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Cheesy Puns from The Ninja, in Honor of Valentines Day
  • Kai: "You set my heart on FIYAH!"
  • Young Lloyd: "You're sweeter than candy!"
  • Lloyd: "You have a heart of gold!"
  • Cole: "You rock, Valentine!"
  • Nya: "You're a tall glass of water!"
  • Jay: "There's a spark between us!"
  • Zane: "You melt my heart!"
  • Morro: "Love is in the air!"
  • Wu: "You're my cup of tea!"
  • P.I.X.A.L: "We're a perfect match!"
An EXO Valentines Day

Since I will be alone in my bedroom on Valentines day, I will vicariously live through these reactions. None of these are smutty, but can be opened to interpretation ;) 

I will try and make each member different, but I am sorry if they are all the same.

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REACTION Masterlist

Drabble’s Masterlist

Xiumin - He would be a really classic man, he would get you flowers and a heart necklace with both of yours and Xiumin’s initials engraved in the heart.

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Suho - You both planned one event for each other and yours was to the arcade to win stuffed animals for Suho.

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Lay - It would be a very chill date, you would see the new 50 Shades of Pink (yes I made this joke) movie and go to a nice little cafe afterwards.

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Baekhyun - You two decided to watch a film, eat chocolates and cuddle on the couch ;)

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Chen - Would surprise you with a romantic date on a lake in a fancy boat, he would pick out an outfit for you to wear.

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Chanyeol - You planned on making dinner for him, but he came home early to make you dinner, so you cutely made dinner together. 

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Kyungsoo - You two were in the school Library and he sent you little messages through the computers to yours.

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Kai -  You texted Kai and asked him to meet you outside, and when he did, you were standing there with heart shaped balloons and chocolate. 

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Sehun - He wanted to surprise you and he knew how much you enjoyed going to theme parks.

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