kai snarl

Kriffing stars, you two!” Bodhi exclaims.

Jyn and Cassian spring apart, so abruptly Jyn makes a sound like a startled animal and Cassian almost falls off the pilot’s seat, as if that would be good enough to erase what Bodhi had seen when he stormed into the cockpit.

“Can you guys save this for later? Like when you have a room?” Bodhi continues, fully aware of the red rising in Jyn’s cheeks, matching the angry looking marks on her neck. He loved teasing new couples. 

“Is everyone okay? I heard a lot of noise for a person delivering a status report to two peo- oh Jyn, your body temperature is rising rapidly,” Kay leans in the the doorway. 

“I’m fine, Kay,” Jyn snarls. 

“You don’t look fine.”

“She’s fine Kay. Bodhi, take Kay back with you.”

“You don’t look fine either, Cassian. Your heart rate is much higher than your normal resting rate, and your face is incredibly pale. Should I administer treatment for shock?” Kay continues. Bodhi couldn’t tell if Kay was doing it on purpose, but couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Kay. We’re good. Go take Bodhi with you to check the inventory. We’re set for landing soon.” 

“Actually, Cassian, we still have approximately two standard hours bef-” 

Kay.” Cassian looks pained. 

“Let’s go,” Bodhi says, pulling Kay by the arm, failing to hide the smirk on his face. “He knows how to get Jyn back to normal, right Cass?” Jyn looks mortified.

“I don’t think his methods would be better than mine,” Kay replies and Bodhi doubles over with laughter. Cassian glares at Bodhi as he and the droid head back to the hold. 

New couples, man. Wait till Luke heard about this one. 


Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Warnings: Nada

Word Count: 1068

Prompt Request: “71 , 53, & 1 with kai ? thank youuu :)” - @mooonshines

Malachai Parker has been your best friend for almost a year now and of course your brothers, Stefan and Damon were not okay with it at first. They even threatened to rip his heart out of his chest if he even thinks about laying a hand on you. But now that it’s been awhile that you’ve been best friends with him, they’re not as on edge as they see how much he genuinely cares about you.

You and Kai were having drinks and appetizers at the bar, cracking jokes and telling crazy stories about your past. Out of nowhere, your brothers make themselves known at the bar right beside you.

“Aw you guys are on a date? Cute.” Stefan joked before gesturing at the bartender to order his drink. You ignored your brother because you just weren’t in the mood. You hated being constantly teased about that. Kai, on the other hand, just smiled in amusement.

“You love birds.” Damon chimed in to tease you as well.

For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating.” You snapped.

“Mmhmm.” Stefan fake believed you. The bartender gave Stefan and Damon their drinks, then they both started on walking away to take their drinks to the pool table.

“Catch ya later, sis. Have fun on your date.” Damon clicked his tongue as he followed Stefan.

“I think they’re funny.” Kai added.

You and your best friend ended up drinking more than you planned. The two of you weren’t necessarily sloppy, just simply not having a filter and started saying whatever comes to mind.

There has been a mixture of music genres playing throughout the night at The Grill, but this time, slow dancing music started to play. Kai hopped off of the stool, holding his arm out straight towards you.

“What now?” You raised your brows in question.

“Dance with me, my bestest friend.” He nodded his head as a ‘come here’ motion. You didn’t move a muscle which Kai assumed meant no. “Come on! Don’t be lame.” With his fingers coming from the body that extended out, he used the ‘come here’ gesture again.

“Fine. Fine.” You wined and got up your feet.

Your right hand held his left and since your best friend is a lot taller than you, you rested your head on his chest and he rested his chin on the top of your head. The physical contact was so close that you could hear his heartbeat. It gave you a feeling of warmth.

Kai randomly sighed dramatically which gave you a feeling of confusing. “What Kai?” You asked.

“Feelings are hard. Really hard.” Malachai paused. “So yeah, like I just kinda want to tell you that no matter what, I’ll always protect you, Y/N.”

“Me too. You’re my best friend.” Even though it’s quite obvious, you still wanted to reassure him that he’s important to you.

Out of the blue, he lifted up your right hand and spun you around like a ballerina which caught you off guard, making you chuckle. Then, Kai pulled you in close again, but this time it was so that the two of you gazed into each others eyes.

Why, just why did this gesture slightly change your feelings for seeing him as just a friend to now something more? Was it the alcohol or have you always felt this deep down inside?

“I thought I just like you, but no.” He looked up at the ceiling as if there was someone up there. “I kept telling myself ‘no Kai it’s just more than that’.” He changed the tone of his voice as he’s mimicking himself and finally, the heretic looked back down at you. “So like-”

“Okay come on spill.” You already had an idea of where this was going, but Kai was just blabbering and all you wanted was for him to get straight to the point already.

“I love you okay?” He confessed. Your brothers heard because they were already using their vampire hearing to eavesdrop once they saw you and your best friend get way too close. They set their drinks down and watched from a distance.

“You what?” You were in disbelief and pulled away from him, taking a step back. From all of the goofy things you’ve done together this past year, those numerous times he’s seen you without makeup and when you were at your worst, he comes to confess that he loves you. You wondered how long he’s been feeling this way and questioned yourself if you even feel the same.

“Oh come on. You’re going to make me repeat myself while your brothers are standing right there ready to snap my neck.” Kai glanced at Stefan and Damon, then focused his gaze back at you.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” You quickly glanced at your brothers, then grabbed your purse and jacket from the bar counter to leave the premises. Kai immediately aimed for your wrist, grasping it roughly to get your attention. It slightly alerted your brothers, making them take a step or two just in case anything goes down.

“Y/N please.” Kai begged. You’ve never seen him look so desperate.

“Honestly Kai. I just need some time to process this.”

“I’m not letting you go and we both know that you don’t want me to either. After everything we’ve been through.” Finally, he released his grip on your wrist and allowed you to walk out the door, not taking his eyes off of you as you’re leaving. Stefan followed after you to make sure you’re okay and Damon made his way towards Kai.

“What in god’s name is wrong with you, twat?” Damon snarled.

“Ha.” Kai fake laughed. “Like I have the time for you to belittle my sociopathic self.” He wasn’t in the mood to be around Damon, nor is he ever, so he shoved past him so that he can go outside and get some fresh air.

