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Nicknames: Sunny, Kade, Kay

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5'4"

Time right now: 23 PM

Last thing you googled: Define Contradiction

Fave music artist: Tiësto

Song stuck in my head: None???

Last movie I watched: Dude, I have no idea

Last tv show I watched: The Crown

What I’m wearing right now: thermal pyjamas

When I created this blog: a couple of months ago???

The kind of stuff I post: undertale, vector art, shitposts, memes

Do I get asks very often?: Nah

Why did I choose my url: My nickname and my real name xD

Gender: Male, my bros

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokémon team: Instinct

Favorite colour?: Yellow, like bright yellow

Average hours of sleep: 2-3

Lucky number: 5

Favorite characters: Papyrus (Undertale), Jyushimatsu (Osomatsu-san), Toriel (Undertale), Lúcio (Overwatch)

Dream job: Criminologist

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

I tag @lazycb @shirai-akira @chronictale and @pointless-pencil xD

Decided to doodle the Raison characters Leigh and I have made on ESO. I own the Nakamu….er…Stone-Hammer/Moneiric family while Leigh has Nerya on her account.

Also, no Ascendant Eyes on Kai and Sunni as…they’re not Ascendants (Breton and Nord, respectively; and Veronika’s a Nord and Nerya’s a Dunmer, if you were wondering)

The signs of your Kpop (boy & girl) study buddy

Aries: Jungkook & Choa

Taurus: Taeyang & Bora

Gemini: Mark & Amber

Cancer: L & CL

Leo: Ravi & IU

Scorpio: Kai & Suzy

Sagittarius: Kevin & Sunny

Capricorn: Jay & Irene

Aquarius: Ren & Jimin

Pieces: Himchan & Hyuna


Explanation of my Christmas Specials - here.
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External image

 “Merry Christmas!” You chimed brightly, hands enclosed around the gift you were holding on as a very handsome boy opened the door for you.

Tch, handsome couldn’t even portray the look he had on as he smirked dashingly at you. His lips curved up into a smile, a cheeky look on his face as this blissful day had arrived where he could see you in this red velvet dress hugging your body nicely. The sleeves of your dress covering up until your elbows, the hem of your dress floated gracefully right above your knees. Your hair swept to the side, a red hairband evident with a spark to compliment the whole look but honestly, you look beautiful in anything to his eyes.

“Hey.” He breathed out, feeling giddy from all the Christmas-like songs that it hasn’t truly sunk into him yet. However, seeing you in such a festive dress with that smile on your face, it just confirmed for him that ‘holy crap, it really is Christmas. Where’s the mistletoe when you needed one?’

Then again, he wouldn’t know if you were feeling the same because heck, it’s been a whole year of silent crushing on you. Needless to say, he was very well at hiding his emotions but at times, he would get caught in the act of trying to confess by you or someone else. When those moments take place, he’d easily brush it off and act as if he wasn’t about to do something life changing – this dense bacon.

You extended your arms and he managed to get ahold of your gift, nodding at you as a silent thanks for your thoughtful gift. Though, he hasn’t seen it yet but he knows it would be just as amazing.

“Come in.” He gestured you in, stepping aside to let you in. You offered him another smile before stepping in to be greeted by a few guys from the living room.

“Hey hey hey! It’s our favorite person!” Chen chimed from the sofa, nudging the rest by the arm.

“Ah! It’s you!” Chanyeol laughed, pointing at you cutely along with the rest just going all out in a Christmas song melody of repeating your name over and over again. You stood there and laughed, finding it funny and how cheerful they were on this day that surely, this would be annoying for Kyungsoo who rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he continuously scrolled on his phone. You glanced over your shoulder, noticing how Baekhyun grinned at you, “They must be really excited, huh?”

Baekhyun nodded back at you, walking towards the kitchen in which, you followed.

“Yeah, they always go crazy this time of the year,” He laughed, “It’s almost predictable.”

You leaned against the counter as he opened the fridge, “Orange juice?”

You gave a playful kick at his shin, “You know the answer.”

He held out the carton of orange juice and used his hip to close the fridge, “A glass of orange juice with the swirly straw.”

You snapped your fingers once, smirking at him, “Brilliant, old chap.”


“Ho ho ho! It’s time for truth or dare!” A few of them chimed at the same time when everyone gathered by the living room. Kai took the liberty in moving the coffee table to the side, leaving ample space for everyone to sit in a huge circle. There were a few girls here considering these bunch of goons have a few close girl friends apart from you. Minzy, Amber and Sunny were here as well – needless to say, they knew of how you felt for Baekhyun, too. They found it adorably cute, to be honest.

Though, Minzy has mentioned before that she will literally throw the both of you into a boat and sail you far away. Amber and Sunny agreed in an instant, saying that it’s been way too long since the both of you have ever tried to get your feelings out.

As for Baekhyun, the rest of them were thinking of the same thing – just crueler.

