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Does anybody else have that one character from every fandom they’re in were they ship the hell out of them with everyone, and you just can’t help it because they’re so cute with any character. 

The Monster Collection RPG Timeline

I’ve  decided to make a timeline on monster collecting RPGs since there seems to be some confusion as to which series came first.If I’m not going to be listing every single mons RPG series I will only be listing the more major ones.

Shin Megami Tensei - 1987


Monster Rancher-1997

Digimon- 1998

Digimon is a weird one since it actually started out as a virtual pet toy that was marked as Tamagotchi for boys in 1997.It didn’t get an actual video game until 1998.

Dragon Quest Monsters-1998


Yo-kai Watch-2013

Mocco Mocco Friends-2015


Pokemon Explained: Heracross and Mega Heracross

I really, really, really love Bug-type Pokemon. Next article won’t be about a Bug-type, though. I promise.

Gonna be completely honest; Heracross has been one of my favorite Pokemon since Gen II, largely due to my childhood obsession with beetles. They’re among my favorite insects. Not only that, but Heracross is an amazing design that’s both cute and cool at the same time. Hit the jump to see what Heracross is based on. This article’s gonna be a long one, though…

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a serious question to fans of monster-collecting franchises: at what point did it become commonplace for “true fans” of say, pokemon, to hate all other monster-collecting franchises that bear even the slightest resemblance to pokemon?

i suppose it could be to represent some sort of “fan loyalty” but it makes no sense to me. if you like pokemon, what’s wrong with also liking digimon or yo-kai watch? especially because they have their own unique elements that separate them from pokemon.

plus, pokemon is so widespread that nothing is going to usurp it–at least, not at this point in time–so it’s not as though there’s any threat of some other ‘mon franchise taking its place. speaking as someone who loves pokemon more than life itself, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with enjoying two series with similar concepts.

besides, doesn’t it just mean you have more fun content to watch and play? and on the topic of yo-kai watch, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer it or pokemon because both are just gonna give nintendo more money :P

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