Right now, this environment reminded him too much of the good times he’s had with you. All he wanted was for you to say that you love him too. If not, it’ll break him because you mean too much to him. You were the one person he’s ever genuinely cared about. The one person he stopped killing for, but you need right now is to time to think and you’re hoping that Malachai Parker will have the patience for it.

I Am An Alpha Ch 12: Run

A/N: Okay lovelies I just want to make it clear if you didn’t see my post earlier, Insoo calls the boys hyung because she was raised as a boy in the military for the last 100 years. Since she is so used to it she continues to call every older man hyung even though it is not right which is why EXO was so confused by it. I hope this clears everything up for you lovelies! 

Half of the table is on their feet, low growls come from deep in their chests, sending me sinking into my seat. My face burns with embarrassment at Chanyeol’s question, I find myself hiding me face in my hands, thankful that no one is really paying attention to me but focusing all of their rage at the giant on the other side of the table. I have been dreading this question, secretly praying they wouldn’t even think to ask but of course they did, they must be curious.

“Chanyeol,” Head alpha snarls, “Out.”

The tall boy gulps as he stands from his seat and shuffles towards the back yard where I’m guessing he will transform and sit outside for his punishment. I feel a little guilty, he is just curious, he doesn’t deserve to be punished for that. In a quick decision I jump up from my seat to defend him.

“Wait Hyung, it’s okay, I understand that you want to know.”

Kris shakes his head, “We all discussed this, you don’t have to explain anything you are not ready to say. Chanyeol knows that we wanted to wait before we asked personal questions like that.”

“You guys don’t have to wait to ask anything,” I reassure. “You guys are my mates, you are going to learn about these things no matter what, and they are going to be embarrassing to admit no matter what so might as well get all of those things out of the way now.”

“Are you sure?” Minseok rests his hand on my shoulder, his gaze much softer.

I nod, “Yes, there shouldn’t be any secrets, right?”

“Yes but since I can imagine this will be followed by even more questions can we wait for the answer until you are done eating?” Kris pushes my half eaten plate of food closer.

The table nods.

“Are there any questions you would like to ask us?” Luhan wonders.

“Um…” I think for a moment, “From the way Kris hyung was dressed yesterday, I take it you guys have jobs? What do you do?”

Kris is the one who responds, “We shadow run a few companies and business that are under our family name.”

I cock my head in confusion, “Shadow run?”

“We have a family that serves us be the face of the company since we don’t age. We are the ones who do the paper work, approve everything and other things, they just get to sit in the office with the title.” Suho explains.

“But we all still work in the company, just at lower levels to make sure things are running good,” Yixing ads on.

“So what will I do when you all go to work? How long do you work for? I mean I can get along fine I just,” I pause, debating if I want to sound as desperate as I imagine I do.

Yixing catches on to my struggle and tries to help, “You don’t want to be alone?”

I nod.

“No need to be shy about that Love,” Luhan coos sweetly from across the table. “We don’t want to leave you either.”

I push my plate away with the last large bite of food stuffed in my mouth. A silent signal that I’m done. They all watch me with amusement as I struggle to finish the massive bite. I give them a big smile when I’m done, “That was the most delicious meal I’ve ever had in my life, thank you so much Hyung!”

“Are you sure you are full?” Yixing questions as he pats my head.

“I’m full. I want to answer anymore questions you have for me as soon as possible. I don’t want worry to be weighing down on your minds like I know it is right now. So to answer you question,” I take a deep breath to try and calm my racing heart and ease the burning in my cheeks. “I would have to handle it by myself. Jin or Namjoon hyung would lie to our superiors that we had a lead about some group of powerful alphas so we could leave base. When we were far enough away from everyone they would send me off to a cave with some previsions and I would um, take care of myself for that week.”

Suho grimaces, “Did they leave you out there by yourself while in heat? What if some wolves came along and caught your scent?”

“Jin hyung stayed close by but Namjoon hyung had to take the others farther away so they wouldn’t feel tempted to come after me.”

“What about when your pack members would be in rut?”

“Whenever a solider was in rut they would kick him out of camp until he could handle himself. Kookie was the only one who ever actually tried to do anything to me and he stopped the moment he realized what he was doing.”

Kai snarls, “What the hell did the little punk do?”

“He crossed a line and I made sure to let him know. The rest of the pack gave him hell so you have nothing to worry about.”

“But you do,” Chen hums with an amused smile, “One of your mates will be going into rut here soon and the rest of usually follow.”

Again the room goes silent, my face is burning with embarrassment, “Really? How soon is soon?”

“Chen,” Kris warns.

“What Hyung?” Chen fakes innocent, “Embarrassed to talk about your rut? It’s a completely normal thing that you have gone through before, but this will be your first time with a mate. Don’t tell me your aren’t excited. I’m over the moon at the thought.”

The room fills with strong alpha pheromones that have me sinking into my seat. Kris is on his feet, his eyes a brilliant gold, “We need to go for a run, now, apparently everyone has too much energy. Everyone out!” The group of men quickly pushes away from the table and rush towards the back doors that lead to the forest. Kris is the last one, his hands are gripping the table, eyes closed tightly for a moment while he tries to rein in his wolf. When he opens his eyes again they are their usual brown. “I am sorry about that.”

“These are things we need to talk about, no need to apologize. Now go for your run, I’ll be fine here.” I try to wave him away but he shakes his head.

“You haven’t transformed into a wolf for a long time, this would be a good time to do it.”

“I can’t control myself very well when I’m like that, I don’t want to do something wrong.”

He chuckles, “You won’t do anything wrong, plus don’t you want to show us your wolf? I’m dying to see what you look like. I bet the rest of the pack is too.” He holds a hand out to me that I quickly accept not wanting to keep all the others waiting. “You can take off your clothes in here so come out when you are ready okay?”

I want to disagree again but I close my mouth when I see the stern look on his face. He gives me a smile before walking the way the rest of them went, leaving me alone to transform. I sigh, it has been so long since I’ve transformed and I’m actually scared of how I’m going to do once I step on the snow-covered ground. But a small howl comes from the living room and I know it’s them telling me to come. I slowly begin sheading Yixing’s clothes and for a minute I just stand there with my arms wrapped around my trembling body. My chests rises and falls as I take long deep breaths, relaxing as much as I can.