“Alright! We’re going to spin the bottle and to whoever it lands on-“

“We know the rules!” Chanyeol cut Baekhyun in between, causing Baekhyun to roll his eyes, “Well I just wanted to clarify-“

“Let’s start!” Sehun cut him again, making Baekhyun roll the bottle away from himself, “Oh screw me for trying to be a good host.”

Almost everyone laughed, feeling the festive season of being able to just gather around with his close friends. Coincidentally, he was sitting beside you and Minzy was on your right. The rest of the circle went around with Baekhyun followed by Kai, Sunny, Kyungsoo, Kris, Sehun, Chanyeol, Suho, Chen, Lay, Amber, Xiumin, Tao, Luhan and then back to Minzy with you.

“Who would like to spin the bottle?” Suho asked as he was the one who held onto the bottle after Baekhyun rolled it away. “Ah, just spin it.” Chen said, lightly hitting Suho on the chest. Suho snorted, getting up on his knees, “Alright.”

He placed it in the middle of the big circle, efficiently spinning it to make everyone interestedly stare at it as it spun around a few times. That heart racing moment stopped when the bottle stopped, pointing somewhere between Xiumin and Amber.

“Ah damn it.” Xiumin cursed, shaking his head as Amber shifted to the side, making it aim right at Xiumin, “Hah! It’s on you!”

Xiumin gasped, poking Amber’s arm, “You cheated!”

“Whatever!” Amber laughed, attempting to hide behind Tao who had two arms spread out to cover Amber’s petite body. Xiumin groaned and threw his head back, “It’s always me…”

“Truth or dare?!” Chanyeol and Chen chorused at the same time, causing Xiumin to sit properly with a sigh, “Truth.”


“If you had to pick someone from here to get stranded on an island, who would it be?”

“Are you really going to ask that question? You asked that last year!”

“Just answer the damn question!”


Luhan gasped, “Why me?!”

Xiumin laughed, “You’re the only one here that could tolerate me and I wouldn’t have the urge to kill you.”

Luhan rolled his eyes, “Wow, that’s a solid reason.”

Xiumin shook his head, “Nah,” He held up two fingers, “That’s two reasons.”

“Let’s spin the bottle again!” Chanyeol got up, spinning the bottle again only to let it spin for a few times once again. Everyone seemed to have quiet down, hoping that the bottle wouldn’t stop and point at them. You nearly had the shock on your life when the bottle aimed at your direction but it was definitely aiming at Minzy.

“Dang it…” Minzy grumbled, earning a few howls from the guys. She already knew what was in store if she chose ‘dare’ but it wasn’t much of a problem. It was quite interesting.

“Dare or dare?” Chen asked, propping his chin in his palms as his elbows rested on his knees.

She scoffed, “Where’s my option for a ‘truth’?”

“Too bad, Minzy-ah. Just pick dare.”

“Fine,” She huffed, “Dare.”

“A dance battle with Kai, Lay and Amber!”

“What the hell?” Amber breathed out, finding it unfair, “It’s not even my turn!”

“Too bad!” Xiumin cut her in between.

Before anyone else could protest, Chanyeol sneakily got up and switched on the radio. Soon, a bunch of songs came up from the variation of Super Junior to EXO to f(x), it was just jamming up the whole place. Minzy of course, didn’t back down from the dare as she got up to start dancing. You were too excited, cheering for her like those fans of her you’d hear during her concerts. You were cheering just as loud as everyone was, loving the atmosphere that just felt so free and genuine.

You were so happy at the moment that you had failed to notice Baekhyun staring at you. He had this small smile on his face upon seeing how wide your smile was and how cute your laugh was when Minzy reached over to pull you up to join her. She needed a partner to do the tango for fun and she had chosen you to do so. You squealed and shook your head, saying you didn’t want to do it but with Baekhyun nudging you to do it, you didn’t have much of a choice when everyone else was chanting your name. You got up quickly with Minzy’s help and she led you all the way.

It was Baekhyun’s turn to start cheering when Minzy twirled you around, making Baekhyun’s heart flutter because of how pretty that was.

Needless to say, the people around noticed Baekhyun’s grin, feeling that it was time to do something. A few whispers were transferred here and there as the dance battle went on.

When the radio died down, it was time.

“Alright! It’s time for…”

“7 Minutes In Heaven!”

“Who will be the couple this year?”

“Please please please do not let the bottle land here.” Kris groaned, throwing his head back at this segment of the game. You remembered vaguely last year, Kris and Tao were paired up to be in the closet for 7 minutes.

“Hey! It wasn’t that bad!” Tao said, appalled by Kris’s remark.

“Yeah, says you who didn’t know how tormenting it was to listen to you talk about how scary the dark was.”


“The bottle is spinning!”

This time, your heart was racing when you swore the bottle landed somewhere between you and Baekhyun. You gasped and it seems like it wasn’t just you who gasped because Baekhyun had the same reaction. You swallowed hard and glanced at Minzy who had a smile on her face, wiggling her eyebrows at you. Lightly yet surely, you hit Minzy on the shoulder – that caused her to laugh.

