind. Ok?’ You trailed off and got back inside, leaving Kai all alone in the dark, starry night. He roughly ran his fingers through his hair and punched the wall that was right in front of him. His actions might have ruined the chances with the only girl he ever cared about and he wanted to fix them, because the thought of not getting to see you was tearing him apart and he knew the only way he would get you, was if he showed you that he really can change.

You remember when in the second match against Seijou, the third years were teasing Oikawa before his first serve? They were yelling food orders just before he serve… 

and then there is Kindaichi

“Give’em a good one!!!”.

Always cheering for his senpai. 

Oh, bless that child. 

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you're not an annoyance in my life!! ummm tbh you're one of my favorite people ♡♡♡♡♡