I grunt when I feel my bones start t contort, my shoulders go back before shifting legs send me forward on all fours. A snarl leaves my chest as my bones begin to crack before snapping back into place. It doesn’t hurt like the first time I transformed but it isn’t the most pleasant feeling now either. My fur pours out of my pores until I’m completely covered sandy colored hair. I can’t hold in the howl that rips threw my lungs and fills the empty house.

My ears ring as the world buzzes around me. It has been so long since my senses have been this sensitive. It is strange walking on all fours again after so long, I don’t imagine I look very graceful as stumble into the living room and out on to the patio but they are looking at me with the golden eyes I suddenly feel beautiful. My omega status is obvious in my wolf form, I have never been so thankful for the military’s rule against transforming. There is only so much I can hide. Being half the size of an alpha that isn’t something I can hide. Kris tires to approach me but Chanyeol happily hops in the way, making the head alpha growl. Chanyeol sniffs the air around me before going straight for my neck. I jump back surprised by his sudden attack.

That’s all it takes to have the others rushing over and tackling the other to the ground. Yixing comes in between me and the fight breaking out, a small whine of concern comes from the sweet man. He leans down so we are nose to nose, I lick his nose softly to let him know I’m okay, just surprised. I happily nuzzles into his neck breathing in his sweet scent when another wolf appears next to me. Kyungsoo is there glaring at the older, obviously upset with our closeness.

Kris comes over to defuse the situation pushing both boys away. I don’t know what he says to them through their pack bond but they part like the red sea. Head alpha nudges me forward into the snow, I know he wants to have fun in my wolf form but I already feel the urge to run when I see the massive forest at the edge of the field. But when he pushes me forward again I quickly follow his orders and my urges. Without anymore persuasion I shoot past all of them straight to the forest. Apparently that is not what Kris wanted because the next thing I know they are running after me, their snarls echoing through the forest. Of course they can easily catch up to me but not before I catch the scent of my pack near by. I didn’t think I could reach this far so quickly but apparently I am a lot faster than I thought.

Kookie! Jiminie! Taetae! Hobi! Hyungs! I scream gleefully, briefly forgetting the group of alphas only feet behind me. The idea of showing them I transformed has me smiling in my mind but that smile is quickly wiped away when someone tackles me. I roll on to my back to see Kai leering over me his teeth bared. My heart stops and I let out a small whimper. Out of nowhere a black wolf takes Kai down, they roll together, nipping at each others throats, Jongin manages to get on top of the younger wolf


My pup whines when the older bites down on his throat, his hind legs kicking in a panic. I rush over and try to push Jongin off but he’s too strong for me. The others only watch with a bit of satisfaction in their eyes that makes me snarl. Without hesitation I bite Jongin’s leg, he jumps but doesn’t move away, from Kookie whine I think he actually bites harder. A second later my thought is confirmed when the smell of Jungkook’s blond enters my nostrils. I jump at Jongin again and again but he won’t budge. Kookie’s whines become more frantic, our pack must hear us. They come rushing into the forest in their human form.

“What the hell is going on?” Namjoon roars, my pack bare their teeth at the site of Jungkook on his back and me whining in obvious distress.

The black dragons return the action. Kris comes forward with obvious irritation in his eyes. I look to Namjoon, begging him with my eyes to help Kookie.

“Get off our pup!” Jin commands.

Kai snarls.

I scratch at his side gently hoping it might work but when his eyes flick to me they are still red. I do it again and again my whines becoming more and more desperate. But he continues to ignore me.

“Are you trying to make her hate you?” Yoongi snaps, “That pup matters more to her than all of you combined!”

Wrong thing to say. Jungkook screams, I charge at Jongin one last time but fail. With no other choice I transform, ready to beg of his life if that’s what it takes. On my knees my legs are buried in the snow, my whole body bared but I don’t care. My fingers tangle in Jongin’s fur, I rest my forehead on his rib cage and beg, “Please stop. Please don’t kill my pup. I can’t loose anymore of my family.” Tears are streaming down my face, my body is trembling from the cold and the small cries vibrating in my chest.

“You idiot! It’s fucking freezing! You can’t transform!” Jin tries to run to me but half of my mates get in between us, Yixing wraps himself around me to keep the cold at bay but I push him away.

Glaring over my shoulder I snap, “Now you want to help?”

His mouth opens as if he is trying to say something but it snaps closed when his eyes scan my back. Scars, so many scars from punishments and raids gone wrong. Is he just noticing them now? I look back to Jongin and gently tug on his fur.

“Hyung please,” I mumble softly. He releases Jungkook’s throat, he slowly steps away allowing me to collapse on top of my pup. I rest my head on his chest and let out a sigh of relief. “I thought you were going to die,” I admit quietly. Kookie rolls over, a small whine escaping his muzzle. Our press our forehead together, “I know I said I would never beg but I was so scared. I can’t loose you Kookie, I can’t let you die because of me.”

“Insoo what the hell is going on?” Namjoon questions.

“I’m sorry Hyung, I got excited when I transformed and rushed here to show you guys because I got so excited.”

“But what’s with all the hostility?” Hobi gulps.

“I’m not sure,” I confess. “Jongin hyung tackled me and Kookie came to try and save me and things just got so messy.”

“Can you get out of the way before she fucking freezes?” Jin spits. He must have ran inside quick. In his arms are some of my clothes that my mates will probably not approve of because of the scent. But right now I couldn’t care less. I stand up and walk past my mates to Jin. I happily accept the clothes, noticing the intense atmosphere when my mates notice the scars on my back. I throw on the long sleeve shirt and pull on the wore out pair of jeans. Jin nicely helps me with my boots and jacket. “There all better.”

“Thank you Hyung.”

“Now you should get going,” He pats my head.

I curse, “What? You expect me to go back with them after that?”

“They probably thought you were coming to run off with us or something. Go home and talk.”