“Ah… It seems like we have a couple already!”

“Go on and get up!”

Baekhyun glanced at you to confirm your reaction and that you were nervous. He saw how there was already a small blush on your face as Minzy pushed you up to stand. Baekhyun got up first, offering you a hand after that caused a round of cheers to sound in the room. You shyly accepted his hand up and he gave you a light boost to help you stand up.

“Enter the closet and then the timer will start!”

“Don’t do anything too crazy in there!”

“Yah! Don’t say that!”

“Go on! Go on for 7 Minutes In Heaven!”

“You are a really bad host.”

“And you’re my partner, you idiot.”

Baekhyun allowed you to enter the closet first before he got in. Before he could even close the door, the door had slammed shut behind him, causing you to flinch at the sudden sound and the darkness that enveloped the both of you. He gulped, reaching over to pat your shoulder, “D-Don’t worry, we won’t need to do anything if you don’t want to.”

You knew it was dark and quiet here but it was the complete opposite out there. They were being loud and noisy – you could hear Sunny, Minzy and Amber attempting to lighten up the atmosphere to distract the rest of the boys from interfering because you would be-


“Hm?” He hummed as a response, turning to look at you as the both of you had settled down on the floor, leaning your backs against the cupboard. You licked your lips nervously, attempting to say something but he had beaten you to it.

“C-Can I say something first?”

You nodded eagerly as it was better to hear him speak, first.

“You look really beautiful tonight.”

You placed your hands on your cheeks to hide the blush that was madly reddening your cheeks, “T-Thank you…”

He poked your hands, “I can’t see you blush, you know?”


He raised two hands in front of his chest, “Alright, alright!” He let the hilarity subside, “Y-You had something to say…?”

You nodded slowly, wishing that you could just get this done and over with because you only had 7 minutes! Or maybe just 5 minutes because of the procrastination earlier and such. Your hands were playing with one another, your lips parting to start speaking but you didn’t know where to begin with your confession.

Baekhyun felt his heart thumping as he watched you hesitate in speaking. He didn’t know how or what had gotten into him but he had his hand up to reach for your cheek. He made you face him as he inched closer to press his lips against yours. It was so sudden that you were taken back by it and you didn’t have a chance to respond to it even though you really wanted to. His lips were pressed against yours for five solid seconds before he pulled away, blinking at you rapidly at his actions that surprised himself.

He shook his head with his hand still at your cheek and his eyes were wide as if he was questioning if that was a smart move or a just plain idiotic one.

“I…I’m sorry I was just-“

He had no chance to say what he had to say when it was your turn to zealously reach for his lips, pressing your lips against his to reconcile your lips together. Your eyes were closed shut, fully immersing yourself into the kiss and he had a bit of shock – you were kissing him right now. When he felt your lips moving against his with such passion, his lips started kissing yours. He got bolder to slide his hands down your body, wrapping his arms around your waist and you sighed against his lips when he granted you access. As your tongue swirled around with his, he managed to shift your positions to place you on top of his lap whilst your hands rested on his shoulders. You swore you felt a deep kick in your gut and the butterflies started roaming when you heard a groan at the back of his throat.

Before anything could go further, he sharply pulled away from the kiss to pant with you, attempting to catch your breaths from the intense kiss. You gently rested your forehead against his, finding the courage to say, “I like you, Baek…”

His eyes opened to meet with yours dreamily, his lips forming a small smile.

“That’s what I wanted to say…”

He shook his head in disbelief, murmuring lowly, “I really like you too…”

As his lips tried to reach for yours again, the both of you heard soft beeps coming from outside, indicating that your 7 minutes were up. He moved two of his hands up to cover your ears, his lips brushing on yours, “Ignore that.” His lips touched yours gently after he mumbled, “Let’s kiss first.” 

the signs as sm projects that would be iconic
  • aries: each snsd/fx/red velvet member gets a solo album
  • taurus: luna solo
  • gemini: onew solo
  • cancer: krystal and jessica duet
  • leo: minho and onew duet
  • virgo: yuri, kai, luna subunit
  • libra: sunny, sooyoung, yoona subunit
  • scorpio: jessica and taeyeon duet
  • sagittarius: seulgi and joy duet
  • capricorn: yuri, hyoyeon, sooyoung subunit
  • aquarius: seohyun and kyungsoo duet
  • pisces: luna and chen duet
Boyz II Men (Beatles Cover)


         the song fits the drama going on right now ..

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be
There’s a shadow hanging over me.
Oh, yesterday came suddenly

Why she had to go I don’t know she wouldn’t say
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh, I believe in yesterday
External image

Why she had to go I don’t know she wouldn’t say
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh, I believe in yesterday
Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm

Was so far away
Oh yesterday was far away
And I know I can’t turn back
Cause yesterday is gone

*Hides face and cries*