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Is there a tag just for boy regressors? I not can I suggest boyreg? I really don't like all the pastel pink and cute stuff! More dragons and dinos and puppies and yo kai watch and pokemon and digimon..

Oh wow! I actually don’t know, there tends to just be a mix of content in the regression community and all sorts of kids like different things. However!! If you’d like us to, we can post more stuff like that on our blog and if you’re in our community we can put it in our tag! 💖🐯

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  • pokemon
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  • earthbound
  • mario
  • zelda
  • undertale
  • yo-kai watch
  • skullgirls
  • monster hunter
  • splatoon
  • sonic
  • persona ¾


  • studio ghibli
  • one punch man
  • haikyuu!! 
  • durarara!!
  • noragami
  • blue exorcist
  • digimon

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  • parks and recreation
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  • disney/pixar
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  • we bare bears
  • photography
  • language learning (learning japanese and korean)

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a serious question to fans of monster-collecting franchises: at what point did it become commonplace for “true fans” of say, pokemon, to hate all other monster-collecting franchises that bear even the slightest resemblance to pokemon?

i suppose it could be to represent some sort of “fan loyalty” but it makes no sense to me. if you like pokemon, what’s wrong with also liking digimon or yo-kai watch? especially because they have their own unique elements that separate them from pokemon.

plus, pokemon is so widespread that nothing is going to usurp it–at least, not at this point in time–so it’s not as though there’s any threat of some other ‘mon franchise taking its place. speaking as someone who loves pokemon more than life itself, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with enjoying two series with similar concepts.

besides, doesn’t it just mean you have more fun content to watch and play? and on the topic of yo-kai watch, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer it or pokemon because both are just gonna give nintendo more money :P