“Insoo,” He warns. “You can’t expect this to be simple. This is going to take a lot of work. If you expect them to understand you, you have to understand that they are going to be possessive.”

“But I want to be with you guys!”

“Tomorrow, okay? We can spend time together tomorrow okay?” He pulls me into a hug. “I know this is hard but you have no idea how hard it would be to be a part from them. Plus they saw your back they are going to be concerned.”

I sigh but turn around. Kookie runs up to me and licks my cheek, I pat his head with a smile, “See you tomorrow pup. Stop causing trouble.” I walk closer to my mates and try to pick who I hate the least at the moment. Yixing, Kris, and Jongin, can go fuck themselves right now. None of them helped so it’s hard to decide. Jongdae is staring at me with big eyes that draw me towards him, “Jongdae hyung, can I ride on your back?”


“I don’t want to talk about it right now,” I end with a firm glare directed at the doe eyed man who asked.

Luhan frowns, “I know you are upset with us right now but we want you to be able to talk to us even if we are in a bad spot. Insoo you have scars all over your body, what are they from?”

I groan, “They are from years of abuse and torture in a slave army, what do you think they are from?”

“Insoo,” Kris warns.

“I’m sorry, am I being insensitive? I imagine it’s really hard to think about all the things that could have happened, I have no idea what it must be like to think about things like that. It’s not like I had to go through it.”

“You need to go cool down,” Kris commands.

“Oh really? Are you going to make me?”

“I don’t want to make you but if I have to I will.”

I scoff, “You really think you can make me?”

He grabs my hand and pulls me along. We leave the others behind, they huff and mumble to each other about me and I’m guessing about what could happened to me to get so many scars. Kris doesn’t say anything as he drags me up the stairs and to the door all the way at the end of the hall. I don’t put up much of a fight when he throws me inside and stomps into the closet. He emerges with a t-shirt in his hand that he tosses at me.



He growls, “I am going to talk with my pack. I want to be out of those stinky clothes by the time I get back.”

“You can’t talk to me like that! I am not some pathetic omega you can just order around!.”

“I am speaking to you the same way I speak to any other disobedient alpha. Regardless of the fact you are my mate I will not let you disrespect my pack like that. This not how I want to talk to my mate but you are leaving me no option.”

“You guys attacked my pack today!”

“Because we were all horrified that they were trying to runaway with you.”

“I told you I didn’t want to go for a run! I told you I would do something wrong but you assured me there is nothing I could do wrong!”

He is silent for a minute, “I’m sorry for raising me voice and speaking so rudely to you.”

“I’m sorry for snapping.”

“I really need to talk to the others so can you please change out of those clothes? I’ll be back in a little while.” He turns on his heel and leaves. I stare at the shirt in my hand before pulling off my clothes like an upset child. The shirt is like a dress on me, I grumble to myself about finding some pants but I really don’t want to go digging through things and start another fight. I eye up his bed for a minute before crawling on to it. It smells like firewood a scent that warms my insides. I bury myself in the blankets and pillows hoping if I dig deep enough I’ll just disappear.

God I made such a mess. I should have controlled my wolf and my mouth better. How could I let things get so out of control? Kookie could have died today. My mates don’t trust me and pretty much hate me right now. Did they really think I was just going to run? Do they really think that little of me? I want to scream and cry but all I can do burrow deeper into Kris’s scent. Maybe this will be better when I wake up.

I can only hope.

I’m so sorry if this sucks, I’m half asleep and wanted to finish this while I still have the determination!

“Prove It” (Jooheon Smut)

Title: Prove It

Featuring: Jooheon (Monsta X) and you

POV: Third person

Rated: Mature

Summary: Jooheon is out to prove he isn’t as cute and innocent as everyone thinks. 


He tried his best to narrow his eyes, straighten his mouth, and look angry. His mock anger was more adorable than anything, but she wasn’t going to tell him that. Instead, she was going to bite back her smile and let him try.  

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Betrayed- A Sehun Angst

Part 1, Part 3

You parked outside D.O’s apartment, and for a couple of minutes, you just sat in your car, with your forehead against the steering wheel, wondering how everything came to be, wondering what you had done so wrong in a past life to deserve to be hurt this way.

You couldn’t erase that image from your mind, Sehun’s naked body, his bare back glistening with pearls of sweat, as he hovered over your friend. You tried, and tried to forget about it, but it was etched onto your memory, as if it had just been burned into your brain with hot iron. Your phone vibrated again, with an incoming text from D.O.

“Are you here yet? You are making me worried.” You knew you had taking twice the amount it normally would have taken you to arrive at his house, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to face anyone, the humiliation was too great for you to be able to look into the eyes of someone who pitied you, someone who was actually friends with Sehun in the first place.

You wiped your tears, and held a tissue to your eyes, trying to remove any smudged make up. You fixed your face with whatever you had in your car, and with a deep sigh, you ruffled your hair, and walked out of the car. D.O knew you better than anyone anyway, he would see right through your attempts of trying to make yourself seem stronger than you actually felt at that moment.

You knocked on his door, trying to cover your face as best as you could with your hair, just in case there was someone there with him still. After a couple seconds of waiting, Kyungsoo opened the door, with his precious large eyes opened wide with concern. He didn’t even give you enough time to say hello, he engulfed you in a bear hug, with your face resting on his shoulder. You felt the walls of faux-strength crumbling around you, but you couldn’t cry just yet.

“Oh thank God you are okay. I thought something had happened on the way here.” He mumbled, pulling you closer, inhaling the scent of your shampoo, before pulling away, and dragging you to his living room. He sat you down on his sofa, grabbed a blanket, and put it over your shoulders, as he handed you a cup of hot cocoa, just the way you liked it best.

“What happened Y/N?” he asked you softly, words barely escaping those precious pouty, heart-shaped lips of his, as he patted your head gently, comfortingly. A loud sob escaped your lips, and his body ached with the need to wrap you in his embrace again.

“I-I… I found Sehun… Sehun… cheating on me, with my best friend.” You sobbed, as you barely managed to get the words through your throat. You took a sip from the hot cocoa shaking in your hands. D.O froze on the spot, he felt rage bubbling inside him, slowly growing to a boiling point, but he managed to keep himself calm, although every fiber of his being was telling him to break all of Sehun’s bones.

