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American Gods #7 by Glenn Fabry

Variant cover by David Mack

American Gods: Shadows #7

Neil Gaiman (W), P. Craig Russell (W/A), Scott Hampton (A/C), Glenn Fabry (Cover), and David Mack (Variant cover)
On sale Sept 13
FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
Shadow makes his way into a seemingly deserted forest where a loudmouthed bird tells him to go to “Kay-ro” to meet “Jackel.” Unable to make heads or tails of this advice, he sets out on a new leg of his journey, where he is about to meet the strangest gods thus far…
The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula Award–winning novel and Starz television series by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a comic series for the first time!
A Starz TV show!
“Russell’s lyrical layouts bring Gaiman’s visual, vivid prose to life like no other artist.”—Comic Book Resources

i regret not thinking the title of this fic through


They stumble out of the bar and out onto the street, half-drunk and clutching at each other as they laugh. 

“You look like discount Clint Eastwood, take the bloody thing off!” Jyn reaches up to try and yank the plastic hat off his head, but Cassian jerks back. 

“Excuse me, but I’ve decided to wear this hat forever.” 

“They were handing out hundreds of them, it was probably bought at Poundland,” Jyn complains, only her hands are somewhere under his jacket now, pulling at his waist as she walks backwards down the footpath. 

“It was gifted to me from the owner of the bar himself, it would be rude to take it off,” He keeps up with her, teasing her with the edge of the silly, cheap hat. 

“You look ridiculous.” 

“I look incredible,” Cassian pauses, suddenly throwing an arm around her waist. He uses it to keep her in place as he pulls the offending hat off his head and shoves it onto Jyn’s with a flourish. “There! Is that better?” 

“Somehow it’s even worse now,” she glances up at it. 

He laughs again, until there’s a sudden trill from between them. Cassian’s phone is ringing, and he curses in Spanish. “I’m so sorry,” he says hastily, keeping his arm around her as he fishes the phone out of this pocket. He apparently figures out who it is before he answers, since he sighs and says into the phone, “Kay, I told you not to call!” 

Whoever Kay is, they’re clearly not in Cassian’s good graces right now. She tries not to listen, but it’s rather hard when one is so close. Cassian’s exasperated voice is right in her ear and as near as she can gather, it’s a friend calling to make sure that his date hasn’t killed him yet… or you know, something along those lines. In any other circumstance she wouldn’t blame them at all, but the Cassian in front of her is clearly pissed off. 

“What? I’m not putting her on the phone, for god’s sake!” he hisses. 

But Jyn gestures for the thing, even forgetting for the moment that she’s still wearing the ridiculous hat. Cassian pulls the phone away from his ear and says, “No, no, seriously - it’s just my roommate, he’s a little unreasonable - you don’t have to -” 

“Give me the phone, Cassian.” 

With a look of great trepidation, he does what she says. 

“Jyn here,” she says, casually tossing her free arm around Cassian’s neck. “I take it this is some kind of ‘emergency bail out’ call? Like if it turns out that I’m crazy, you call and Cassian has a convenient excuse to get out of here?” 

Kay huffs a little, but naturally is too British to actually admit to anything remotely confrontational. “Well, are you?” he instead asks. “Crazy, I mean.” 

“Oh, yeah!” Jyn nods earnestly. “I’m fucking nuts, didn’t you know? I murdered my last boyfriend because he didn’t wear the matching shirt I picked out for him, but don’t worry. I got off on a technicality.” 

She almost thinks Kay chokes on something. “You can’t be serious.” 

“Deadly. I trap men with my roguish charms and steal their credit card information. I can make entire economy systems crash.” 

Cassian is half laughing, half gesturing for the phone back in a panic. Jyn ducks out of the way, jumping back from his swiping hand. “And don’t forget the criminal father!” she carries on, on a role now. “He walked out on the family when I was eight to pursue a life of drugs and money laundering, but it’s not all bad! We’re working on building a relationship again - HEY!” 

“That’s enough - KAY, SHE’S KIDDING,” Cassian leaps forward before she can stop him, yanking the phone out of her hand. He practically yells into it and Jyn cackles a little, leaning back against the nearest street lamp. “I promise you - yeah, look, that’s just the sense of humour she has,” He shoots her a look and Jyn shrugs. “Kay. Seriously. I’m having a good time, ok?” 

When he hangs up the phone, her heart is racing. He rubs his eyes warily and groans, “I’m so sorry, Jyn - I always tell him not to call, but he does it every damn time, I swear -” 

“Hey, it’s fine,” Jyn says.  

They’re quiet for a moment, standing together in the busy street. Around them, fellow party-goers are shivering in coats and vomiting into gutters, staggering through the streets to either carry on to the clubs that hadn’t closed yet, or otherwise reach the bus terminal that would eventually take everyone home. According to her phone it’s after 1am. 

Cassian snorts a little, then. He points out the monstrosity on her head. 

“I’m sorry I made you wear the hat.” 

“Eh, I think it’s growing on me,” Jyn places her hand protectively on her head, as if he might try and take it back. “Admit it, I look amazing in this hat.” 

“You look amazing.” 

Hahahaha. Well, shit. 

(She tries not to blush). 

Kai Parker and Jealousy

Prompt: “ Hey how’s it going? I wanted to request an imagine where the reader is like the best besties of besties with Enzo and Kai, her boyfriend, gets jelous everytime they hang out. Btw I love your Kai and Enzo imagines💞”

Requested by Anon

Word Count: 367

A/N: Thank you! I enjoy writing for both of them!

You and your best friend Enzo, were out for drinks, and having a great time, sharing laughs, and talking bad about all the people that hated you. You looked down at your phone, and noticed how late it was getting. 

“Hey Zo, we should probably go, I don’t want Kai to worry, but you’re welcome to hang out with us if you want.” You smiled. Enzo obliged and took you home.
We walked in, and your boyfriend, Kai had his feet up on the coffee table, watching a movie, he frowned and rolledhis eyes when he saw Enzo.

“Oh..Enzo’s here. Great.” He mumbled. Enzo rolled his eyes, because of course with vampire hearing he could hear what Kai was saying. 

“What’s the matter Parker? You don’t like me?” He asked as he crossed his arms. Kai smirked. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that, I mean, it’s true. But I’d never say it. You see, I just wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend. Alone.”
Enzo scoffed. You rolled your eyes, beginning to get annoyed with both of them. “Guys! Please, shut up. Can’t we just relax for once?” You asked rubbing the temples of your head. 

“Fine.” They both sighed. 

The three of you hung out, and watched the rest of Kai’s movie with him. As soon as the credits came on, Kai turned off the TV and faked a yawn.

“Man, I am so tired! Enzo, you gotta go.” Kai stated. Enzo rolled his eyes and hugged you. “I’ll see you later Y/N.” He chuckled, and waved to Kai, as you walked him to the door. After he left, Kai walked ove ro you and put his hands on your waist.

“Do you have to hang out with Enzo all the time? I really hate him. He’s so boring, and annoying.” He whined. You rolled your eyes and smiled. “I think you’re a little jealous.” Kai sighed. “Yeah. That too." 

You chuckled. "Kai, we’re just friends! You know I love you!” He sighed. “Yeah, I know…I just, wanna be with you more is all.” He replied as he wore puppy dog eyes. You smiled softly.

“Okay Kai, I promise, I’ll make it up to you.”


30 Day DC Challenge (6/30)

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