kai wiedenhoefer


Mounted on the remains of the Berlin Wall, these striking photographs of destroyed cities and wounded civilians from the Syrian conflict are intended to raise awareness of the war in Syria.

German photographer Kai Wiedenhöefer has been photographing the war since 2012. With this work, titled WARonWALL, he hopes to make its impact feel both direct and personal to those who witness it, and give the spectator “an understanding of what war means for the individuals and their lives.”

Wiedenhöefer plans to mount twenty-two panoramas from Kobana and other ravaged Syrian cities, along with forty-two portraits of people wounded during the conflict, onto the last remaining section of the Berlin Wall. In between these images, he will mount sheets of paper that provide context and information about the subjects. The exhibition will be free and open to the public at all times — but he can’t make it happen without your help.