You heard a loud clatter in the kitchen, and you both turned to see a furious looking Kai, with a bowl still rolling at his feet. You gulped, you’d never seen anyone look so angry in your life. Where was the cute boy who talked to his dogs and called them his babies?

Kai didn’t even give you time to question his behavior, he excused himself, and walked straight out the door. You were a little ashamed that he had heard what just happened to you, it was shameful to admit you had just been cheated on. After you both heard the door slam behind Kai, Kyungsoo turned to you with a saddened expression.

“Are you sure he was cheating on you?” He asked gently, trying to fix the shattered pieces of the situation as best as you could. You hissed.

“OF COURSE I AM SURE HE WAS NAKED OVER HER WITH HIS PENIS INSIDE HER!” You yelled at him, and Kyungsoo winced. You felt terrible immediately, it wasn’t his fault and you had no right to lash out at him like that, he was just trying to help as best as he could.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… I’m so sorry… I can’t believe he would do that. I trusted him to know better than that… You can stay here for as long as you need. You know you have a home here. “ he told you, his large eyes beginning to water, as he gently embraced you.

“Thank you so much Soo… I need you right now. I really do need you.” You told him, as you cried on his shoulder, and Kyungsoo’s heart broke just a little bit more.

You meant so much to him, and watching you suffer like that genuinely hurt him. Inside him, rage was boiling, he couldn’t understand Sehun would ever waste a chance like this, he couldn’t believe why he would ever go with another woman when he already had the best one in his arms.

Inside your apartment, Sehun was pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair. Why had he done that? Why did he cheat? It wasn’t like he didn’t love you anymore, he wasn’t mad at you, he didn’t hate you, and it wasn’t like you had neglected him in any way. So why?

Simple, because he thought he could get away with it. He liked feeling wanted, and he liked the feeling of something prohibited. Your friend had come onto him when you were out, and although at first he had rejected her, he liked the feeling of being desirable, he was hypnotized by her purrs of “no one will know” and “it’s our little secret”.

He never thought things would turn out like they did. He never thought you would find out, and most of all, he never expected you to leave him empty and broken inside.

“Sehunnieee! Come back to bed!” He heard her call for him, and for a second, he cringed. He couldn’t stand the sound of her voice. He couldn’t stand the sound of his own voice, he couldn’t stand the tic-toc of the clock, and most of all, he couldn’t stand the silence you had left with your absence.

Your things were left intact, but the house felt empty, you weren’t there, your aura of happiness and warmth wasn’t there to make it even feel like home. He felt like a stranger in his own apartment, and it unsettled him. For once, the bratty maknae hadn’t gotten away with what he wanted.

A loud knock on his door shocked him, making him jump straight out of his internal monologue. He walked over to the door, hopeful, his brain praying for it to be you, coming back to him, to where you belonged. But instead, he was met with Kai’s black eyes.

“Kai-“ Sehun started, meaning to ask his bandmate what brought him to his house, but he had no time to finish his sentence. Kai was pushing him inside the house roughly.

“What do you think you are doing asshole?” Kai snarled at him, pushing him again. Sehun tripped over a table, and fell on his butt. He stared at the older boy with fear in his eyes, not understanding what was happening.

“How could you cheat on Y/N? How could you?!” Kai screamed at him, kicking a chair to the side, making it tumble and fall.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you like this?” Sehun asked him, trying to crawl back somewhere safe.

“Get up. I won’t hit a man who is on the floor.” Kai growled, kicking at Sehun’s foot.

“Kai, you can’t be serious.” He stuttered, too shocked for more words.

“GET UP!” He yelled, and Sehun scrambled to his feet, his heart beating harshly in his chest. He was terrified. What was wrong with Kai? Just as he was on his feet, Kai’s hand collided with his cheek, once, twice, three times. Sehun was left on the floor, his mouth bleeding and his eye bruising.

“Kai… I thought we were friends…” Sehun stuttered with tears in his eyes, as he struggled to stand up again.

“I’m not friends with cheaters.” Kai replied coldly, before leaving the room without a second look. Sehun’s world shattered around him. He was losing everything, everything because of his selfish needs and desires.

He didn’t think about you, when he kissed your friend, he didn’t think about your heart when he took her clothes off, he didn’t care to imagine the pain you would be suffering, the tears you were crying. He just wanted to enjoy himself, to have his own way, he didn’t care to put a thought on the person he would be hurting, breaking, with his actions. And the worst part, he didn’t understand why it was so much of a big deal. It was just sex.

At Kyungsoo’s place, you had managed to cry yourself to sleep on his couch, with your face pressed against his chest, as you watched yet another Disney movie. He knew they were the only source of comfort you could find at times like these, because for a moment, they made you forget about real life, about being an adult, about responsibilities and about heartbreak, because in Disney movies everything is possible and there is always a happy ending.

He brushed the hair out of your face lovingly, chuckling at how cute you looked as you slept, with your mouth slightly open, and your lower lashes tickling your cheeks. He couldn’t understand how anyone could give you up.

His eyelids were growing heavy, and he wanted to take you to his bedroom, so he could tuck you in, and let you sleep comfortably in his large bed, he had no intentions of staying with you in it though, you were too pure, too good for any filthy thoughts his male hormones could muster.

But the moment Kyungsoo moved his body slightly, your hands gripped onto his t-shirt tightly, and a frown creased your perfect forehead.

“Don’t go.” He heard your sleepy voice whisper, as your hold on him tightened. He smiled, and checked to see if you had woken up, but the even movement of your chest was a clear giveaway that you were still asleep. He smiled to himself, and closed his eyes.

Maybe he was a little bit uncomfortable, maybe the position was awkward, but just watching you on him, sleeping so peacefully, brought him great happiness. So he let sleep take him to Dreamland, and for the first time in a very long time, he no longer had to wonder what it felt like to fall asleep with you in his arms.

Kai : Beach Angel [Scenario]

“I can’t believe we’re finally going to the beach together.” You managed to mumble cutely as you looked out of the window, an elbow propped onto the side of the car where you rested your chin on your palm - causing Kai to steal glances at your way as he drove, you were indeed too cute for him to ignore, even without you knowing. “Angel, you’re being to distracting.” He frowned a little as he stared ahead of the road. You furrowed your eyebrows as you lifted your chin from your palm, just to turn your head to look at him, “I didn’t even do anything.”

He snickered, “Exactly.”

You scrunched your nose at him, “That’s not fair - and not my fault.”

He gently pulled over just to turn his head at you with a grin, “Could you try to do something that will not distract me until we get there?”

You looked around before you lied down flat against your seat where you tilted your head to the right, facing the window with your eyes shut with evident fake snores - pretending to be asleep and honestly, he wanted to just tackle you with a bear hug at the moment. He grinned before he continued driving, shaking his head with a chuckle, “Always so cute.”

With that, he glanced over to notice something that brought a wider smile to his face.

“She really did fall asleep.” He whispered to himself as he pulled over again, just to reach over behind where he pulled out a blanket you two were going to use later but now he had used it to cover it over your body. He planted a soft kiss against your cheek before he continued driving. It was going to be an hour more or so until you two could reach your destination considering you two live deep in the city and coming from there, would take a while.

“Angel, wake up. We’re here.” You hear a person calling you out, shaking your body gently but you grumbled a little, tugging on the blanket to cover your head, “Five more minutes…”

You felt the blanket being yanked down delicately before a pair of lips were crashed against yours. Your eyes shot open only to see that Kai was grinning at you, lips still on yours but he’d rather not pull away, he wounded his arms around your waist, carefully pulling you out of the car until you stood on two of your feet as he lured you with his lips, gently nibbling on your lower lip and you parted gladly for him. He teasingly licked your tongue once before pulling away sharply to look down on you when you were left in a daze after waking up from that kiss.

“You’re so unpredictable, angel.” He snickered, picking up the blanket that had unknowingly fell from your body to the ground when he had made you come out from the car. You froze in an instant when you hear the sounds of waves crashing, giggles of children along with evident birds chirping above you. Kai was staring at you, waiting for you to finally put the pieces together and you looked around in awe - and in shock.

You looked over your shoulder with your eyes opened wide, obviously excited. “We’re here?!”

He snorted, “I tried to tell you.”

You instantly jumped on him as he caught you with two of his strong arms, tossing away the blanket back into the car just to catch you. You squealed into his ears and he felt so good listening to your happy voice. Lately the two of you didn’t have much time to go out together and whenever you had a chance, it may just be lazing around together to appreciate one another’s company but today… today was different and he was glad you loved it.

“I can’t believe we’re here!”

“Believe it angel,” He leaned away just to look up to you, arms still holding onto you tight while your legs were locked around his waist. “We’re going to enjoy this day, just you and me.”

“I want to go in the water!” You beamed like a little kid as the moment the two of you set up your things like the umbrella, the cloth in which you two will lie down on later, everything. Just as you got away from the under of the umbrella, you hear him clearing his throat and you stopped, turning around to see him motioning you back with two fingers. You dragged yourself back to him with a frown, “What?”

“Aren’t you forgetting something, angel?” He asked in a very obvious voice as if you were missing something.

You frowned, “I have a shirt to wear later just so boys couldn’t look at my body and I make sure I won’t go in too deep because I can’t swim. That’s all… right?”

He shook his head in disapproval, pulling out the sunscreen bottle from his bag and you smiled sheepishly, “Oh… whoops.”

“Come here, I’ll put it on you.”

You followed him just to sit down underneath the umbrella where he had put on the sunscreen on your back, rubbing it in nicely, evening it out with his fingers smoothly. He even gave you a small massage while he was at it that caused you to purr in delight - you were definitely like a little kitten to him that he’d love to pamper with all his life. Although sometimes, he could’ve sworn that you were more like an angel compared to a kitten.

When he was done putting sunscreen all over your body, you took the bottle from his hands and smiled at him. “Go change and I’ll put some on you too.”

Pulling you by the back of your neck where he planted a kiss on your forehead, he smiled at you. “Alright, angel.”

“Kai!” You whined a little, reapplying some sunscreen on the spot he kissed you earlier on your forehead. “I had sunscreen on there! Kiss me somewhere else that doesn’t have sunscreen.” You huffed adorably to his eyes as he chuckled, “I’ll kiss you somewhere else when I get back.” With a wink from him, he had gone to change as the changing area was somewhere on the other side of the beach. You fiddled with the sunscreen bottle as you looked around where your eyes focused on the sea. It was so calming, so relaxing and you couldn’t believe that in just a few more minutes, you and Kai could be in the water playing with each other - something he had promised you long ago that he was making into reality now.

As you waited for Kai…

“Hey sweetcheeks!” Your ears were alarmed as you gulped, shaking your head as you knew better not to look. “Kai’s going to come back soon. Everything will be fine.”

A few whistles were at your way and you simply looked down on your swimming attire. All you wore was a simple black one piece swimming suit that exposed your back just a little while your arms and legs were exposed - of course. That’s it! You weren’t even wearing a bikini (because Kai complained that guys would be staring at you like mad dogs but even with this, guys were already coming).

Gulping, you lifted your chin when you noticed the sun was being blocked. There you were greeted with three weird looking guys who were about your age but they were definitely single based on how they howled earlier. “You can rub sunscreen on me anytime.” One guy on the right winked at you and you sneered at him. “I have a boyfriend.”

The one in the middle pretended to look around, “Where is he?” He looked back at you to grin at you, “Not here! That’s what!”

The three of them high fived one another before they crouched down before you, causing you to shift backwards underneath the umbrella. “G-Get lost. I have no interest in any of you.”

“But we have some interest in you.” The one of the left purred seductively, a hand placed on your exposed thigh and you flinched, “D-Don’t touch me!” You kicked his hand away and he retreated his hand. “Fiesty women. I like that.” The right one commented and you were ready to just run away from them but you couldn’t when the two of them had gripped onto your ankles, causing you to just throw the bottle of sunscreen at the one of them with a gasp. “My boyfriend will be back soon!”

“Is your definition of ‘soon’ and our definition the same?” The guy on the left spoke up this time - you just wanted Kai to get back here, even if he didn’t change.

“I don’t think so.” A dark voice spoke up, causing the three of them to look over their shoulders where you could vaguely see Kai who was just in his swimming trunks, without a shirt on over their shoulders. “K-Kai…” You mumbled softly, causing Kai to easily yank the one that wasn’t holding onto you where he gripped onto his neck tight, swinging his arm hard to give a blow on his jaw until the guy fell back onto the sand. The two guys holding onto your ankles had easily gone over to help their friend up while Kai tugged you up gently until you were standing behind him.

“Any one of you that touches my girlfriend again, or even looks at her, are considered dead if I spot you.” Kai snarled, his grip tightening around your wrist and you gulped.

One of the guys who were holding onto your ankle tried to be funny as he said, “We’ll just come after her when you’re not around.”

Kai let go of your wrist, cracked his fingers and cocked his head sideways, allowing them to hear his muscles cracking before Kai glared at him further. “Shall I just fuck you up here?” Kai’s voice went down a few octaves, burning with anger as he clenched his fists. The one that got punched earlier simply tugged his friend, telling him to not mess with you or him. They even took a few seconds to analyze Kai’s body that was evident with packs, biceps flexing out of anger and they knew they’d be signing a death wish if they were to continue. “Leave and I might consider not ripping your heads off.” Kai warned dangerously low, causing the three guys to apologize meekly at you and him before they scrambled off.

You gently put a hand on his shoulder, causing his body to relax as he turned around to sigh at you. “S-Sorry, Kai. I just-”

“It’s not your fault.” He cut you off quickly, pulling you into his arms as he hugged you tight. “I’m sorry I took so long…” He mumbled into your hair and you shook your head as you lifted your chin to frame his cheeks. “It… It wasn’t a good idea to come here.”

Kai pecked your lips, “I’m here now. We can still enjoy this day, angel.”

“Can we enjoy it later? Let’s just stay underneath here for a while until the beach is cleared out.” Kai smiled at you warmly, tugging you down with him on the cloth where you sat down beside him on the sand. “I think I’d like that.”

Just as you lied down, using his arm as a pillow as he kept you close, he suddenly hovered above you, a leg swept over your waist to keep you still. Your eyes widened as you looked at him, “K-Kai…?”

He grinned before he dipped down to whisper on your lips, “I think I’ll kiss you now - on the spot where you don’t have sunscreen.”

“W-Where is that?” You meekly replied, arms gripping onto his bare, muscular arms. He smirked and pecked your lips once, “Here.” And with that, he continued to shower you with kisses that occasionally slipped elsewhere - even to the spots that had sunscreen on.

Request by anon

Get stuck with Kai was not as bad as you thought it would. At first you were freaked out by the idea, but over time you just get used to it. Kai was not a person so hard to deal with, only when he was in a bad mood. Most of the time he would flirt with you and make jokes, you like have all this attention just for you. But whenever you were getting too close to Kai he walked away, and this bothered you. Three days ago you were asleep on his shoulder and then he was acting strange. Of course he was still cooking and hearing the same stupid songs in the morning, but now he spent much time walking and only came home the night.
“Say what you gotta say already. Ain’t got all night.” Kai spoke in his typical manner, scowling at you as he did.
“You’ve been avoiding me.” You stated. At first, you had been angry with him for ignoring you, but after three days that anger had quickly been replaced by concern. Especially since you had not given him any reason to stay away from you. And you knew for certain he wanted to talk to you as you felt his eyes on you everywhere she went.
He huffed. “Don’t flatter yourself. Ain’t you got shit to do? Or you just gonna stare at my ass all day?“
Despite his lack of mannerism, you giggled. “Well, it ain’t the ugliest sight.”
His brows furrowed in confusion when hearing you flirt with him. He searched you eyes for something, though he was not sure what exactly he was looking for. He was taken by complete surprise when all of the sudden, you took his hand in yours and guided him to into the room. Too dumbfound to protest, Kai said nothing when you pushed him down onto the bed.
Sitting right in front of him, your curious fingers began an adventurous journey on his arms. “You shouldn’t say stuff like that to me.” His words brought a stop to your explorations. Her hands rested on her lap.
“Why not? Am I getting too close?” You asked, still smiling. You was pleasantly surprised he hadn’t flinched from your touch yet. Your hands continued their explorations on his shirt before settling on his knees. You leaned in closer until their lips were but mere inches apart from his.
“You don’t wanna do that…” Kai slightly turned away from you and said nothing more.
“And why’s that?” Your fingers experimentally trailed  up Kai’s neck, soothingly caressing the longer skin at the back of his head. “You don’t like it when I do that?” You used the other hand to caress Kai’s thigh. ’‘Or this? ”
“You’re playing with fire, girl.“
He could easily push you away or pull you closer. Still indecisive about either options, his knuckles coloured white due to how strongly he gripped the bed underneath him.
"That’s okay. I’m not afraid of fire.” In less than a second you were in Kai’s lap. His hand curled in the hair you had spent so much time styling, but you suddenly didn’t mind as his lips were crushed against yours in a bruising kiss, all teeth and tongue and harsh gasps for air. His hand was squeezing your thigh through your dress, Kai’s lips moving against your neck to suck dark bruises onto your skin.
“Now you are mine,” he snarled in a voice that went straight to your core as he bit down on your shoulder, rutting against you. He took you by the waist and threw in bed. He spread your thighs easily, his body moving between them. His hand slid down to tease you, and he let out a growl as he felt the tiny scrap of lace that was his only barrier. He pulled it aside as you fought with his belt buckle, eventually removing enough obstacles to reach down his pants and free his cock. He leaned down to suck at your lips as he shoved into you unceremoniously.
You let out a moan that turned into a cry as he slammed into you, panting “mine” into your ear, fingers digging into the flesh of your hips hard enough to bruise between tugging at your hair to expose your throat. Your fingernails dug into his back, biting through the cotton of his shirt to score his skin.
When your gasping succeeded in getting at least a bit of oxygen to your brain, you reached a hand down to rub furiously at your clit, which sent you quickly over the edge. Kai snarled as he felt you tighten around him, pounding into you harder.
“You’re mine,” he growled a final time before spilling himself into you with a grunt and a few erratic thrusts of his hips, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“Whatever you say, Kai,” you said with a breathless laugh, running a hand through his hair as he pressed kisses into your feverish skin. He looked up at you with a hint of a smile, and kissed you one last time.

My First Request!

Well I’m going to say this now this is not my best work but I got called into work and had to rush this, I’m sorry Maria. But other than that… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!!! I actually have no idea how old you are turning but your lovely friend Anna made this request on your behalf and I hope you like it! I hope you other readers enjoy as well!

Summary: Maria gets kidnapped from a club by Kai and Luhan. They took her for Kris, who is Maria’s childhood love, and friend, because when ever her birthday comes around. Kris had to leave Korea when he was 18 to take over the family business, leading the Asian mafia, and refused to return to Maria because he thought she would be in danger. But once he sees her again, he knows he won’t be able to let her go.

Word Count: 3,786

Kris x Reader(Maria)

Mafia AU

“Kai I told you, leave the girl alone,” One of the men scolds the platinum haired devil, who is smirking at me. He has been inching closer and closer to where I am curled up on the seat most of the ride. With my wrists and ankles bound I have nowhere to run from him and that only seems to excite him.

“Come on Hyung,” The devil whines playfully, “Just a few minutes.”

The one in the drivers seat glares back at the younger through the rearview mirror, “You touch that girl you will be explaining to Kris why she is so upset.”

“Because being kidnapped hasn’t made her distrait at all.”

“I believe there is a line between kidnap and rape.” I’m trembling in my seat, trying and failing at keeping my tears from falling. A small whimper escapes my lips and makes it through the tape covering my mouth. The devil gives me a warning glare, his threating words about keeping my mouth shut earlier echo through my head.

“Who said I was going to rape her? Just a little fun,” He purrs, his eyes scan my form again.

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anonymous asked:

Hello hello ^^ I'm the one who asked for the Tao going all half wolf thing. I'd like to say the "thing coming after you" is one of the other EXO members also going all half wolf. Hope this clarifies my confusing request XD

Anger ~Tao~

I hope this is what you wanted!

You didn’t know how it started.

One second, you were talking to Kai, and the next second; he was chasing you down the block with his fangs out and his eyes glowing.

You don’t know what exactly you had said to him, but it had apparently made him angrily. Werewolves tend to get angrily pretty easily, so even the slightest insult could get them mad.

And when they were mad, it wasn’t pretty.

You slowed down once you reached a corner and turned to run down an alleyway, hoping Kai didn’t see you.

You knew he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you. By now, his claws were out too. He was in it for blood.

Quickly, you reached into your pocket and dialed Tao’s number with shaky hands as you leaned against the brick wall.

“Answer, answer, answer,” you mumbled as the phone rang. Why was he taking so long?

Eventually, to your relief, you heard his voice on the other line. “Hello?”

“Tao!” you exclaimed. “Tao, oh thank goodness you answered.”

Tao grew worried. “_______? What’s going on? Are you alright? Where are you?” he asked frantically.

You looked out the corner and tried to see if Kai was out there. “Look Tao, I don’t know what happened, but Kai is about to go all wolf on me and rip my guts out.”

“What? What happened?”

“I don’t know! Just help me please! Tao, please come and help me!”

“Okay, okay, where-“

But you didn’t get to hear the rest of his sentence because Kai gripped your wrist, snatched the phone and threw it to the side. He was growling now, his gold eyes shining bright. “Are you scared now?” he asked.

Your breath was uneven. You tried to pull away, but he was too strong. His grip was tightening on your wrist more and more, as if he didn’t care if he just snapped your wrist like that.

“Kai!” you shouted. “Kai, I’m sorry for whatever I said! Just please, let go!”

“No, I don’t think I will. You’re going to pay.” He pulled you closer with one hand and raised his other hand in the air, exposing his claws. Then, he swiped one finger across your cheek swiftly, creating a fresh cut.

You cried in fear and tried to break away again. To your surprise, you actually managed to escape. You didn’t hesitate now in running as fast as you possibly could again.

Kai snarled and then sped off after you. At this point, it didn’t even matter, you were his. His speed was no match for you pathetic running.

But just down the street, running just as fast as Kai was none other than Tao.

Since Kai was a member of the same pack as Tao, he could easily track down the other wolf by using Kai’s scent.

Tao didn’t care if he was in public right now, when he was mad, some of his wolf senses would just come out unknowingly. And right now, his fangs were out and his eyes were glowing as he ran down the street. He tried hard to keep his claws away, but he knew they were coming eventually.

“Kai!” he shouted, trying to get his attention. “Kai, stop it!”

You turned around for just one second when you heard Tao’s voice, but that only made you trip and fall. Your cheek was still bleeding from the cut Kai had caused, and now you felt that your knee was scraped as well.

Tao leaped from his spot and tackled Kai to the floor before he reached you. He hovered over the other wolf and growled at him. “What the heck are you doing?!” he exclaimed and shook him. “That’s my girlfriend, you idiot!”

Kai exposed his fangs and barked at him, “Tell her to watch what comes out of her mouth next time!”

“What the heck could she have said?”

“None of your business, I’m still pissed about it.”

Tao rolled his eyes and got off of Kai. “If you honestly won’t tell me right now, then it’s probably some stupid reason,” he said before rushing over to you. “Are you okay?”

You winced in pain when Tao reached for your arm. Every part of your body felt broken, and your cheek and knees were both stinging. “Oww…” you said lowly.

Tao frowned and carefully cupped your cheek. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

You nodded.

He sighed and carefully picked you up bridal style. “I’ll go get you cleaned up, alright?” Tao walked over to Kai and kicked his side. “And I’ll deal with you later,” he said.

Kai just glared at the two of you and rolled over before jumping up and running away.

You rested your head against Tao’s shoulder and exhaled a breath. “Damn, you guys easily get pissed,” you said. “I don’t think I have ever ran so much in my life.”

“Just be careful with Kai. He tends to get easily mad.”

“I didn’t even do anything, he overreacted.”

“It’s okay, ______.” Tao kissed your cheek that was not bleeding. “I’ll take care of you, and I’ll make sure he never lays a finger on you ever again.”